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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> krystal: all right. >> michelle: ok, everybody. this was the celebration in australia extly one hour ago, when we were -- when our clocks were turning to 5:00 a.m., the clock was striking midnight in australia, it is now 2016 there. also, we saw new zealand celebration which happened not too -- >> a little before our show. >> michelle: not too long before that, and i think is the new zealand -- >> happy new year. >> michelle: fireworks display. >> krystal: it went off for about 15 minutes, give or take. in fact, we showed you it initially and then we went to a few stories, went to commercial break and it was still going. so it was pretty spectacular, but if you can tom hawley, it doesn't compare to what we're going dotoere in las vegas, but we so we thank you so much for waking up with us, as we bring you back into the news 3 studio, the wagners offbuttoe're
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this is the last day of 2016. lieve it? >> michelle: what a wild here. >> krystal: welcome jeff maher to the studio. >> jeff: we should have cameras positioned on all of us as the new year turns over. >> michelle: the three of us are here tomorrow morning. >> krystal: and many of you might be as well. so you might want to stay in the comfort of your own h >> michelle: if you have to go to bed early, we'll have you covered with the highlights tomorrow. let's start with traffic right now, or are we doing weather? >> krystal: weather. >> kelly: it's going to be maybe you still have to work today or maybe you just want to this morning. temperatures right now, close to freeze, by 9:00 a.m., 40 degrees. lots of sunshine today. 47 at noon. we're actually expecting to hit 50 for our high temperature today, but coming up, we will look at an hour-by-hour forecast going into the new year. >> tom: looking pretty good so
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above us-95. we were just checking out a residential accident reported on hazard eve, but no hazard to be found, so we're looking great on us-95, as we get to the decatur overpass. live as well on the 15. so it's a great start, but we're getting into new year's eve and jeff, we do expect a lot of people as the day continues. >> jeff: oh yeah, absolutely, tom. many people will be making their way to the strip tonight, various activities planned there. as for your freeway commute, if you are headed out today, things are looking all right. or going through the spaghetti bowl on the 95, this is how our fast cam looks right now of that area and your travel times today, everything is in the green. 15 southbound from craig to downtown, five minute stretch. six minutes for 95 northbound commuters going from the bowl to lake mead blizzard and nine minutes on 215 westbound from 515 to i-15. back to you. >> michelle: we begin with breaking news this morning, a fire at a local condominium complex has clark county firefighters, they worked hard
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about three dozen people are all without a home right now. crews responded to the casa vegas apartments after 2:00 a.m. this morning. they eventually had to call in more help, which made it a two alarm fire and it started in a vacant condo, they believe it was inhibited by quarters. the -- squatters. the cause of the fire under happened, they're work injure news. we want to say happy new year's eve to everybody and we are preparing right here in our fine city of las vegas for the biggest shin big of the year and welcome to all of our visitors who are in town and we're expecting a whole lot more to come on into las vegas. >> michelle: all right. so let's check in with craig figener, he is live on the famous las vegas strip, where not too long from now, you -- there will be hoards of people on the las vegas strip, the big fireworks show going on, craig, and of course, the big question is; they're going to have a lot of people out there, as far as safety goes.
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enforcement officials ready for tonight. >> the reporter: quite literally, y is going to be festive, it's going to be packed with people, i'll step aside, imagine shoulder to shoulder, people standing here, ringing in the new year. it's estimated 300,000 people will be on the strip to ring in 2016. so one of the questions, how do you keep a crowd like that safe? well, metro says there will be extra officers on patrol and there will be some security measures that will be invisible. that's by design. sheriff joe lombardo says 1,000 cops will be on the strip, and that 300 officers will be deployed downtown. you'll also see officers on horseback, and then the national guard will be patrolling mccarran international airport. >> we are mandating as a police department that everybody is all hands on deck. everybody will be working on new year's eve. >> every single person that's on the ground is going to be able to see all of our officers, so
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calms people down. >> >> the reporter: back here live. metro is also asking people not to walk the strip with bags or with backpacks, that's simply a request, a precaution, also, no strollers for children this year on the strip. andest sheriff has stated flatly that there is no specific or credible threat toward any of the new year's eve celebrations, or toward the city of las vegas. but that all of the security, the extra officers on patrol, all of that is just the way they are patrolling and policing. now, standard operating procedure in las vegas on new year's eve and as you can see behind me, i think, some people here already ready to celebrate. a most excellent 2016. i'm getting photo bombed. i don't know what that would be. >> michelle: you know what, craig, you can tell you it is new year's and it is the las vegas strip at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, you never know what's going to happen.
