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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 28, 2015 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we will tell you where and when. if you want to see him, you can see for free. kim: iraqi forces taking a big step forward in the fight againswe will let you know about a key city that has been retaken by the iraqis. announcer: live from las vegas, this is "wake up with the wagners"." dana: good morning and welcome on this monday. we have live pictures of devastation left behind in the dallas a storms this weekend. kim: we know they had deadly tornadoes over the weekend. this has turned into a flooding event. in the texas area, 11 people lost their lives over the holiday one of them was a three-day old baby, a newborn losing her life. dana: this was a storm that
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the northeast. it will imimact 100 million americans over the next several tornadoes expected today in mississippi, louisiana, into alabama as well. this is a big weather system impacting about 1/3 of americans. kim: we have been monitoring live pictures out of chicago o' airport or the ripple effect has a lot of people standing in lines trying to get home aftholidays. we have live tv coverage of that throughout the morning. "star wars" was a big topic of discussion during the holidays. we do know the force is with disney because the latest star wars movie has hit another milestone. we are talking about another big record broken. we will tell you where it is heading when the movie gets to china. they have not seen it in china
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amount of money made when the people living in that country are abledana: let's check out our weather forecast on this monday morning. a chilly start. we are in the 20's in many locations in the las vegas valley. from the mountain spring saloon, mainly clear skies. henderson, 29 degrees on a high -- the way to a high of 48. we may notice breezes from time to time. let's check out traffic with tom. tom: we are coming up on the scene we were talking about earlier. we showed you a view from the ground. this is an accident at the merger from the 15 southbound -- [no audio] kim: back to tom, but right now other breaking news to share. we touched on this moments ago. an iraqi military spokesperson saying iraqi forces are in full l of central ramadi in the
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the iraqi air force and u.s.-led coalition have been providin support by bombing isis government troops continue their ground offensive. isis originally took over the key city in may. but today, we are hearing breaking news that this key city of ramadi is back in the full control of iraqis. dana: it was shocking news when considering it is only two hours outside of baghdad. very close to the capital of iraq. iraqi forces, when isis took over ramadi, they were running away from isis. the fact they have gone back into the morning? that is really good news in the fight against isis. kim: he will pay attention to it in conjunction with nbc news on channel 3. we are talking about the biggest party in our own backyard where
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to ring in the new yeadana: on thursday night, you would be surrounded by about 300,000 of your closest friends. >> quite a different scene on the las vegas strip. it is completely empty. it will be totally different thursday night when the countdown comes, when hundreds of thousands will head over to the area to celebrate new year's evwe are talking security preparations to keep everyone safe. they have been in the works with law enforcement for severalmonths. this year's party on the strip will have more law enforcement officers than any other year. the number of nevada national guard troops on hand doubled from last year to 168. that is in addition to 1500 police officers.
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bulked up across the board to respond to emergencies should they happen thursday night.message to all of you who plan to be out on thursday partying. they are asking you to remain vigilant. if you see anything that might be suspicious, reported to any law enforcement official. they will be out across the strip across the board. we spoke with officials from the metro police department and fire department who say those -- the safety of those out for the countdown is at the top of the list and they are prepared to respond to any threat to las vegas' biggest event of the year in the wake of the attacks in paris in san bernardino. >> people are becoming inspired, and then they moved to action rapidly. >> in years gone by, it was more giving guys gear and telling them where to be and when to be there.
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>> last week, i also spoke with first responders with amr. they will be set up across the strip, visible and behind the scenes. they are asking everyone to come out and have fun and trust the first responders to handle anything that might become a threat in the area. kim: thank you very much for the heads up on what to expect. dana: you can go to fremont street, but i think the best place is your living room to celebrate with us. coverage begins at 10:00 and takes you through the fireworks after midnight. kim: we have breaking news concerning the severe weather. they were literally floating the person they rescued over the top
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on the move again. maybe they are going to another rescuer nearby. we talked tornadoes and snow. and now lots of rain leading to the flooding we are seeing on our screen.dana: the rescuers are dressed in yellow and red. is in the gray hoodie. i believe they have given him a flotation device. the rescuers are tethered. it looks ricky got trapped inside his car. as the waters began to rise, he went to the roof of the vehicle, a good place, but the roof was almost covered by water. it could be a he or she. we are not sure. more than 40 people have lost their lives because of severe weather over the last week in this country. they had severe weather in the dallas area over the weekend.
