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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 4, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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even if they don't have\pa them. >> jessica: we're celebrating a hero. one teacher goes the extra mile when t comes to "nght now. liv f las veg news 3. >> jessica: we're just about to hear more aarizona man dead on new year's eve. this happened near desert inn and durango. under sheriff set to hold a news conference to brief the media. that will include the latest developments regarding 23-year-old keith childress's death. >> witnesses say he was holding t a un when he was shot. metro police tell us federal authorities wanted the man for attempted murder charges. we're going to continue to monitor the live feed. we're going to be streaming the press conference live on our website, nlve'll take you back here once it gets started. >> marie: we want to thank you
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president obama will roll out a new set of le: yous. 2 the met officials including attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director comey. the president's advisors delivered a list of recommendations for measures that would not need congressional approval. speaking to reporters, the president said he is confident the new gun control initiatives are constitutionally sound. >> i'm also confident that the recommendations that are being made by my team here are ones that are entirely consistent with the second amendment and people's lawful rights to bear arms. >> jessica: president obama did not specify what actions he plans to take but he did say the new steps will potentially save lives. the new initiatives are expected
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bernar sas been closed tashfeen malik startedir shoilleg by police. farook was an inspector for the san bernardino county department of public health and he worked with many of the victims who were at the center that day for a holiday party. >> marie: new at 3:30 p.m. as we told you the president could use his executive powers to try to tighten gun control expert says it is a delicate balance of constitutional law. h >> reporter: the second amendment to the u.s. constitution gives americans the right to beararms. can mapped out for the use of executive power and the interpretation of those initiatives can get murky.
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grayer than iauta unilateral powers are hard to challebyew deal when congress gave up a lot of the law making authority to the executive branch. >> as a result we got a very unclear situation as to where the president's authority to make regulations ends and the congress's authority is over stepped. >> reporter: in wake of the 2012 mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school, president barack obama was stonewalled in congress and took it upon his own to put forth nearly two dozen executive orders to reduce gun violence. but two years later president obama's most dissertive initiatives like tracking lost or stolen guns or strengthening background checks have faced many obstacles. >> almost none of those initiatives went into affect. >> i will veto that. i will un-sign that so fast. >> reporter: but how fast can undo mr. obama's gun control initiative? >> if the president passes an
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guns, it will take less than a new york minute for the new president to undo what the president has done. >> reporter: scholars are generally split on whether the president is over extending his constitutional authority. some say the president clearly has discretion about how to enforce the law. but whether he should make them is still up for debate. i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> jessica: he says challenging gun control is a difficult task for any president not this so much because of the controversy of guns in the u.s. but because of the constitution's send amendment. >> marie: a new video from isis has officials worried. >> jessica: allison starling takes it from here from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm allison starling.nslatv.]propaganda video from isis features a man and child w
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they g on behalf of great britain. meanwhile sweden imposing identity checks on people traveling into that country from denmark and germany. sweden hopes to slow the influx of mb more than 160,000 last year. and anyone wanting to cross from denmark by train, car, bus or ferry will be refused entry without the necessary documents. and in turkey, nine men linked to isis were arrested trying to enter that country illegally through syria. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling starling. >> jessica: donald trp released his first tv ad of the presidential race and he wasted no time touching on his most controversial proposals. the ad will start running tuesday in new hampshire and iowa. so far in this campaign trump has spent just over $200,000, all of which was on radio ads. trump is promising to ramp up
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week a g caucuss on february 1st. we comb over every single detail of events and put together a complete picture and timeline of what occurred. we count out how many shots were fired. we dot the body cam footage and we ask a lot of questions. as you know we conduct both a concurrent, which is a criminal investigation and critical review investigation for policy procedure, training and tactics associated with every event. our goal is to able to come before the public to provide you with details as we know them today. also an opportunity for the agency to do a self-examination of our response to ensure that officers followed policy and that the shooting was both lawful and necessary. this event began as a u.s. marshal's office was attempting
