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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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police initially said the suspect was wanted for aattempted murder, but we have learned that is not true. it is our top story tonight. nathan o'neil joining us live from metro headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: the man was shot and killed by metro police officers after they mistook the cell phone in his hand for a weapon. he was shot multiple times by two metro officers and tonight the suspect's family is demanding answers. >> i just want to wake up, i want to wake up. >> reporter: danielle steagall returns to the spot where her 23-year-old son keith childress jr. was shot and killed by metro officers. >> everybody loved him and all of these people here today can tell you this kid was loved. >> reporter: keith was shot on new year's eve 'this las vegas neighborhood after marshals
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court date in arizona. >> i didn't even know the boy was on the run. he wanted to come special christmas and we didn't talk about it. >> reporter: keith's uncle is outraged metro officers would open fire on keith, mistaking his cell phone for a weapon. all of this happening despite repeated commands to put the object down. >> because the officers believe that the suspect was wanted for attempted murder, because this is a residential area, and because they believed he was armed with a firearm, they discharged their firearm upon the subject striking him several times. >> reporter: but keith was not wanted for attempted murder. >> he was not a gang banger, he was just a happy kid. >> reporter: he was wanted in arizona, convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. >> just want to make sure that his name is cleared, sure, he had some charges and he was running from the law, we're not stupid to that. but he was unjustly shot, plain and simple. >> i want justice for my son and i'm going to get justice for my
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it doesn't quit here. >> reporter: the family also telling me tonight that investigators told them that there is in fact body camera footage of this entire incident, and they were told that that footage will be released to the media as early as monday. we'll definitely be looking out for that, because there are a lot of questions surrounding this entire incident. >> anchor: thank you, nathan. we also tonight learned the officers involved in thursday's shooting have been identified as 37-year-old sergeant robert bohannon and officer blake wallford, both have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a review on the matter. r and b singer chris brown back in the headlines tonight, this time for allegations stemming from his stay here in las vegas this weekend. metro detectives are currently
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palms casino earlier today. officers responded and found a injuries. according to the investigation the victim was attending a party inside a hotel room. an altercation took place over a cell phone when the victim went to take a picture of brown. the victim alleged to have been battered by brown, who at the same time took her cell phone. the investigation is ongoing. brown was taken off of felony probation last year for a domestic violence incident against then girlfriend rihanna. now a developing story, a person is found dead in the northwest part of the valley after a possible segway accident earlier tonight. the call came just before 7:00. craig. the person was found dead on a sidewalk near the segway. the cause of death is not known yet, but police are leaning toward a possible accident on the two-wheeled self balancing device.
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investigation. well, there's one more day hol weekend, and peep start on their travels home. here's a live look at i-15 at the prim, nevada-california border there, traffic has been slow all day and will likely be slower tomorrow. we've received reports of speeds as low as 10 miles per hour e at the border at times. 332,000 people came to nevada to celebrate the new year and many are from southern california. metro police are searching for a suspect who killed one man and wounded another. this happened early this morning following a fight at the segal suites near craig and nellis. officers were called after a report of gunshots just before 3:00. two men had to be taken to a hospital, one later died. investigators say the man who was killed entered the business and initiated a confrontation with two other men. the fight escalated with the victim being shot several times.
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this does mark metro's first homicide of the year. donald trump's recent comments about barring muslims from entering the u.s. are now part of a recruitment video for a terror group affiliated with al qaeda. the video is from al-shabab, the al qaeda affiliate based in africa has been responsible for a number of attacks. the clip looks to portray america as a racist and anti-muslim society. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what the -- is going on. >> anchor: analysts say using trump can be an effective tactic for the terrorists, and trump's opponents have warned his statements about muslim was be used by militants.
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candidate yet. lines of people stretched out the door today at the nation's gun show in virginia. the annual event falls the weekend before president obama is expected to meet with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss stiffer gun control laws. the president says he wants to close the so-called gun show loophole, which doesn't require background checks for purchases at shows. gun owners say they believe the presid and attendance at this year's show. >> there is a lot more people in the show than i have seen in a long time, they actually opened another side of the venue. so i think it probably has had an impact on sales. >> everybody gets fear vus and starts buying up. like last year with the ammo. i'm not concerned. >> anchor: exhibit fors say the nation's gun show also specializes in firearms training
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than 350 people sign up for classes. still to come, new developments in the lamar odom case, how his family is coping with his recovery just months after his close call in nevada. and more bad news for the makers of a popular ice cream. why investigators are now looking into when and how much the company knew before the deadly outbreak. plus, powerball fever kicking off the new year, a look at those lucky numbers and just how
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that's ahead on news 3 live. >> anchor: a house in oklahoma city was wiped off the map after an early morning explosion. fire officials say at least 50 homes were damaged ave. a gas leak caused the house to explode. you can see piles of debris all over the street.
