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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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national captioning instiresponsible fo] announcer: a henderson police dog attacks a baby girl as police were interviewing her father. announcer: the dog bite incident was caught on police dash cam video and for the first time we're seeing these images. announcer: thank you for joining us. announcer: officers were looking for a robbery suspect and police say it turns out the suspect they were questioning was the wrong man all along. announcer: it is our top story here at 6:00. a lot of people shaking their head oferse this one. how did police, a police stop, lead to an innocent 17-month-old getting hurt? reporter: henderson police sources say the k-9 sergeant felt his fellow sfrs were in danger, that's the reason he released his dog. we want to warn you, some of the images you are about to see may be unsettling. >> there's an infant in that car. there's an infant in that car. reporter: henderson police dash
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was released to check on a suspect's s.u.v. a 17-month-old was inside the s.u.v. when the police dog bit her. here are pictures of her right arm. the dog left nine small puncture wounds. the girl'she were checking out. he says he was in shock. he didn't know what was happening until police told him they were looking for a robbery suspect. witnesses told officers the suspect was in a red s.u.v. here he is on that cold january kay getting out of his red you can hear officers having a tough time communicating with the man, who only speaks spanish. right before the police dog bites the child, investigators guy. >> they thought you were involved in a robbery. reporter: in a statement henderson police chief said the dog may have been used too quickly and there could have been additional communication among officers' prior use.
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the sergeant voluntarily moved from the k-9 unit to the patrol division. the man to this day wonders about what happened to his baby girl. he says, i don't understand why it happened. i believe they are supposed to be trained for this situation. i practically didn't see any trained officers. paramedics arrived on the scene and treated the baby. the man took his daughter to the hospital to get checked out. she luckily did not need any stitches. the city of henderson ended up paying $13,000 for the child's medical bills. the man says he's daughter is still hurting. he says, my daughter wakes up many times in the middle of the night scared. she occasionally wakes up crying. that dog and the officer, they are still on the force. the henderson police chief says in a statement he is glad that the little girl is doing ok. announcer: an awful story. our thoughts are with that
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corrections officer is arrested on charges of carrying out unlawful prostitution. according to metro police, robert moore was arrested on december 23 and taken to the city jail where he was processed and released. details about the arrest have not yet been revealed. moore's been with metro since may of 2005. he's currently on paid administrative leave. announcer: to our weather and the approaching big new year's eve holiday. announe watch the fireworks and ring in the new year. we're bringing you team coverage tonight. we'll take a look at the heightened focus on security this year. and how policing america's party will look a lot different than in years past. announcer: and let's start with a look at how cold it will be that night. meteorologist: first of all, the good news, it won't be as cold as it was this moveraget the sun rose on a really frigid valley. the unrepresentative official though was 30 degrees out at the airport. it was a lot colder than that.
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you can see some clouds have moved in. that's good news for us. we're currently in the 40 to 45-degree range. some 30's over at blue diamondok at these mornmmerl wy in the east side, ellis at 26 degrees. and we're talking about some very cold mornings this week. that should be the worst this morning. new year's eve, mainically cloudy skies, a north breeze at 10 to 15. it's going to be chilly with temperatures in the 30's. the normal low, by the way, on january 1, is 38 degrees. so let's put some hours up on the board. 8:00, about 40 degrees. 38 at 10:00 p.m. and in the witching hour of midnight, 37 degrees. bottoming out for you night owls at 29 degrees. as i said earlier at the 5:00, body heat, you have to factor it in. but it's definitely going to be a chill in the air and you'll
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announcer: body heat's great. we might need a couple extra lairers. more law enforcement officers will be patrolling a part of the strip this year where the party is held than ever before. we're live on las vegas boulevard near harmon with a everyone in the community from the sheriff. reporter: it's pretty simple. the sheriff is just asking everyone to leave those bulky items at home. we're -- or in your hotel. we're talking about strollers, backpacks and of course you ladies know what i'm talking about, those big backs that we consider purses. leave them at home. of course new year's eve is all about having fun, but safety is also a top priority here in las vegas. spend new year's neeveb las vegas and you know it's the biggest party of the year. >> after seeing the ball drop, i thought, you have to do vegas next, right? vegas to me was 10 times better. especially when you're sitting on a rooftop.
