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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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night. shot and killed by metro officers on new year's eve. thanks for joining us. police say he was wanted for at the same time murder charges, but his family says that's simply not true. >> reporter: the man was shot and killed by metro police officers after they mistook a cell phone in his hand for a weapon. he was shot multiple times by two metro police officers and
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was allowed to happen. this is the 23-year-old shot and killed by two metro officers on new year's eve. family says he was in town visiting an uncle. they were trying to extradite him back to arizona, shortly after he was convicted of a crime there. they opened fire on him after mistaking his cell phone in his happened as a weapon, this despite several commands to put it down. they were informed that he was wanted for attempted murder in arizona, but court records was recently convicted of several vital crimes, including burglary, kidnapping, aggravated theft and assault, but there was no charges of attempted murder. >> the u.s. marshals know exactly what his charges are. they know what's going on with him. it's false.
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department out here, so what did they do? they lied. >> he was wanted for a suspected murder and he was in the area and they have believed he was in custody of a fire farm, he was fired on several times. >> the suspect's family plans to hold a vigil tonight in this neighbrhood in honor of the loves they lost just days ago. it has yet to be seen whether any body camp video is available from the incident which could answer questions we have. >> we'll certainly put that in request on monday when a lot of the team is back in town and back from the holiday. we'll continue to follow up on this man. thanks for that. a lot of people getting an early start on their travels home.
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traffic has been slow all day and will likely be slower tomorrow we're told. speeds 10 miles per hour at the border. many visitors came from southern california. time for our first along at our forecast. one of the first forecasts for you, jerry brown, as we kick off the new year as we show you the possibility of lane this week. >> let's look 12 hours back, throw in the sun rise. the clouds certainly thickened during the day. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. currently 48 degrees in north las vegas. let's take a look at what's going on from space. some moisture alawsuit.
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active. that's going to be impacting us through the workweek so monday through friday we're going to be under the gun at any time for a shower to potentially heavy rainfall amounts, but nothing tonight. we stay chilly. we stay dry through tomorrow. get set for some rain on the workweek and we'll keep you updated throughout the period. metro police are searching for a suspect who killed one man and wounded another. this hand early this morning. officers were called to the scene after a report of gunshots just after 3:00. two men had to be taken to the hospital, one later died. the man killed ended the business and initiated a confrontation with two other men. the fight escalated with the victim being shot several times. police are looking for the shooter now. this does mark metro's first homicide of the year.
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investigating an allegation of battery against are and about singer chris brown. it was at the palms casino. they made contact with a woman who appeared to have minor injuries. the victim was attending a party inside the ho -- a hotel room. when the victim went to take a picture of brown, then the victim was alleged to be battered by him and also took her cell phone. she reported the incident to hotel security. detectives attempted to contact brown, but it was determined he had left prior to the officers' arrival. this investigating now not surprisingly ongoing. a crime report has been taken for misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor battery listing brown as a suspect. brown was taken off penalty
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domestic violence incident after then girlfriend arena reported it. president obama spending his last day in hawaii today. the president will address what he calls the nation's epidemic of gun violence. >> last month we remembered the third anniversary of newtown. this friday i'lle thinking about my friend, gabby giffords, five years in her recovery. >> putting the nation's gun violence at the top of the list for the nation. >> hundreds of thousands of our fellow americans have been mowed down by gun violence.
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>> he wants to close the gun show loophole. and stopping people on the terror watch list not allowed to fly on airlines from buying guns. >> the president would be clearly overreaching because the law is very clear as to who can and who cannot transact a firearm sale. >> but in his final year and consoling his nation injuribly anguished many times, he seems to be ready to take the gun lobby on. also on his new year agenda, especially since. and san bernadino, keeping americans safe and isis. first up, guns. >> because i get too many lets
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kids to sit around and do nothing. yikes democratic presidental candidates are headed back to washington this week. -- [ indiscernible ] -- nevada is the first western state and the third state in the nation to weigh in on the race for president. the nevada democratic caucus takes place february 20th >> still to come, new year's nightmare. plus ... >> this was specifically an example of a time the guy was in the right place at the right time. >> and taking matters into his own hands.
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the day during a holdup at a convenience store. the incredible video that you have to see to believe. plus, a new you.