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including the home's owner with second and third degree burns. officials say the man sleeping inside the leveled home is lucky to be alive. oklahoma natural gas officials say they are still investigating the explosion. now there's word tonight the justice department has started a criminal investigation of blue bell creameries over a listeria outbreak linked to three deaths. an f.d.a. investigation found the company knew one of its plants was contaminated as early as 2013. the c. d. c. has traced illnesses to blue bell, back to 2010. >> the inspection reports and what the f.d.a. found when they went in there this spring were horrific, they knew listeria was in their plant. it was a problem ongoing, long standing, and they didn't do anything about it. >> what the federal government is doing is sending a powerful message to manufacturers of food that you can't poison your
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contaminated product. >> anchor: blue bell is not commenting on reports of the d.o.j. investigation. still to come at 11:00, former nba player lamar odom back in the headlines, the latest on his recovery after being found unconscious in nevadadaonths ago. >> we were in the 40s yesterday, 50s today, our second below normal day, however, we may just be above normal tomorrow. enjoy it because cooler air is coming in and also the
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>> gerard: a new photo of former nba star lamar odom surfacing this week. it's the first photo of odom since his hospitalization back in las vegas in october. his son, lamar odom jr., posted the photo on his instagram page on new year's eve. the caption reads, christmas with my pops, here's to 2016, blessed. odom is recovering in los angeles after being found unconscious at a brothel just outside las vegas nearly three
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the first powerball drawing of the year is heating up and will likely offer one of the bigger prizes in the game's history. with a $334 million jackpot up for grabs, tonight's drawing is the 12th largest in history. the winning numbers are 42, 15, 6, 5 and 29. and the all important powerball number is 10. the winner can opt for 30 annual payments or just take the cash value of a measly $05 million. the odds of winning, one in 292 million. but if you're that one, it's a good thing. president obama has declared of flooding. the declaration, it allows federal aid to be used to help state and local response efforts to storms that began before christmas. it has also authorized the federal emergency management agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts.
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asked for the declaration. floodwaters are receding now in the midwest, but there is a threat of moving to the south as the water flows down the mississippi river. news 3 is your weather authority, back here at home it's a chilly star year. we're getting a warmup this weekend, but also some activity on the horizon for next week. >> yes, looks like we could get some downpours next week, we need them so that is good news. and of course it's always nice when it stays dry on the weekend and rains during the week. a lot of people like it that way. it doesn't always happen, but looks like it might work out this time. we're certainly not talking about moisture tonight or tomorrow. here's your day in retrospect from the rising sun looking out from the springs reserve to the east. you can see there were a lot of cloud in our skies today. we had the filtered sunshine through those clouds. and still plenty of clouds moving across the area tonight.
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springs preserve with calm winds, 54%. the pressure still high at 30.11 inches of mercury. and down on the strip, 47 degrees with calm winds. meanwhile liberty high, cool 39 degrees. that's down in summerlin, st. rose and bermuda, southwest breeze at 6 miles per hour. take a look around our valley, north las vegas airport 43, same reading over at dick ins elementary in the nellis area. summerlin at 34. pahrump valley high 38 degrees him it's 46 at the lake meade ma reason aand 53 down the river in laughlin. let's see what's going on at the airport, 44 for las vegas, that's down from the afternoon high of 53. 20 up in salt lake city. nationally, of course you're not
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they've got problems in the mid mississippi valley and plenty of moisture down in, along the gulf and mississippi delta getting rain as well. for us, the on shore flow and california getting some sprinkles tonight, boy, they could use that. the big story, though, very active pacific, a series of storms are going to come marching through this week. 's hard to put an exact timetable on it. we'll try on the seven-day, but just get the idea that we'll be under the gun monday through friday. there will probably be some breaks, though, in that perfect. there's plenty of moisture aloft. but i think by monday night it will be hitting the ground. freezing point for an overnight low in pahrump, 35 mesquite, 37 boulder city. we've been lower, in the 20s. clouds will help with the insulation. temperatures a few degrees warmer than today tomorrow over southern nevada. a bit chilly with the north win at 5 to 10 miles per hour. then about 5 degrees warmer than
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that will be nice, our normal is 57. so we may actually have a day above norm. 39 at 7:00 a.m., mid 50's noon and early evening. if you're heading to the mountain, should be a good day for winter sports from lee canyon's 38. and lake meade about 60 degrees with increasing clouds. right now it's looking like monday night we could get rain in here, tuesday looks like crunch time and maybe a break, but still under the gun for some showers. some cooler air getting in here on friday, and also probably bring going a shower or two. so we'll be in the 40s by the week's en and then a cool weekend, but a dry one. so hopefully monday through friday rain and then you can get your golf game in. >> gerard: okay, i haven't played much lately, maybe the rain will help.
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coming up in sports, tonight's welter weight championship fight at the mgm grand was a war
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but who was the winner? >> fight night in las vegas, the ultimate fighting championship
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the welter weight championship belt. robe lawlor taking on carlos condit. the round of the decade, lawlor came out slower than usual. condit had a flurry in the fourth. in the fifth, the round of the year. both fighters landed huge strikes, blood was flying for the final five minutes. both fighters out of gas. in the end robe lawlor defended his title, taking it home with a split decision. we'll have more reaction on this fight tomorrow on sports night. the heavyweight championship
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four more bowl games. tcu31-0 at the half. their backup helping his team come back, nice touchdown pass. and then the block for aaron green and suddenly it was tied. biggest comeback in bowl history, they go to three overtimes. horn frogs win. what a comeback for tcu. georgia comes alive in the second. goodwin showing off his arm. seven to go in the first half, more from georgia. up the middle, 24-3 virginia. penn state trying to come back
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great catch there, but that would be your marriage inof victory as georgia gets the win. kansas city taking on arkansas. after that, all arkansas. collins, 22 yards up the middle, he's going to score. tied the game at seven. then later collins will score from 13 yards out to put the razorbacks up 21-10, they get the win. now college hoops, top ranked michigan state spartans won't be null one next week after a loss earlier in the week. they, the spartan is up five until mason cuts it to two. michigan state responds. forkers will drain the long
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from the three-point line. rebels not in action now until wednesday when they go to c.s. u. and here's a quick note. new mexico tonight beat fresno in fresno by 15. new mexico is not supposed to be any good. require don know what's happening with the mountain west, but hopefully the rebels can pull it together soon, randy, thanks very much. finally tonight we've all heard the term let sleeping bears lie, especially when they're lying in a tree in your neighborhood. barely a day into the new year this guy or gal showed up just outside new york city, perhaps sleeping off the new year's eve festivities. who knows, but police decided to let the bear be, as it slept through most of the attention.
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thanks for watching eve
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