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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  December 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am PST

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breaking news this morning you're looking out of miami gardens florida where reports say five people are dead after a wrong way crash. w-t-v-j says the crash happened this
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driving the wrong several vehicles.... she was killed along with four adults two other peop were also transported to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries. a local mom... remembering her daughter killed by news 3 learning... daughter was pregnant... when she was gunned down. the suspect... a teenager out on bail... accuseo series of attacks on the strip. christine kim has more. 4:53 twice.. twice :57 not once... but twice.... will tinesha hall be burying a child. bite 5:03 you couldnt tell me i was going to bury my daughter :08 its reality and i have to :14 almo ten years after her 12 year a shooting.... her 20 tineshea adams... dying the same way... taking with her... her unborn baby boy. 8:48 4.5 months pregnant north las vegas
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people were fighting at a convenience store parking lot dec 13th... when norman smith shot adams. smith told police he didn't mean to shoot her... that he picked up a gun he found and it went off when someone pushed him. 23:30 it was no accident bc for my understanding they said :35 he pulled the n out and said im about to shoot this girl gun went t pop and she fell to the groudn :44 already facing a number of felony charges in connection with armed robberies along the strip, smith was out on bail... and arrested in adams' murder just two days before the 19 year old was set to appear in court. 19:53 he comes and steal her life ... thats not right :00 would have run... but a good samaritan held him down... until police arrived. :29 he was an angel that was there thank god for him :34 after losing all her children.. 32:48 say hi.. falls assleep hall is finding strength in the 2 year old adams leaves behind cover with baby: 33:55 i told him i say
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4:36 she blessed me with a grandbaby so you know i cant be selfish at least i trying not to be anyway :47 some locals are on edge this morning after they found out a man was shot to death while parked in his car. it happened outside a west valley 24 hour fitness club. metro says the victim entered a parking spot outsi the 24 hour fitness around 10 pm on monday. hours later at around 1 am the suspects vehicle pulled right next to it. a single shot was fired... killing the man inside the car linda search lives nearby... she says this murder scene in particular makes her feel vulnerable.
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know if gunfire is going to happen when your at a grocery store, or at the goodwill, or at :41 butt too 12:05:13 "unbelievable -- i lived in this neighbod for 40 years. it's always been a quiet neighborhood -- safe neighborhood and now it's getting really scary." :23 police described the surveillance video saying the victim never left his car to enter the gym. the suspects currently at large.. anyone with information is asked to contact crime stoppers at 702-385- 5555 a local 21 year old man is accused of murdering his 68 year old father. henderson police say eugene tshi- yombo and his father
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on monday , family members called police... concerned about the police found him dead from a gunshot wound... inside his home near carnegie and paseo verde. the man who killed a local grandmother and granddaughter when he crashed into a bus stop... admits he was driving high. 20 year old leonardo ruesga pleaded guilty to 2 counts of d-u-i causing death on tuesday. prosecutors say ruesga had marijuana and meth in his system last march... when his car jumped the curb and hit the two at sahara an parkway. marissa garcia and her granddaughter 6 year old alyssa asia were killed. report out about and the average
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valley. news 3 obtaining the home values in the area... went up 6 this year. if you rent... you rents increased last month... home went up 9 point 3 percent. 2015 just got even better for hometown boy and chicago cubs star kris bryant.. he's he announced on he's engaged... to his best friend... jessica delp. he tweeted "only took me eight years, but i can't wait to marry my best friend. perfect way unforgettable year." national league
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and the cubs reached the championship series. congrats to him. not smart dude. a man accused of drinking and driving is now in trouble with the law. how social media played a part in helping police find him. former "glee" actor mark salling is facing legal trouble. what he's accused of doing that will
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his many fans. kelly ad-lib over weather live shot
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of drinking and drivint all thanks to social media. an ohio man posted this video of himself drinking and driving facebook page everyone to see.
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he commented on the video when friends were concerned... saying things like "i am a good driver don't worry" and "i've got one finger on the steering wheel sheriff deputies in ohio were able to pull him over. he now faces d-u-i charges for the third time in his life. news year resolutions oprah winfrey wants to help people who are struggling with their weight. we'll tell you how she's being a cheerleader to millions. new at 5. an elephant seal on a major highway.
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to save herd why she might have been there in the
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"affluenza"... and the
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lifestyle.. dubbed "affluenza"... and the role i deadly drunk driving crash that killed four people in 2013 is over. mexican federal officials have confirmed ethan couch and his mother tonya were arrested monday in puerto val a manhunt begh mother after he mied appointment with his probation officer. tarrant co anderson believes a brief twitter video of young men playing beer pong may have triggered couch to flee. the person who posted the video claimed the 18 y old couch, who cannot drink or use drugs and drive, was in the video and was violating his court terms.