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kim: in our own backyard, we are welcoming presidential candidate today. he will make a pitstop he ran person. dana: sanders is trailing in the crowds. on "meet the press, cloak", he took a shot at donald trump. bernie sanders: donald trump thinks we should not be raising the minimum wage. he believes wages in america are too high. this guy wants to get billions of dollars in tax breaks to thtop .3%. he wants to divide our country between latinos and americans, and muslims and everybody else. that is not the kind of america we need. kim: if you would like to see bernie sanders in person
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his rally starts at 6:30 tonight. it is free and open to the public. but admission is first-come, first-served. they are opening the doors at 5:00. if you want to get a seat, i would get there early. he normally has big crowds. dana: the governor of texas has declared a state of emergency in four counties and warns more people could die after the weekend storms. live pictures out of the garland, texas, area where we know a number of tornadoes ripped through the areovenat least 11 people killed in that area over the weekend. eight other reported deaths happen in garland which the national weather service says was hit by an ef4 tornado, the second strongest type.
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kim: you have explained it to me as a meteorologist. ef4 is just one below the maximum of ef5. we saw the devastation. dana: the ratings are based on the damage the storms produce. you can have wind gusts in excess of 300 miles an hour with these tornadoes. the strongest storms on earth are those, not hurricanes. hurricanes are larger but the winds are not as strong compared to tornadoes. kim: there is a storm brewing in the nfl. the denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is adamantly denying using while recovering from a in a injury in 2011 -- a neck injury in 2011. dana: this comes after an al jazeera documentary was posted online. he said he is disgusted by the report.
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i know how hard i have worked. there are no shortcuts in the nfl. hard way. to insinuate it any other way is a joke and is defamation. dana: the al jazeera report quoted a man who claimed to have provided h.g.h. to peyton manning. he later said he made up the story to an undet manning sues out to zero for that report. kim: it is 6:11. a train jumps the tracks. we will explain why they are so concerned about the devastation. dana: a wildfire is still burning not far from here. the good and bad after the break. kim: it is a "make-a-wish
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wagners"." we are getting ready for a shot of inspiration from this local girl. her wish was filled. we will tell you all about it when "wake up with the wagners" continues. dana: we will tell you how low
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kim: take your time, weather reporter. we have live pictures out of oklahoma city, oklahoma, where this meteorologist for the weather channel probably just finished his live report because it looked like he put his hands together like thank you god i can get in the warm building. dana: it is cold enough and then you pick up the wind speed, and it makes it worse. kim: look at the flag. you know they are dealing with wind chill. it has to be subfreezing. dana: around here without wind chill, we are in the 20's. we will get into that in a little bit. 6:15 on this monday morning. cities across europe on high alert after officials in viennasay a friendly intelligence service has warned them of
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names of possible attackers. police in vienna have investigated. they have not found anything more than what we just shared wi you. released, the attacks would involve exr guns and happened between christmas and new year's eve. they have a heads up about this, but they are not sharing additional information. dana: probably the most famous harlem globetrotters of all time has died. he was known for his basketball skills but laugh. he also had this amazing hook shot from half court he would make all the time. meadowlark lemon dead at the age of 83. kim: now we take you to australia for dramatic video. this is the aftermath of a train derailment.