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sky for the spectacular fireworks show, security on the ground will be watching the crowd. >> our law enforcement is top in the nation. reporter: local leaders today discussing safety plans for the rty. las vegas mayor goodman. >> vito tal faith in the preparedness of law enforcement or first responders, our hospitals. we are always ready and we are always watching. reporter: 1,000 cops on the strip. another 300 downtown. the sheriff says that doesn't include undercover officers. >> we are mandating as a police department that everybody is all hands on deck. everybody will be working on new year's eve. reporter: beyond the cops on the street, there is another lair of security you won't say -- layer of security you won't se counterterrorism center. 22 organizations sharing information, to keep our city safe in the wake of recent attacks in paris and san
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>> we're asking everybody attending new year's eve to be our eyes and ears, see something, say something. celebration. reporter: a safe celebration for that must-see moment. when the clock strikes midnight. of course if you see something suspicious on new year's eve, say something. call police. the number to call is 702-828-777. it is that simple. over the last few months, metro police, as they have seen a 300% increase in people calling in to report suspicious activity. they say no credible threats, though, for new year's eve. announcer: the 300% increase is a great sign that everyo realizing it really is a community effort when it comes to keeping everyone say. if you're heading down to the strip, be aware, tro and ndot will be shutting down exit ramps to las vegas boulevard starting
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announcer: that's right. to ease some of the traffic heading to the strip, vehicle traffic will also be shut down on the strip in waves throughout the evening. drivers can still get on i-15 or exit the freeway. announcer: this year you have an option to avoid the mess you can take the mono rail around the strip. for the first time, the monorail for 44 hours straight through new year's. the rail will run from 7:00 a.m. on new year's eve through 3:00 a.m. saturday, january 2. one-way trips will cost locally just $1. but will you need to bring your local i.d. to get that discount. announcer: so maybe heading out is not your thing and you like to stay inside a warm home instead. we want you to celebrate the new year with us. announcer: tune in as we celebrate las vegas 2016. our amazing primetime coverage begins at 10:00 p.m. and we'll go all the way through the end of the fireworks. we'll be broadcasting live from
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outside cesars palace, planet hollywood and the fremont street experience is one of our favorite nights of the year with we sure hope will you join us. announcer: tonight muslims are on edge as police search for suspects of a hate crime. the muslim community stunned after a vandal targeted a spring valley mosque over the wednesday. it was caught on camera. this just one of the recent incidents targeting muslim. over the weekend, an islamic center in the sacramento area was fire bombed. police say someone threw a molotov cocktail at the door, causing damage to the building. we're joined live from where a local mosque was targeted as well. reporter: authorities trying to track down the man in the video. the f.b.i. taking over the investigation of what's now being considered a hate crime since pork is offensive to muslims. raw bacon wrapped on door handles. outside this mosque. surveillance video shows
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sunday. 3:17 a.m., you can see a man tossing bacon at the back door of the mosque, seconds later, you see him at the front door, struckling to open the he puts a few strips in his mouth. local muslims try to make sense of it all. >> am i disgusted? yes. is this a crazy idea? yes, it is. am i offended by it? i am. what if one of us came early to do some prayer and he met this person face to face? what would happen? maybe he could be armed. reporter: and if you recognize the man in the video, call police. you can remain unanimous by calling 702-385-5555. reporting live. announcer: thank you for that. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders rallies for support today in las vegas. announcer: coming up here, we
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out how he's hoping to make a difference to nevada voters. announcer: and an allegiance airline jet heading to vegas skids off the taxiway. what those passengers had to endure coming up. announcer: also ahead, blizzards, flooding, even tornadoes. these are some of the weather conditions hitting areas all around the country tonight. we're going to take you to the front lines of the damage and
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till just now. announcer: a woman kas killed when her car crashed this morning near the 215, interste 15 interchange. nevada ohio patrol troopers say she was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from her car and killed. this happening as she was driving from the 15 north to the 215 west-bound wrap -- ramp.
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and it went down the embankment. announcer: presidential hopeful bernie sanders are in las vegas tonight hoping to drum u announcer: he's speaking tonight at a public event at a high school. earlier today he sat down with us. he his campaign seems to be gaining moment you will. reporter: he's certainly doing better at the polls. there's a gap however between him and hillary clinton. sanders' message, however, is resonating with certain groups. on the war on terror, hey assisting coalition forces, forces that include muslim boots on the ground. on the issue of health care, he says he wants to get rid of obamacare and establish a national health care system that would essentially be a single-payer system that act asses as an expansion of medicare. a lot of his message right now, though, is about improving the economy and creating more jobs for middle america. reporter: how do you reach nevada? >> i think about talking about
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impacting ordinary people. whether they're conservative or progressive. look, a minimum wage of $7.25, that's a starvation wage. it has to be raised. whether you're a conservative or progressive. i think $15 over the next several years. we need to create millions of decent-paying jobs in this country. by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. we need pay equity for women workers. we need a trade policy that works for workers in this country and not allowing corporations simply to go to china or vietnam or other low-wage countries. reporter: he also has an interesting idea that is gaining some traction with college students. free tuition at public colleges and universities. how does he intend to pay for it? he says he wants to tax wall street. he says middle america bailed them out during the recession and now it's time that they help out middle america. my full interview on our website. announcer: that message sure
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thank you. troubles overnight for a jet when it skidded off the taxiway as it was headed to the runway. icy conditions and a wind gust sent the plane off the taxiway in wichita, kansas. the right wing and landing gear slid into the grass. 160 passengers and crew all ok. however, they were stuck on that plane for several hours while the airport tried to bring advance out to the jet to take the passengers inside. many of the passengers were on a flight that is scheduled to land here. it was slightly delayed. but we do have a crew on the ground ready to greet them and hear more about their ordeal. we'll be bringing that to you tonight at 11:00. announcer: back here in las vegas now, maybe the wind s really the issue last night. but we were dealing with some very cold temperatures out there. announcer: news -- we're going to call it new year's week weather authority.
