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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. >> michelle: all right, there it is. the grand finale maybe? no, the end of one of the songs as the show continued here on our las vegas strip. it is a choreographed fireworks show by gucci, and it is fantastic if you have never gotten to experience it. if you had to go to bed last night or you couldn't stay up until midnight, don't worry we will have highlights throughout the rest of the hour. >> unfortunate we weren't able to take part in that. we had to go asleep but if you were there and got to see it. a spectacular sight. something they do every year but i am sure every year it's -- it is just better and better and -- i don't know. >> you haven't experienced it yet. >> i haven't experienced it yet. >> michelle: it is really great and really cool. for those people who don't want to go down there and deal with the mess. petition coverage here on news 3.
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all the fun. i never actually seen it in person either because as you mentioned -- tom -- a lot of his shots were his and would be a great way to see the fireworks from sky 3. welcome in, everybody, happy new year to you. 2016. not a wagner in sight. they have the day off. we are filling in early. bright and early and our floor crew, a lot of them were there last night and they haven't slept. a lot of them stayed up late last night. maybe you are just getting ready to go to bed. maybe you are winding down with us. us this morning. >> jeff: those of how are outside. we made it to the weekend. made it 202016. what can we expect? >> kelly: chilly again today. we are starting off the day of 2016 with temperatures below freezing out there right now. in fact many locations in the upper 20s. we will be at 38 degrees by 9 a.m.
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47 at 4:00. but above normal temperatures in the upper 50s are on the wayin the upper 50s are on the way. we will let you know when those will get here and plus when we will see rainfall in las vegas. >> okay, kelly, thank you. just one new accident to speak of desert inn at maryland parkway. other than that the freeways are looking okay if you are heading out of town. a little bit of slowing on 15 southbound, same goes for the 5southbound, same goes for the 5:15 if you are coming in from the henderson area. but for the most part, all things considered, traffic is looking good. no major accidents to speak of yet. okay, so if you have experienced the whole strip thing on new year's eve and you know there is quite a mess left over behind, they are very good about cleaning that mess up quickly. >> jeff: we have dedicated worker haser in las vegas to make sure that not only the show goes on but that it is cleaned up afterwards. cleaned up quickly.
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boulevard and harmon. that is just a huge job to do in a very short time frame to get all of that cleaned up. >> reporter: it is indeed. here in clark county and las vegas, they have got this down to a science. in fact this morning you are looking live as they pick up some of the rails. yesterday there were cars on the strip that were not able to be on the strip because they were blocked off, and so people were enjoying the strip, and they were blocked in by these rails. well, watch the -- once the fireworks were finished, people were back to the sidewalks and slowly they worked to clean the street and get the cars back on the street. people could spend times on the sidewalks so if they were staying the resort to go inside there. but they have done this work past several hours on about a threeon about a three-and-a-half-mile stretch the s. those are the barriers that kept everyone in line last night, and this morning mere being picked up. of course this with as a massive party. it began -- the cleanup did with garbage trucks. they were picking up garbage
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putting trash into miles in the street. the nevada department of transportation helps out with the street sweepers and brought in to give las vegas boulevard a good scrubs. the cost of this cleanup each year is estimated in the range of $150,000. and just in case you are wonderand just in case you are wondering, a lot of trash is left behind. it is estimated based on last year that there were 30,000 pounds of post new year's eve trash collected from las vegas boulevard and the fremont city area after the new year's eve celebration was over. that is the work that is going on right there. there are cars now on boulevardthere are cars now on you caeight there. still some things to pick up. some tidying up to do. and 330,000 people here to ring in 2016. happy new year to you, by the way. i am reporting live. back to you in our studio. >> jeff: happy new year's to you as well, craig. good you threw that number, 3good you threw that number,
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celebration because you compare that with the other figure he put out there, $150,000 for the cleanup. imagine how much money people are spending from the 330,000. >> michelle: brings a lot of money. >> jeff: a big deal for las vegas. >> michelle: we saw the guys in action behind him. they move fast. >> jeff: they have a lot to do. people around the world welcomed 2016 with we will wishes. >> michelle: amid security concerns, spirits remained high and security was tight. >> reporter: new zealand was one of the first countries to ring in the new year setting the stage with fireworks from the sky tower. back. this harbor where thousands were on the shore to watch. >> happy new year! >> reporter: color filled the sky above hong kong and taiwan where a fireworks show lasted more than five minutes taking revelers fwhool 2016. singing and dancing brought a fresh twist to the forbidden
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the city's shopping and bar areas were watched over by armed guards, part of a holiday security alert. in paris, celebrations were scaled back in wakes of the recent 2er9recent terrorist attacks and worries about safety. the annual fireworks show was replaced with a video presentation along the champs de elysse. big ben and the london eye featured prominently in the display. the most famous new year's eve countdown of all in new york city where more than 1 million people packed times square to watch the iconic waterford crystal ball drop. out with the old and in with the new year around the world. nbc news. >> michelle: have you ever done the times square? >> jeff: i never have been to new york city. >> michelle: gosh, you got to be down there. i have done times square for new year's eve.