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hauling severe acid. recovery efforts are ongoing but this is a slow process because they have had flooding in the recently. three drivers of the train did suffer minor injuries but are expected to make full recoveofficials are not sure what caused the train to derail or how long it will take to get all 26 carriages moving again. dana: minor injuries? kim: thank goodness. dana: how did they survive? kim: speaking of minor injuries, be careful around here because we are freezing. if you have sprinklers that have gone on, we saw this yesterday. a little slip and slide on the sidewalk. dana: this time of year, you should be watering during the afternoon so you don't get the freezing sidewalk. it is in the 20's in many locations. las vegas day school, the sun
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we are into the 20's at day school. 29 degrees in spring valley. these are current temperatures from across las vegas and side. you could not even fit my head on the screen because it was so big. kim: your 6'3", but we look the same height on tv. dana: 29 in downtown las vegas. the base of sunrise mountain also at 29. southern highlands at the golf course, 27. there will be a frost away -- delay this morning at southern highlands. this is a quick mover. most of the energy will go north of the las vegas valley. we will have a chance of snow to the west of us, good news for california and the drought. we could also have a chance of snow north of us into lincoln county. for us, a few clouds from time
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i still think we will get mostly sunny skies. behind the cold front, cooler temperatures. today the high in the 40's and then we should be in the 50'50 in mesquite this afternoon. 47 in pahrump. all of these temperatures are below normal. the normal high for this date, 56 in las vegas. yesterday, we did not get out of the 40's. we will not get out of the 40's today either. tomorrow will be slightly warmer. some areas will still be at the freezing mark tomorrow morning. generally, the coldest temperatures come right before sunrise,t now. 50 tomorrow. 52 thursday. we don't hit normal for the next seven days. overnight lows will be close to the freezing mark. kim: thank you. it is 6:19. we take you across the pond to
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not so jolly because of what ishundreds of troops have a call to various parts of england, mainly the northern section. they're helping exhausted people living there and emergency workers fight back against the rising water inundating to cities after a long rain. british prime minister david cameron saying yesterday the flooding is unprecedented. he has that to do everything possible to protect people and property as the damage spreads into major cities in england. several hundred flood warnings remain in effect. last hour, you saw a 200-year-old pub washed off of its foundation. it was while video. in this country, we take you to southern california where a brush fire in ventura county quickly grew. we are hearing this morning it is 75% cmandatory evacuations were put in place on the pacific coast highway. a portion of it closed because of what is on your screen.
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able to capture this video on their cellphone. they said they were only in these conditions for a few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. crews say the brushfire started as a result of powerlines and was pushed by winds that reached 50 milesdana: you are to see photographs that may take your breath away. it is a cliff in south america. people standing on the edge of the cliff to get these photographs. the site is now receiving carries hikers who want to pose for photos here. is this safe? kim: it does not look safe, but it is breathtakingly beautiful. scary. dana: this is rio de janeiro. this is in brazil. it takes about an hour to climb to the top. thing you have to wait in line for about an hour depending on the time of you can see some people hanging
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they say it is worth waiting for. but it is scary to me. kim: it certainly is. 6:21. it is "make-a-wish monday" on "wake up with the wagners." dana: the six-year-old was confined to the hospital for parts of her first grade year because of the disease. her time in the hospital made her fall in love with travel and was introduced to the beautiful disney resort in hawaii. kim: she is in remission now. as she goes into the second grade, she was able to have her wish fulfilled. she wanted to get to the disney resort in person. she was able to make that happen thanks to the make-a-wish foundation in southern nevada.alexa and her family experiencing a once in a lifetime trip to why. -- to hawaii. this gives them a break from the
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they say when local kids know they have their wish on the horizon, it has healing power. a lot of them start to improve. dana: you can make a donation to make-a-wish anytime of year. this is a great time to do it. just go to our website at kim: christmas tree recycling, we are starting to talk about that before the new year. some places are better than others. we will explain ahead. dana: amazing underwater video. what is this?
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with the wagners tom: we have a bad accident in the south part of the valley. it is setting of the ramp from the 215 eastbound on to las vegas boulevard. those movements are closed. this accident does involve a fatality. the outside view shows flashing lights off in the distance. a woman was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. that will be closed for the remainder of the morning. an accident eastbound on the overpass. we have a view of the area. you are going to find some lanes blocked. travel times are good in the area. that movement on las vegas boulevard from 215 eastbound closed for now. dana: thank you. a chilly start your monday morning.
