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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 1, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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police tell us seven family members were inside the home at the time including some children but we don't know any ages on those children yet. no one else was injured but the suspect took off. so far police have not released any sort of suspect description. they are looking for the public for help on this. if you have any information about the suspect or this murder that happened out here this afternoon, they are asking for you to call the north las vegas police department or if you would like to remain anonymous call the crime stoppers hotline 702-358-5555. . >> marie: tragic start to the new year. fwhu at 3:30 p.m. transpored this weekend as we settle into the new year. >> reid: many drivers will be using america's bridges to get to their destination. as national correspondent jeff barns found out the number of u.s. bridges over due for repair
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>> reporter: millions of motorists use more than 610,000 bridges in the united states. most drivers are unaware of the frightening state some of these below the structure >> you have a lot more traffic going over bridges today than you used to. >> reporter: as a result these have taken a pounding through the years. many u.s. bridges are dangerously dilapidated. >> one of the basic functions of government is maintaining our infrastructure. our roads and bridges. >> reporter: lawmakers requested the government accountability office to assess the damage to u.s. bridges from 2005 to 2014. the gao report found that nearly 25 percent of the nation's bridges are considered deficient. ten percent are considered structurally deficient which means they're in poor condition. nearly 15 percent are considered functionally obsolete. which means their design is no longer up to date with today's heavy traffic patterns. >> poor conditions some way or another.
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we're talking about 150,000 that are de nisht some fashion. >> reporter: how could one in every four of america's bridges go unrepaired to so long? >> not a lot of money to be made by lobbyists to lobby to have bridges repaired so it does not become 3r50i ort. >> reporter: congress passed a massive transportation act this month signed into law by the president and authorizing $305 billion in spending over the next 5 years for roads and transit upgrades. it provides more flexibility for states to carry out infrastructure priorities. >> each community and each state can decide how best to use those resources. >> there's never going to enough to address every structure need in this country but this is a great step. >> reporter: peter shwietser says it won't be enough however to address a crucial problem from coast-to-coast. >> as large as the new highway bill is you are still going to see a lot of bridges neglected.
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jeff band reporting. >> reid: they said a lot of bridges were functional ie obsolete. bridges decreased in 33 states and dc. that's the decrease from those who were functionally obsolete. >> marie: we have new developments in the war on terror today. >> reid: jonathan alias takes it from here with the terrorist alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm josie sterman. syrian activists say an opposition supporter turned isis militant is dead. he kept in touch with journalists even after joining isis apparently carrying out a bombing this week. that's according to the sir yab observatory for human rights. germany's terror alert remains in place after warning people to avoid large crowds on new year's eve. top security officials say they received concrete indications of a potential attack at midnight. some train service was canceled because of that threat.
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investigate a deadly shooting the israel military is sending the bodies of 23 palestinians back to their families. in october israel began with holding bodies of suspected terrorists as a tactic to crackdown on the most recent outburst of violence. from the terrorist alert desk in washington i'm josiesterman. >> reid: after a huge fire raged through a hotel in dubai smoke fips to waft. the skyline is gray and black from the smoke. this is the daytime scene of the 63 floor hotel. at least 16 were injured. the fire broke out in a residence when curtains caught fire. flames started spreading around 9:30 p.m. local time on new year's eve. one photographer was trapped inside the building sending desperate pleas for help to family and friends on facebook. >> i try to go exit and i'm not
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because of the smoke. i am here for help. i can hear them. i can -- i saw debris falling from the building. i prayed if this is my last chance then so be it. >> reid: almost two hours went by he came up with a last ditch plan, rappel down the building on a window washer's cable. as he started going over the edge firefighters found him and they saved his life. . >> marie: wow. a fire tore through a historic church in northern new jersey early this morning. officials say the fire caused significant damage to the ig glasso church including a total collapse of the roof. no injuries are reported. the cause remains under investigation. the structure was originally built in 1827 and housed an
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was sold to another religious organization last year. the wife of comedi to give a deposition in a defamation suit against her husband. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. say they the faa-year-old comic -- 78-year-old comic portrayed them as liars. bill cosby facing charges in pennsylvania over an alleged incident in 2004. the comedian has denied wrongdoing. >> reid: iconic r & b star natalie cole the daughter of nat king cole died at 65. she was a grammy winner and came from a legendary music family. she died last night in l.a. at the hospital. she under went a successful kidney transplant in 2009. her kidney troubles date back to 2008 when she was diagnosed with hepatitis c and under went aggressive chemotherapy to fight that illness.