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>> jeff: and never do it again, i can see why. >> michelle: you don't get there early, there is a million people. freezing and intowhere to go to the bathroom. not like here where you go into the casinos. you cannot get out of your spotyou cannot get out of your spot. >> jeff: sounds a better deal here. >> michelle: do you. the astronauts took time to ring in 2016. >> jeff: they have a message here on earth. >> i would like to wish everybody on our beautiful planet ert earth a very fun new year's eve and a happy, haley 2016, happy new year. >> michelle: 43-year-old tim peake is a former army pilot and britain's first publicly funded astronaut and the first to visit the space station. >> jeff: what a cool message from space.
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50 new laws. one law requires day-care centerday-care centers to scheduled active play time for children and limit the amount of time sitting and staying in place. another paved the way for voteranother paved the way for voters to get their sample ballots through the mail. and for schools, one new law requires districts to set aside money to give teachers performance-based bonuses and doesn't allow the money to be swept elsewhere through union contracts. all right, still smoldering all right, still smoldering. almos4 hours af building in dub ai caught fire, this is what it looks like today. so officials are trying to figure out exactly how it started, and they think they know where it started. we will have more. and i am sorry. george lucas apologizes for a comment he made about disney after the new "star wars" film was release and what he is saying now that he is trying to take back. . >> michelle: a little girl and a young kitten. how they are perfect for each
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>> michelle: a live lookout side. people are walking around down there. it's cold. time go home and get warm. we are going to talk about what we are expecting for the afternoon high today and this
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nebraska highway patrol say two people were killed in a single car rollover crash just before the new year. >> witnesses say the car was speeding down the interstate when it hit the middle barrier and rolled over into the opposite side of the road and burst into flames. you can see what was left behind. state tr unfortunate way to end the yearunfortunate way to end the year. >> we are ending the year not on the good note with two fatalities. obviously something that could have been prevented from slowing down and possibly impairment. >> michelle: so troopers investigating will find out if alcohol is a factor. that will take some time because they will have to get toxicology report. the two hotels that went up in flames is getting criticism. residents of the luxury hotel in the persian gulf emirate of dubai evacuated. flames traveled up the side of the building which were captured on amateur video by
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that huge fire broke out just showers before the big fireworks celebration began at the world's tallest sky scraper nearby. one resident said he could not hear the fire alarm activated. by the time he evacuated the 17by the time he evacuated the 17th floor. >> there were no -- the sprinklers did not come out. no sprinklers. no fire alarm. and the -- -- >> the fire fighters didn't do a very good job, because there was a fire later again, and it took -- there is still smoke. i think there is still fire there, i don't know. but i think the fire fighters should have been there before -- this is a lot of time. >> jeff: at least 16 people were injured in that fire. the cause of it remains unclear. a new york man has been charged with planning to attack a restaurant in upstate new rochester. this man here, 25-year-old
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attempting to provide material support to isis. authorities said he received direction from an isis member to attack revelers into an initiation into the group. he and before a federal judge in new york on thursday to hear the charges against him. the crime carries up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. some communities along the mississippi river are still bracing for the peak of flooding that has already damaged hundreds of homes and businesses. the farther north from there in st. louis. the mississippi river's water level is on the way down in st. louis after reaching seven and a half week of a record that was set in 1993 was set in 1993. missouri river is in eastern missouri is also on the declinemissouri is also on the decline. was on the merrimack river, and, boy, are they sufring there. >> jeff: really bad situation there for those people. the 127th annual rose bowl parade will kick off this
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california. a festival of flowers, music and sports that are said to be unequal to anything else in the world. participants in the parade have been putting the final touches on the grand throats over the past few days. the event is expected to feature 44 floats and hundreds of thousands of spectators. you can see it right here on channel 3 starting0 this morning. and because of that, we will have no news 3 live at noon. that is preempted for the shows -- the shows on the football field and what is the other one, hockey. so enjoy that today. we will enjoy that today and then we will be back later on tonight. let's see how things are outside. and there is one new accident at naples drive and paradise. the other freeway accidents that we were talking about earlier have since cleared. there were a couple on 215. those have been cleared, and now as you make your way in to the downtown area if that's what you are doing on your new year's day, 23 miles per hour is what you can expect on 15