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36 by 9:00, 43 at noon, topping out at 48 this afternoon. many spots in the las vegas valley in the 20's now. kim: that is about as cold as it gets in southern nevada. 6:27. he is a gentle giant known as "the rock." we are introducing you to his
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dana: the aftermath. people left to pick up the pieces after storms tear through texas. coming up, a live report from the scene. kim: also, animal cruelty. that is what officials are calling this act on your screen. what neighbors are saying about this woman. how everyone is reacting, headed your way. dana: controversial coin toss. the patriots elected to give the ball to the other team. kim: that is ridiculous. dana: why did they do this? you will hear from the genius, bill belichick, coming up. announcer: live from las vegas, this is "wake up with the wagners." kim: there it went. this is a planned implosion of a bridge in the pittsburgh area. this happened while many of you were sleeping.
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implosions, we thought maybe you would like to check that out as you wake up on this monday morning 6:30. dana: it is not like a casino on the strip, but still pretty cool. kim: tom asked if i knew why they were imploding the bridge. i apologize, i don't. tom: we have seen that in las vegas before. when they demolish a bridge like that, they will put about four feet of dirt down on the freeway so it does not crash the asphalt when it lands. they have done it here. kim: the carolina panthers dreams have been crushed as far
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kim: i believe his son is one of the coaches for the panthers. he was the only one maybe ok with that if the panthers ran the table. tom: i will say bill belichick does know a thing or two about coaching. he has done all right. kim: i think maybe the weather has frozen the system or something. tom: we had some technical issues. we did have a chance to see a terrible accident in the south paf the valley. this is down by 15 and 215 where you make the ramp to las vegas boulevard. this does involve fatalities. we don't have a great view, that
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that rap is closed so you cannot get to las vegas boulevard but you can make the freeway merger. this is on the eastbound lthere are still flashing lights on the freeway eastbound and westbound is not affected. some trouble spots. dana: from news 3 weather authority, a chilly start to your workweek. the skies starting to lighten in about 10 minutes. look at indian springs school to the northwest of las vegas at 22 degrees currently. today, we will talk about at -- top out at 48. some breezes, but not expected to be a big deal. a massive storm stretching from new mexico to illinois has killed two dozen people over the weekend. kim: she joins us live from garland, texas, where some of the worst weather has hit and such tragedy associated with that town now. we will let you explain.
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this was supposed to be a joyous time of year, christmas, the new year coming up. but instead, this is a time when these people are having to pick up the pieces of thebehind me, you see an apartment building torn to bits by strong winds that hit just after christmas day. in the darkness, only when the lightning flashed could people see the torn distance. you can see the damage easily now after one of the tornadoes hit coastal taxes ripping -- whipping this home into the air. >> it was traumatic. we came out to assess our own damage and he was yelling for >> we realized he was running across the road with his baby.reporter: her neighbor back in to take his to dale child to the
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to the hospital. she did while her husband helped get his wife out. she survived for the baby did not. a tornado destroyed an element tree school in red oak while blocks away he and his family cowered inside a closet. >> i cannot get a sound out of my head to reporter: around the dallas area, the damage ranges from light to devastating. eight reported deaths happening garland which the nional weather service was hit by an ef4 tornado. eight people were killed in garland, texas. 600 homes destroyed. those families who lost their homes have to deal with cold temperatures, rain, and wind as they try to pi up the pieces of their lives and cleanup. dana: thank you. that storm system that swept through dallas over thg east. tornadoes a possibility in louisiana, mississippi, and
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kim: the ripple effect for everyone traveling now. we have been checking into live pictures in chicago at o'hare airport. it looks like long lines. the clerk county -- clark county that fell to his death on saturday. of spokane, washington. he was on a hike with two other people with the tragedy happened.metro tells u head when he fell and was not wearing a helmet. he fell in the oak creek canyon area, the last turn off of the scenic drive at red rock. dana: we know one of the big deals of the new year is the rose parade not far from here in pasadena, california. thousands of volunteers getting kim: that was great. as you can see, artists are working around the clock in