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what's going to end up behind you. craig figener, out there on the las vegas strip. it's always lots of fun out th: you' going to go out tonight to celebrate, maybe riding the bus will be an option for you, ane way to stay safe. >> krystal: absolutely. >> michelle: as far as drinking and driving goes. >> krystal: let someone do the a bus rides between 6:00 p.m. tonight and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a free of charge on several fixed routes, including many goes to the strip, or downtown. you can find a full list of the routes on our web site, that's definitely a good idea to play it safe. ok. you have likely heard of the tipsy toe program offensive coordinator by aaa for new year's eve, but it usualnl applies to vehicles like cars, but tonight, motorcycle riders can take advantage of a similar program, motorcyclists are being offered a free ride home and their bikes also from 6:00 p.m. tonight to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we have that number and all the information that you
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and you know what? if you don't want to be out there with the hoardes of people, you want to avoid the crowds, stay warm and in your jammies, we'll bring the party to you, no worries. news 3 will have crews all over the strip. we have got you covered, we're at caesar's plaza, the cosmo, planet hollywood, brooklyn bowl and also our kj, kevin janison, will be downtown with a few of his 2000, i should say, of his closest friends. it never fails, every year, someone plants a big wet one on kj's cheek. >> michelle: and he hates it. >> krystal: tune in at 10:00 p.m. tonight and we'll take you through the very last fire work and if you w home, it's definitely worth it, because it's a great show to catch from the comfort of your own living room. >> michelle: if i didn't have to be up early tomorrow, that's what i would be doing, watching it on tv. president obama tried out his comedyic skills last night on tv and it was pretty funny.
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>> i do really well with the zero to eight demographic. >> oh, really? >> yeah, they love me, partly because i think my ears are big, so i look a little like a cartoon character and then little kids love saying my name. >> right. >> but it's all one big name. it's. bra bram. -- barack obama. >> it is one of those names you could compress into one word. >> barack obama, it's like a nickelodeon thing. >> krystal: that's one way to connect with the kids, a nickelodeon thing. the commander-in-chief appeared in the season opener of comedian jerry sign field's popular new show, comedians in cars getting coffee. seinfeld questioned obama about being president, including his morning routine of saving first, then exercising, how to sleep in a busy house like the white house, there's always activity going on, as you can imagine, and get this, his underie preferences. that's an interesting
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i bet that's funny though. only getting worse, that is what is being said about the floods in the midwest. they are facing a devastating situation there. we will show you have the images out of the midwest, what people are dealing with and if that water is going tl recede any time soon. >> michelle: emergency calls released. a teenager who survived a night in single digit temperatures, well, he called 911, and he was able to get himself out. we'll have that call coming up. >> tom: we've got lots of flashing lights here and one lane blocked on the southbound 15. we'll have a traffic update from sky 3 coming your way in just a moment. >> kelly: and a live look on our rio camera. we're starting to go see a little bit of the dawn glow out there this morning. it is killie and it's going to be cold tonight too.