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the wise cracking army surgeon trapper john mcintyre the first three seasons of tv's mash has passed away. he died of complications from pneumonia at 82. he left "mash" in a contract dispute in 1975 but remained friends with cast members long after his de par tour. alan alda sent a tweet calling him funny, curious and dedicated. >> marie: going back to school is one of the new year's resolutions the first thing you need to do is fill out your fafsa form. today is the first day to submit the nationwide college financial aid form. the sooner the better. students must submit to be eligible for financial aid awards of which you will not have to pay back. the form also helps determine how much in loans you qualify for. this year those loans could come with lower interest rates. >> reid: it is the new year and many of us have vowed to develop healthy habits. the top resolution historically
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>> marie: but a growing number of americans are shifting the focus from working out their bodies to their minds as well. brian moore explains. >> reporter: millions of americans are hoping to wind down in 2016. >> meditation is becoming incellbly popular. you are seeing big ceos medicate. >> reporter: according to a research design study, more than half americans meditate or are interested in meditation. and for good reason. >> the published study demonstrating the ability to improve attention, decrease stress and improve productivity. >> reporter: it may be an ancient practice but modern technology can help you get started. head space aim to make meditation easier and similar to the way fitness wearables track your body there's a device to track your brain. the muse brain sensing headband. >> the muse has sensors on the forehead and behind your ears. slips on like a pair of glasses
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your smart phone or data. >> reporter: it reads brainwaves to see when it's active or calm and gives realtime feedback. >> you actually will be able to hear the sound of your brain so you can take it from that crazy, busy place to a place of clear focused attention and that it's easy to do every day. >> reporter: finding your own personal calm within the storm. brian moore, nbc news. >> reid: so i teach meditation here in the valley. so i want to add another technological help. you are supposed to meditate 20 minutes in the morning and if you have time in the afternoon right before the sun goes down meditate another 20 minutes. this is called insight timer. download out your smart phone. all you do set the time you want to meditate then listen. it ring as little bell and keeps track of how long you are meditating and helps you to really get that single focus and go to your breath so we cannot
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>> marie: sometimes i just pause for a moment and breathe and listening to the breath really helps too. mindfulness tip for you there. >> reid: that's right. if traveling more is part of your resolution's list you are likely going to be chen into a hotel. according to trip advisor's travel trends for 2016 there are three hotel amenities most important to american travelers. topping the list, 70 percent of american travelers must have air conditioning for their stay. the next on the list is wifi. 42 percent say it is a must. rounding out the top three hotel amenities is parking because who wants to be inconvenienced with not being able to find a sparking space. >> marie: one waitress got a whopping $500 tip and all thanks to one man that wants to give back in life and in death. >> reid: coming up in the good stuff, how the man's family is carrying out one man's dying wish to help out a stranger. >> marie: one couple celebrates their 80th wedding anniversary. their amazing story on how they got together.
