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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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>> live from las vegas, this is news three. anchor: a local mother, remembering her daughter killed by gun violence. her 20-year-old daughter was pregnant when she was gunned down. anchor: the suspect out on bail. a good samaritan helped the suspect held the suspect down. anchor: the victim leaves behind a young son, being cared for by her mothin an exclusive, thet abt the crime and the gun viol that shattered her family. anchor: christine kim joins us. this is the second child she has lost to gun violence. christine: it is hard to imagine the pain she is going through.
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suspect and the suspect was good friends with the father of her unborn child. they were all there together when the shooting happened. >> why? christine: not once, but twice will she be burying a child. >>almost 10 years after her 12-year-old son was killed, her 20-year-old daughter died the same way. taking with her her unborn baby boy. police say a group of people were fighting in a convenience store parking lot when the suspect shot her. he said he didn't mean to but he picked up a gun and it went off when someone pushed him.
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christine: already facing a number of felony charges, he was out on bail and arrested just two days before the 19-year-old was set to appear in court. >> kind of stole her life. christine: he would have run, but a good samaritan held him down until police arrived. after losing all her children, she is finding strength in the two-year-old her daughter left behind. her grandson. >> if it weren't for my grandbaby, i don't know. christine: as the person accused
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her we have set up a fund to help. anchor: it is an awful story. thank you. a scene of devastation across missouri and illinois where people have been killed by widespread flooding. most of the victims were drivers who drove into flooded roadways. jim: and in entire town could be underwater after a levee failed. jessica: bitter cold weather gripping portions of the u.s.. news 3 is your winter weather authority. jerry brown has the latest. jerry: we are talking about a chilly night. let's look at new year's eve. everyone wondering aboutclear skies projected, 10-15. chilly temperatures in the 30's.
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going to be chillier than last year. 8:00, 38 at 10:00 p.m.. by midnight, 37 with a north breeze. should be under the threshold for the fireworks. they should go off. skies clear. we are looking at 38 out at the airport. 16, you can always be the cold by heading to the coast. for us, we are talking about temperatures below freezing. 16 on the mountain. 22, pahrump. 27, mesquite. for here in the city, we are calling for 29. 30, 31 in the central part of the valley but certainly colder on the west side. a little later, i'm going to talk about what is going on around the nation with the storm moving out. let's go back to jessica. just gumbel -- jessica: metro investigating a deadly accident were a motorcyclist was killed after
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jim: the driver -- the motorcyclist ran into the car. the impact set him into the -- jessica: both driver stayed on scene. metro says they were not impaired. this is the one 25th fatal accident this year. jim: two cars and only one drove off. the other driver found shot to death. jessica: the driver was found outside a 24 hour fitness. security video shows the two-door sedan parking next to the car. jim: give guns always is live. police are hoping video will lead them to the kilvicki: this is the marker of the crime scene. the murder took place at a shopping center.
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to uncover the victim's final moments. a man shot dead. metro trying to answer whether this was a random act or planned. what we know as the victim injured a parking structure around 10:00 p.m. with the suspect's vehicles pulling next to it and 1:00 a.m.. the surveillance video does not show the victim ever entering need jim. -- entering the gym. >> the suspect vehicle parks close. vicki: it would take only minutes before firing a single gunshot. with the two door car taking off. this murderer seeing makes her feel vulnerable. >> you don't know if gunfire is going to happen when you are the grocery store or goodwill.
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>> if it was sort of altercation, robbery attempt, that is something we have to figure out. >> it has always been a quiet neighborhood, safe neighborhood. now it is getting scary. vicki: the identity of the victim is waiting to be released. this marks the one 33rd homicide year. as for the suspects, there are searching for. anyone with informatio is urged vicki gonzalez, news three. jim: thank you. now at 11:00, this 21-year-old man is accused of murdering his 68-year-old father.
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his father were arguing sunday evening. family members called, concerned, and police found him dead. jessica: the man who killed a local grandmother and grandfather admits he was driving high. he pleaded guilty to two counts of dui causing death. he had marijuana and meth in his system when the car jump the curb. jim: two days until america's party and they are trying to make sure it is safe. jessica: they are showing us a practical new tool that can help out. john treanor brings us that story. john: the busiest nights on the las vegas strip.
