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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  January 3, 2016 8:30pm-9:30pm PST

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chicago cheering for the minnesota vikings to finally knock them off their perch. >> al: 68 seconds. fourth down. and the punt by locke. fielded at the 37 by micah hyde. and he goes out of bounds at about the 42 yard line with 5288 seconds. if minnesota wins seattle goes to min machine next weekend. green bay goes to washington. somehow the packers can pull this one out, they stay home and minnesota comes back for a rematch and seattle goes to the nation's capital. >> cris: you know what would be interesting is if they scored a touchdown, would you go for two to avoid overtime in this situation in particular with the playoffs coming up not wanting to play too long before those playoffs start? >> al: green bay would win the division with a tiebreaker, of
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the end of overtime. from the 42 yard line. rodgers. and he gets hit as he throws. pressure put on up the middle. incomplete, second down. tom johnson disrupted it. >> cris: i tell you, tom johnson has really been something. he's a guy that he's kind of been everywhere, canadian league, arena league, europe league. he keeps making plays inside. a guy that's a little nondescript but always running into the quarterbacks. >> al: vikings missing one of their top d-linemen tonight, linval joseph. second down and ten. four-man rush. fires over the middle. that's incomplete. intended for cobb. 50 seconds now. third and ten. >> cris: much better job that
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underneath that middle read. that's probably been the difference in this game, al, is the ability of these inside linebackers to take away those easy inside throws that aaron rodgers loves. you see kendricks dropping right back underneath it. he sees the adjustment by cobb. runs underneath it. forces rodgers to throw it wide and misses it. >> al: he's really taken a beaten. the last two games, sacked 13 times, five tonight. third down and ten. rodgers flushed out. downfield, throws, and not even close. that one is knocked down by munnerlyn. so it's down to this. one play, fourth down. green bay trying to keep its hopes alive. otherwise it's on to the road. >> cris: well, we have a lot of mobility. they've been playing those two
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but aaron rodgers certainly a threat to run in these really clutch situations. see if they keep those two deep safeties back, i think they will. >> al: backing up right now. backing the linebackers up. and rodgers on fourth down. he's going to keep it alive on a pass to richard rodgers. clock keeps on running. they have to scramble to the line. line of scrimmage at the 46. does he spike it here? no. backs you, throws at the outside. caught. now dovonte adams. 24 second. ball at the 49 yard line. >> cris: don't give up anything. these are interesting strategies to me. you get about three shots at plays. do you want to continue to march it down and have one throw at the end of take all these shots
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shape or form? >> al: sooner or later. second down and three from the 39 yard line. rodgers. scrambles away. takes the shot deep downfield. and out of the end zone. and that took nine seconds off the clock. you're down to 15. >> cris: they really sort of had the wide receiver screen set up. and i'm not sure if they didn't just ad lib this one a little bit on the fly. runs down the field. it looked to be one of those quick screens that was going to be thrown out. and they had some space to run. but i think aaron made up his mind he was going to take one of those shots down the field. >> al: sendejo, the safety, stayed with him. 15 seconds and third down.
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and that's going to take us -- unless perry can spike it here, that's going to do it. that's also fourth down. so can rodgers spike it in time? he's going to get one more play. one more miracle attempt. to the end zone. can they do this again? no. holy mackerel. >> cris: wow, what a game. it took every second, but they finally knocked the champs off in this division. >> al: mike zimmer, took him a long time to get a head coaching job. gets the gatorade bath. division champs. they have another game at home in minneapolis before they go to the dome next year. and the seahawks know they go to the twin cities and the packers know they go to washington. >> cris: i think that was xavier rhodes who went over the top of
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xavier rhode had one of the best games i've seen him have. does he get the play off in time? right there. and he got -- he had richard rodgers down the field after he scrambles. xavier rhode goes over the top and bats that thing down. number 29. >> al: you also had anthony barr right there fronting it. >> cris: there he is right there. >> al: here comes barr and barr is right there, too. >> cris: rodgers sort of backs his way in and just as it was coming into richard rodgers' hands, xavier rhodes knocked it away and saved the day. xavier rhode had a great game. >> al: yes, he did. mike zimmer takes his team home to take on the seahawks next week.