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according to organizers, it will take me than 10,000 hours to be ready to go by friday morning. 2016 will be the 127th year for the rose parade. the pro kicks off -- parade kicks off at 8:00 in the morning on new year's day. dana: the semifinals are on new year's eve, thursday night. kim: it is so strange now with the playoff system. it has changed everything. dana: coming up, an amazing sight. people in japan catching this on camera. what is this? we will let you know. kim: talk about a surprise arrival. he was supposed to be there but had no idea what his arrival meant. it is celebration time. wait until you hear the rest of your story -- the story headed your way. dana: the sun will be up in a
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it is chilly out there. we will tell you when
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coming u>> tom: a terrible accident in the south part of the valley where you make the merger from the 15 on to las vegas boulevard or the
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a couple of outside views to show you what is going on. we have the accident off in thewe have the lights on the merge ramp. we will go reverse angle with a view from 15 and blue diamondroad where you can see the closure in the distance. the ramp is able to get by, you but you do have flashing lights. one person ejected from the vehicle in that accident. we have an accident. eastbound lanes are restricted. traffic is getting by. it looks like they just cleared that. that has improved. still a lane closure down to the south. dana: we saw signs of th approaching storm system yesterday at the red rock visitor center with the high clouds rolling through the area. this storm moves through.36 by 9:00, topping out at 48. kim: look at that.
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you put your finger up. i did not know if you were saying cause for a moment, but it is on your screen. this was found in a marina in japan on christmas eve. the diver who found this deep-sea squid says it is about 13 feet. it made its way away from the marina and out to sea, but it was rare to be in the marina area because normally they are found deep in the ocean. dana: you have heard of "the rock." now meet "the pebble." you will hear him speak about her as "wake up with the wagners " continues.
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kim: it is going to be dynamite. the party of the year in our own backyard. dana: i like it when you went "dynamite!" and joins us from the fabulous las vegas strip. you have been talking all morning about stepped up security on this new year's eve in particular. reporter: we are expecting a lot thursday night. security has been on the minds
6:41 am
the number of nevada national argument has doubled to 168 in addition to 1500 metro police officers on the strip controlling the entire area. the number has been increased to more than any other previous year on new year's eve. the party is on thursday night. they are asking you to remain vigilant. if you see anything suspicious, reported to law enforcementofficials are they will be working across the board from multi-agencies. lots of fun expected here on thursday night. reporting live from the las vegas strip, kyndell nunley, news 3. kim: thank you. dana: after this program, more local news coming your way. find out what is happening,
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krystal allan: we are keeping the party going. the countdown to 2016 is on. where are the hotspots? stopped by with a rundown of where to go in the city. you can place up the shoes and hit the pavement for the 5k dash. that and more when you wake us on channel 33 on cox cable 6. kim: thank you very much.amaze. he's now going after hillary clinton saying she is playing the sexist card, and he is throwing her husband under the bus as well. tracie potts is enjoying some time off, but we have edward in her place this morning. when you think donald trump would never say that, he says it. edward: we had a break christmas eve and christmas day, but that is it. here we go again.
6:43 am
hillary clinton's husband saying he has a pendants -- penchant for sexism. those are the words hillary clinton used to describe donald trump. donald trump was obviously referring to clinton's sex scandal at the end of his term. according to donald trump, he believes he'll cli ur husband because he says in 2008 when hillary clinton ran against now president obama, he was a liability for her. kim: he's able to draw a crowd. he has had thousands show up for rallies. he is still the front runner as we head into the new year. will he be able to translate big going tedward: that is one of the big issues.
6:44 am
politicians, have a grassrootsnetwork setup to get voters to the polls. donald trump does not have that. he is a businessman not a career politician. he is relying on the majority of his energy in those rallies he is having, and that energy equates to people getting up off e couch, going out into the rain or snow in iowa and going to the caucus. he is hoping that is enough energy and push to get people out to the polls. some are saying we should wait and see. there is a lot of support for him at rallies, but see what happens at the caucus. kim: one thing we can count on whenever we think we have the t, we don't. much. it was good chatting with you. viewers may not be aware you called las vegas home and years. thank you.