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calm conditions weather wise outside but it's not going to last long until the weather is
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>> reid: now to the good stuff where we focus and shine a light on the good people in the world who are doing something about life's difficulties. you know a few years ago a young man in kentucky shared his dying wish with his loved ones. he wanted to give an unsuspecting person, restaurant servers, the tip of a lifetime. >> marie: they fulfilled that wish not once but over and over again across the country. most recently in fort wayne, indiana. holly campbell reports. >> reporter: it was just a normal day at mad anthony brewing company. after paying their bill, this
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it was $500. it was part of aaron's last wish. aaron's brother seth is carrying out his brother's request. >> in his will the very last thing was that we go out to dinner and leave an awesome tip for a waiter or waitress and he specifically said i don't mean like 25 percent. i'm talking about $500 for a pizza. >> reporter: it started a few years ago. the first video went viral. then the donations started pouring in. capping $50,000. since then seth has left a $500 tip in every state. oftentimes with his mother by his side. >> it was aaron's idea and seth made it happen. so you can imagine how wonderful that is for me. >> reporter: a few weeks ago seth got a request from david and his family to visit fort wayne and spread aaron's message in a restaurant here. >> to make it happen in his town.
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share it with his family because he does have four small children. >> reporter: the server says she will use the money to pay bills and buy a gift for her grandmother. it's a simple gesture at the end of a meal that is changing not only server's lives but seth's too. >> i never had any idea what it would become. and neither would aaron. he would have been completely blown away. he would have thought this is just a small thing he wanted to do for a person, for one person. and he wouldn't have expected it to have this sort of live reaching impact. >> reporter: the mission is to help honor aaron and help other people. but his mother tina says fulfilling her dreams is helping her dream with the loss of her son. >> i feel like it's done more for me than anybody. because it continues to [ inaudible ] >>.
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they will hand out $500 tips once a year for the rest of their lives even she says if she has to foot the bill herself. >> reid: that's how she keeps his memory alive. beautiful. here is a pretty good way to celebrate the new year marking 80 years of marriage. >> marie: maury is 102. his bride helen, 100 years old. they live in california but they eloped in philadelphia in 1935 after she popped the question. >> he gave me a big kiss and he was ready to go. and he said wait a minute. and then i just went and told him how i felt and what i thought was a good [ inaudible ]. >> i was afraid to do it. >> reid: helen says the secret
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is keeping a sense of humor and just going along with things she says. >> marie: i love that. that is just so beautiful. we want to know, what do you think is the secret to a long and healthy relationship? send us a tweet. the people here at the station they'll want to hea from you. >> reid: just honey yes. you are right. that's what you do. and you forgive a lot. . >> marie: and you laugh. >> reid: make sure to join the conversation and tell us what works for your relationships on facebook as well. just search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. may you have a great relationship in the new year. >> marie: time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at five" today. >> reid: a deadly start to the new year. two poem lost their lives after the car they were driving lost control. this happened after our coverage last night. what police are saying caused this deadly accident just before the start of the new year. >> marie: the president expected to make a big announcement on gun control. the executive actions he plans
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the affects this could have on gun ownership. those stories plus kevin janson looks at the forecast on "news 3 live at five." >> reid: our thoughts with the people dealing with this again today. the swollen mississippi river continues to cause a lot of widespread destruction throughout missouri and parts of illinois. the river runs nearly 15 feet above flood stage today throughout st. louis. the city's second worst flood on record. this is forcing back-ups in the artery rivers that flow into the mississippi causing them to overflow and flood nearby homes. while there's a lot of damage, fortunately we can tell you nobody's died as a result of the floods which means a lot of people are out helping each other i would imagine. you know, mother nature's flexing her muscles in rural new mexico. look at this. roswell dealing with a huge amount of snow. a massive storm hit that town four days ago. isn't this where ufo's are supposed to have landed? maybe it's the aliens. people have reportedly stuck in
