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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  December 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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>> giving it a package and running. >> a hate crime around uncooked bacon. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is news three. >> it was something into the ground. >> deadly and dangerous weather threatened americans tonight. they recalled terrifying moments of a jet skidding off of a runway. >> a threat to americans of blizzards, ice, and flash floods. good evening. anchor 1: the travelers are
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jets in the area. it is our top story tonight. anchor 2: we are joined live from mccarran airport. >> the passengers went through a lot. when they got off, they had to wait at the airport overnight. they rescheduled flights until they finally got here at the airport. >> it has probably been 26 hours
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>> they were on the flight and about to take off from the airport. >> the airport was closed. >> it was treacherous. >> in the process of heading back to the gate. >> it was something you would see at of diehard. >> they are still trying to dig it out when we left. >> they got the weather the passengers experience. >> we got to see the stairs and the bus. the fire, rescue, everybody. reporter: more lines in delays followed.
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>> we were not sure, even with the engines going. >> they finally made it to las vegas. >> they have moans and groans and they rescheduled flights. they had some fun and they were in good spirits. >> he was like, get in the bathroom. it was terrifying. >> a tornado survivor remembers
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the hardest hit after dealing with north texas. they now have the blizzard tonight and the weather forecasters called the storm to the east, "goliath." >> that show we have been living with his not going anywhere. we're taking a look at the big storm across the country. >> i will be doing that in the main weather segment. >> the atmosphere is anemic and you can see the east and west clouds moving in. it is across las vegas. they had wind gusts up in el
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it is much less substantial. they have centennial hills and summerlin. and, again, there is the moisture in the valley. >> the family of the las vegas man is found dead. >> he went to surprises twinned granddaughters with raspberries and disappeared. his body was found in the
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and there is no word yet on the cause of death. >> that is how it went down. a girl is bitten by a police dog. they were inside the suv. the city of henderson and that paying $16,000. now to a news three exclusive of a vandal with a mosque caught on camera. bacon was wrapped on door
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investigating the incident. if you know anything, you can comeall crimestoppers. tonight, another holiday home theft caught on camera. >> john treanor has the story live from our newsroom. >> we have the story and the high definition cameras may be different. >> we are looking at the vehicles in the yard. taken off, plain as day. >> she was confident. >> we will never know what is inside the box.
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>> it is important and i look forward to it every year. >> the images are clear and they grabbed the box and walk back. richard tells us and you can see mine. >> in the backyard, this could be the difference between handcuffs.
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>> we will stay in touch to give you the very latest news. >> robert moore was arrested for a prostitution act early this week and has been in metro since 2005. they penned the outcome -- they are waiting the pending outcome of the investigation. >> all involved that day, the evidence did not affect. >> they called the case a perfect storm of human error and a federal independent civil rights investigation continues.
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have to have the solution in jail or other countries. health care shovld be a right of people with tuition in public colleges and universities. >> bernie sanders brings his message to our valley tonight. >> he is behind hillary clinton in a real clear politics poll. he spoke to supporters at canyon springs high school and presented his ideas about taxing the wealthy and raising minimum wage, single-payer, free public university tuition, and overhauling the justice system. >> if it was donald trump and clinton, the race is now a virtual tie. only one percentage point
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>> a popular holiday gift. >> how a carefree ride turned into a battle for life in just seconds.
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anchor 1: an effort to keep everybody say. >> 1 strip and on the street, not even counting the undercover's keeping an eye on things. we celebrate loss -- las vegas and the coverage will go all the way through when we broadcast
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the federal government is investigating big-ticket items of futuristic hover boards. 70 have been rushed to emergency rooms after falling off. they are the product of back to the future to. the accident is being taken seriously. they have a board caught fire and federal investigators fear the latest incident could be a sign of more to come. take a look. >> it sounded like a small explosion. >> out of the houston mall, a hover board is caught on camera. >> it sounded serious. >> serious in houston and new
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a home suffered fire damage on sunday night. >> i started to see some sparks and we heard a loud bang. >> a family lost a home entirely because of an exploding hover board. the government is investigating reported fires. >> amazon has pulled certain parts of the toy -- brands of the toy. >> we asked for in and out burger and we got it. we can now add cracker barrel. it is confirmed that the cracker barrel old country store is heading here. it is expected to open next year. we were swapping stories and the
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>> we would not want to be in a rocker at this time of year. >> we have the news three weather center at a how cold this week will get. >> i know this is one of your favorite weather games and it could be worse. i will show you this. take a look at this. they have deteriorating conditions throughout the day and, for us, a different story and you can see it moving along and swiftly to the southeast. the west and northwest winds of
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thermometers with 34 degrees. here is the wind at 60 miles an hour. that is double digit readings to the north and the paradise corridor or. it has been to the north. paradise is in the upper 30's and it is 19 at the mount charleston lodge. it is officially 43 out there with a high being a little deceptive. it is very cold in the recording
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>> they are eyeing the great lakes. it is not much better. there is a mess over newer state and this has been tracking. the wind will subside and move to the southeast. you can see the moisture and we do not have any service reports. we have a lot of sprinkles that will not amount to much. the wind will keep the ambient temperature warmer and tomorrow
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degree range. there may be a few chilly mornings. it will be a good day and in the mid-40's and i know you are interested. i am looking at 11-12 miles an hour and the chilly breezes going into new year's day. otherwise, pretty much routine and in the 50's with the overnight lows. back to you. >> a day without a text message
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>> at 11:00, the website with 4 million new members after hackers exposed the names of the
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>> ashley madison members, including some big names. the website could soon be history with the company facing a number of class-action lawsuits related to the databreach with several lawsuits asking for more than half $1 bin in damages. >> a new study of college students found that receiving messages with periods were perceived as less sincere. not surprisingly,! were interpreted as the most genuine. that was surprising to me. some people use too many! 's.
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grocery stores. >> it doesn't compare. we will tell you why. >> the unusual finish in monday night football in the highlights of the >> i'm a busy mom and i want to put my face on in 10 minutes. >> announcer: jessica alba's beauty salon is open for
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one-on-one >> football coaches harp about
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and a lot was on the line with cincinnati getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs and if the broncos win, they would clinch a playoff spot. at the mile high stadium, each team relied on the backup. green comes down with a great catch and the bengals are on the board. and cj anderson gets denver the lead. cincinnati will tie it up and, with four seconds left, a 45 yard field goal. going to overtime, they get a
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it gives denver a 20-17 lead with the bengals having to score on this drive. game. the broncos win it in overtime and clinched playoff spot. they were favorites. more good news coming off of a strong sunday with several nfl underdogs. this is a nice rebound. so many of the favorite teams people like to bet on win or cover. it is a stark contrast to a
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>> football was unpredictable last year and, this year, a lot of them rarely lose. >> taking a popular, he was one of the most recognizable harlem globetrotters. and he played in 16,000 games in 90 countries. no cause of death was given. he was known as the clown prince of basketball. he would use hook shot and no look behind the back passes. the harlem globetrotters
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