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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  December 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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strip and the fremont street experience. law enforcement looking out for illegal and suspicious activity. if you see something, say something. the woman charged in the daily strip crash for running into a crowd of people tests positive for marijuana use. the toxicology report just released showed that lakeisha holloway tested positive or marijuana -- for marijuana. she will be back for a procedural hearing generate 20. big car crashed happen before noon at twain in paradise. a white pickup truck slammed into a power pole before hitting the side of another car and a power box. it knocked off power for several hours to homes and businesses. the driver of the truck is in critical condition tonight. jim: just before new year's eve, federal officials express their security concerns. this year is different.
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from california's terrorist have exposed a new threat. authorities say there is no credible evidence of a suspected terror plot, the remain on alert. security is tightened from new york to california, and here in las vegas. they are preparing in pasadena to post determined of roses -- to host the tournament of roses parade. the mayor of brussels has canceled his city's fireworks show after two people were terrorist attack there. many others say the recent attacks and threats will not stop their celebration. >> you can't worry about it all the time, or you would not go out and enjoy yourself. jim: the message from authorities -- there is no n fear. but it is important to be aware of what's going on around you.and again, if you see something, say something. jessica: after being accused by dozens of women, entertainer bill cosby was arraigned near
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of sexual assaulting a young woman in his home. here is more tonight from nbc. >> it was once a wildly popular comedian, but bill cosby's stage wednesday was a courtroom near philadelphia for arraignment on a charge filed earlier today of sexually assaulting a woman. >> it is one charge that is filed. aggravated indecent assault, which is a felony. >> the incoming district attorney says this case involves former university employee who cost be invited to his home at near philadelphia -- who cosby invited to his home near philadelphia in 2004. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her, and to drink dine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances. and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> andrea constandt came forward as that alleged victim in a civil suit.
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expressed appreciation to pennsylvania authorities for finally charging coffee. she is one of more than 50 women who say they were drug and sexually assaulted by cosby, and who, according to legal analysts, could be called to testify against him. >> the absolute game changer is that bill cosby may very well have to hear not only the victim in this case, but the testimony of all of the other alleged victims with a similar mo. they will talk to him in court, and have their moment against him in a criminal setting. >> cosby has denied all allegations, but his bond set at $1 million, and his passport confiscated. nbc news. jessica: cosby next court hearing is scheduled january 14. cosby's felony sexual assault charge has not swayed hulu to ditch his show from their playlist. 201 episodes of "the cosby show"
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streaming service. other networks nixed programming after many women accused the comedian over the years. two of hulu's biggest competitors, netflix and amazon prime, do not stream "the cosby show" but offer alternative ways to watch it. jim: the mother of the fugitive affluenza teen has been deported from the u.s. to mexico while he fights his delay to face justice. even couch -- ethan couch held by mexican authorities. ethan couch pled guilty in 2013 to manslaughter and intoxication assault, killhe was sentenced to 10 yeaprobation, but when he violated its terms, he fled to mexico with his mother. continue to immerse parts of the
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the death toll now more than 20 in missouri and illinois. more than 18 million are currently under flood warnings in a 13 states. mandatory evacuations are underweight in some parts of misery, as the mississippi river is forecasted to crest at its highest level in history. it's not the only river expected to flood its banks. missouri's governor has activated the national guard and declexperts say the current el nio weather pattern is to blamjim: for us here tonight, the top hotspots to ring in 2016. jessica: did las vegas make the list? we have the answer for you coming up. jim: a local basketball player
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jessica: in the cold waters off rhode island, a 50 foot humpback rail was caught on camera having funded by the bay. the wah -- humpbacks are not supposed to be lingering around like many living under --it hits for warmer climate. jim: some diners complained that the smartphones are ruining their conversations at restaurants. one eatery in china actually requires them to get a table.
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-- no waiters, no cashiers. andrew stevens checked it out. andrew: it's lunchtime in beijing. joining friends and colleagues for a bite to eat. we found a restaurant offering something different. it's linking mobile technology with the love of food. welcome to this restaurant, the first thing you will notice is that there is no wait staff. they have been replaced with an app. but not just any app. i'm on a popular messaging app in china. we're talking hundreds of millions of people on this. i have the menu up with several choices. i'm going for the spicy rice noodles. getting a discount, altogether that's about five dollars. it's now giving me a number, which will be called out on the speaker in just a few minutes.
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one plate in the kitchen, i shaft turning digital orders -- a chef turning digital orders into your lunch. here we are. and after five minutes, we have some spicy noodles. all through the power of the smartphone and the help of a kitchen. the restaurant owner looking at cutting his overhead even more. >> there will be-- no waitress, no cashier, no merchandise, and note chef. i am following a new trend in china. andrew: in an age where smartphones are signaling the end of face-to-face conversation at the dining table, why not take it one step further and take out the need to speak to a waiter, too? andrew stevens, cnn, beijing. >> delicious. jim: of course, we love all our service industry folks in las
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our town is making the top list for hotspots to kickoff 4016. in a survey of more than 2000, trip advisor says 60% plan to travel. many, 340,000 will ring in the new year in las vegas. orlando, florida, new york city, tampa, and new orleans also named the top hotspots. jessica: speaking of counting down to the new year, officials tested out the new year ball in times square. the crystal ball is ready to welcome in 2016. the custom-designed crystals are built to withstand high winds, precipitation, and temperature fluctuation. the ball has to be very sturdy. it will rest about 470 feet above times square, where hundreds of thousands are expected to watch it drop at the stroke of midnight. jim: final push for the 127th rose parade revving up. volunteers scrambling to add the last minute flowers to the floats traveling down colorado
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float decorating began sunday and continues until final judging on new year's eve. the theme for the 2016 parade is finding your adventure, with a spotlight on the centennial celebration of the nation's national parks. jessica: tempora look at what's comi on news 3 live at 7:00. jim: reed cowan is here with introduction. reed: donald trump is stirring the pot once again when her friend to his opponents in the race for the white house. what he's talking about. he said he's going to use tactics that amount to a campaign war. a priest making headlines after riding his way into a holiday service on a hover board. how his followers are standing up to his critics. all that, plus breaking news as i haven't tonight at 7:00. not a lot of people happy about what he did. jessica: we've seen some bizarre winter weather this year. today might ring the weirdest moment yet. it could the as warm as 40 degrees at the north pole, but
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a place that has darkness to four hours a day could be warmer than here in las vegas. jim: it brought the december tornadoes to texas and other parts of the self. it's now centered over iceland, could end up being one of the top 25 storms ever recorded in the region. jessica: we would like some of that heat coming our way, if anybody is listening. jim: help us out! jessica: kevin janison has a check of the new year's eve forecast. kevin: when it gets very cold in one part of the world, cold air has to come from somewhere. this case, it came from the arctic. speaking of the cold temperatures, they continue tonight. jones to tropicana sitting at 43 degrees. that site is located near the building center and alta, not too far from the red rock resort. one more visit to north las vegas, gibson middle school, 40 degrees, only blowing at two miles per hour.