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hour-by-hour forecast coming up. >> krystal: oh, that's a live picture from sky 3. our kyndell nunley is atop the stratosphere this morning. >> krystal: she sure is, bringing us spectacular views on this wednesday, the last day of 2015. happy new year's eve everybody. >> michelle: ok. from bad to worse, the mississippi river is expected to crest today in st. louis, and boy, the aftermath is just going to be awful. >> krystal: my goodness. your hearts go you'll to the
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so it's reaching nearly 13 feet above flood stage. if that happens, it would be the second worst flood on record, behind the devastating floods, if you remember, of 1993, that was the costliest and most devastating flood we've seen in the u.s., causing some $15 billion in damages. however, some officials fe flood could be worse. than what we saw in 1993, so you can just imagine the gravity of the situation. mississippi, missouri, and merrimack rivers are all at or above flood stage. and just to illustrate how incredible this flooding has been, take a look at this. >> michelle: wow. >> krystal: this is someone's home. you can barely see the rooftop of the home and then, look, it just crashes into, i believe, >> michelle: yeah. >> krystal: someone's home, the obliterated there. this is in central missouri, floating down the merrimack river and as i said, crashing
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the house, taken off its foundation by the flood waters, so just really a tough situation for all the people in the midwest right now. >> michelle: all right. and in california, fire crews worked through the night to battle a massive commercial fire at a cannery. the building is vacant, it's been vacant for more than a decade now, it was used to house the mcneal and libby cannery. about 60%, upwards to 70% of the 100,000 square foot building was engulfed in flames. 80 firefighters were at the scene, they had 16 inches, three ladder trucks there, cal fire said no firefighters were allowed into the building because it was too dangerous. the building was slated to be demolish and rebuilt. now it's a loss. >> krystal: well, the time now 6:15 a.m. the mother of the affluenza teen, ethan couch, is back in the u.s. this morning. so the mother as you see right there, being escorted by u.s.
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left guadalajara, mexico, yesterday afternoon, flew to lax airport. couch was sent home because immigration authorities did not receive a judge's injunction like the one that temporarily blocked the deportation of her son. meantime, that son, 18-year-old ethan couch, is being taken from guadalajara to a larger immigration facility in mexico city. he will remain there during a judge's temporary injunction that has delayed his deportation to the u.s. >> michelle: all right. let's get a check of traffic. we have tom hawley flying high above in sky 3. you had a great shot atop the stratosphere with a gorgeous sunrise. >> tom: that's what i was giving you good news, but now i'm going to give you bad news. we have a fender bender on the strip. you have flares down and emergency vehicle here on the side of the road, so lights
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here is the backup, takes you into the spaghetti bowl, so that is southbound 15, rather slow as you aprofessor, but look the wave, once you get past that, just frees right up, so we do have a hiccup in the traffic, but i wouldn't call it much worse than that. let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: that's the only accident that we're monitoring right now and we are seeing slowly on the freeway as you just saw from sky 3. let's take a look at the speeds. 19 miles per hour along that stretch before it frees up. that's right around cardinals and -- charleston and as for your travel times, delayed on 15 southbound, so nine minutes between the bowl and tropicana. 12 minutes on summerlin parkway, westbound from downtown 215 and a six minute commute, 95 northbound between downtown and lake mead. kelly. >> kelly: we'll start things out, with a live look outside on the red rock resort camera. we have the beautiful colors that we like so much in the morning, there's shades of blues and pink and oranges, as that sun is getting ready to come up
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here's a look at the temperatures that we're seeing out there, and el dorado, 36 degrees. spring valley, you're only at 20 mine -- 29 degrees. green valley, 35. wind speeds, around the area, pretty light for the most part in many locations. 17-mile-per-hour winds being reported at aliante, 15-mile-per-hour winds at centennial, that is enough to create a windchill for us, so if you are in the centennial area, it feels like 24 degrees as you're heading outside to take the dog for a walk this morning. we are expecting gusty winds along the colorado river valley, where we have a wind advisory in place, including the hoover dam, so careful crossing the 93. also bull head city and laughlin could see 40-mile-per-hour gusts. in the valley, gusts to 20 miles per hour this afternoon, but that's about it. winds should diminish as we head towards the fireworks. clear skies across our area. quiet conditions across the midwest. we're expecting lots of sunshine.