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>> kelly: thanks, jeff. and we are starting things off with a beautiful picture from our red rock resort cameras. great colors out there. the blues, the pinks, the oranges and reds. first sunrise of the new year expected to happen at 6:51 this morning. temperature-wise, though, it is still pretty cold out there. summerlin at 28 degrees. spring valley, 27 for the current temperature. look at southern highland, you dropped down all the way to 22 degrees. and downtown las vegas right now is 31 degrees. wind speeds for the most part light, although as you head further to the north a little bit of a breeze. 14-mile-per-hour winds being reported in el dorado right now that is creating a wind chill. centennial feels like 21. alante and el dorado feeling like 23 degrees. the lake wind advisorythe lake wind advisory still fromfrom in place for the colorado river valley. winds gusting at 40 miles per hour around the hoover dam,
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keep that in mind if you are doing traveling on the highway that two-hand kind of deal. quiet conditions in the las vegas valley and quiet conditions all across the west. that will change though as we get into next week. today lots of sunshine. still chilly though. a high of just 48 degrees. overnight a few more clouds start to move ther way in. 32 for the low. and if you take a look at your seven-day forecast. 52 for tomorrow's high. mostly cloudy skies. above normal on sunday. finally it has been a while. 57 for that high. but then look at this. chances for rain monday through thursday of next week with the best chance being on wednesday. looks as if we are in for wet weather, guys. wayne rodgers of tv's "mash "requesting fame, that famous show dies thursday according to his publicist. the cause was complications of pneumonia according to the associated press and reuter's. he played the character trapper john on the landmark television
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in two other series "city of angels" and "house calls" of which he was nominate forward golden globe award in 19 79. "star wars" creator george lucas is apologizing for comparing disney to white slavers. he said selling the rights of "star wars" to disney was like selling his kids to white slavers. he told charlie rose that he didn't care for the movie "star wars: the force awakens." he wanted to clarify that disney is taking great care of the franchise they bought from him four years ago. it has been breaking box office records since it was released last month. medal of honor recipient faced a judge in south carolina. president obama awarded the medal to the marine in 2014 for jumping on a grenade to save a fellow soldier. earlier this month carpenter fled the accident scene after
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he pulled over briefly and then drove away. that victim is expected to make a full recovery. all right, so if somebody you know is getting ready to head to college, you want at that make sure you do something really important and that is fill out the form. students must fill thought form and submit it to get any financial aid and any awards that may be coming their way that includes federal and state grants and scholarships from your state and your school. the form helps determine how much money you can borrow from the government kids and kittens are a great combination but one particular duo in california a perfect match. 2-year-old scarlet was born with a rare form of cancer that eventually led to an amputationeventually led to an amputation. there you n see she is missing an arm. the little cancer survivor has a kitten who is also missing a limb apparently when they heard about holly whose front leg had
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leg was run over. they found a perfect match, a pet for their daughter she could bond with. >> there were staples on the cat's side and said owies. i said just like your owies and touches her side and said, oh, owies and kind of just click. she understood that is what was going on. >> michelle: the family says the two are inseparable. how cute -- my little cousin was born without part of her arm and something that is very difficult for a child to have to grow up with. a lot of cruelty in the world. to have a pet like that, something that they can sort of relate to and feel -- hey, this little kiddy looks just like me for a little child that small i am sure will do wanders. >> jeff: sweet story and pets do wonders mibz mitsubishi they do. happy birthday to my little charlotte my little cavalier, she is 3 today. >> jeff: happy birthday. happy new year. a waitress got quite a surprise
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welcome back. a new incident to report, not an didn't but a disabled vehicle russell road westbound approaching i-15.
