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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> reporter: an active meaent hunt -- manhunt. police are searching for the suspect. we're only a few hours into the new year and north las vegas police are already investigating their first natal shooting of theshoot -- fatal shooting of the year. this after a man was shot and killed inside his home. all of this happening while his family and children were apparently present. it happened this apartment complex on smokey fog at centennial and lamb. police were called out after one shot was heard around noon. according to north las vegas police, it started out as a as a verbal argument. several people were inside including family members and children. no suspect description has been made but police don't believe it was a random act of violence. >> detectives are working with witnesses as as well as family members to try to determine suspect description.
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family members inside? >> yes, there were mutt multiple people inside. no one else received injuries. >> reporter: police are still looking for the murder suspect and are enlisting the public for help. if you have any information about the suspector the suspect or the shooting in general, they are asking for you to call the las vegas police department or the crimestoppers number if you want to remain anonymous. nathan oel kneel, o'neil. it appears that speed may have played a role on i-15. it happened at craig after 10:00 p.m. two young men were killed in the crash. our reporter is live from the scene. this was a one-vehicle rollover. >> reporter: yeah, it seems amazing that no other cars were hit in this. troopers tell us the driver was headed southbound along i-15
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change and lost control. the result, the vehicle hit the cement divider, crossed all lanes of traffic and rolled along the shoulder. the car then caught fire. the driver and his passenger were killed. troopers say unfortunately fatalities were up in 2015. the latest statistics are from monday, 204 204204 killed 2042 -- 204 killed in clark county. >> it's frustrating. the numbers go up. these are lives that are lost. these are families tragically broken. their lives will never be the same. home. when that loved one walks out the door, remind them to put on the seat belt and make sure they are not distracted. that's what has to start. >> reporter: and the coroner has not released the names of those two men involved. we know they are both from las vegas. one is 22 years old.
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reporting live, i'm denise rosch. back to you you. >> thank you. news 3 is your weather authority. chilly start to the new year. >> that's right. kevin janison loving being here in the studio. he was outside where you were near freezing temperatures. >> come on. 20,000 people at 98.6. plenty of warmth on fremont under the canopy to ring in 2016. look at the traffic. there's still a lot of activity. that's what happens when you have new year's on a friday. nice long weekend. we're already seeing the 30s. mid-40s throughout a good chunk of town. colder outside of the valley. of these low temperatures, they were chilly. we had numbers down to the single digits for low up on the mountain and in lincoln county. clouds working their way into southern california. they will be visiting our sky and bringing friends later tonight through tomorrow,
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the weekend into next week. not too thick now but the air coming in out of the west and southwest, a lot better from the north. this will bring in milder conditions. that's number one. it will bring in wetter conditions, too, as some subtropical moisture gets entrained in the system. that will lead to pretty good chances for rain. it looks like what we've been waiting for with the el nino pattern may finally be taking shape. that means several days with the opportunity for rain. that's coming up next week. details mum in the seven-day forecast. -- details coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> we'll take it. thank you. within an hour of the last fire work show, the job of cleaning up the las vegas strip was underway. garbage cans were the first to pick it up and leaf blowers to get it out of there. the department of transportation helped out ut with the huge street -- help out with the huge street sweepers. it's estimated the cleanup cost
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last year more than 140 pounds of trash was cleaned up after the party. police arrested a total of ten people on the trip and in downtown las vegas. metro officers made eight arrests on las vegas boulevard and fremont street. that made it quiet compared to last year -- last year compared to the previous year. well, the clark county clerk's marriage license bureau has issueled the 5,000th marriage license before the clock struck midnight. ronald bauman and dumitru alexeev said they planned to marry today. they are the 5,000th same-sex couple to receive their marriage license in clark county. the marriage license bureau began issuing licenses to same-sex couples in 2014 on wednesday. the marriage license bureau
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compared to 1,000 less last year. >> a lot of i dos and kisses. >> yes. still to come -- searching for clues one day after police take down an armed man in the valley. >> what we're learning about the man behind all of this and how neighbors are reacting to the violent scene in their neighborhood. plus -- a new year. new laws. the changes and how it could impact you. plus -- violence in israel. how could this attack have happened and is it the first attack by isis in the new year? also -- in the new year, bringing a lot of buzz to hot dining spots and shots. we'll give you the lowdown on the businesses set to break
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that's coming up at welcome back. the family of a man killed by two metro officers on new year's
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witnesses say the man was holding a cell phone, not a gun. metro police tell tus tell us federal authorities wanted him for charges. here's more. >> reporter: the family denies that he was wanted for attempted murder. they say he is not a criminal. police say otherwise. they say the man was considered very dangerous. >> bless you. >> reporter: here's a glimpse of 23-year-old keith childress. family members identify him as the man shot by two police officers on new year's eve. >> i heard gunshots pow, pow, pow. seven. nine it whats was a lot. >> reporter: she will never forget the gunshots she heard. >> got behind the cop car and said freeze get on the ground.
