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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and all eye os the weather has rain came down. how long these wet conditions will stick around. news 3 live at 7:00 starts right now. we start with optimistic news as we head into the new year. it's the big reveal that could bring thousands of jobs to southern nevada. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera. in a half-hour, faraday will unveil their first car. our reporter is live at ce s and just moments away from seeing the car. >> reporter: we're kind of seeing in the future. this caring will built in north las vegas. but before it's been built or sold, we were told this will change the economy up there, a promise that's cost the state so
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that's the amount of money in incentives, in infrastructure changes that have been promised by the state. $250million in tax credits and abatement. the state spends another $120 million on infrastructure that is part of the massive agreement that landed fara day future. it will employ more than 4,000 people. there had been housing projects likely because of what faraday futures that across the street. that's where it sits. we're waiting for the big unveiling at 8:00 p.m. it's the most secretive company. no one knows anything about it. but we are married to this for the future. there will be edges of seats as people are sitting at the edge waiting to see what exactly farada future has in store. back to you. >> very exciting. history as we speak. >> can't wait.
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wiper function on their. we've had scattered showers across the valley. >> that's right. here is a live look outside of the valley. news 3 is your weather authority. how long will this rain stick around? >> it feels like we woke up in seattle. we saw the clouds bringing in showers across the valley and also snow up in the in thes. a very different picture compared to what we're used to as we take a look at the time lapse across the valley. like i said, cloudy skies and isolated showers through most neighborhoods. nothing too measurable. here is a look at the rainfall totals. not a lot to look at. but i will tell you what we can look at, temperatures, you can probably feel them outside, pretty chilly weather continues. 40s and 50s for most of the neighborhoods outside right now. as we take a look at the satellite, we woke up to some showers across the valley, saw them throughout the afternoon. we'll have to get used to them for the next several days. you can see some of the strongest moisture to the south
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the past half-hour, we did get light precipitation across las vegas. like i said, we'll have to get used to it. we still have a few more things brewing in the pacific. that will bring us unsettled weather for the next few days. but it could bring us snowfall in the mountains of we'll tell you how much coming up. back to you for now. >> thank you. a big challenge for 250 nevada national guard members. they are deploying to the middle east. >> there was a special sendoff. sergio avila brings you to the family going through the emotional process for the first time. >> reporter: this mobilization ceremony is a time for these service members to make their final preparations for deployment. part of that process means embracing their loved ones as they go. >> made me feel a little bit better but i'm just nervous and i hope they come home very safe and everyone comes home safe. >> reporter: for ann marie, the ceremony is bittersweet trying
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for her, this deployment is two-fold, she's sending off her daughter and her son. >> tell them to be safe and, you know, call us, you know, if they need us and speak to us whenever they can, make everybody feel better. >> it's definitely a new experience. first deployment. >> reporter: their first deployment is somewhat unusual because they get to depart together. still don't know if they will work together but dominick says knowing his sister will be there is reassuring. >> definitely, it was unexpected to hear, brother and sister getting deployed together. kind of cool. >> this marks the largest mobilization since 2010. >> reporter: the governor was onhand to bish them well. >> you have the heartfell and wavering support of the entire nevada family. >> reporter: they will be working an mull till dude of operations -- multitude of operations. their deployment is expected to
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this was not about sadness of the departure but stocking up on the last hug and kiss before they send them off. >> hold the emotions in. >> reporter: seems like you are doing a pretty good job. >> we have to for the parents. >> reporter: this deployment is so large, the governor has asked all nevadaens to take time out of their day to say a prayer for these men and women. >> we'll look forward to covering that homecoming when they come back. sergio, thank you. a judge sentenced ammar harris to death. the judge asked harris if he had anything to say and he replied, no, ma'am. he was sentenced to death plus 16 to 40 years. he's also sentenced to a minimum of seven years for weapons violations related to the crime.