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the regular season is history.tetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetete welcome to the volkswagen passat post game report. here now bob costas. >> right down to the final play, but finally the minnesota vikings slay their dragon, the green bay packers, at least as far as the division is concerned, before they move on to the playoffs. the vikings are the champions of the nfc north. they'll head to washington and
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nation's capital. 20-13 the final score. here are your game balls. one will go to everson griffen, the defensive end of the vikings. he had six tackles, a couple of sacks and a forced fumble. defensive back xavier rhodes played a terrific all-around game and included three tackles and an interception and adrian peterson in the course of winning his third career rushing title, carried 19 times for 67 yards and a touchdown. they get the game balls and the honor of speaking with michele. >> adrian, first we got to ask you about your lower back. you went into the locker room, came back out, tried to give it a go. what's going on? >> a back spasm in the lower back. it was awkward. got twisted up on me, hard to get it loosened up. >> not going to be a problem next week? >> not going to be a problem. i came back out here and tried to dog it out. i'll be good by next week. >> because you are the division champs for the first time since 2009.
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>> oh, man, it means so much. we beginning of this season talking about winning the nfc north. and this week we was able to realize that opportunity was right there in front of pups to come out here at lambeau and leave with a victory, you know, just give all the glory to god. >> same year that you win your third career rushing title. i saw your dad before the game. he's here, very excited about that. adding that on top, what does it mean? >> it means a lot, you know, when i look back over the past year, two years and i told myself coming into the game, if the season was to end right now before we even played this game, god has been good to me and my family. you know, so to add on, you know, another title, rushing title, you know, i just continue to give him thanks, man. i'm blessed. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's go defense now with offensive line was hobbled, but how were you guys able to be so
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scrambling aaron rodgers? >> it was a group effort. we went out there and we rushed hard. it was just a group -- we just won the game, man. it was a group effort. and we tried hard and we won the game. and i'm excited right now. >> you guys were out there a lot this defense. and to come on the road into lambeau and to knock off the four-time defending division champs, what does it mean? >> it's huge, man. you know, we talked about this day one at training camp. and all our dreams came true. and you know, it was a team win. offense played great, defense played great. and you know, we went out there and fought for four quarters. like adrian said, give all the glory to god. and we went out there and dominated and we won the game. >> congratulations. on to seattle. hosting seattle. and zavxavier rhode, your first career interception -- first of the season. don't want to take anything away
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first of the season. couldn't have come at a better time. what were you seeing? >> we practiced all week about rodgers coming out of the pocket. i just covered my guy and i was in the right spot at the right time. >> next week you're at home, you host seattle. they were there earlier this season and really handed it to you guys. why do you think this time can be different? >> because we looked at our flaws and our mistakes we did last time and correct those and come with a better attitude and not make mental errors. >> division champs, how does it sound? >> it sounds really great. this is my first time ever take it all in and celebrate as a team. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> bob? >> all right, thanks, very much, michele. here is the schedule for next week. we start with the nfc, the panthers have finished 15-1 and the cardinals are 13-3 have the byes.
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we'll have that came for you on nbc at 1:00 eastern time on sunday. the packers, the packers will take on washington at 4:40 on sunday and that game will be seen on fox. so let's writebring in tony dungy. who would you least want to face right now if you were coaching a team in the nfc? >> if these minnesota vikings who have to face seattle, seattle is playing red hot, and i just like where they are. their defense, russell wilson, and the fact that they went into minnesota and they won that game earlier in the season. they've got that championship swagger. they're not afraid of going on the road. minnesota will have their hands full. i think we'll have a great game next week. >> let's take a look at how things will go neckxt weekend in the nfc. the bye will go to denver. the patriots drop to number two.
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eastern time on saturday. and kansas city will open it up at houston on saturday at 4:35 on abc/espn. okay, what are you looking for in the afc as the playoffs begin over there, tony? >> well, bob, the afc is so wide open. i don't know that i can remember a year where the number one seed, denver, has been beaten by both wild card teams. that just shows you how explosive and exciting this is going to be. pittsburgh and kansas city have great teams. they're both playing good football. and they can go a long way. so i don't know who you peg as the favorite but i like both of the wild card teams, kansas city and pittsburgh. >> of course, they have to play the extra game and they're likely to be on the road throughout. creates an additional hurdle. now let's take a look, as we bring in mike florio, as some of the head coaching spots that are open, and there are several.
