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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  January 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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your weather authority forecast just two minutes away. >> michelle: then kicking that nasty habit. if you are having a tough time sticking to your new year's resolution to quit smoking we have an expert live in studio to talk about the most effective ways to quit. "news 3 live at 12:30" starts now. live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> michelle: good afternoon. here we go. thank you for joining us. i'm michelle velez joined by jeff maher filling in for krystal allan. thank you for being here. >> jeff: good afternoon. tensions continue to rise in the middle east fuel bid saudi arabia's decision to cut ties about iran and the sugs of a pom nent cleric. >> michelle: us s leaders are urging restraint and deescalation. >> reporter: the worst or at least most public crisis between saudi arabia, its allies and
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and a major setback for the white house which has been pushing for unity in the fight against isis. >> we're urging all sides to show some restraint and to not further inflame tensions that are on display in the region. >> we it rate the need for leaders throughout the region to redouble efforts aimed at de-escalateing tensions. >> reporter: it's falling on deaf ears after saudi arabia executed the shia cleric and opposition leader this weekend protesters in iran attacked the saudi embassy. bahrain, sudan and today kuwait have all cut or downgraded diplomatic ties with iran. will saudi arabia and iran go to war? unlikely experts say. but the two nations are already barking opposing -- backing opposing sides in the wars in yemen and syria. who benefits from the rising
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isis. saudi arabia and iran both middle east power housz would be to cooperate to need to stop the war in syria and, therefore, stop isis. but in the middle east now there seems more will to squabble with each other than to fight against a common enemy. iran's president today called the execution of the shiite cleric a crime. the white house would like nothing more than to put this crisis behind the two countries and get all sides focused on fighting isis. but that's not happening. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. >> michelle: back here at home. i'm sure if you walked outside early enough you probably saw it. what a sight. soggy and misty conditions blanketing las vegas. the second wave in this front that we've been telling you about that's coming our way. and this morning you couldn't even see the top of the stratosphere. for more on that we bring in kelly curran. it fell like sleepy hollow--esque.
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it's cozy. i mean, mother nature bringing in bag a.m. with her with the weather for the year. what's going on mother nature? suppose to bring in sunshine and rainbows. so it's good. look at the radar right now. pahrump, primm, here it comes. round two. light showers starting to make their way in right now. we've got a lot more on the way. plus we're going be dealing with snow in the mountains. a winter storm warning has been issued for some of our local mountains. we're going to talk about what that means and how long this round of rain is going to last coming up. >> michelle: okay. we'll take it. it could be worse. we've seen the weather in other places. new today at 12:30 depression and anxiety more common among women who earn less money than men. researchers from columbia university analyzed data from a past survey of working adults ages 30-65 and found that women
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their male counterparts were at least two times more likely to suffer from major depression and more than four times more likely to suffer from anxiety. so experts say some of the burden from these disparities could be relieved by putting certain policies into place such as paid parental leave, affordable child care and flexible work schedules. mark zuckerberg has issued a new year's challenge. you might say he is stepping up his game. the facebook founder challenging himself and others to run 365 miles in 2016. he says that might sound like a lot but really it's just one mile a day. last year the 31-year-old zuckerberg, well his challenge was to read one book every other week in 2015. that might be easy for him because he is mark zuckerberg. he is a gazillionaire and probably has the time. but for those who don't have time keeping resolutions is tough. a lot people try to quit smoking
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new year's resolution to quit smoking. local health outlets are teaming up to offer free programs to those who want to follow through. we've got family physician delilah and a representative from the american lung association. thank you for coming in. i'll start with you. this is hard for those who have been addicted to this for a long time. when you say that you want to quit smoking, it's a lot easier sounding than doing isn't it. >> reporter: yes it is. here in clark county about 17.1 percent of people smoke. and it's very hard. it's very hard to quit. we've seen a lot of people they -- about 40 percent of them that are in our program, that's who will quit smoking. >> jeff: so what are the reminders -- and we've seen this here. we've had people from the luxor,
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the smoker's lung. that's one real stark reminder of what it can do to you. >> that's definitely strike. i mean, you know, we don't realize almost a fifth of us nevadans are still smoking. even with all the media attention, et cetera. and we asked people to quit smoking and i as a doctor tell them you got to quit smoking and we don't realize how difficult it is. and we also don't realize what it does to you. which is would why we teamed up with the american lung association and the southern nevada health district. we want to show not only what it does to your health but what you can do. you can reverse a lot. you can reverse the heart disease. you can reverse the stroke risk very easily as long as you stick to it. >> jeff: what information do you want to give out in terms of people meeting resolutions. >> what we've done is come together to make new year, new lung. for those people that want to have newer, healthier lung tissue, the best way to do is that quit smoking.