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violating his court terms. detective joseph lemm, one of six americans killed earlier this month in afghanistan, will be laid to rest later today. detective lemm was killed in a suicide- bombing in a village outside bagram air base on dr 21st. as a member of the n-y-p-d, detective lemm was deployed three times... twice to afghanistan and once to iraq. leaves behind a wife and two children. a rare major winter flood in missouri has hundreds of homes under water you're looking out of valley park, missouri... where a major freeway has been closed due to rising flood waters. other parts of missouri have been hit with torrential rains over the past several days which
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and streams to swell. the mississippi river is expected to reach nearly 15 feet above the flood stage on thursday. the u-s coast guard closed portions of the river near the saint louis area due to hazardous conditions. the flood is expected to turn into the second- worst on record behind missouri's devastating 19-93 flood in which 100- thousand homes were destroyed. dramatic footage captured the moment an ancient bridge in north yorkshire partially collapsed into the swollen river wharfe yesterday , as flooding continued to affect areas of northern england. large sections of the 18th century structure could be seen slipping into the river as local residents looked on in shock. according to local media, the bridge had already been shut due to structural concerns caused by flooding caused bystt days. the collapse of the
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leak in the area as broken pipes were exposed. time for a look at weather...
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to know... the republican race for the white house
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candidate. george pataki announced during a prime time ad tuesday nighthat he is suspending his campaign for the republican nomination for the presidency. pataki appeared upbeat in the ad saying that he believes the country will elect the right person to be our next president and that the best of america is yet to come. pataki is the former governor of the state of new york. most iowans from getting out to campaign events most iowans from getting out to campaign event monday.
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martin o'malley fve if there was. the o'malley ve, buthn ai becau t. reports say in an one-on-one conversation witmark salling is facing legal trouble. authorities say salling was arrested tuesday at his los angeles-area home on suspicion of possessing child pornography. "crime watch daily" reports an l-a police task force served a search warrant at the home . neither salling nor his representatives have commented on the arrest. salling played noah "puck" puckerman on "glee" from 2009 until the show's cancellation earlier this year.
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has been hospitalized after falling ill over the weekend-- according to t-m-z, doctors have diagnosed the 28- year-old with diabetes-- a condition kardashian was unaware he had. rob has struggled with depression and weight gain over recent years. unlike the rest of his family on "keeping up with the kardashian's," he's avoided the public eye for the past two years. it's the number one new year's resolution in america... losing weight and getting in shape. and in 20-16... you'll have the queen of all media as your
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cowan... joining us to explain. commercial nat: every time i tried and failed there are testimonials and then there are test commercial nat oprah: many times you look in the mirror and you don't even recognize your own self commercial nat oprah: ...if not now, when? in a newly released commercial...oprah winfrey is asking people who struggle with their just as she n commercial oprah: inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be. the woman who turned unknown doctors into stars, nat pop fist bump with dr oz no name books into bestsellers, nat pop "what we want to do is start a book club here on the oprah show" and entrepreneurs into overnight success stories... nat pop spanx now, we have over 100 products. has a new favorite thing -- weight watchers -- and she owns 10% part of the company. expert sot: she might as well own 100 percent. a lot of people are going to be joining because of oprah. they believe in oprah. and not just the product, but oprah, the person. at this weight watchers in new york, long time member and coach lisa levy schaub says oprah's pitch is is effectca it's so relatable sg:when you watched the
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ls: i started to c sg: did you really? why? ls: because i felt it was my story too. and thats the thing i think a lot of people are going to look at this and say this is my story this me. before oprah announced her investment in weight watchers, the weight loss company was struggling... high-tech diets and social media chipped away its business. now the company hopes a personal appeal from the former queen of daytime... commercial: are you ready? let's do this together. will be the solution to both their struggles. taking on the hoverboard. video of mike tyson tring out a hoverboard coming up the must see moment that happens next. even iron mike tyson
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hoverboard: 00:27:40:22.... 00:27:51:19 this video was posted to his instagram account yesterday. even his daughter warning him not to fall down. naturally he takes a hard tumble. luckily he appears to be alright. time for weather.
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the video vault is preparing for new year's eve festivities... but set your time machine for 1985. it's a las vegas celebration looking back three decades new at 6. soon many of you
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>> kim: we have breaking news. we have a person dead in our community following a stabbing overnight. we're taking you to the scene for a live report in moments. >> dana: also whatnot to bring and another thing metro says to leave at home if you're heading to the strip to ring in the new year. find out what that thing is. >> kim: also, video vault morning here on the broadcast and as we get ready to ring in 2016, our tom hawley takes us back to the 1980's, baby. we're going back 30 years to see how people partied it up here in
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