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entering the day. the interim coaches in miami and tennessee plus chip kelly's firing several days ago in philadelphia. but two more spots opened up today with the browns cleaning house and the 49ers firing jim tomsula after one year. what else can we expect in the next coming days? >> the next one is in indianapolis where choech chuck pagano has completed his four-year contract with no extension. he's expected to meet on monday with owner jim irsay. the expectation is pagano will be relieved of his duties. what happened to gm ryan grigson. there's a thought that his future is tied to whoever is next coach is. in 1998 the colts made a run with a kay named nick saban who may be getting restless. in new york, it's not as certain as many believe regarding the future of tom coughlin. some think he'll retire or resign on monday. it's going to be determined on
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with ownership. he could stay. it's not a done deal. he could be fired and if he's fired he could xwoechcoaching somewhere else in 2016. sean payton will meet with mickey loomis. and in detroit the fate of coach jim caldwell will be determined by the next gm after that person is hired. finally, in san diego, there are reports that chargers coach mike mccoy is safe. that may be the case. but the first order of business for the chargers is to file a relocation petition to los angeles as soon as tomorrow if they get approval on january 13 to move, mccoy's fate could change. >> a lot of pieces moving around the chess board. again here at lambeau tonight, the final score, the vikings win the nfc north. they beat the packers 20-13. al and cris are back to wrap things up after this. the sunday night football post game report is brought to
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welcome back to volkswagen passat post game report. we got a lot of heart. come to lambeau. defeat the champions to become the champions. right? right. so we play at sunday at noon at home against seattle. so here's the deal. i will see you on -- no. i will see you on wednesday. be ready to work. hey, hey, hey, hey, there's a much bigger prize out there. a much bigger prize out there. you've earned it. so let's go get this. >> mike zimmer, we've known him a long time. long time assistant coach forever and ever.
8:49 pm
coaching interviews. really never came close. and then minnesota makes the dead right choice, as it turns out. >> he's like bruce arians, really, a guy that had to wait a long time, but now they see what everybody missed. >> what do you think of the green bay packers? all of a sudden they staggered down the stretch, they got to go to washington. how do you see that shaping up? >> they've got aaron rodgers. you just look at the mayplayoff picture and say who has the quarterbacks. when ben roethlisberger entered the championship race, that felt different to me. russell wilson is playing brilliant football. if you follow the quarterbacks, you can be fairly safe. >> we've got the early game on sunday, the 1:00 eastern time game. we go to minnesota where seattle went into a couple weeks ago and blew them out. we've all seen it happen where something happens in the regular season and the reverse happens in postseason. what will be different for the vikings in that game?
8:50 pm
differently because of that game. they're getting the ball much quicker out of bridgewater's hand. they've been back to the running game. they're focusing in on what they do really well. this one, does marshawn lynch play? he's coming back in the building on monday. pete carroll know whether he'll play. saturday, they get to play on sunday. be exciting, one more game in minnesota, they didn't think that would happen. >> 1:00, you ready for that? >> we'll be there. i don't know how to do a game in the sunshine, but we'll be there anyway. crazy ending for the regular season. wild one here. 20-13. so our entire gang downstairs and off we go the great white north next week for playoff action. until then i'm al michaels, cris collinsworth and michele tafoya
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field in green bay, wisconsin. watching this special
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football league.
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their sights on sout.freaking use involving the bundy family. the kius or the consumer electronics show your a previthis week live at prime starts now. >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us as the new year holiday weekend comes to an thit's going to be an
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we talra you can see the broad expanse from the sierrn and you can see the moisture already aloft in our moisture much-needed moving into california andthat will stay aloft and much of those rain wednesday and thursday could turn to snow shows heforecast for you can see my precipitation by the
8:55 pm
come in, heavier stuff. . forecasting 8/100 of an inch in las vegas by tis temperatures at best only in the lower area northeast of las vegas, now a desert area i ongoing debate betfuge to local ranchers for burning federal land they are being led by ryan bundy, the sons of clive and bundy. he was at the center ocasouth of burns oregon.