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the suspect was keith childress. childress was wanted on ten counts that included violent felonies. two weeks before the shooting childress was to appear in a phoenix courtroom for sentencing. his family showed up along with his defense attorney but he did not. the information led the marshal's office to las vegas where childress was staying with a relative. based on the fact that childress was facing a lengthy stay in prison, it appears he skipped his sentencing and fled to las vegas to avoid prison time. i gave you the facts as i know them today. this is officer involved shooting number 16. same time last year we had 16 officer involved shootings. this occurred december 31, 2015 at 2:04 p.m. the top of call was a wanted person call. the location of the officer involved siempincarcelario. 8335 [ bledi crown in l vegas. the time of shots fired was at 2:22 p.m. and you will see an overhead
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of where they were contacted and where the officer involved shooting occurred. our involved officers in this incident are robert bow hannan. he is 37 and has been with the lvpd for 18 years. he was armed with a glock 21, 45 caliber handgun and sergeant bohannonce was blake wallford. he is 27 years old and has been with the lvpd for one year. he was armed with a 226 9-millimeter handgun and he fired five rounds. the suspect is keith childress. see his photograph next to him. 23 years old. he was struck by five rounds that were fired. the suspect's criminal history. he is actively wanted out of the phoenix police department for two counts of aggravated assault, two ount koz of armed robbery, two counts of
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first degree, and two counts of theft. i thought it would be important to give you a little overview of what those warrants ebb taleed. they were issue bid the maricopa county superior court for a case from december 17th for failure to appear. the charges stemmed from an incident that occurred on march 3, 2013 where childress and three others were involved in a home invasion and identified themselves as bounty hunters. the suspects forced their way the residence at gunpoint. took computers, electronic equipment, weapons and a medical marijuana card. the victim identified one of the suspects which in turn led to the arrest of the other involved suspects --. >> jessica: that was metro under sheriff filling us us in the new year's eve shooting of 23-year-old keith childress junior. this is customary. they do it standard procedure every time there's a police shooting in metro's jurisdiction. filling us in on the circumstances around the shooting, previous charges the suspect was facing, et cetera.
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show now. >> marie: waitz a gloomy start to the new year on wall street as stocked sank as part of a global sell off. in worried about new signs of a slow down in china and a flurry of intentions between saudi arabia and iran. the dow jones cloued back the worst of an early decline but ended with its worst case in two weeks. the dow slump 276 points to 17148. it was down 468 earlier. >> jessica: one of the big features of this week's consumer electronics show in las vegas is a high definition tv that you can actually roll up like a newspaper. the 18 inch display is just one of the concept designs lg will be unveiling as it tries to predict the future of television screens. none of these tvs wil be sold in stores. it's possible they may never be available for purchase. it's also not totally clear why you would want to roll up or
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undoubtedly want one anyway. the consumer electronics show runs wednesday through saturday. head over to for additional information and sneak peek videos. >> marie: perhaps watch for that come next holiday season right. did you unwrap a new drone over the past holidays? you may want to check our homeowner's or renter's insurance policy before you take flight. >> first couple of flights i did break blades. i got it stuck in a tree. >> reporter: like many new drone owners adam thompson says flying his drone wasn't so simple at first. >> the drone got too far away. it got out of my sight. and it was rainy. so it was just a catastrophe waiting to happen. >> reporter: as drone use soars, so does the opportunities for property damage or serious injury. in january, this drone crashed on the white house lawn. in a crash the department of
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liable and recommends checking with your insurance. you must also register your drone with the faa. >> you flight and hit your neighbor's car, it breaks through a window or tangles up someone's antenna or something like that. allow them to recognize the potential for danger. >> reporter: that's why the academy of model aeronautics is offering drone own areas $2.5 million liability coverage option for a year. something that thompson says he'll now look into it the next time he flies. >> jessica: prince william and harry are opening up about their private lives in a brand-new documentary. coming up what the royal life ahead. as we honor this week's hero. how one local teacher is going the extra mile when it comes to shaping young lives. >> chloe: stormy weather going to continue across the region. we'll look at those rain totals plus let you know how long this
