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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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new year, north las vegas police already investigating its first murder of the year. this after a 41-year-old man was shot and killed in his home here in north las vegas, all happening apparently right in front of his family and even children. it happened at this apartment complex on smokey fog avenue near centennial and lamb. police were initially called out after one shot was heard. according to police, this started out as a verbal argument between the victim and the suspect. several people were inside the home when things turned deadly, including family members and even children. no suspect description has been made available just yet. but police don't believe that this was a random act of violence. >> detectives are working with witnesses that were in the area as well as family members that were inside the home when this went down to try to determine suspect description. >> reporter: there were family members inside? >> yes, there were people inside the home at the time of the shooting. no one else received shootings.
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for the pub public for help. if you have any information, they are urging to you call the police department or the crimestoppers hot line if you would like to remain anonymous. 702-385-55 55. back to you. a metro officer pursuing a suspect crashed his cruiser into a wall at a school at 11:00 this morning at clark high school after a suspect ran from officers and then went into the campus parking lot. so in an attempt to catch up to the suspect, an officer lost control of his car and you see the result there. crashed right into a fence near the tennis courts. fortunately, nobody got hurt. that suspect is still on the loose and the search continues. tragedy on our streets. just before the new year when two people were killed after a car rolls over on the i-15 near craig. witnesses say a nissan 370-z was speeding down the interstate
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dwrer and and -- barrier and rolled over to the opposite side of the root and burst into flames. the driver and passenger both from las vegas died at the scene. state troopers say it's an unfortunate way to end the year. >> we're end ectheing the year not on a good note. obviously something that could have been prevented due to slowing down. >> troopers are investigating to find out what led up to this way, this was the 63rd fatal crash for nhp's southern command. it's a chilly start to the new year as cold temperatures just hover across southern nevada. >> the temperatures are continuing to drop. news 3 is your weather authority. >> it is gonna continue to be cold overnight tonight. this morning we started off with temperatures in the upper 20s. very told weather conditions are expected to continue.
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overnight tonight but i wouldn't necessarily call temperatures in the 30s warm. as we look outside, mostly clear conditions across the valley. temperatures outside right now in the 30s and 40s for most neighborhoods this evening. 41 degrees for north las vegas. 43 downtown. upper 30s for summerlin. we're already dipping in the 20s for blue diamond. barely any bit of a breeze out of the north. you can see very calm conditions do continue this evening but here's where we started out this morning. and 30s all across the area even temperatures dropping down to the te be diamond early this morning. we'll see very cold weather conditions overnight tonight. not quite as cold but still very chilly weather is expected just outside of the valley. we're in the teens for mount charleston. 42 for overton and 4 for pahrump. negative 5 in ely, negative 3.
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our neighborhoods around las vegas. we'll continue to see the dry weather conditions over southern nevada. however we're getting additional cloud cover just off the system in the pacific. not too much change in the weather pattern is expected right away but as we take a look at sunday morning, you can see calm weather conditions in the 30s. overnight it won't be quite as cold as last night. making it to the low 50s by noon. we have pretty unsettled weather headed our way in the week ahead. i will have details on that -- coming bit. mamarie? >> thank you. within an hour after the spectacular fireworks last night, the job of cleaning up the strip was underway. you see the trash trucks there. they were the first to pick up the garbage cans and then the leaf blowers moved in to move the trash into piles. the nevada department of transportation helped out with street sweepers to scrub down las vegas boulevard. it's estimated the cleanup cost $150,000.
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pounds of trash cleaned up from the strip after the new year's ar while many people were focused on the ball drop in times square, other people celebrated in their own unique ways. in fact, too pennsylvania -- dash in fact, to pennsylvania, where the people with sweet tooths were excited to see that giant hershey kiss. the kiss does not drop. it trizs and then revelers were treated to a fireworks display. down south, new year's eve was just as sweet but georgia rang in with a giant peach and to key west, residents there ring in the new year with an annual red shoe drop, featuring a diva named sushi, who, by the way, got married that very night. welcoming the new year, pope francis said it's time to end indifference regarding the wars, persecution, wars and misery in the world.
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basilica, he asked the congregation how the arrogance of one of the powerful continues to demean the weak. the pope the wife of bill cosby has been ordered to give a decks. depp pope sigs -- a deposition. this is video of happen happier days of the couple. she's scheduled to testify next week. they say the 78-year-old comic portrayed them as lies liars after they went public with accusations. he faces charges in pennsylvania. the comedian has denied any wrong doing. in fact, over the week, new year's eve night he tweeted a one-line sentence that said, friends, fans, thank you.