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into the downtown area, 23 miles per hour is what you can expect as you make your way through the bowl. a little bit of slowing but not a lot of traffic as you head into 2016. happy new year's for everyone waking up or going to bed. whatever you are doing. >> kelly: a lot of people still awake. the temperatures outside across the region, and, man, it is cold out there. alamo is 23 degrees. pahrump you are at 25 for your current temperature. boulder city coming in at 34 degrees at this hour. frank lamping, elementary school it is 27 degrees. that's it. winds out of the southwinds out of the south-southeast at 2 milesgustto. winds should stay pretty night in the valley. the colorado river valley gusty winds throughout the day today. as far as those temperatures are concerned, yeah, it is definitely old out there this morning. temperatures are climbing into the 40s. 42 degrees the suspected temperature around noon. high today expected to occur
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we are going to hit 48 degrees. but 50s are on the way. plus chances for rain in the forecast. several chances for rain. i am going to have more details on that coming up. okay, kelly, thanks. a man's dying wish helps a complete stranger in indiana. >> erin collins wrote his will asking to give a tip for $500 and at least one restaurant in every single state. the campaign syndicate known nationwide and donations pouring in. thursday the family was at it again. they stopped for pizza at a restaurant in fort wayne, indiana and sure enough they left a $500 tip for the wait stress. she said she will use the money to help pay some bills and buy a gift for her grandmother. >> jeff: what a great surprise>> jeff: what a great surprise. so we are talking a lot about this video. any time taylor swift releases something new, it draws a lot of attention, gets a lot of ews. >> michelle: yeah, "out of the woods" is what it is called
6:23 am
get out, out of the woods >> that is a little sneak peak of it -- sneak peek of it. we will have more of her new
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new year's eve fail. while memphis's new year's eve celebration had a little malfunction, most others went out without a hitch.
6:25 am
eve celebrations coming up in a live report. safety concerns. security was tight because of possible threats around the country. how many arrests were made coming up. and uber carjacking. a driver forced out of h is car after picking up a passenger late night. we will tell you what happened and how that passenger was able to get away with robbing this poor man. live from las vegas, this is "wake up with the wagners." . well, that's just a little bit of what you miss or what you saw last night. had a spectacular fireworks display. had a huge turnout. 330,000 people.
6:26 am
who is up right now. i am wondering what you are doing right now. it says you are winding down or waking up. you have to go into work today. some people out there still go into work today. >> michelle: we are here. >> jeff: peep cleaning the streets on the strip are working right now very hard. let me know. send me a facebook message. i am just curious if you are just now getting home to go to bed or just now getting up. >> michelle: hopefully poem get to sleep in and enjoy all the festivities in the first day of 2016. >> jeff: maybe a three-day weekend. >> kelly: sleep in and stay warm and cozy. it is cold out there. temperatures in the 20s in the las vegas valley this morning. by noon today, 44 degrees. 48 at 3:00. that is the high for the day today. that is about 8 degrees below normal, but above normal temperatures are on the way this weekend. plus several channels of rain. we are going to have the details coming up. okay, kelly, thanks.
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we have a disabled vehicle on russell road wbld approaching 15. and your travel times today. it's what we expected. everything in the clear. 15 northbound between tropicana and the bowl. it is 6-minute stretch. same goes for 95 northbound between downtown and lake mea de boulevard and 11 minutes on 515 southbound from the las vegas boulevard to the 2:15. not a lot -- to the 215. not a lot of traffic. some people are probably leaving the strip, but not a lot. i think a lot of people made their way to the hotels and hopefully they will sleep in. >> michelle: conferringor>> michelle: considering how many people we had down there a very good night. only eight arrests here in lasve last night which is fantastic. >> jeff: amazing. >> michelle: we did have a deadly car accident. we will get to all of that, but first talk about some of the weirder things happened. we know weird things happen on the strip and fremont street especially in the early hours of the morning. i can tell that you because i have been reporting here for
6:28 am
anymore, but around the rest of the country, there were some weird things happening for new year's eve. >> jeff: ksnv's kyndell nunley is live on fremont feet with more of the different moments from across the country and kyndell, bedidn't make the list as of yet, as far as activities on the strip. >> reporter: no, no. >> jeff: mainly other cities that you are looking at? >> reporter: yes. here in las vegas it was a party to envy from the strip to downtown las vegas. lots and lots of fun for us here in the valley as tens of thousands of people made their way into the area. now i say the nye party here in las vegas is one to be admired because not every new year's celebration went as smoothly as ours.
