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tv   Today  NBC  December 31, 2015 2:07am-3:00am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> okay. made it again this winesday wednesday, this december 30th. we're coming down to it. hard to believe one day away from new year's eve, baby. >> this is "sugar" by maroon 5. we're looking back at the most outrageous, hilarious moments. some of them we forget about until we watch them all. >> some of them were about regis. >> can and do you want to test your memory? we've got a great game of who knew ahead that will get your mind going and get our crowd involved too. >> i'm ready for words of
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>> music, please. thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like. thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like. >> that's the way you want to go out on the year? >> yes! >> really? >> it's anon. >> what do they feel like? have you ever felt a butterfly? >> you know, butterflies. >> oh, those kind of butterflies. i'm being literal. oh, oh, oh! >> oh. oh. >> you think that's bad, we're going now to worst bathroom habits, okay? it's going to get worse. >> you don't know what your guests are doing in your bathroom. you have no idea. >> then you shouldn't be inviting them to your house. >> but even people you know, you may not know what goes on in there.
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america's worst bathroom habits have been revealed by advotech. here's what we learned about the shower. this is what people are admitting to, so it's probably higher. 60% of people admit to -- >> urinate being.ingurinating. >> urinating in the shower. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> which means you do it! >> you know what? can i tell you something? it is so much smarter to do than to -- >> to get out! >> no, you know how much water is wasted each time you flush? >> okay. >> think things through. next came singing, which is fine, right? >> singing's fine. >> followed by listening to music. all of that's lovely. we'd love somebody to explain this to us. eating. >> people are eating in the shower. >> what the heck are they taking
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>> can't they wait five minutes for a stromboli? of. >> you're busy doing stuff! >> these people should not be allowed to come to your house. >> 6% of people admitted to not washing their hands. before they go to the bathroom they flush it to make sure it works so that you're not trapped in there, and anyone who's ever been embarrassed. have you ever flooded out some guest's bathroom? there's nothing worse than that. what do you do? you're in a panic, there's no plunger. you lift the top off. >> sounds like that's happened to somebody. >> happened to a lot of us. >> this is going to be fun. we're going to play a game. >> we know a lot of you guys are probably catching up on movies
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we want to see how well we know movie line the we're going to play a clip and stop it right before the famous movie line and see if we can finish it. all of them are from the american film institute for the list of the 100 great movie quotes of all time. start with an easy one. >> are you crying? >> no. >> are you crying? are you crying! there's no crying! >> there's no crying in baseball! [ ding ] >> i twooptswant to hear it. >> there's no crying in baseball! >> oh, zip it, jimmy. >> what a fun family film. i've never seen it. >> i'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three people don't amount to a hill of
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some day you'll understand that. >> it's casa plan cablank ca. but out of all the gin joints in the world. >> here's lookin' at you kid? >> here's lookin' at you, kid. >> oh, yeah. all right. happy new year. >> are you planning to land it? >> surely you can't be serious. >> and stop calling me shirley. >> and don't call me shirley! >> don't call me shirley. that one we got. >> i forgot my key. >> jenny, i, i'm sorry. >> love means never having to say you're sorry, which i think was the dumbest line ever!
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your entire life! >> no. love means never having to say you're sorry. >> the beautiful alli mcgraw. i have to show you a picture from high school. looked just like her for 60 seconds and i was snotty nosed too. >> another one. >> did you hear about eyes? you want another one? really? >> i feel the need -- >> for speed! >> the need for speed! >> all right. >> and we're going to end with another one, the number one. >> frankly my darling, i don't give a damn! gone with the wind.