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expected high. overnight tonight, the low drops down to 31 degrees with a clear skies. when the fireworks go off on the strip, it should be 37 degrees. that's what we're expecting. now, here's a look at our seven-day forecast, we're looking at a high of 48 degrees for new year's day tomorrow. a chilly day, but a good day to weekend. fantastic. 50's, actually, hey, look, sunday, back to normal. 56 degrees and then chances for rain monday, tuesday, and wednesday next week, krystal. >> krystal: ok, kelly. we have to get our ran jackets ready for that. air canada says one of its jets was forced to pick an unscheduled -- make an unscheduled landing at calgary international airport after 20 passengers were hurt due to turbulence. the boeing 777 en route from shanghai to toronto, that's what happened here as the plane was en route. fire and other emergency crews on hand at the airport in calgary when the plane landed
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at least three passengers were seen being loaded into ambulances. the spokeswoman says some passengers were being sent to the hospital for safety. just to make sure they're ok. being lost in the wilderness in single digit temperatures over the weekend. now for the first time, we are hearing the 911 calls from the lost 14-year-old. >> michelle: the dispatcher was able to get a hold of braden nielsen's number through his friend and get a hold of him. nielsen was suffering from
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dispatcher exactly where he was. >> michelle: so eventually, braden did pass out, he was found alive the next morning and he was miles from where he was last seen. authorities say he was wandering around all night, and that likely saved his life, because i guess he was moving. so he didn't get too cold. that's a great story. everything turned out all right with him. >> krystal: the weather may be cole here, other parts of the country experiencing the cold, but in florida, it always seems to stay pretty warm. so a lot of people are flocking to the beaches of course for new year's, but lifeguards warn of other visitors, beachgoers need to be aware of. man of wars officials in south some florida beaches are regularly treating 10 to 15 people a day for stinging in dents.
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taken to the hospital on wednesday. >>hed wi the current. people aren't paying attention and they're basically the same color of the water or close to it, they hit you, you don't know it until you've been stung. >> krystal: experts say that while there's no real cure for man of wars stings, they can be avoided by keeping a sharpie on the water's edge, since they can blend in with the water. wow. who would have to thought. >> michelle: i never heard of a man of warm. an extra gift. how did it end up in the back pocket of a brand new pair of jeans? a woman got her husband these jeans for christmas and there
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now the search is on >> tom: sky 3 above the mandalay bay hotel and casino. i believe this is one of the locations where we'll see some of the fireworks going off. so i'm just sort of searching around here, seeing if the charges are all set and ready to go. don't see any sign from here, but it's going to be a spectacular display all over the place. we'll be up here in sky 3 this evening. looking down the las vegas strip and it looks fabulous, but we know, kelly, it's a little chilly out. >> kelly: hats, gloves and a coat going to be needed as you're heading out there. not the same as if you're heading outside too, as we have a little bit of that dawn glow going on an sun city, anthem and volunteer, the insperada overlook, winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. as we head throughout the rest of the morning, we will see temperatures rise into the 40's. 41 degrees by 10:00 a.m.
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we're actually expecting to hit our high around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon of 50 degrees and temperatures start to drop off. we'll take a look at just how cold it will be by midnight coming up. >> krystal: thank you, kelly for that. the time 6:25 a.m. a virginia woman is searching for the owner of a wedding ring after it was found in a pair of men's jeans she ordered ford her husband as a -- for her husband as a christmas gift. this is a look at the ring and the jeans. 7 for mankind. >> michelle: 7 jeans. >> krystal: the ring is either white gold or sterling silver, with a date engraved on it. the woman says she got the jeans from neiman-marcus, she says she did the right thing, contacted the company and officials say they had no idea there was a wedding ring inside that back pocket and they say,w worki very diligently on their end to get a hold of that owner, but the big question is, back pocket of the jeans. >> michelle: i examine tell you one theory? somebody here in our station
6:22 am
maybe bought the jeans, took them back, but took the ring off, put them in the back pocket. >> krystal: maybe there is a not so bad story behind it. that happens all the time right. you know when you put on jeans and put the ring in the back pocket. >> michelle: right. right. arrested days before the team's big game. a star player for tcu finds himself in police custody. he's the quarterback of texas