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people, parties, and alcohol. it is also a recipe for danger. >> we all have a role to play ke each other safe. john: just as the ads for america's party are everywhere, so our ads for safety. they have tips for how to be prepared. >> have fun but play it safe. john: a message from britney spears. >> leave together. john: also pushing an app called circle of six which allows users to program six friends into the phone and set up a message to send with the touch of a button. you can send a gps location to all of them. one click of a button and six of
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>> the more you can get your message out, watching for those signs, the better off everybody is. john: las vegas mitchell will have more officers than ever patrolling the strip and here on fremont street. i new year's eve terror plot stopped in belgium. jessica: belgian authorities say the plot appears to be inspired but not directed by the isis terror group. military outfits and isis propaganda were picked up during the arrest. jim: no drones allowed on the las vegas strip for new year's eve or any time. metro sending out a reminder that it is illegal to fly drones
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jessica: we will have teams at the cosmopolitan. planet hollywood. with his favorite folks at the jim: always a lot of fun. year. still ahead, a big part of our monthly budgets parade putting a roof -- monthly budgets. jessica: new figures about rent and home prices.
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be your jessica: another republican bowing out. former new york governor george pataki announced he was ending
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jim: he never made it to the main stage of the debates. that leaves one dozen republicans still in the race. a year and report you will be reading about local home prices and rents. jessica: we got our hands on the report tonight. if you rent, you paid more in 2015. rents increased about 2%. last month, home values went up 9.3%. jim: now on to the number one new year's resolution in america. jessica: you had the queen of all media as your cheerleader. reed cowan joins us to explain. read bank -- reed: oprah winfrey invested quite a lot of money to help you. >> every time i tried and failed. reed: there are testimonials and
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>> many times, you look in the mirror and do not release yourself -- recognize yourself. reed: she is asking people to join weight watchers. the woman who turned unknown doctors into stars, no-name books into bestsellers. and entrepreneurs into overnight success stories. has a new favorite thing. weight watchers. she owns 10% of the company. >> they believe in opera. not just the direct but the person. reed: a longtime member and coach said the opera pitches affected because it is relatable. >> it was so moving. i felt like it was my story, too. a lot of people will say, this is my story. me. reed: the company was struggling.
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now she hopes a personal appeal will be the solution to their struggles. all right, opera, let's do this. if you have a new year's weight loss story, we want to hear from you. tweet us here at the station. sign off about your journey with the opera. that is what -- oprah. that is what we are calling her. jessica: apparently she lost 15 pounds on her own before investing in weight watchers. jim: we are going to see how cold it is. it is dropping. anchor: december is the coldest month of the year and it is living up to its reputation.
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the skies above our valley. not a lot, more going on on boulder highway. looking west across the valley. quiet, good-looking day. albeit a little chilly during the morning hours. currently, 39 degrees. barometer, just short of 30 inches. dew point, 20 degrees. one of the coldest thermometers, 33. call now, as you can see. winds are comb. the trend is going to be to diminish overnight.
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38, boulder city. it has created havoc across the nation. let's close in. the gulf. we saw the horrible flooding in missouri. i used to do the weather in st. louis. river stages are way over the norm. a week frontal system.
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a little chilly. you've got to figure in the body heat. skies clearing. just a few high clouds17 up in alamo. 27 in mesquite. encore performance, 45-50. 29 for the overnight low. a couple of degrees warmer than that, central valley. good-looking day. bright looking sunshine. chilly morning. east and northeast by midday. biggest week of the year for ski resorts, central sierra, 121% of
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136 at least canyon. red rock looking at 45. seven-day forecast. as a bright, sunny new year's day. we start to warm up a little over the weekend but not much. chance of showers by next week. jessica, and jim, back to you. jessica: it was a cry for help
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jim: three ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership?
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yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and otherselect models.
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the scalp manchester -- scoutmaster was talking to them as he struggled with tthey even were telling me 911 operator what they could do.
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amber: the wolfpack did make it to a bowl game. the arona bowl and tuesday today. nevada's opponent is in the same conference. because there were a record 41 bowl games, even teams with losing records got to play in them. the 7-5 rams were a favorite over the wolfpack. second quarter nevada trailed 7-6. handing off. 77 yard touchdown run. the wolfpack takes the lead, 13-seven. third quarter, colorado state. down 22-14. the pitch. finds the end zone.
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the rams would later we take the lead. with a minute left, butler breaking tackles. backwards. gets the six-point points. nevada winds, 28-23. college basketball, conference play starts tomorrow for unlv. the running rebels host the bulldogs. the rebels are the 7.5 favorite. they boast two winds. the only loss was against arizona state. the bulldogs are the underdogs. right now, some consider unlv to beatty favorite to win the west.
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>> it is unexpected. people don't think about it as punch them first. >> i think it will be competitive. you better protect your home turf. do well on the road if you want a chance to win in the
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it is ha jessica: a family dog found two days after a tornado. jim: they went back to salvage what they could. they had no idea this would happen. they were standing on piles of wood when they heard their dog crying. sawyer is going to be fine. jessica: four hours later, they found their other dog.
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you lose everything you own.
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