8:56 pm
use it free of federal oversight. more now from crisp light on it. >> 40 or so miles south of burns oregon, the area is rihas taken over, blocking roads, harming guard when government steps outside of the bounds of the , it is the duty of the people to put that governmenthe federal government after the prosecution hammond. the judge convicted the duo of they are scheduled to report to
8:57 pm
five years for 127 acres? seems like a bit of overkill. at a majority are not from oregon. >> we came to shounder the cover of darkness, the militia took over . >> i will be clear. we will not be addressing government. that is something we w.d. they will be ready to respond . >> if we did, they would be putting lives at risk because
8:58 pm
occupying came to town under false pretenses. sheriff davieeuiy for their own safety. we did reach out to cli antonio possible on has developed a good reputation workmanship with the rancher. he's tomorrow for more on this developing story. metro police make an arrest of two people in colas vegas. 27-year-old kyle stats and 19-year- on first-degree murder, attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges. stle
8:59 pm
shot in his vehi outside 24 hour fitness. security video showed a sedan pulling up next t metro is crediting dozens of tips as being inst representative for chris brown issued a state around, who was in town for a new year's conceand hitting her after she tried to take a photographrg reports brown's representative as
9:00 pm
terrace was escogos. t ed. the holidays are over. time now for people to after their winter break. saturday evening, it' out of las vegas. we show you what it looks li. things are moving a lot better if you can beliethen they were earlier in the day. it was that nevada border . that distance is 35 miles. that is no fun. the consumer electroov to see the latest and greatest in the new tecgives us a
9:01 pm
year focus on the announcement by ferriday future. wh. >> it was only a few weeks ago we learned the electric car company ferriday future was coming to nevada to put down being a big game changer for our community. >> crews are prepping for the largest consum it's here you will find the latest in drones, wand ultrahigh death tv. >> nevada itself is a technology hub. >> many will be looking. >> we have the next generation of electronic vehicles.
9:02 pm
>> the company ferriday future has yet to pro tioin north las vegas. that means 4500 new jobs f bringing in one
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[audio lost] the henderson fire department and operation fire he provided christmas for a family of five. of the kinfamily lost everything when their house was destroyed by a fire in early december. operation fire for emergency assistance team. alonwith the firefighters
9:04 pm
brought christmas presents for the children, the whole works for group also took the family shopping for necessities as supplies. the canes lost everything and are still even now looking for a place to live . >> it means so much to us. even the little things, the toothpaste, somebody to bring us dinners . go to bring these gifts is going to be amazing for my children to go . >> this is the seventh family that operation fire heat has assisted this season. they provide assistance for children and families affected by holiday fires on december through january 15 and still to come, the holiday is over and president obama is ready to get down to business. look at the heated debate he is
9:05 pm
week unique job fair was held for those interested in the marijuana industry and that was held at what may be the first cannabis church in nevada. the storefront facility is located near the corner of maryland parkway and tropicana pure the owners conduct tours in the southern nevada and say they are recruiting for marijuana industry positions across the state to >> what you are looking at is the cannabis church. what we believe is the first
9:06 pm
in cannabis is actually part of the religion. in addition, we have created the cannabis community center and gift shop and what we are aiming to do is make it a resource center for nevada patients and also out-of-state patients . >> several hundred applicants were screened for jobs today. on another job fair will be held january 6 the church they say has its roots with universal unitarianism. the democratic presidential candidates are heading back to las vegas this coming week. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley handling of first in the west caucus dinner at the mgm grand wednesday. the dinner hosted by harry reid . the tickets cost between $125 and $500 each. nevada is the first western state and the fourth state in the nation to weigh in on the race for president of the democratic caucus takes place every 20 obama is reportedly moving ahead with plans to use
9:07 pm
gun laws. the president knows he has no chance of getting the cooperation of congress so tomorrow he is meeting with his attorney general to map out what he can do legally. o'brien more as the story from washington . >> returning to washington to start his last year in office, president obama is reportedly hoping to tighten gun laws without the input of congress but he's getting plenty of feedback from the candidates hoping to replace it. >> if you want to make changes, convince congress they are necessary .>> with san bernardino joining a long list of cities of gun violence on his watch, he will meet with his attorney general monday to talk about an executive order expanding background checks and banning sales to some criminal suspects. >> people with mental issues, health issues should not own guns. i think that's what the president is trying to do. >> republicans don't see it that way. >> the first impulse is always