6:45 am
of the -- animal abuse to talk about caught on camera. it has received hundreds of thousands of is tough to watch for sure. police say it shows the woman driveway. neighbors say she got mad at the boyfriend. police have not found her yet, but they say when they do, she will face animal cruelty charges. we take you to atlanta. you have seen long lines live from o'hare. in atlanta, it was a not so typical arrival for the sky -- this guy. he arrived at the international airport, the busiest airport in the world. why are they celebrating larry? he is the 100 millionth passenger at the airport this year. it is a historic moment for the
6:46 am
>> is marking aviation history as the city of atlanta and hearts in jackson airport becomes the first airport in the serve 100 million passengers in a single year. kim: they celebrated in grand fashion with larry. he walks away with two round-trip tickets to anywhere delta flhe also got a new car. he could have dressed up. i'm kidding. dana: he was stunned when he came off the flight. kim: forget leaving your christmas tree curbside in san francisco. those trees are providing a snack for hungry goats. people looking to recycle are turning to a more ecologically it. the san francisco fire department teaming up with the city have folks dispose their christmas trees like this
6:47 am
eats out of the deal. the trees offer vitamins and minerals and are believed to offer natural worm prevention website. dana: around here, people have them ground into mulch. i don't know where you take them or when, but i know that can happen. during the " today show" cuttings, we will tell you where and whendana: tom hawley has a check on traffic. tom: there's a terrible accident in the south part of the valley on the mars from the 15 to the 215 at las vegas boulevard. a woman was thrown from the vehicle in the accident. distance, they have a restriction. getting onto the 215 east. you cannot get onto las vegas boulevard. a slightly different view of the area. we are doing ok in terms of
6:48 am
it is a minor inconvenience for motorists, but the investigation clet's check your weather with dana. dana: we saw signs this storm system was rolling through yesterday with high clouds for the mountain springs saloon. this is on blue diamond highway between las vegas and pahrump. those high clouds rolling in yesterday. liberty high school, 25 degrees, one of the coldest mornings of 2015 this morning. 27 degrees in downtown las vegas. 31 in paradise. these temperatures will rebound slowly. the sun is up now. as a result, we will see warmer temperatures on the way. there is the cold front, a fast mover, rolling through today. mostly.
6:49 am
just a few clouds for us and cooler than normal temperatures. today will be slightly warmer than yesterday. 47 and pahrump, 56 in laughlin. 50 in mesquite, 54 at lake mead this afternoon. in las vegas, we are expecting a high of 48, eight degrees below normal. tomorrow morning, slightly warmer, 34 degrees. some locations still at the freezing mark. no precipitation in the forecast but chilly temperatures. kim: thank you. it is 6:54. star wars continues to break records. it just hit a milestone yesterday becoming the fastest film in earn $1 billion in global sales taking 12 days to hit the mark one day earlier than the previous record holder. it also scored a record for
6:50 am
onon friday and did this without the help of china. the film has yet to open in that country. china the second-biggest film market in the world. it will open their on january 9. it is water cooler time at 6:55. dana: you know dwayne johnson, the rock. now we want you to mpebble." >> jack frost nipping at your nose dana: his daughter is about two weeks old, born december 16. as for her message to santa that she could beat him up, i don't know about her, but dad could. this is a rite of passage for teenagers. you turned 16 and get a drivers license. for this teenager in wisconsin,
6:51 am
take the test using the family r.v. are you kidding me? that is not the easiest thing to take the test with. she had no problem. it took her just one try to pass the test. she got her license. she says she is thankful for one thing, that th taker did not require her to parallel park. they did not. the new england patriots playing in the meadowlands yesterday against the new york jets. the game tied. they going to overtime. the patriots when the coin toss but elect to kickoff. they don't want the ball first?
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