6:29 am
memphis, tennessee! >> reporter: uh-oh. this is last night in memphis where they rang in the new year with the drop of the giant guitar. something they do every single year, but not so fast. this year's 2016 didn't come as quickly, that's because the guitar actually got stuck at midnight. of course the show must go on. the guitar eventually came down about 30 seconds later. check this next one out, one of the most unique new year's eve celebrations that takes place in key west, florida. it was a drag queen drop. and if that weren't enough, her highness is in a big red highhighness is in a big red high-heeled shoe. this is actually the 19th straight year sushi the drag queen decided to come on down at the strike of midnight. the celebration also included a wedding as sushi married her long-time partner as the clock turned to midnight.
6:30 am
marian wanted to wait until same-sex marriage was legal in all u.s. states before tying the knottying the knot. now make your way over to another unique drop. how about this one over in bethlehem, pennsylvania. looks more like easter than new year's eve, and that is because they dropped a giant. this is actually pretty cute because the drop is part of a family friendly new year's eve festival that is called peach fest. the giant 85-pound peach was lowered after sunset and of course the little ones didn't make it until midnight. if you need more explanation why this happens in bethlehem, pa, the marshmallow streets are manufactured there in that citymanufactured there in that city. back out live here new year's eve. vegas. we kept the traditions a little bit more how they normally are on new year's eve. send it back over to my lovely anchors, jeff and michelle,
6:31 am
>> jeff: happy new year to you too. >> reporter: he is trying -- he shoot off some streamers. he is just hitting himself with them. [laughter] there they go. mish mitsubishi oh, brad. we love you, brad. >> reporter: he is a hot mess. [laughter] >> michelle: we all are today, actually. we c not lie. our poor floor crew are tired up last night working the show. we don't have any excuse because we should have been sleeping, but the crud is going around ksnv again. >> jeff: we both have something that we have going on we are off to a great start to 2016. >> michelle: we need to get home, watch some football, job -- >> jeff: a good nap in. have a hottie toddy have a good weekend. we still have time left. with the concern of terrorist attack security was ramped up. we are happy to harp no problems.
6:32 am
the strip one of them was for a felony. they only arrested three people on fremont street. it is incredible. final numbers won't be available until some time next week. those numbers are great considering 200,000 people were in las vegas for new year's. not to mention the locals to braved the crowds to ring in 2016. so good to know that most people were on their best behavior. >> here is one way to close out 2015 a couple from miami got hitched in times square on the countdown stage. alfredo and monica won a contest called the first couple of 2016. they won round trip tickets and other prizes toward the ceremony which was seen by millions. talk about pressure, oh, boy. the ceremony was presided over by men's clothing ceo george zimmer and the couple met through a mutual friend six years ago and they got to tie the knot and the weather was unusually warm for new year's
6:33 am
>> so at the time of this hour, i invited viewers to message me about why -- why you are up right now. >> michelle: okay. >> jeff: laurie says. >> michelle: i am watching because i am just up, lol. happy new year. some people wake up early when they have the day off because they are used to it. more maybe you couldn't sleep last night. we are happy that you are with us. thanks for watching. >> jeff: thank you, laurie. thanks everybody else. happy new year. a great celebration in las vegas and the party will keep on going. don't apologize, a new app that will make you more confident in your e-mails. we will tell you how to pwoshtion. >> kelly: a live look outside on the managed lay by a camera. gorgeous. the first sunrise of the new year. what to expect for today and
6:34 am
. thanks for staying with us on this friday morning, and happy new year. we are taking a live look outside on our overlook camera at sun city anthem and volunteer, and sun getting ready to come up. we have got some of the beautiful dawn glow out there and temperature-wise, chilly. look at this, 27 degrees. winds are calm at the moment, but we are seeing a little bit of a breeze along the colorado river valley today. now as we head throughout the
6:35 am