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appeal which is required by law any time someone is sentenced to death. another tragedy involving a pedestrian on our roads. a car fatally hits a woman on the valley's west side. the woman was crossing outside a marked crosswalk on durango near desert inn when hit by a jeep filled with people visiting from california. the driver stopped and cooperated with police. officers have ruled out speed and alcohol as factors in the crash. >> it was back to work today at the inland regional center in san bernardino, california where 14 people were killed in a massacre on december 2nd. officials say most of the 600 employees did come back to work today. the property has a fence around it now and several security guards were checking i.d. badges very carefully as people drove in. they say that no visitors will be allowed this week. the sentry director says everyone is ready to be back at work and move forward. >> most of us are relieved to be back at work. we want to continue with the
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very much. >> our buildings are safe. everything inside looks as it did at the time that we left it. nothing is changed. the staff will be going to their offices and everything will be just as they left them in december. >> the extra security measures will remain in place indefinitely and grief counselors are available for those employees. democratic presidential candidates are heading back to las vegas this week. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley are headlining a first in the west caucus dinner at the mgm on wednesday. the dinner hosted by harry reid. tickets cost between $125 and $500. nevada is the first western state and the fourth state in the nation to weigh in on the race for president. the nevada caucus takes place february 20th. still ahead -- surveillance video of a car fight involving a star college quarterback. we'll take a look at how the
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not too late to get your hands video you have to see. a man drives his car through the lobby doors of an embassy suites in west palm beach. police arrested the 27-year-old, patrick collie, on charges of dui and possession of marijuana. the vehicle made it several hundred feet inside and ended up near the hotel bar. collie thankfully was the only person in the car at the time of the crash and no one was hurt. we have new video that's just been released that shows the quarterback of the tcu football team scuffling with bar employees and then with san antonio police officers. you can see the people confronting a person who tmz says is t ravene boyken. police get involved. that's when an officer is allegedly punched of in the face by boyken. he was arrested and released from jail.
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senior for last night's game for a violation of team rules. country fans are remembering craig strickland after his body was found after a fierce storm. the 29-year-old and a friend went missing while duck hunting at an oklahoma lake. strickland's friend was found dead last monday at the lake. he was a lead singer in a country rock band called back road anthem. before the two left for their hunting trip, moreland tweeted out, in case we're we are we don't come back, we're going through storm goliath. police say a student was drive in texas when passengers in her car had an exchange of words with people in an suv with a group of men inside. someone in the suv opened fire. the victim was hit, her car crashed into a utility pole.
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the designated driver that night for others in the car trying to keep them safe. police are searching for the suspects in the suv. today president obama announced he's going to use his oval office powers to change gun laws and save lives. the president ordering out stronger background checks to keep guns away from criminals and terrorists. he promises his executive action will be constitutional and will be supported by a majority of americans. >> it's not gonna keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal, it will potentially save lives in this country. >> while the president wants to widen the background checks, he can't expand them to every gun sale without action by congress. he will be holding a town hall on guns and violence on thursday at a university just outside of the nation's capital. a connecticut man who police say had a stash of weapons in his car outside of gillette stadium in massachusetts appeared in court today.
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matthew bronson after suspicious activity was reported in the stadium parking lot during a boston bruins game. police say they found several swords, a meat cleaver and stun gun in the car. they think bronson was kicked out of the hotel across the street and was living in his car. unclear if he had any violent intentions. it's lottery fever across the nation as the next powerball winner could possibly win $400 million this week. over the weekend, three could be testants won a million bucks. someone else won $2 million. many won smaller prizes but no one has bought the grand-prize winning ticket next. the next chance is wednesday. officials say the chances of winning the next prize about 1 in 300 million. that won't stop a lot of people. the largest powerball ticket was in 2013. that person from florida took home more than $590 million. nevada yans can get their
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the powerball is not played in our state. the numbers are in. it's official, adele's new album, 25, the biggest seller of 2015. 25 clessed out the year with almost 7.5 million copies sold. it was just released on november 20th. the british singers her world tour in february and the north american tour begins in july. hope you find a way to stay hit a lot of us in the valley floor. >> yes. >> i know you both have dogs. if you are gonna walk them tomorrow, do it in the morning. it will get pretty crazy by the afternoon. we'll see a lot more rain headed our way. it won't just end tomorrow. while. mostly cloudy skies outside
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we saw some nice rain showers, we got some snow at mount carlston. you can see a look at the time lapse. crazy weather. kleis across the tatia. area. hill elementary school, currently at 50 degrees. very light rainfall. in some neighborhoods it wasn't measurable. you sure felt it on the windshield if you are out driving around. becker middle school, 51 right now. also very light rain reported in the neighborhood of rampart and hill pointe. over the in exfew days. here is a look at the rainfall totals so far. you can see nothing too neighborhoods. you probably felt it. temperatures outside, mostly in the 40s and 50s for your neighborhoods right now. as we take a look at conditions outside of the valley also cooling down quite a bit. 53 overton. upper 40s for pahrump. not too much measurable things are gonna chain congress bit.
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weather across the west coast. folks, this is just the beginning of the stormy weather we're anticipating for the rest of the week. we'll get in close here. you can see some off-and-on rain showers across the laug las vegas area. we still have more headed our way. we have stuff brewing in the pacific. these systems are not only gonna brick us increased -- bring us increased rainfall but snow. here is a look at the doppler radar, you can see we're starting to get some of that moisture back in the forecast for this evening. like i said, off-and-on showers, we're getting more snow in the mountains right outside right now. as far as the next few days, like i said, something brewing in the pacific. it's not just a one-time thing. we have a series of storms that are headed our way bringing us some nice snowfall in the sierra as well as some of the higher elevations in southern nevada also rainfall is expected for our area. a winter storm warning goes into effect tomorrow and remains in effect through wednesday morning for the mountains.