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fall in the western and southern edges. 37 in anthem. 42 downtown. 43 in the shadow of sunrise mountain. it's 14 up on the mountain. 43 in boulder city. for your new year's eve day, i believe we will get started in the mid-30's, find our way quickly to the mid-40's. we peek at 50 before the sun goes down. there will be a breeze blowing continuing through the evening our, 5-15. the midnight amateur at about 37 degrees with a breeze bnllowing. around the country, i suppose the best news is that we are not seeing any precipitation in any river that would eventually feed the mississippi. the flooding in missouri absolutely horrific. that will continue at least down the mississippi for several days over the next week. that water does not recede quickly. there is a ripple of north. as that slides southward, that
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you will feel that from midday tomorrow through the evening. it could even lasted through new year's day. 32 in reno. 16 in salt lake. 51 in phoenix. high to tomorrow -- cold and it northern nevada. southern nevada in the 60's. salt lake looking at a high of 18. our overnight lows, 11 in caliente. pahrump at 31. height in meters tomorrow afternoon, searchlight at 34. caliente -- the mountain topping out at 31. for the las vegas valley, we are going down to 33 under a clear sky. light breeze late. more on that breeze category tomorrow. still 515 sustained winds -- 5-12 sustained winds. looking at 48 degrees and a few breeze is blowing. we keep the overnight lows going for a couple more days.
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weekend of transition as the temperature gets back and above normal at times. overnight lows on their way back to the 40's. a chance for rain on monday. two systems coming through. first when looking wimpy, the second one has a lot more much easier to it. -- maschismo to it. jim: [deep voice[] el nino! jessica: i will save you from yourself and handed over to sports. >> manny pacquiao at the mgm grand. a very controversial split decision where pacquiao won the fight by a unanimous decision. they were not crowdpleasers. bradley is a different boxer. faster and reinvigorated by a
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corner when bradley scored a technical knockout in november. peggy l -- pacquiao is coming off shoulder surgery and has not come off his performance floyd mayweather. following this point, he will run for senate in the philippines. an election could mean the end of his boxing career.but they will not promote despite as pacquiao's swang song. the rebels the 7.5 favorite against fresno state tonight. fresno state brings experience, with several seniors playing guard. therey are 32 in the country when it comes to rebound percentage. the coach expects to see the football pressed tonight.
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>> we felt like we needed to up tempo the game, force more turnovers. i think we do have depth. you will see more pressing and trapping then you saw the last few weeks. i think dakota is a good example of that. >> the rebels over south dakota, and the bulldogs over pacific union. tip-off is at 8:00. highlights at 11:00. talk about a highlight -- this is christian, who on monday one the 2015 holiday classic dunk contest in california. he beat out 16 other guys to become champion. one of the dunks, he cleared 3 guys. the last dunk, he grabbed the ball-- he has never entered a dunk contest before.
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of bounce, -- hthiknk he had a lot of bounce, but the crowd gave him the energy. jim: it is a real trust exercise asking those guys to jump over him. >> i counted something like 13 offers from different universities, including unlv. it would be nice to see him on the rebels team. jessica: we could use them on the court. >> rebel freshman stephen zimmerman will be playing tonight coming off of that thigh injury. jim: it will be a good night. jessica: still to come, a series of photographs both educational and beautiful. jim: get a refresher on your
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jim: finally at 6:30, if you have ever stared up the clouds and found formations, his next story is for you. jessica: the abc's from space. nasa released photos from satellites and astronauts called "reading the alphabet from space." it took an astronaut two years to collect images, each resembling letters of the upper but. it was found using nasa satellite imagery and astronaut photography. you can check out the entire
6:50 pm jim: it would be tricky if it spelled out some message out to all of us. ooh. jessica: don't go there. on new year's eve we w you can show us your celebration, whatever you are up to. maybe at town or at your house, use the #news3nye16. when you upload photos to instagram, we will be looking for your content. it could end up on the air through 10:00 and new year's eve. that is #news3nye16. we haven't,r it, right? that will do it for us tonight. jessica: news 3 is up next. in that broadcast, a man posted video of him on facebook behind the wheels. and he is immediately arrested.
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on marie: a major crash knocks out the power, leaving many people in the dark. around town. reed: bill cosby faces his first criminal charge in relation to widespread sexual assault accusations leveled against him. weather authority, the temperatures and the breezes you should prepare for as you ring in 2016. this is news 3 live at 7:00. >> live from las vegas, this is
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