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>> michelle: possible strike. tonight. they're talking about going on strike or at least trying to send a message. we'll tell you why coming up. >> krystal: speaking out. a day after bill cosby is charged. one of his alleged accusers talks about what it's like to see him charged. that's. coming up in a bit. plus -- >> the reporter: the countdown to 2016 is on. and if you want some plans that are affordable, fun and high above the las vegas valley, i've got the perfect plan for you. we're live from the stratosphere and we're next. >> krystal: happy new year's eve everybody. it's the last day of 2015. thank you so much for waking up with us and we started out with
6:25 am
nunley, high atop the las vegas skyline on the stratosphere. >> michelle: i could hear sky 3 flying around in the background. i thought it would be cool if tom could zoom in. >> krystal: in the big monitor you see -- ok. we're getting the call that we'll do it later. that's something for you to stay tuned for. >> michelle: as you can see, no wagners in sight. we're calling all filling in this morning. we're happy to be here. we're start off with kelly, weather is probably on the forefront of everyone's mind. >> kelly: clear skies, lots of sunshine and clear skies during the overnight as well. by 6:00 p.m. this evening, as you're heading out, 45 degrees. 40 degrees at 9:00 p.m. and at midnight on the strip, we're expecting 37 degrees. so definitely some chilly conditions, but if i'm not last year when we got snow in parts, so warmer than l year, right, tom? >> tom: we've got just a few
6:26 am
that includes this accident right here, southbound o i-15 at charleston, it's over on the shoulder, nevertheless. you can see people are slowing down as we get into the spaghetti bowl interchange and beyond. as we ge up to charleston, that's where you have the slow traffic. and jeff it's showing up on your maps as a delay area, southbound 15. >> jeff: that's right, tom, it's the only delay we're looking at for right now. so for the most part, the commute is looking ok with the exception of 15 southbound. where you can expect 18 miles per hour because of that accident that they are working to clear. as for your travel times today, because of that acci d, southbound, between the bowl and tropicana, jammed that will take you 13 minutes. if you're. coming if on 95 northbound between downtown and lake mead boulevard, that's a six minute stretch. >> krystal: thank you, jeff. thank you so much. so we talked about everybody being on the strip or downtown
6:27 am
us may just want to stay at home and that's fine. you don't have to be huddled with the masses out there on the strip. >> michelle: or can you maybe go up and stand somewhere high where you have a beautiful view and how about the stratosphere. kyndell nunley is up there live right now from the top of the stratosphere and there's going to be a big party up there, kyndell and a great place to be to see all the fireworks. >> krystal: fantastic. >> e reporter: oh, yes. really one-of-a-kind here on new year's eve, because they offer views of the entire las vegas valley. we have certain vantage points where you can be high above the strip. but here at the stratosphere, you'll get 360 views of all of las vegas. they have a number of events going on tonight. a party hosted by claire st. claire, a v.i.p. party and lots of events going on. really what i have want to press to everyone, there will be fireworks going off at the
6:28 am
his way on over. good morning and happy new year to all of you watching this morning, but also, there will be a after-party going on here tonight, at the stratosphere. the price is just $50 and we know on new year's eve on las vegas it can sometimes get a little expensive, so you ask me this, is very very doable and you'll be able to get inside the lounge, it will be warm if there, but you'll still have the 360 views of the grass glad all around the entire las vegas valley, you'll see the strip, the fireworks going off, that party starts at 12:00 a.m. tonight, so right at the start of 2016 and make your way on over going into the party early into the morning hours at 5:00 a.m. again, ticket prices start at $50 tonight. now, new year's eve, we all know we're going to be counting down, fireworks will be going off across ethan couch entire las vegas valley, if you're going down the strip or even at downtown, here at the
6:29 am
activities going on here. cool things. i'm going to toss it on over to tom and give him a big old wave there as i make my way tossing back to our lovely anchor. happy new year to everyone watching this morning. happy new year to you tom, happy new year to my photographer brad ford who is behind the counter and happy new year to you krystal and michelle reporting high from the tower 871 feet above las vegas, kyndell nunley. >> krystal: kyndell, you can see us waving back at you. >> michelle: that was so awesome. while you were talking, we were taking the view from sky 3. we see it here and tom panned away from that and showed us the view from the top of the stratosphere, so great work to both of you have guys out there. new year's eve. >> krystal: great coordination on the shot. it's amaze egg the vantage point -- amazing the vantage point you have from of the last strip. thank you, kyndell and tom and