9:08 pm
from citizens and it is wrong. >> i am especially concerned because i know what a republican president with me. >> republicans will undo any obama orders on guns. >> i will unsigned that so fast . >> on my first day in office, they're gone. >> from the campaign trail to the white house, a new talking point in the debate over dozens go . >> the president may reveal his plans over guns but he has scheduled a town hall meeting
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>> we had a little bit of warm-up but that was just a tease because things are changing rapidly once again . >> this week is going to be more exciting than that football game you just watched and we've got a lot of things happening. i'm still here. let's go to it. serious activity in our sky. i'm going to start this loop just before sunrise, looking northwest across our valley. look at all that action in the skies as they darken here and you can see we are currently 52 degrees on the east side. that is one of the warmest monitors here that vegas valley. the winds are calm, humidity 33 percent and the dew point 43 percent your call the barometer has called down since last night. on the west side, noticeably cooler.wins at seven miles per hour. the lower barometer on the
9:10 pm
barely noticeable when you go around the valley at our downtown studios, 50 degrees 47 degrees on palos verdes. green valley is 50 degrees and nelson's edge is 49 degrees. mark charleston 37 degrees. valley high, 46 degrees. boulder city in 50 degrees. we are below normal today. get a little above. we peaked at 56 degrees. we could get 10 below normal is going to be uniform. most days will be well below the norm. 57 degrees in la, 24 degrees in salt lake and 29 in the rain along the peninsula, mercifully midwest. they have enough problems with the flooding. a little low off the coast,
9:11 pm
let's take a bigger picture. here's the second one with that influx of colder air i mentioned that could bring rain and snow showers in the latter part of the forecast. tonight we got moisture aloft. it's not hitting the ground though not too bad. 37 degrees in trim, 39 degrees overton and misty . highs tomorrow generally just in the lower 50s. not as nice as today with and with the precipitation, not as nice a day 40 degrees for the overnight low. winds will be northwest overnight, five 10 miles an hour and developing showers . the kids will get off to school tomorrow okay but there's a chance of a morning sprinkle . by 5 pm, a chance for showers developing . 50 percent chance for snow
9:12 pm
advisory above 5500 feet tuesday through wednesday, that does not include the las vegas valley but the spring mountains are included. the turbulent, unsettled workweas you can see. afternoon showers tomorrow and getting way to more rain overnight. right now i'm thinking tuesday will be the worst of it . but going into wednesday, still a chance for rain and pronounced southerly breezes then lingering into thursday and friday, that's when we get that colder air aloft. by next saturday morning we are close to freezing. if the timing is right, we could see snowflakes on the edge of the valley. not anything major . the winter storm watch is for the mountains, not the valley. >> sounds good jerry, thanks. coming up, the final week of the nfl had plenty of drama.
9:13 pm
position let regular season has come to a close. the last game of the season for many like the chargers but they could spoil denver's day with a win. peyton manning active for the broncos. the backup brought osweiler. low-scoring game, seven six broncos. philip rivers finds his favorite target. it's a 13 seven lead to denver in danger of falling to a six seed. they call peyton manning back in the game since november. he leads the team in an 80 yard drive. game tied at 20. philip rivers growing over the middle but it's picked off by shiloh po. the chargers ronnie hillman takes it in from there.
9:14 pm
the new england patriots needed a win over miami to secure a top seed in the afc.bill belichick and the patriots seeking home-field advantage for the six times since 2003 dolphins happily. stephen jackson recently signed by the new england patriots and he scored a touchdown today. that type things at 10. jackson is going for the playoffs but it would be tenniel to jordan cameron with a touchdown and the past lose. they are now to how about mike patton, coaching his last game as a cleveland browns but the pittsburgh space dealers needed to win. then rock was further looking good. going to put that back and find miller for the touchdown . it was seven zero in favor of pittsburgh then big ben finds his favorite target, antonio brown. the steelers take care of
9:15 pm
they would need help. when they get that help from the new york jets? the jets needed to lose so they needed help from the bill. rex ryan, the old jets coach . you don't think he wanted to spoil the team for the jets? quarterback couldn't find anything to do. he's going to go 18 yards for a touchdown. buffalo up seven zero . bills lead at the break. ryan patrick, looking for eric decker in the end zone. that is picked off by the bills defense. later in the fourth quarter, fitzpatrick is picked off again. he has three fourth-quarter interceptions to spoil the jets. this bird moves in.
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