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>> jessica: when we think about local educators we usually think of what they teach inside the classroom. >> marie: but one teacher finds it just as important to share those valuable lessons you find outside of school. news 3's christine kim introduces us to week's hero. >> reporter: it doesn't take long for these teens to fill 600 bags. >> study hard and never let anything hold you back from your dreams. >> reporter: what they put inside them is much more than school supplies. >> inspirational things. >> reporter: students like jessica are giving piece of their heart. for them. >> reporter: this is the first year students at northwest
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branched out from their usual toy drive to help kids at high need schools. their goal? $6,000. a $10ten kit for each student and some extra. but they ended up raising $9,000 with the encouragement of teacher chris smith. >> it's liberating as a teacher to say, you know, these are our students and this is what they do. and they care more than most people think they do. >> reporter: with the e tra money they were able to give clothing, food donations and even something for the staff. the best part is personally handing the kits they made to the kids who need them. >> the le makes all the difference. >> reporter: smitndg a lot of his own time to make it happen. >> thi is one of the educational experiences that we can provide our students. and to me this is almost more import what we teach in the classroom. and anything i can do to be part of that is worth it to me. >> reporter: and showing the importance of giving to the future.
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take away the idea of, you know, there's always somebody out there that needs your help and no matter what you do and no matter how small it may be it can mean the world to someone else. >> reporter: christine kim, news 3. >> jessica: a big congrats to chris smith. he win as $100 gift card and chance to win a $500 visa card courtesy of children's hospital at umc. >> marie: here is your chance to get involved. if you know someone who has gone above and beyond we want to hear that person's story. submit them on our website, you can also submit that story on facebook. find us by searching for ksnv news 3 las ve while you are there, give us a like. >> jessica: let's continue the conversation. tweet us at marie news 3 lv and jessica news 3 lv during the show and you can tweet the station. >> marie: tomorrow in the good stuff we meet a woman breaking the glass creaming with her love of music.
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>> some of those moertdzs come to me and say it was so great for our daughters to see you. >> marie: decades past the woman on the podium would raise eyebrows. now it's more of a sense of celebration. tomorrow meet the young woman has take her place. >> jessica: our next newscast is a little over an hour away. we want to check with what's coming up on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: cliven bundy's son heading off a standoff in oregon over the fight of use of public land. at five cliven bundy speaks bout the fight and what could be the next step for his son and others who say they're defending their constitutional rights. >> jessica: plus why you might pay for more dairy products this year. those storiess a check of the forecast and a check of traffic tonight on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: six people killed in india, 40 injured when a 6.7
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the border with mia mar. this is a view of the aftermath. travel troubles in portland, oregon after a weekend of snow. ice also accumulating making roadways slick and dangerous. conditions complicated by strong winds. more snow and sleet along with possible freezing rain into the forecast. a winter weather advisory runs through monday. you see the damage on the roadway like so many people it's just tense right now. >> jessica: it makes us take a step back when we want to complain. at least we're not dealing with that. >> marie: news 3 is your weather authority. although khloe you did put it out there we should take extra time on the roads especially does come down. >> chloe: that's right. more time on the roads. doesn't hurt to go slower especially when it starts raining and you are not use to driving in the rain. go slower on the roads. leave plenty of space between other cars and just be careful out there. this is just the beginning of the unsettled weather that we're expecting for the rest of the
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you can see cool and cloudy skies outside. we're going look at a few neighborhoods on to check on conditions. 56 to the south southeast of us. you can see very light rain showers have fallen so far at charlotte hill elementary school. in summerlin palo verde high school in the upper 40s. also light rain showers have been reported in that area as well. rainfall across most of our neighborhoods hasn't been very much. sunrise a little bit as well as downtown, centennial mountains edge and blue diamond. we're going continue to see on-and-off showers throughout the evening. temperatures outside mostly in cent summerlin. low 50s for spring valley. mid-50s for the downtown area. neighborhoods to the east of us are also in the mid-50s as well outside. cool weather conditions do continue across the area. here is a look at what we're in for the rest of the night. still going to hang on to the clouds. light showers are possible throughout the evening with the best chance of showers headed our way by tomorrow.