6:30 am
>> michelle: so one of the options as far as safe driving is uber, now that uber runs in our city, but there may be a problem tonight. hopefully there won't be, but uber drivers are upset because of an unexpected rate cut of 37% it happened right before the holiday season, so now they're thinking of sharing a message to the ridesharing company and not necessarily going object strike, but taking a -- on strike, but taking a stand. uber cut the rate by 37%, arguing it will bring more passengers in, the more riders they have, the more in. could, but drivers we spoke to said they don't see it that way. uber drivers are deciding whether to refuse rides and doing this to send a message. they'll turn a deaf ear to the dollar sign pings and they say, this is a record-setting year of tourists in las vegas and they don't agree with this. >> it's not a viable thing long-term for anybody who has a
6:31 am
year's eve? >> i don't know. >> last weekend on christmas, i busy it was. i would expect the same thing tomorrow. >> michelle: so basically what uber wants to do is cut the rate costs for passengers, so that they say, if they make it cheaper for passengers to ride, more people will take uber, but drivers are saying, that's going to cut in to their pay. to their bottom line. so they're talking about doing the silent protesting, and they're not going to do it tonight. they say they will be out tonight and driving for all the new year's people out there, but thinking maybe every week for an hour, not accepting rides so that they can send a message to uber, saying, hey, listen, this is going to cut into our bottom line and we're here to make a profit too. >> krystal: interesting. we'll see how that pans out. speaking of uber, a passenger in
6:32 am
ride-sharing service one billionth ride. that gives you an idea, its global span. we'll see how it pans out in las vegas. >> michelle: i'm a huge guns and roses fan. i'm not going to go see it, but i can't wait to see video. can you believe they might be getting back together. the rumors are flying. if they're true, we'll tell you what major festival you could see axel rose and slash playing together after years. and it's not too far from here. >> krystal: plus, blocking trump. how you can keep news of the donald from your computer or smart phone. really? can you block the donald? i didn't think that was kelly. >> kelly: well, you're going to have to explain how to us, right? king a live look outside on the rio camera, we have clear skies and chilly temperatures. what we're expecting for new
6:33 am
weekend coming up. >> michelle: it is 6:40 a.m. now on this thursday morning on new year's eve. here's a live look on our aliante amount ra, as -- camera, as we've got clear skies out there. pahrump, 27 degrees. primm, 22. and boulder city, coming in right now at 36. no day today, we are going to see temperatures rise to around 41 degrees by 10:30 a.m.
6:34 am
by 3:00 p.m., that's when we're expecting to hit our high around 47 degrees. temperatures drop off this evening. how cold it's going to get by midnight and what we're expecting for the weekend coming up. >> michelle: if you're a guns you happy. the rumors are they will be reuniting in 2016. welcome to the jungle . >> michelle: there are multiple reports the band with original members are scheduled to headline cochella and working with promoters to put on a summer tour throughout north america. guns and roses broke up here's ago. >> krystal: about 20 years ago. >> michelle: and axel and slash have never played together again. axle moved on, velvet resolver is that the band he -- revolver, i think that's the band he went to play on in. they had a falling out, so they
6:35 am
long, long time, so people said it never really was the same, so if they headline together, that will be awesome for any fans. >> krystal: you said at the end of that script, that they're thinking of doing a north american tour after they possibly headline for cochella, so i think it's a good bet they'll stop in las vegas. >> michelle: that woul pr cool. now we're talking about an on-line grinch. still around even after chris. a boy loses his christmas gift and a grinch behind the scene
6:36 am
how far the communy i fall in love just a little more, a little bit >> krystal: happy new year's eve. thank you for staying with us. so it is the biggest shin dig of the year. of course, they're preparing for the big party on the strip and a lot of people making their way to las vegas a lot of people already here, so welcome to las vegas and that's where we find craig figener live on the world famous las vegas strip. craig, in the last hit, you were a few friends that were behind you. >> the reporter: i did. we're already starting to go see some of my friends show up. there will be more than 300,000 people it's anticipated in las vegas and specifically on the strip to ring in 2016. with them, there will be 1,000
6:37 am