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those new year's resolutions. >> three people were hurt and at least 50 homes damaged in an explosion in oklahoma city. firefighters say it looks like a toronto that stretched two to 300 yards. fire officials say a man who was inside the home was thrown from his bed. he's being threat now for minor burns. two other people were taken to the hospital for difficulty breathing. new at 6:00, a custody at a 7/11 in new york took down an armed robber and it was all caught on camera. police say the man walked into the store and demanded cash. a cushion rushed in the store and hit the robber in the head several times. the armed man was knocked to the floor and stumbled away by the
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he was found in the attic to is his home and was arrested. he was linked to others in that area. he is in jail on 50,000 bond. the simple ways to keep you on top of your goals for the new year. saturday we were 53, second day almost.
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new year's eve, time to look back and reflect on the year past. and fireworks, plenty of fireworks. emotionally take stock of where you are, make a promise, resolve to be better. sometimes easier than done. >> sometimes it takes a little more support. it takes a community. >> reporter: quitting smoking is one of the hardest ones to keep. she's using a network of helpers. she's created a program available to the public. >> if i'm going to cut five cigarettes, don't say i'm going to hit smoking, just say you're going to go down five cigarettes, because once you reach that goal you're thrilled.
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smaller chunks and pieces. i'm going to lose 2 pounds a week. a lot of times people get overwhelmed by making really large goals. >> reporter: and naturally we heard from all our experts. no matter what your goal, even small milestones can be big victories. if this is the year to make that regulars count, the key is to stay honest. >> and lifetime athletic tells us they had 300 people come to their submittal day 5k on new year's day. news three, our weather authority, apparently we have some rain in store. >> not tomorrow, so you can get your 18 holes of golf in, walk your dogs, do whatever you want. let's go over to -- well, this is a time-lapse on our
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the view looking south across our valley. a lot of clouds around today, weren't there. west wind at 3 miles per hour a3 this is updating live. humidity is 33%. it's higher in the southern islands. 43 degrees at the school, dew point of 22 degrees. take a look at some temperatures across the valley. 40s to 50. 47 in spring valley, 46, mountains edge and 42, a little cooler on the westside of the valley. across the region 28. initial at the airport, 50
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high of 53. we have 57 over in l.a. and a rather chilly 19 up in salt lake city. i think they're going to get a lot of snow in utah over the next week, so you're going to like that if you're a skier. watch the rain long the gulf of mexico. for us, we had the -- goes. and then ghost that's going to get in here to us because we have the the very active pacific. it's hard to put a timetable on it right now, but i'll try to on the 7-day. monday especially tuesday we're looking into some rain. still under the gun. friday looks like possibly more rain. you can see some moisture not hitting the ground. overnight temperatures ranging
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mountain and 40 at the lake mead . temperatures general peaking above the 33 mark. it's a little chilly at five to 10. our normal is 39. not far away from that. check this out, 7 a.m., pushing 40 degrees, mid-fifties by mid-afternoon and mid-50s early evening as well. mount charles should be a pretty good day to get up on the mountain taken -- mount charleston. temperatures peaking at 60 degrees as hoover dam and lake mead. you can see very active, could see showers sunday night, better chance on monday, better chance
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maybe a break halloween between systems. we could see a shower, breezy on wednesday with southeast winds. you can see cooling off. by next week the systems are going to be out of here and calm down, but it will calm down and in the 40s. night ago. >> it's one thing to report on it, but it's another thing to stand in it for four hours. i know, been there, done that. >> appreciate that. thank you.
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another championship on the the championship belt on the line. that would be the welterweight championship hardware, where robbie makes his second tight defense taking on carlos. of five fights. torn acl in the middle of those. pretty good names. big battle and a win against warren mcdonald. he wants to prove everyone wrong again tonight. >> i expect one of the greatest challenges of my career.
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definitely -- [ indiscernible ] -- so yeah, -- [ indiscernible ] -- . the co-main event, two heavyweight contenders, he has won six straight matches. when it comes to the heavyweight division you can throw out all the rankings because these fights are awesome.
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-- [ indiscernible ] -- -- [ indiscernible ] -- georgia staking on georgia state in bowl games. terry showing off his arm. rossin throws 40 yards.
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the bulldogs win by seven. a kansas turnover early. hits the end zone for an early kansas state lead but then it was all arkansas after that. 22 yards, virtual untouched. later it will be collins again for another 13-yard score. 45-23. two more bowl games tonight. by the end of the night we'll be down to one game left, national
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monday night. here's what's coming up on news three live at 11. donald trump's comments about banning muslims generating more headlines tonight.
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statement is in. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight on news three live at 11:00. that will do it for us. be sure to tune in at 11 for all the weather and sports. weather will be interesting. >> see you at 11 everyone. have a g announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? thank y'all very much, now. i appreciate you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. hey, we got a good one today. returning for their second day, from omaha, nebraska, it's the quaites family. [cheering and applause]
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