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carjacked and taken hostage inside her hone -- her own vehicle. >> her frantic escape. and how a stop for gas may have saved her life. we're having another earthquake right now. >> tremor on air. tv anchors experience an earthquake while report, news.
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we're having another earthquake right now. studio lights are shaking as we speak. we just had a big earthquake. >> in oklahoma, they had not been told that when studio lights shake, you get under the desk. these were anchors today. the tv studio at kfor in health in oklahoma city. a report from the usgs says the had .2 quake was centered near -- the 4.2 quake was centered near edmond. oklahoma has experienced a rise in earthquakes in recent years. critics blame fracking. a family friend of the
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tuesday's plane crash side the pilot intended to bring the aircraft down. the 42-year-old pilot died in the crash after taking a civil air patrol plane on an unauthorized flight, crashing into a business building. a family friend says the crash was a suicide and that there was no indication that he intended to hurt anyone other than himself. less than eight hours before thecr medics responded to a call at the home. the ntsb is now investigating. firefighters continue the process of cooling down the smoldering hotel that caught fire last ni downtown dubai. the fire started around 9:350 p.m. local time new year's eve, sending flames shooting up one side of the 63-floor building. all of this as revelers gathered close by waiting for a spellful fire worksks dis-- spectacular fireworks display. only 16 people were treated for minor injuries.
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dramatic surveillance vide show -- out of pennsylvania shows a terrified woman making a run for it after being carjacked and kidnapped. the suspect is ralik chambers. officers say chambers threatened and hit the victim and took off with her still in the car. he told her they were going to virginia. more than an hour later, the pair stopped at a gas station to fuel up. security video shows the woman making a run for it yelling for help. the women hid behind a man as chambers circled the gas station. the man chased of a him but chammers raced out of the gas station and down the freeway. >> that lady went through trauma. now for the rest of her life she will be traumatized. >> everyone will help out when they see someone in need. >> police chased chambers until he crashed and was arrested. iconic r&b singer natalie cole has died at the age of 65.
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daughter of nat "king" cole. reportedly died in los angeles last night at a hospital. she underwent a successful kidney transplant in 2009. her kidney troubles date back for years when she was diagnosed with hepatitis c. cole attributed to her struggles with cocaine and heroin. she had been sober for sometime following stints in a rehab clinic. george lucas is apologizing for comparing disney to white slavers. lucas says he misspoke when he said giving movie rights at disney was like selling higgs kids to white slavers. he made that comment to charlie rose in an interview. he also said he didn't care for the new movie. but in a statement lucas says he wants to clarify and disney is taking great care of the franchise it bought three years ago.
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texas christian university starting quarterback won't be playing in the alamo bowl because he was arrested for hitting an officer. the quarterback was arrested yesterday following a fight a bar near theian town river live -- near the downtown river walk. the fight inside the bar spilled into the street and police said it ended when boyken took a swing and hit an officer on bike patrol. the officer was treated for a swollen face but is otherwise doing okay. boyken has been charged with felony assault on a public servant and has been released on bond. >> we don't know whether he was swinging at the officer or whether he was swinging at somebody behind. i don't know. but the officer was struck in the face. >> for that the coach suspended him for the game tomorrow for violation of team rules. the game would have been the last for him as he is a senior. some people consider
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but not green bay packers fans. after more than a foot of snow fell on lambeau field earlier this week, the packers put out a call for volunteers. look. they showed up. the team asked fans to clear out the stands today ahead of the big name against the minnesota vikings. some 600 fans showed up to help shovel out for $10 an hour and a chance to show off their packer pride. now, that is pride and ownership. >> absolutely. >> you could say misery loves company but it doesn't look like they are miserable at all. good workout. >> looks likes they got a chute and they throw it down the chute and there it comes. it's a new year. but those cold temperatures have remained the same. >> that big chute in that stadium, you should just get a big slide and -- >> that's right. >> make a fe bucks. >> that looks like fun to ride on. very dedicated fans you have right there.