rise up on to the 20s. 38 degrees by 10:30 this morning. 42 by 12:30 42 by 12:30. high temperature actually expected to hit the upper 40s this afternoon. right around 3:00. that's when we hit our high temperature, but above normal temperatures in the 50s. all the way for the weekend. plus chances for rain. i will have your seven-day forecast coming up. okay, kelly, thanks. kim and dana are not here today but they have a message and want to share their new year's resolution with all of you, all the fans of the show. >> yes, before we get to that, our reed cowan got a chance to speak to some of their fans. >> michelle: out on the strip last night. >> reporter: so, kim wagner, you have a fan. wait -- you said the wagners. >> the wagners. >> reporter: i have a question, who do you like better, kim a dana? >> kim. >> kim. >> kim. >> reporter: who do you like? >> i like them both for
6:36 am
[laughter] >> michelle: he said she likes me. i am quite certain she has no idea who tess. good to see our fans and they are saying things -- times you don't though what they are going to say. it is live tv. jehovah jeff the kissing lady find kevin on fremont feet. one year she platted one big fat one on his face offer live television and he never has been able to live it down and talk about it even though every year we do. an epic milestone. >> michelle: celebrating a wedding anniversary. some people don't live this long. their secret to staying in love coming up. new video taylor swift raining in 2016 in style. the newest music video that has over a million views and twas
6:37 am
more of wake you baby you are a firework come and let your colors burst . >> michelle: no fireworks this morning but they were going off last night. >> jeff: what a fitting song as we look over the strip as things are calm now. yeah, it is the day after the big party, and it is new year's. welcome to 2016. >> michelle: so now it is time to clean up that mess from last night, and if you ever have been down there on the strip, you know what a mess is left behind. >> even if you go there on a normal weekend, you walk across stuff that you don't really
6:38 am
people who clean it up. it is their job. we are talking about some very dedicated workers, craig live on las vegas boulevard near harman. we saw some of those workers behind you removing the barrierbehind you removing the barriers at a rapid pace. they are trying to get the strip back in order before the sun goes up. >> reporter: waste nothing times and most of the barriers on the roughly -- wasting no time most of the barriers. most of the barriers have been removed and traffic moving again on the las vegas strip. overnight they had street sweepers that scrubbed the street, and trash trucks that came up and picked up the garbage cans and hauled those away. roughly 30,000 pounds of trash picked up from the las vegas trip after last night's new year's eve party. you can see there is still some things to pick up here at harm a, n. just one small example, really it is all back together. one example of a spot where they going to call
6:39 am
i am craig sigler reporting live. back to you in the studio. >> michelle: they had a job to do and they do it well and do it efficiently. >> jeff: and they will get to that trash near craig very shortly. metro police released a suspect video of a body found outside a 24-hour fitness gym. >> michelle: our first look at the vehicle in question here and described as a mid 2000 two-door sedan. here you can see it with a spoiler -- make that a coupe. mid 2000 two-door coupe with the spoiler in the back. two people inside the car at the time of the crime. the shooting happened short loovr after this shoot and they found a victim in a parked car with a gunshot wound. it happened near rainbow and alta. if you have any information, if you happen to know this car or anyone involved, please contact police, and you can always call
6:40 am
the number 702-825 a man was shot and killed by an officer thursday afternoon. according to pol service was traing a man wanted for several crimes in arizona. they contacted metro police. tracked down the suspect and issued several verbal xhants they said were ignored. the suspect kept his right hand in pocket and advanced toward officers when they open fired. police later learned the suspect was holding a dwell known his hand and not gun. the officer is on paid administrative leave as part of protocol as part of their investigation. police in cleveland are search for a suspected carjacker caught on camera and the victim is an uber driver. according to police the suspect used a stolen cell phone to summon the driver to the gas station. he was apprehended about the late-night ride, and ask him to pick up a friend and the driver said that is when things startsaid that is when things started to go wrong.