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give a damn! >> you like it when i spanky, don't you? >> more people are into spanky tuesday. it's getting weird. i think we need to tap the brakes on spanky tuesday. >> i will move it to a different day. what people do when they meet you is an interesting concept. are you so comfortable in your own skin? do you wonder when you're walking in, i wonder what they're thinking of me? ? no, i i don't think that when i go to a party. but people do judge quickly. >> apparently. >> so if you're going to a new year's eve party, you need to learn a couple of things. >> it's called thin slicing. it's what a psychologist calls people who make split decisions about people when you first meet them. >> these are the impressions we make, ready? if a person looks you in the
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>> they're smart. i think they were raised right. >> if a person is bald, they're dominant and strong. i agree with that. >> zack. >> if they're a man in a teriled suit, they're successful. >> or european. >> if they wear name-brand clothes they're high status or full of themselves. >> or rich. >> this they walk with a looser gait they're adventurous. >> i agree with that. kind of lanky, the guy who teaches guitar does that. >> the james taylor kind of thing. >> i don't know that any of that's true, but it took up a little time. >> there's some makeup trends that are going through history. this is kind of interesting. if you ever look back and you thought the makeup trends, you wished they'd come back in style, like the blue eye shadow from the '80s.
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>> we take a look through the ages. >> one of the earliest societies to use makeup. for brows, they could be defined using ingredients such as burnt cork and soot. altering faces with cosmetics moved from distasteful to sinful. the mid 18th century was renowned as a time when blush overload was common. victoria's proclamation that makeup was unlady like. the birth of the silent movie industry changed the perception of makeup. >> sure did. >> which one did you think was the most beautiful? >> i like the simpler, not the no makeup. that was amazing, though. >> her face looks like, she looked like a different person every single time. >> trends i like to see bye-bye. >> especially the blue eye shadow.
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to meet a guy on new year's eve, there's things you should look out for. there's certain things that make a woman approachable and not approachable. >> catalogs. >> here's some things. someone is always smiling, you want, a man would want to approach, because it looks like you're enjoying yourself, and even if you turn him down for a conversation or date -- >> it won't be embarrassing because you've been nice. someone who looks like she's having a great time, that's hoda. looking bored or disinterested makes you look snobby. >> give them dance hands. >> you should glance up at him every now and then. >> look at dick. >> yeah. >> you know, frank actually taught cassidy to do when she was 3? go like this? >> are you kidding?
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he said works every time, cass, do it. and cass would go. >> a little crazy. women with less makeup are more approachable. so don't pile it on. >> apparently, men don't like a lot of makeup. >> and they said don't wear skin-tight clothes because guys think you only want to date a guy in a suit. hmm. >> does that make sense to anybody? >> no. >> and they say the worst thing is to be surrounded by a bunch of girlfriends because guys can't infiltrate the group. >> it's not a pack of wolves, just a bunch of women. >> we want to give it away. on spanky tuesday, we will give it away again. you have begged for it. >> if you didn't win last week, make sure you enter again. >> and for the complete rules and regulations and how to enter, go to klg and
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>> we've had some fun, haven't we? >> we're going to go down memory lane, a look back at the big
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right after this.this. you know what they say? the older you get, the faster time flies. >> i know that. >> and this year's totally went by. >> did you say went? >> possibly, because it as wild at times. >> especially with a little spanky spank thrown in. >> what's with you with spanky? >> we got to sit down with john stamos, amy schumer and helen mirren
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>> we have our we with all of them. >> it seems it can't be true. speaking at the same time. >> how do we do it day after day. >> what's your real-life pickup line? >> hi, i'm john stamos. >> do you ever get to wear that estrogen patch? it came off in our bid anrolled onto it, and it was stuck onto me for two days, and i couldn't stop crying. i was so emotional and crazy, and i was having a hot flash. >> keep your eyes on the road! >> i'm so excited to be here. i've not been on the show, i'm a virgin. >> there you go. that makes one of us. >> i'm like you. i like filth. we were talking about 50 shades and how much you loved it. you kept saying, behind kathyie
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>> making out with the phone. >> it's all love. >> oh! >> bing, bing, bing. >> ow! show. >> we need another one. >> we love him. >> hello, ladies. >> do you ever drink at 10:00 in the morning, reeg? >> never! >> i want to take a bath in this. and i will. it. >> oh, there's another one of those. you're missing one. >> is there another one? >> come on, bring the other one. >> yeah, baby. >> let me have a drink. >> here you go. >> we're going to play a game. >> oh, i love your games. they're so much fun. >> this is called hoda or yoda. these are all real quotes. i think fat guys are sexy.