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beautiful conditions all across the area. here's a look at mount charleston the day. also across the valley, saw some beautiful conditions as well. this is actually a running time tlaps lapse. not too much happening here. we're getting more clouds. but other than that, not too much really chamge -- changing. we'll see the colder temperatures. brooklyn, 44 degrees compared to on the west side of town. palo verde, 35 degrees. we'll also take a look at conditions where we started off. many neighborhoods starting friday off with temperatures in the 20s and 30s all across the area. we're off to a cold start this morning. it will be very cold overnight tonight. not quite as cold as this morning but still pretty chilly. want to keep the electric blankets handy. the temperatures outside mostly in the 30s and 40s. light winds do continue around
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and just outside of the valley, 17 degrees for mount charleston. mid 0s for pahrump, low 40s for overton. 33 for bulder boulder city outside right now. currently seeing nice, partly cloudy skies across the las vegas skyline. as we take a closeup of the satellite, not too much action happening on the southern portion of the state. we're getting increasing clouds from the pacific. here's what we want to talk about. in the week ahead, we have a series of storms that are set to impact our area. the first one is this one you see right here by the beginning of the workweek we've got a good chance of showers headed our way. by the middle of the workweek, you can seal this monster here -- you can see this monster brewing. in the short term, more cloud. you can see them screaming in across southern nevada tonight. we'll make up with clouds tomorrow morning as well. as you can see, partly cloudy, becoming mostly cloudy. temperatures dropping down to
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we'll see breezes out of most throughout the -- out of the northwest throughout the evening. temperatures, teens in alamo, nothing that's warm. 9 degrees for your overnight throw. 20s for pahrump. upper 20s for lake mead and 350s for boulder city. tomorrow's mys will be -- highs will be warmer. we'll see a gradual warming trend. 55 for mess key. 54 for pahrump. 53 for boulder city. a look at your saturday morning forecast, starting off with temperatures in the 30s. by 8:00 a.m., you can see reaching the 50s by noon. highs tomorrow, more clouds, temperatures will be below normal. as we take a look at the next seven days, it will be calm for the weekend. like i said a gradual warming trend. remember the two systems? that's gonna bring us this chance of showers headed our way over the next few days. it looks like we'll get hit a couple of times by these storms.
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in the next week ahead. temperature-wise, not too much variation highs in the 50s over the next seven days. you will just want to each day as you plan decide whether you will wear a winter coat or rain coat. i would spay both. >> and an umbrella. >> absolutely. >> thank you. healthy reflections. the secret to healthier eating. it might be in the mirror. >> how researchers say seeing yourself eat do impact what you eat in 2016. fresh start if you are look took shore up your finances.
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of money down the line. now that it's the new year, many of you will pledge this is the year you are finally going to get in shape. >> kim wagner teamed up with the experts to help make that new year's resolution a reality. >> reporter: more than 50 million americans belong to a gym. and one of the biggest reasons they say they end up quitting is because of the cost. bell, consumer reports -- well, comor reports did some digging and came up with five tips for
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fitness regimen on track. if getting in shape is one of your resolutions, you don't have to break the bank to break a sweat. just like buying a car. the first rule is always negotiate. >> always assume you can get a better deal and do that by asking the right questions and visiting at the right times. >> reporter: january is a great time for promotions. but wait until the end of the month when sales teams may be more eager to make a deal. consider bringing some friends and asking for a group discount. and number 2, consider what kind of membership you really need. some gyms let you pay less for more limited access and fewer perks. >> they won't utilize it, they can just pay $10. if they are interested, they can pay $189.99 a month. >> reporter: ask your gym for a cheaper plan since it may not be advertised. number three, see if your boss
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>> about half of larger firms have wellness firms. many include discount on memberships or the ability to access on-site workout facilities. >> reporter: and check your health insurance policy for gym benefits. some bluecross/blueshield members can pay as little as $25 a month. if you don't know how much you will be able to work out or if you are the kind of person who likes to mix it up with different kinds of workouts, consider a pay as you go membership. with these deals, you can sign up at more than one type of gym and only pay when you use the facility. >> . most gyms offer free trial passes for the day and sometimes for the entire week. that way you can have a better feel for the gym before you sign on the dotted line. kim wagner, news 3. >> if you are looking to shore up your finances, here are some tips. check your credit report because it really affects your ability
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even help you avoid any identity theft that may happen. if you have debt, manage it to help rebuild your credit and if you have a big financial decision to make, don't rush it. instead, take the time to find the very best deal for you. the latest hack or cyberattack could be in your hand. smartphones present the biggest risk category this year according to cybersecurity company fortnet. malicious apps and web browsing. the new year will bring new viruses including the first headless worm. they are a malicious code that target headless devices like smartphones and even medical hardware. time to get a look ahead at what's live at 11:00, controversy surrounding the last police shooting of 2015. why the slaying suspect's family says their loved one was murdered and we'll introduce you
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quite the birthday tale -- birthday tale. finally here at 7:00, a lot of talk has been made over new year's resolutions. people want to eat healthier, could the secret to that be by looking in the mirror? >> researchers asked a group to choose fruitcake or salad. people who ate cake said they liked the dessert less than those who couldn't see themselves. experts say actually seeing ourselves eat unhealthy foods may make us uncomfortable even if we don't realize why.
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