6:41 am
have a good time somewhere. and this that point i said, -- red flags all over the place. i said, no, i am married. i want to get home. and where do you want to go, i'll take you. >> is the driver says he will continue to work as an uber driver, but he is going to be more cautious about those latemore cautious about those late-night pickups. the start of the new year in china also brings a new family policy. the one child restriction in china is over. chinese couples are now allowed to have two children legally without any fines. family will still require government issued birth permit. the controversial one child policy had been in effect for 40 years. and an idaho homeowner woke up yesterday with an elk in the house. here is a photo to prove it. so this -- it looks fake, doesn't it. it happened near haley wednesday morning, and officials say that this elk
6:42 am
breaking the window and got into the basement and there he is just standing there. took more than two hours for police and wildlife officers to get him out of the house. authorities say higher snow levels are causing idaho elk to move down into populated areas. he looks like a statue. >> jeff: looks like he belongs there in that room. yeah. a new google oklahoma app wants you to stop apologizing. the just not sorry extension helps people avoid words and phrases in e-mails that make mem sound less confident or assertive. it underlines self-demeaning words and phrases in red. words and phrases that are sounding weak including sorry, actually and just are basically taken out. it was developed by a gr of soft ware developers to empower female leaders to communicate with more confidence. celebrating the new year is always special, even more so when it is also your wedding
6:43 am
102 years old. mari guzenberg loves his wife. she is 100. and her name is helen. they are been doing well. marrymarried for 80 years. 1 102 and 100 years old. they spent eight decades together and their best memorytogether and their best memories include winning a dance contest and all of the delicious meals they have shared. they got married in philadelphia after she popped the question. >> he gave me a big kiss. and i said, wait a minute. and then i just went on and told him how i felt. and what i thought we should doand what i thought we should do. >> actually, she had to know i was prepared to do it. >> michelle: oh, that is so sweet.
6:44 am
long marriage is keeping a sense of humor and going along with things. that is great advice. >> jeff: they need to share their health secret too because being as old as they are, they are very alert too. to bring back the memoryto bring back the memories when they first met. >> michelle: a sound mind and looks fantastic. 102 years old. think of all the things they have seen in their lifetime. >> jeff: so many memories. >> michelle: i am going on four years married. >> jeff: another 76 to go before you are featured in a story. >> michelle: right. >> jeff: look outside and see how things are on your roads. travel times. 15 northbound between tropicana avenue and a clear commute at 6 minutes. 95 northbound between downtown and lake meade. six minutes. 515 southbound between las vegas boulevard and 215, that is a 11-minute stretch. and this is in the cleanup stages. a disabled vehicle causing a little bit of slowdown on russell road westbound heading toward the freeway that should be taken care of for now.
6:45 am
the freeways is in the green, kelly. >> kelly: and start things off with a live look outside. red rock resort camera and -- the first sunrise of 2016. there it is. and a gorgeous one. not a cloud out there this morning. temperatures a little bit chilly because we don't have any clouds out there. look at this. spring valley, 27 degrees. southern highlands, 22 for your current temperatures. summerlin, 28 degrees. sunrise we are at 33. hopefully you get to sleep in a little bit but, i don't know, a lot of people on their way to work and get out and walk thas you are heading out the door. winds are light for the southern half of the valley. further to the north, centennial, alante, a little bit of a breeze enough to give us a while. this is what it feels like. el dorado and alante is 24. feels like stepping out the door. centennial feels like 25 if you bundle up. as far as the winds are concerned, not expecting to be
6:46 am
valley but a lake wind advisory for the colorado river valley that includes the river dam, bullhead city and laughlin with winds to 40 miles per hour. all the way across the west, conditions are pretty quiet yet and they are expected to stay that way at least heading into the weekend. here are high temperatures for today, again below normal. indian springs, 44. boulder city, 48 for the high temperature. overnight lows, prim, 29. mesquite, 32 for the low. as we take a look at our sevenas we take a look at our seven-day forecast -- apparently little glitch with the cram there. here we go. 52 degrees on tap for tomorrow. 57 on sunday. partly sunny skies. warmer at least and chances for rain next week. chances for rain monday through thursday next week. jehovah jeff okay, kelly, thank you. well, just in time for the new year, bring in the water cooler.
6:47 am
take a look. you were looking at me are we out of the woods are we out of the woods . >> jeff: this is for her song "out of the woods" her new hit single. she debuts the new song and video on thursday night. college football's national championship game is a number one versus number two match-up. it is going to be clemson against alabama. clemson ran away from oklahoma in the orange bowl with three touchdowns and 15-minute span second half en route to 37-17 victory cotton bowl, jake poker for a pair of touchdowns as the crimson tide overpowered michigan state 38-0. clemson versus alabama in the national championship game in arizona on january 11. alabama is a 7-point favorite in that game.
6:48 am
missed it, or you were there, here it is again.
6:49 am
we are glad that you >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed
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good morning. happy new year. music and fireworks lighting up
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