the strip, and an additional, easy for me to say, an additional 300 officers will be deployed in the downtown las vegas area. of course, the strip closes, people will crowd the streets and watch the fireworks, they're asking people not to wear backpacks or to bring bags, and also, new this year, no strollers on the strip, just for this evening. a security precaution. i'm craig figener reporting live. make it a most excellent and safe new year's eve. back to you in the studio. >> michelle: ok, thank you so much. so the final push for the last day of the year to get momentum going into 2016 for candidates wanting to be president, strong language from donald trump and some fourth quarter fund raising winners and for more now on that, nbc news correspondent edward lawrence joins us from washington with the latest. filling in this morning with -- who's our regular? >> krystal: tracie potts. >> michelle: tracie potts is our regular. so thank you so much for filling
6:38 am
>> the reporter: happy new year's eve too. >> michelle: we're talking about the candidates here for 2016 heading in to the new year, a lot of them losing momentum, a lot of them gaining strength. what's the latest now on this last day of the year? >> the reporter: well, the political money for the end of the year seems to be jumping on board the senator ted cruz and ben carson band wagon, senator ted cruz raised in the fourth quarter $20 million. the only person to beat that was ben carson, who raised $23 million. senator marco rubio raised only $6 million in that fourth quarter. now this has on trump is continuing his attacks on the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton, he went after her again for her husband, the former president, bill clinton, saying that he's actually the sexist one and in the
6:39 am
candidates are trying to vie for the third place and in a drastic move, jeb bush cleared out his staff in miami and has moved them to the battleground states, including there in las vegas. he's moved those folks in to las vegas, new hampshire, eye, iowa, and south carolina, in order to get his support, get his supporters out to the polls to try to have a huge showing in the early voting states. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you, michelle. >> michelle: edward, we know that yesterday, former new york governor george pataki dropped out of the race, we're 11 strong now on the republican side. they have to drop down eventually, so who else is getting close? >> the reporter: and they will weed out. jeb bush is on that bubble, which is why he took the drastic move. if he does not do well in i've you what, there's going to start to be pressure for him to drop out of the race. he had already spent $40 million and has virtually no support so far, but also, others on the
6:40 am
iowa, carly fiorina and chris christie might be on the bubble if he does not farewell in the early states. >> michelle: we'll have to see what happens. thank you so much. happy new year's eve to you, and yeah, that's what's going to happen. it always makes its way here into las vegas. >> krystal: the road to the white house leads right through nevada and we will host the last presidential debate before the election. so nevada, a very critical state moving toward. let's talk about this, the big news everybody has been talking about. bear in mind dozen out on -- bill cosby out on bond after being arrested on sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. this came down on breaking news on news 3 at noon on this very channel. it's the% time he's been charged with a crime after out alleging sexual assaults. let's take a listen. >> i was very emotional when i heard the news, it took me a moment, about two minutes to process what happened after i received a text from a dear
6:41 am
to cry, and we were in a public place. my husband and i, and i just put my arms around him and stood there and cried. it was very, very emotional for me. >> michelle: that was one of his accuseaccusers speaking out after hearing of the charges. at noon, will you hear from bill cosby's lawyer and the lawyer for the accuser, that's. coming up after the show. today is the last day for sprint and verizon wireless customers to claim refunds. these are the ones tied to a settlement with the ftc over mobile cramming. so back in may, both sprint and verizon agreed to pay $158 million to settle claims that they were billing customers in text messaging subscription services but without permission to supply the service, so according to the federal communications commission, both wireless carriers charge as much as $14 a months for services such as or scope and sports
6:42 am
customers. customers received refund of unauthorized charges since july 1. >> krystal: a boy in california is heart broke after losing his christmas gifts, but not just because his brand new drone is gone. this is why he's so upset. because someone is taunting him on the internet. chris was testing out his drone for the first time when he lot sight of it. after searching with his dad and not finding it, they posted to a community web site for help, that's when the dad said someone using the name marsha davis replied saying the family deserves it for buying such an expensive gift and is keeping the drone. the community is rallying behind chris to raise money to buy a new drone. after two months of construction, -- actually, we're not going to go to that. we're going to go to traffic and weather.