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is possible. just within that 24-hour period above 5,000 feet even 6 to 12 inches above 8,000 feet is possible. also winter weather advisories in effect. you can see the portion, the purple portion of your screen for 3, 6 inches of localized new snowfall and even more than that on some. higher mountain peaks. conditions tonight we'll hang onto the clouds. look out for a few isolated showers throughout the evening. temperatures dropping down to the lower 40s overnight. we'll see very light wind throughout most of the evening. pretty calm weather conditions will don't. look out for the pitter-patter expected overnight tonight. 28 degrees for caliente. 33 for pahrump. highs tomorrow won't be very high. it will be another very cool day all across the region. you can see 50s for mesquite, overton, boulder city, pahrump, 40 for your high tomorrow. as you are waking up tomorrow,
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on a walk or be outside, the driest part of the day will probably be in the morning. by late morning we're expecting to see the showers especially in the afternoon. be careful out there. high only reaching to about 54 degrees in the afternoon. winding coming out of the south-southeast by the afternoon up to 10 miles an hour. as we take a look at the next several days, if you make bets, would say there's a pretty good chance we'll see the rain showers headed our way on tuesday. after that, the weather is not done with us yet. good chance of seeing the rain showers continuing from that second system into wednesday and thursday. things will start drying out a little bit as we get closer to the weekend. temperatures for the most part remaining in the 50s over the next seven days and getting colder overnight into the weekend. >> a little moisture to start
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not a bad thing. >> feels like seattle a little bit. >> that's right. one thick i've thing -- thing i've noticed it doesn't feel as cold. >> nice blanket of clouds. >> thank you. unusual guest makes a surprise appearance inside an idaho home. maybe he was trying it come from from the chill. the elk showed up inside the basement. they claim the 600-pound fell through the window. the family called authorities to help chase the elk out of the house back into the wilderness. the animal did suffer a minor cut to the neck. it also caused some window an furniture damage to that property. >> yeah. i can imagine. that's a big animal to have inside your residence. as drone use soars in popularity, especially after the holidays, so does the risk of serious injuries. >> how can you protect yourself?
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did you unwrap a new drone for christmas? >> a lot of the people did. if you did, you might want to check your insurance policy before you take flight. here's more. >> first couple of flights i did break blades. i got the stuck in a tree at the park that we're at right now. >> reporter: like many new drone owners, adam thompson says flying his drone wasn't so simple at first. >> the drone got too far away. it got out of my sight and it was windy. it was just a catastrophe waiting to happen. >> reporter: as drone use soars
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property damage or serious injury. in january, their drone crashed on the white house lawn. >> in a crash, the department of insurance says you could be liable and recommends checking with your insurance. you must also register your drone with the faa. >> you fly, you dent your nab's car, it breaks a window or tangles ums up a television window. >> a lot of them don't recognize the potential for danger. >> reporter: that's why there's a liability coverage for a year. something that thompson says he will now look look in to the next time he flies. >> all right something else you need to know, coffee may cost more your milk for your coffee.
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and the fewer dairy cattle means less milk and that is likely to cause a hike price on dairy pro products. pizza hut and papa john's are out to entice you off that diet plan, maybe. pete zaut hut is offering a off -- pizza hut is offering a pizza for one dollar. papa john's is offering a chance to buy a second pizza, you always need a second one, for only 50 cents. >> i say moderation or a good workout. chemistry textbooks are out of state and four new elements will be added to the scientific table. elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 have been formally recognized by the international union of applied chemistry. the organize's announcement
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it's the first time the table which categorizes chemical elements according to their atomic number has been updated since 2007. >> never got that memorized. supposed to. >> now is your chance. time to get a look at what's coming up at 11:00, metro police reveal new body cameras that show what led to a shooting. loved ones react to the video and tell us the message they have for the police department. and why batman decided to take a cross-country trip to california in the bat mobile. those stories and any breaking news as it happens all at 11:00. now to the story we appreciate. we've been complaining about the cold for quite some time. >> the temperatures in the city dropped to just 14 degrees right before the new year.
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freeze and plunge the gorge into unusual -- >> oh,. >> this attracted tourists who streamed into the valley to take pictures of the site. ice covered the nearby coastline.
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to be moved somewhere . lights, camera, access. >> bieber is with baldwin, kendall's rolling with harry, who is that with miranda? i'm billy bush.
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