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the u.s. marshals called for help help. they say childress was a wanted arizona man. officers say he was wanted for attempted murder. police say when confronted. childress did not cooperate and they thought he was armed and dangerous. >> the suspect did not drop the object in his hand at one point, they told the suspect not to advance on the officers and to drop the firearm again. the suspect advanced on the officers concealing his right hand. dilling. witnesses say it turns out he was only holding a cell phone. >> i think he got murdered. no need to be shooting if you are not sure if there is a gun in his hand. >> reporter: yesterday's shooting was the 16th of 2015. out of the 16, 11 ended fatally. conference on this officer-involved shooting early next week. >> thank you.
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surveillance video this week of a suspect's vehicle after a deadly shooting outside a 24-hour fitness gym. the vehicle in question is described as the mid 2000 2000 two-coupe with a spoiler. two people are believed to be in the vehicle. police found 42-year-old kneel ganner dead outside of the gym near rainbow and alta. the victim appeared to have a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. if you have any fftion on the suspects call 702-385-5555. with the new year comes new laws we have several to tell you about. 50 bills that lawmakers passed in the spring take effect this day. one will require daycare centers to schedule active play time and limit activities that keep them more stagnant. another will pave the way for
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ballots by e-mail. all right. end of 2015 wrapped up as a chilly one. now we're wondering how we'll begin the new year. >> kevin janison joins us with a look outside. i'm still not warmed out. >> it took a while. if you were outside for an extended period, there -- there was cold feet. it took a while for the toes to thaw out. but you can understand it, 27 was the official morning low. some neighbors were colder than that. we could do no matter than 29. i'm not digging this 2016 so far. but that's gonna change. at least we didn't have the cloud cover today. brilliant sunshine. only moving out of zion national park, the shadows, a lot of sunshine out there as there was in southern nevada. same story out of red rock.
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no snowball snow yet. summerly near pavilion and alta, they are at 38. got a 5-mile-an-hour breeze. not blowing on the east side, lake mead, 45 degrees right now. bermuda checking in at 42. rest of the numbers across the valley, we're seeing the 30s around southern and western edges outside of the valley and blue diamond. they are at 30. mid-40s downtown. east side, we're in the mid-40s. these are better than those lows. look how chilly around the southern around western parts of town. a lot of neighborhoods in the 20s. you go eastward and you saw the morning lows in the 30s. outside of the valley, the mountain is right now at 17. mount charle charleston. we'll start in the 30s tomorrow. you can thank the cloud. about 50 at lunchtime. we could see low to mid-50s
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sunshine. i think the difference will be the cloud arriving and the direction the clouds are arriving. look how the cold air is moving east. finally it's starting to feel like winter in the northeast. to our friends who might be visiting laug from the las vegas from the city, back in the east and are getting a taste of winter. good for you. we don't do cold. finally we'll start to warm up. here's what's going on -- the cloud coming in from the pacific into california. you get air from the pacific. that's coming in from a milder direction. those clouds will work their way into our sky. that will prevent the real big chill tonight. it will be cold. just not as cold. as these clouds -- they are pretty thin. that's why i think we'll have some sunshine tomorrow. that ma tern holds through -- pattern holds through the weekend. after that, the subtropical moves in and that will increase our chances for rain and that will pattern will hold for a few days. pretty decent chances of rain next week. mount charleston is going down
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lynn con county -- lynn lincoln county in the teens. for the las vegas valley, overnight, 31 for the low. some neighbors could sneak in the upper 20s, that would be the exception overnight tonight. you can look at the cloud as the culprit. 53 will be the high temperature tomorrow. that mixture of sun and cloud. seven-day forecast, even with all of the clouds around. should still be able to muster up 56 on sunday. by monday, we start getting chances for rain. monday's system will be mainly from las vegas south. that's where the pest chances will be. slight chance on tuesday, lingering into tuesday and then wednesday could be pretty wet. another chance with -- it looks like a less impressive system system toward the end of the week. when the el nino thing gets rolling, you can't blame a storm on el nino. it's a pattern shift and that shift now appears to be taking place where we could get one