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there is sunshine in the forecast helping melt some of the snow. 300 tons of salt has been used so far in and around roswell. >> marie: chills me to the bone looking at those images. thawing out are folks on the strip. you said you went to bed last night with a blanket on your chest. >> i couldn't get warm. made me really think about our homeless population and how they're outside 24/7, 365. hopefully we canll give coats and help them out. >> it's going be another difficult night. temperatures dropping into the low 30s this afternoon. we've seen mostly clear skies all across the area. here is a look at one of our time-lapses at red rock. mount charleston saw beautiful conditions today. and lots of sunshine in the valley as well. between this is a time-lapse. you can see not too much happening on our time-lapse which means we had some pretty calm weather conditions throughout the area. variable temperatures throughout
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temperatures at 51 degrees. a little cooler in the southwest. 45 degrees for wright elementary school right now. and temperatures all across the area just kind of depending on where you are ranging from the 40s and even 50s for southeast and el dorado. low 40s in summer leadership. upper 40s downtown. variable temperatures across the neighborhoods. a light breeze does continue out of the north northeast for t afternoon. and just outside the valley we're in the 20s for tonopah. 20 degrees mount charleston. upper 40s pahrump. mid-50s for overton outside right now. and speaking of outside right now, a live look outside from mandalay bay. beautiful, clear conditions. but it's not going to last like that for very long. you can see not much happeni satellite across southern nevada. that's going to change as we make our way into the weekend and especially into the next have a series of storms that are actually headed our way just out of the pacific. that is going to bring us unsettled weather in the week ahead.
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will continue overnight tonight. maybe getting more clouds throughout the evening. but, other than that, ce is expected for our forecast tonight. clear skies like i mentioned with more clouds expected later. temperatures dropping down to the 40s by nine. still going to see that breeze out of the north up to ten miles an hour throughout the evening. overnight temperatures again very chilly weather dropping down to the low 30s. still below our normal temperature for this time of year. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning a little bit more clouds as we get ready to start our weekend. regionally a chilly one. teens for alamo as well as caliente overnigh single digits for tonopah. upper 20s for overton. 20 on the dot for mount charleston. 39 for lake mead. and 31 degrees for boulder city. highs tomorrow. we're going to gradual hi see warmer weather through the weekend before we get chilly weather with a chance of showers headed our way. highs you can see reaching the
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overton. 42 mount charleston. 54 pahrump. upper thirties for tone apaw. as lee look at conditions for the las vegas area waking up to a few clouds with more anticipated throughout the afternoon. highs only reaching into the 53 degree mark. still below our normal temperature. again winds out of the northeast at ten miles an hour are expected through the afternoon. as we look at the next few days. like i said, a gradual warming trend into sunday. after that we do have unsettled weather headed in our direction and it's going bring us variable amounts of chances of seeing that precipitation across the valley with the best chance of seeing that shower activity on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures aren't going to be -- we aren't going to see too much variation. staying in the 50s through the next seven days. overnight temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. >> marie: but it's that chance of rain that really grabs your attention. >> i just realize i misspoke. upper 30s to low 40s. >> reid: we know what you meant. [ laughter ] .
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the raindrops. i love the rain. and we need it. >> that's absolutely right. >> marie: a forceful showing wows fans at the rose parade today. what would be complete these days without "star wars"? storm troopers joined the parade in its 127th year there in pasadena california. >> reid: may your day be rosy. we're back at five. this is exactly what's happening with tax extender legislations. washington has countless tax breaks in the cox code. it also has dozen of other tax breaks gd for only a year.
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year tax breaks yearyear. some have been around for decades. th refd to as tax extenders. you might ask, why doesn't congress make these long time tax breaks permanent? the answer is simple. fundraising. over the years power has shifted many times between the two parties. at any time congress could have made the tax breaks permanent. but they didn't want to. they use the annual renewal to threaten lobbyists and raise money. their pitch goes something like this. you need to help me help you or the tax break you like will go away. campaign cash over tax extenders is worth millions to both parties. but it gets better. congress bundles dozens of tax brakes into one bill. then democrats and republicans tell supporters their hands were tied. they had to vote for the bad tax breaks in order to get the good ones. pretty clever huh? it's an unspoken agreement
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