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>> rihanna or beyonce! >> rionce! >> i was singing with the banana. >> hoda, you suck, and that's good. i don't know what to tell you. >> my purse is gross. i once had a shoulder pad, string cheese and a christmas ornament in it. that's hoda! >> yow! >> this is the weirdest place. i've been in television a long time, never seen anything like this. >> she likes our show. >> i love your show! >> what do you think?
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>> that's what we wanted for the reel. >> wow! >> wow. >> so much fun. no wonder we're exhausted. a long year. we sure have shared a lot of great times, and many of them are just sitting here. >> don't miss some of our most unforgettable moments after >> that was awesome!awesome! hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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call for information, then decide. read about the 30 day, 100 percent money back guarantee. don't wait, call this number now. here's a question. how much do you remember from pop culture this year? forget. >> here's a little trivia to get you thinking before we play our very last who knew of the year.
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of the top ten films of 2015. chris pratt?
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after the local it is winesday wednesday. we're ready to play our year-end knew". kathie lee's ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right and her signed cd to those who don't. that's a lot of applause for that cd. here with me is fandango correspondent, tara mcnamara. >> before the break we asked this question. this actor appeared in two of the top ten films of 2015. was it chris pratt, jeremy renner or sandra bullock. what's the answer? >> jeremy renner.
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avengers age of ultron and he'll be back in may with captain america civil war. and they've announced mission impossible six is coming out. he's a very busy, successful guy. >> this lovely lady is from maryland. 25 by adele is the best-selling l album of adele, how long did it take? >> three days? >> that's amazing. what's interesting is that taylor swift would have had the best-selling album for two years in a row. but then adele caught her. >> over to you. >> from north carolina, right? welcome. what television series topped the neilson ratings for the
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"empire", "the voice" or football? >> "voice"? >> they're going to love it, it's sentimental. >> sunday night football was the number one show, but football is also the number three, the number five, the number six and the number 11 of the show. >> and "the voice" and "empire" not too shabby. >> who topped the forbes highest paid list? was it -- okay. pewdepie or glozell? >> it was the first one. >> it's pewdepie. he has more than 10 billion views. >> billion?
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he mostly has himself nar ragt video games. with a swedish accent and of pro faint. >> where are you from? >> satellite beach, florida. >> who took home the most awards at the 2015 grammys? sam smith, taylor swift? or ed sheeran? >> sam smith. >> but taylor's looking good for the 2016 grammy. she has seven nominations. but actually, kendrick lamar has the host nominations. >> and the weekend did well, too. thank you so much. >> it's one of our favorite parts of the show, a look at some of the funniest and
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you know what, hoda woman? >> what? >> i love starting my day with these five days of the week. >> i do too. i love all the laughs, all the jokes. >> some at your expense. >> most. >> but we kid because we love ch other. that's what we want everybody to know. >> let's take a look at some of the most memorable moments from "the talk." >> haex everybody it's fun-day monday. no you're not looking at two big daffodils. it's booze day tuesday. it's thirsty thursday everybody. it is try day friday. >> oh, my gosh. >> the american journal of
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on average women are suffering from menopause -- oh. >> crank it, beyonce style. >> by the way, kath, you have some legs on you. >> no, i used to have great legs, i had great knees, now i have great ankles. you can't beat a good dickey. as you sweat because you're menopausal, you should start wearing these when you're 45. they're very popular in the 7 '70s. >> who said it? >> meister eckert. >> i dated him. [ bagpipe music ] [ marching band music ] [ mariachi music ] >> the naked show! ta-da!
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>> we are ying and yang. >> one, two, three. >> that's not a pushup. >> i can do 50 of them. i've had more experience at this. >> hoda or kathie lee? >> oh, both of them. >> that's not weird. >> amazing! >> oh! >> that's good. >> awesome! >> mashables should make a sound track. oh, we don't have it? >> we don't think it's that important. >> my neck is so bad. so drew tries to get our kayaks out, it's on the top. >> that was four minutes. >> how did we get on the air, hoda? >> i don't know.