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rain storm. i wanted to shy away from storm because of the winter. it's not like the summer storms. >> sure. >> the more gradual light to moderate rains. >> blame the shift. >> make sure you pronounce it correctly. [laughter] >> that's an important "s" there. >> yes. we say a lot of words. >> yes. okay. solar has been called the way of the future by some leaders in nevada. the new rules that critics say will destroy the effort to
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well, not a great start to the new year for a local hiker after being injured while hiking along lone mountain. according to search and rescue, the 50-year-old hiker injured his leg while heading down lone mountain peek. fortunately for the man a group spotted him and called for help. search and rescue was able to get out there and find the man. his injuries are not expected to be life-threatening. a steep rate hike for today. the this triples the fixed knee and cuts the value of incentive credits for customers. before today, customers paid 12.75. now customers will pay just under $18. soar companies are already promising to challenge the rate increase and the energy says the fixed fee rise is needed to cover the utility and delivery 2020.
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still to come -- security concerns in the new year. terrorism in 2016. the latest threats targeting several states and what it means for a world already on high alert. and new shops and dining experiences heading to the valley in 2016. the latest on the progress as several big names, businesses
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in town -- straight ahead. you know there's always
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2016 is no exception, from new food joints to new shopping spots, news 3 takes a look. >> reporter: las vegas residents clamored long and a hard for this one, a chick-fil-a. a dirt lot now, but dumb this year, -- come it year, you will be able to get your favorite chicken sandwich. >> it's better than any other i've had. >> the way the breading is on the chicken. it's really moist. >> reporter: the swedish furniture giant ikea will also open this year selling sweet meet balls. >> a wide variety of home stuff at reasonable prices which is awesome. it's right down the street from where i live. >> candles are super cheap, they have furniture, pillows, bedding. a little bit of everything. >> reporter: will the valley get a major league sports franchise? we don't know for sure but the
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las vegas arena is set to open in april. >> it looks pretty on the outside. >> it's definitely good for the economy and good for the town. we don't have anything in las vegas. no pro sports teams, not a lot for the kid. and >> reporter: the mayor hosting a pro sports team would do that. >> if that's the last thing i do, we'll have major league sports come to town. >> reporter: 2016 already shaping up to be a bigger and better las vegas. >> we should also tell you that two major divas will perform, jennifer lopez at planet hollywood and mariah carey will be at ceaser's palace. north las vegas police investigating a murder near centennial parkway and north lamb. police are telling us a man in his 40s was shot to death inside a home on a place called smokey fog avenue. police say the victim and the gunman were arguing when the shooting took place.
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a manhunt is underway right now for the gunman. well, 2015 wrapped up as pretty much a tame night for police and firefighters in the valley despite the fact that about 320 to 330,000 people crowded the strip. overnight, police made eight total arrests out of all of those people, we can tell you two were on fremont street. that made it quiet compared to last new year's eve when police made 19 arrests on the strip. three downtown and nine dye dui arrests. same-sex marriage hit a snilestone. according to the clerk, phoenix residents ronald bauman and dumitru alexeev received the number -- 5,000,000th license. this is the -- number 5,000th since the court ruling. the couple married today in las vegas. congratulations. they were offered a number of gift by local businesses.
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i'm sure. attorneys for one of the baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray say the ville may have had back problems before his arrest. officers say he complained a bad back weeks before his hurt. gray's family said he never had a previous attorney. the medical examiner who performed gray's autopsy testified she found no evidence of a previous back or neck injury. goodson is the second of six balt mort officers to officer -- baltimore officers to go on trial. his trial begins january 11th. the wife of bill cosby has been ordered to give a degrees. she tried to fight it but a doubt court rejected her motion. the case involves seven women accusing him of drugging and
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