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favorite weather games called it could be worse. this might stifle the complaints about the chill. soldier field, chicago, 12 hours ago, how would you like to have been in the windy and wet city today? they had, i mean, everything. rain, snow, sleet. what a mess going into this evening. contrast that with our admittedly very chilly sun rise and you can see our day was generally clear. though we have had the clouds slip in tonight. they will be moving through. 43 degre down on the strip. winds are calm. humidity 22% with a due point six degrees -- dew point of six degrees. 37 at west tech. that's charleston and 215 area. the winds are calm. they're northwest at four to the 41 degrees in southern henderson. highs today barely crept into the 50's on the east side of the valley. 504 our downtown tude -- -- 50 in our downtown studios.
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degrees to 26. it's 53 in l.a. on sunt u.s.c. weather station in l.a. hit 36 degrees. that tied their all-time record low. dating back to 1916. so definitely the chill was on along the coast. here's that monster storm that's making national headlines. there's chicago. as you can see, right in the heart of it today. then as that moves through, you'll get that cold shot of air moving in on the backside. i mean, seriously cold. not what we're talking about here. you can see we do have some wintry weather up, northern nye county into lincoln county. that's the low pressure swirling around. we have a trough of it that has shot done from -- down from the pacific northwest and will be moving through our area. that moisture dissipates very quickly. a batch into continues the nice skiing season for all the winter sports enthusiasts. if you're heading up to utah this week. 30 overnight. passing clouds should keep it
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which we did get into in parts of our valley this morning. 25, though, over, 30 in overton. highs tomorrow, again, in the 45 to 50-degree range. pretty uniform across the nevada elevation. a chilly morning, those north winds will dissipate by afternoon. check out your day. 32, freezing point at 7:00 a.m. mid 40's at noon. mid 40's at 5:00 p.m., in the early evening hours. about 32 at the ski resort, to 44 at red rock. seven-day forecast. keeps it pretty close to 50 degrees. going into the new year. a little cooler on new year's day. but bright sunshine will raise our spirits as we head into 2016. announcer: the sun does definitely blunt the chill. a little bit. meteorologist: there's a psychological component to weather. announcer: ok, so perhaps not too bad at all. could be worse. meteorologist: it could be chicago. announcer: i like that game by the way. thanks. prosecutors calling it a perfect
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announcer: in the end, no criminal charges will be filed for the cleveland police shooting of a 12-year-old boy. we're going to tell you the reason behind the decision coming up. announcer: and a vacant motel catches fire this morning in
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why extra firefighters wer announcer: we've just learned the 70-year-old man who was hit by a car last week has died. kevin kleckner was crossing the street in a cross walk at charleston and decatur last monday when he was hit. he was taken to university medical center where he pass ts away four days later. his death marks the 124th traffic fatality this year. announcer: a vacant motel caught fire in downtown las vegas today. the smoke could be seen from s away.
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the flames. the former star motel on third street near las vegas boulevard caught fire about 10:30 this morning. witnesses told fire crews the building is frequently used by squaters. fortunately no one was hurt. although a second alarm was called in as the motel sits next to an occupied motel. no word on what caused the fire. announcer: coming up, a bridge nearly a century old comes crashing down today. announcer: and this was no accident. how long this demolition has been in the works. announcer: and we will take a look at the devastation in texas following those terrible tornadoes that havevelready
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that's coming >> we had a flight to las vegas to go see fire wrnings on the 31st and our flights are canceled. and we couldn't get a flight out of here until the 31st. announcer: i feel bad for that guy. you'll have to watch our live streaming show. that's too bad. we would have loved to have you. blizzard conditions in parts of the midwest are canceling hundreds of flights and delaying thousands more. announcer: meanwhile, a different story in the south where people are cleaning which also e flooding. announcer: we have the report from garland, texas, where eight of the victims were killed. reporter: it was more than 80 degrees in parts of north texas when tornadoes ripped through. now residents face cleaning up in the snow, from twisters and flooding to heavy snow, a brutal storm system stretching from new mexico to the midwest will just not release its grip. this man in ellis county, texas, didn't mind cleaning up after a
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