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all across the west coast. we're going get really close to southern nevada and take a look at the rain that we've been seeing over the last few hours. within the past hour we saw the rain really clear out of the las vegas area. still expecting to see off and on showers throughout the evening into the next few days. you can see this system brewing in the pacific. that is set to impact our area bringing us more rain showers over the next few days. we do have a winter storm warning in affect for some of the mountains. this remains in affect through wednesday morning. we see it potentially up to two to six inches of new snowfall above 5,000 feet and six to 12 inches above 8,000 feet for the matt mountain peaks. potentially heavy snow for the mountains. with the weather advisory in the purple portion for additional snowfall across the area is possible over the next few days. overnight conditions tonight temperatures dropping into the 40s. cloudy skies. keep your eye out for a few
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are commuting th evening. overnight temperatures very chilly. caliente in the 20s as well as alma. 33 for pahrump overnight tonight. as we look at conditions for tomorrow not very warm. fifties for overton. 52 pahrump. 37 in mount charleston. we're going see lots of clouds throughout the afternoon for the las vegas area. with a slight chance of showers possible in the morning. more likely to see rain activity throughout the afternoon with winds just out of the south and south east. as we take a look at the next few days. like i said, good chance of showers that we're going to see for tuesday. after that things slowly start tapering off over the next several days. not too much change temperature wise for the highs next seven days. overnight a little cooler as we get closer to the weekend with lows eventually dropping down into the 30's. keep the umbrella, rain jacket, rain boots, all that handy. all the things i forgot today. [ laughter ] they're right by the door.
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tomorrow you got to get ready. >> jessica: just because it's rainy the dogs don't want to take a day off. we want to say thank you to viewers for sending in photos. vanessa ready for the morning walk on this rainy day. amanda the dog's name is kota. a lazy day. all three just looking at the three. and lolo the dog's name is teta. very nice. >> marie: these dogs, they need to bundle up as well. >> jessica: you're right. i took my pup out for a walk and we made ate short one because he was looking at me like what are you doing? i have a fur coat on mom. a candid new interview with members of britain's royal family about to be broadcast for th prince harry share insights into their lives a way we aren't use to seeing. nbc's natalie morales has more. >> reporter: speaking candidly in a new documentary the men of britain's royal family are opening up. >> a lot more emotional than i use to be. weirdly.
3:55 pm
about their friendship and family with 33-year-old william sharing his thoughts on fatherhood. >> i never used to really kind of sort of get to worry about things. but now the smallest little things i can feel you well up a little more. [music] . >> reporter: the documentary celebrates 40 years of the princes trust. a charity founded by prince charles. the 90 minute special focuses on the prince of wales and his work to help struggling young people succeed. but it's his sons candor that is most striking. >> the advice that he can give us based on the contacts he's made over the years is incredible. >> reporter: prince harry opening discussing his relationship with their father. >> you can actually ring him up and say father i am in a bit of a pickle. or even better you can upload stuff. >> reporter: and william describing how two-year-old prince george and eight-month-old princess charlotte has changed him.
3:56 pm
that happen around the world or whatever a lot more as a father. because you realize how precious life is. and puts perspective. >> reporter: some of the world's most prominent men known for their privacy new speaking out about their relationship and hopes for the future. >> jessica: we want to leave you with this. pasta lovers today is your day. it's national spaghetti day. . >> marie: it is the most commonly consumed pasta. made with flour and water and
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