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nevada health district, american lung association, to give, you know, repeated, i guess, we're doing a few things. we're using the quit line. the tobacco quit line. all the resources we can in southern nevada. a lot of them are free to help people quit. plus we're doing regular cheerleading. they'll have access to a doctor that will be able to talk to them then i'll tell them also and teach them what they can do in terms of their health. >> jeff: here is good news. more resources now on this than ever before. and a harder campaign than ever before to get people to quit smoking. ladies thank you for coming on and joining us. we have more information on our website, michelle? >> michelle: all right. thank you so much. new today at 12:30 there's something consumers may no longer find on the packaging of
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if you eat meat this might bother you. you are not going to be able to see where your meat is coming from. last month congress repealed a labeling law that required retailers to include the animal's country of originalidge -- origin on packages of red meat. earlier in 2015 the world trade organization ruled the labels put canadian -- so they ruled that u.s. labels had to be put on canadian and mexican livestock and put them at a disadvantage. the repeal was push bid northern u.s. ranchers who compete with the canadian cattle industry. this is a major victory for the meat industry which had fought this law in congress and the courts since early 2,000 or so. somewhere in the early two thousands. all right turning out sequels. the poster for the next "star wars" movie is out. you don't even have to wait long. we're going have details. plus, look who is here live! we're going talk about something called creative grooming. and there's a local groomer here from a local salon that is taking your dog's style to a whole new level.
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coming up. so cute. >> kelly: round two is on the way into our area right now. rain and snow and there's another round behind this one. we're going to take a look at all that and the weather authority forecast coming up. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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>> jeff: welcome back. time for trending today. an indiana woman is receiving the wrong end of backlash on the internet after she posted negative comments to a restaurant's facebook page. the woman identified as holly jones complains her new year's eve experience was ruin id after she said she saw a deadern pep being wheeled out of a
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she referred to the person on her post as a junkie and complained that the staff didn't care about her incorrect bill. the owner of the restaurant had a harsh response. saying in part the so-called junkys who an elderly woman who suffered a heart attack and she didn't understand why a human life took priority over her bill. the elderly woman who suffered that heart attack survived and is recovering at a hospital. but that woman is not recovering from the backlash she is getting online. >> michelle: i saw this on facebook. i read about this when it was trending when it first started. and the woman actually removed her facebook page because she was receiving so much backlash. she was mad because they weren't paying attention to her bill when a woman on the table next to her was having a heart attack and she was mad because they were tending to the woman and not her bill. >> jeff: pretty bad. >> michelle: yes. all right actress ann hathaway has confirmed that she is prego.
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it. she sort of out smarted or i guess you could say out did the paparazzi. didn't you hear the paparazzi was there trying to take pictures of her. she posted this one. >> jeff: she posted that picture. >> michelle: on her instagram and said i got it there first. there she is looking adorable in a swimsuit. looking fabulous. and you can see there's an obvious baby bump. we're trying to figure out how far along she is. maybe seven months? five? i said five earlier and somebody said no way. let's say five to seven. we're guessing. she looks fabulous. that image has racked up more than 270,000 likes and thousands of comments. here's some of the other topics people are talking about online right now. oh johnny. reports that quarterback johnny manziel wore a mustache and wig to hide his identity while partying in vegas this weekend. people said they saw him but then he posted on facebook and tagged himself in ohio. well i just want people to know i could tag myself in ohio if i wanted to. >> jeff: you can pull a file picture and say it was any time. >> michelle: exactly. does that doesn't do much.
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so i guess he was trying to go incognito and it didn't work. the big deal is it was the night before a really big game. >> jeff: we may have to pull surveillance footage for that one. >> michelle: also trending, where white people the founder of the new dating site says it's not racist. join in on that conversation if you would like to talk more about that or if you have an opinion head to our facebook page, search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> jeff: many "star wars" fans are going back to watch the force awakens for a second or third time. i saw it. >> michelle: i did not. >> jeff: you need too. >> michelle: how many are there? >> jeff: seven. there's another one coming out. that's what people are excited about. you don't have to wait long. it's been almost three weeks since "star wars" hit thooetz bu disney is whipping up center in the next "star wars" movie rogue
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"star wars" film in 1977. that is topping survey's of this year's most anticipated movies. it's expect to be released december 16th this year. then yo have the other one being released to year after, 2017. that's the sequel to the one just released. i know you are confused. it's just, you know, disney acquired this and they're just going crazy with it. and trying to rake in the profits. and they are. >> michelle: yeah. well, you know, the one that just was released made over a billion dollars and hasn't even been released in china yet. i don't know if you are aware of this, kelly, but china apparently is the second biggest viewing market when it comes to movies and films. so without that they've already set a world record. so it's going to be out of the
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>> kelly: it's going be a record that will be hard to break. that's for sure. it is definitely confusing because all he movies are out of order. you need somebody to explain what order i'm supposed to watch them right. we're taking a look the rain showers starting to make their way that the area. this is round two. we had round one yesterday. now starting to see the showers approaching the nevada border just outside of pahrump and primm. we're already got showers moving in to laughlin, bullhead city. these showers all moving east northeast and look what's back behind this. a lot more. most of the state of california seeing rain and/or snow right now. los angeles, that's what's heading our way. we're going to see light showers to get things startd. they're going pick up more as we get later into the afternoon. especially into the evening hours. because of this system, we have a winter storm warning in effect. the areas shaded in pink that includes the sheep mountains and the spring mountains. this goes through 4:00 tomorrow morning as we're looking at two to three inches of snow above 5500 feet. above 8,000 feet, six to 12 inches of the white stuff. winter weather advisories for lincoln and nye counties. looking at about three to eight inches of snow. definitely want to be careful on area roadways. if you can avoid travel through
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hours that's probably best. wait until it gets cleaned up and settled before heading on those highways. as far as what we're expecting for the rest of the day, again, here's this wave, this round two. it's going to make its way through. that will end though as we get into the early morning hours of tomorrow. we're going to get a little bit of a break tomorrow morning maybe even a little bit of breaks in the clouds as well. but will be short lived. round three for wednesday afternoon. that will continue throughout the night on wednesday. we're going see lingering showers and mountain snow into thursday with maybe even a few showers lingering into friday is a well. here is a live look at aliante camera. very overcast conditions. the showers starting to move their way in right now. temperature wise sandy valley right now at 55 degrees. laughlin 54. boulder city 49 degrees for a current temperature. highs today, not much different. mesquite 53. pahrump 51.