2:37 am
i look like ozzy osbourne. >> i wanted to know who amanda was. seemed like a random person walking in here. people coming in from every corner with opinions. >> walking is so overrated. >> take a big bite! >> oh, my gosh! >> you have to do this. >> let's have a little ihoda fun. let's let's, go, go. >> you know that's the thing. i get a lot of stuff, people say why do you roll your eyes at hoda's music? because i don't like it! >> what did the grape say when he was pinched? >> what did he say? >> nothing, he gave a little whine. >> would you like a little words of wisdom? >> okay. ready? >> hmm. >> every day is a second chance. >> hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. >> pewwww! >> boom! >> i love you!
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>> more! >> why do people watch us? believe it or not, the laughs aren't over yet. >> a lot more fun right after
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>> that's awesome.e. let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus.
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we've been having a lot of fun, strolling down memory lane, looking back at all the good times we've had in 2015. >> we're definitely a silly bunch around here. sometimes we're funny, even when we don't mean to be. >> do you remember your first kiss? >> i was 12. i smashed him. >> you did? >> long before 50 shades, i was doing it. >> kathie lee's closet? >> when kathie lee comes out of the closet, you're going to know it. have any of you ever relieved yourself in the pool or the
2:41 am
>> have you? >> not pool. >> ocean doesn't seem so bad because a there's whales in there doing it. >> i'm the most embarrassed bathroom person in the world. i can hardly use a public bathroom. i'm just not comfortable with sounds. >> look what they've done. >> nestle comes out with different cookie flavors. >> is that reeg! >> nobody wants to see that. >> whoa. >> dance. >> i want what hoda's having. >> go crazy! >> we get down to the middle -- >> we kiss. >> we kiss. >> does joy know you're doing this? >> i don't -- who cares. >> go.
2:42 am
>> oh. oh. oh. >> oh, my god! >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, hoda's leaning in. >> ah! go get me a twizzler! >> i love to spank hoda. >> oh, stop it. >> and turn! >> we just got in the tub together. >> can i tell you something? >> i would sit here if i didn't have to go. >> ah! >> oh, one of his legs fell off. >> that's just a little piece of astroturf. >> this is a beaver. >> oh, my gosh. i can't say it. avenue time we've had a beaver in here, it's reeked.
2:43 am
>> i don't care. >> you've got to warm them up. this is a perfect dish for the job. i didn't think it was possible. >> come on. >> is it better when you're dancin'? >> oh! yeah. that's the way you do it! >> yes! >> wow. >> we want to give a big, big thank you to our producer, vivian. every single one of those -- >> and our editor jim murphy. sweetie. we love you. >> and this is your last story before you deliver your little baby? >> this is it. this is it. >> god bless you. >> thank you for everything you d. >> and come back soon, okay? don't take a year off, that's not necessary. love you sweetie.
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>> this is "today", on nbc. it is what we say around here, we really are family in front of the camera and behind it. and this year we lost an important part of our family. we want to take a look back at frank gifford, a truly special man. >> we're in our 29th year of marriage. you know you've got to learn to go, "that's frank."
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>> and these have been recycled yet again. thank you, sweetheart. >> i'm going to get frank to do a calendar. >> frank's smokeonin'ein'smokin', i'd buy this calendar. >> you better pray you look this good at 83. hi sweetheart. i'm proud of you. >> you guys, by now have heard the news about frank gifford. he passed away. kath, i don't know if you're watching, you're probably not. but i miss you, and i love you. >> this was a man who was at complete peace in his life. he would want you to know that when he was a little boy they had nothing. but they had their faith. and every time they moved to a new town, his mother and father would go to church avenue week as a family. and that kept them together as a family through the darkest, darkest times. he was so grateful. he knew what hard work was.
2:46 am
in his life. and we will miss him so much. and i prayed that the lord would take him the way he wanted to go. so i thank the lord for that, for his grace to us as a family. and i pray his grace on all of you as well. thank you. >> last night, kathie lee and frank gifford were both inducted into the hall of fame. >> i am truly the most blessed woman on the earth. i had 29 years with pie incredible husband, and i remember thinking when we were getting married. i said lord, if you just give me ten with that amazing man. i got that and a whole bunch more.more. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help
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