6:43 am
on the roadways, that's what tom is saying, but tonight, it's going to be jam packed. >> tom: oh, yeah. ut an accident on craig, this is eastbound past i-15. nhp just showed up. let's get the cars over to the shoulder hand exchange the information. this is an incident where there was stabbing in the predawn hours off of craig and walnut. you see the residential street blocked off, one person injured in that. we'll be having more information as the story continues and the news continues. right now team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we're fix fixated on 15 southbound. that is the trouble spot that sky 3 was over just moments ago and in the red, neared charleston, southbound 15, 21 miles per hour is what you can expect if you're making your way through that accident in the cleanup stages. your travel times today, 15 southbound between the bowl and tropicana is listed at 12 minutes. 11 minutes for summerlin parkway
6:44 am
downtown to 215. and a six minute stretch for 95 northbound commuters going from kelly. >> kelly: let's take a live look rock -- or southeast career & technical academy, we have clear skies, not a cloud out there and that's the way we're expecting it to say throughout the day. as you're heading out the door right now, temperatures on the chilly side. gree valley, 30 degrees. sunrise, you're at 37. aliante, coming in at 33 degrees. for the most part, winds aren't an issue especially in the southern half of the valley. northern half, we have breezes. aliante, 15-mile-per-hour winds being reported right now and we will see gusty breezes up to 20 miles per hour in the valley, with gusts to 40 miles per hour possible in the colorado river valley, so please keep that in mind if you have maybe some friends coming in from the 93 into arizona, it is going to be breezy on their way in. clear skies, quiet conditions all around the west and that's
6:45 am
into the overnight hours. 52 degrees in overton today. 51 degrees. overnight lows, pahrump, 26. 30 degrees tonight and as we take a look at our seven diamond road forecast, a high of -- our seven-day forecast, a high of gust to go 20 miles per hour in the afternoon, but it will diminish enough to that won't be a problem at all when the fireworks go off. 48 for the high on new year's day, but the weekend is looking great and we're keeping a close eye on chances for rain next week. e. >> krystal: kelly, good news to hear that the winds will cooperate for the fireworks show show. it is 6:54 a.m. and it is time for the west coast. after two months -- for the "water cooler." after two months of construction, the city of edmonton's first ice castle open to the public. this is incredible. the frozen creation, look at that, includes thousands of
6:46 am
carved and sculpted by hand. the resulting structure weighs in at more than 27,000 tons and stretches over an acre of snow. once inside the display, visitors will alder the chance to crawl through tunnels, ride down frozen slides and explore secluded caves. at night, led lights make the castle glow with vibrant colors. this is a beautiful site to see. a utah-based company is behind the attraction, which runs until it melts. google chrome has a new add-on that let's users block all images and references to donald trump. the trump filter extension launched on christmas eve, a description of the app calls it part of the antidote for trump's toxic candidacy, developer rob specter says he built it to take the spotlight off trump and let people focus on other candidates and the issues, so this app, if you're wondering, has three settings, mild, aggressive and vindictive. on misdemeanor, trump's whole
6:47 am
the vindictive setting blocks out entire websites like cnn and google news. in two days before their bowl game, tcu's quarterback, treyvon boykin was arrested, taken into custody after getting into a fight at a san antonio bar. not looking good as we head into
6:48 am
thank you so much fo year's eve. does prism tv have all the channels we watch? that's a great question. prism tv has all the channels i watch, and lots of hd. and i like hd. get over 140 of your favorite channels with the prism essential tv package from centurylink. [ ding! ] now's the time to switch to prism tv.
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