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at laughlin dropping down to 47. indian springs 35. our 7-day forecast, more rain chances tomorrow and thursday. breezy tonight into tomorrow as well. slight chance of a shower on friday. this weekend we dry out. sunny skies and 50 degrees. i think i'm going to go home and heat up a nice cup of tea and watch a movie. >> jeff: how about you do that and curl up with a fashionable dog. so cute. the most fashionable dog, the sweetest dog i've ever seen. >> michelle: we're talking about grooming on a whole new level. everything from mermaid hair, nail art, feather extensions. you know there's a place in town that can do that for dogs. fetch grooming in the northwest. this is terri. then we have bonsai. if you have ever been to dog friendly events around town you may have seen bonsai. she always looks a little bit different. you love to go out and support-- >> everything.
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we're there. >> michelle: that's where i first saw you. i want to start with talking about what creative grooming is. i know some people look down and frown upon it. there's misconceptions. >> whenever we deal with creative grooming my first thing that i do is i do a full evaluation. do they mind having their feet messed with? do they mind having their ears played with? if they don't mind there is no reason not to try creative grooming. there is nothing that distinguishes it different from regular grooming. same way we're brushing we're painting on color. >> michelle: is that dye? is it safe? >> oh yeah. completely tested. >> michelle: you do all kinds of stuff. one of your dogs has a mullet. >> he has a mullet. a bright blonde mullet. >> jeff: she even has her nails done. >> absolutely.
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you can get your dog's nails done. >> michelle: you also do, you know, the original, breed standard grooming. >> it's very important that every day leave looking like a show dog. i keep up on the recent trends. >> michelle: really small cute place. >> we're on norman rockwell lane in northwest las vegas. the far northwest. >> michelle: if you are familiar with the mexican food, a great strount there, they are in the same center. you can do this but also do basic grooming. >> regular standard grooming. we focus on making it a positive experience for every pet every time. >> michelle: you told me you do not use those drying machines. >> no. good lord no. we use a handheld blow dryer. i find not only is it safer it's also you get a much better result. the dogs look prettier and fluffier. >> jeff: what a beautiful dog. great meeting you. can you shake? can you shake. >> bonsai paw. >> jeff: bonsai paw. there you go.
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grooming lv or find her on
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we'll be back. . >> kelly: the rain showers are make their way in. here comes round two. starting to see showers heading into primm and pahrump. laughlin and bullhead city seeing some. they're going to be in the valley within the next hour. it's going start out light but that. of course the mountain snow too. that's going to make driving difficult on the mountain roads. so we want to put that out there tell people where you are going. that's really important in the
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make sure you let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to be there. >> michelle: that way if you looking for you. >> jeff: let's hope it doesn't come to that. an atlanta teacher showing off his student's moves in a video that's gone viral. take a look. [music] that is ron clark and kids doing a version of the whip, the rock. i know the nae nae. the rock. >> michelle: i don't know what that is. >> jeff: he is doing good. >> michelle: they're really good. he's obviously the focal point. and he gets it done. >> jeff: yeah. >> kelly: tell you my favorite part. right here. this part. >> jeff: with the head. >> kelly: yes that's my favorite part all day long. >> jeff: take a look at this. clean up efforts underway along
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hundreds of pink bottles washed up, up along the shore. news reports the bright bottles are up marked and thought co contain a stain remover. unfortunately the mess is just beginning. 27 tons of boots expected to -- bottles expected to wash ashore. usually when you think of pink bottles you think of pepto-bismol but not the case there. >> michelle: that's too bad. hate to see that happening in the sea. the beautiful ocean and all the ocean life. coming up tomorrow at noon southern nevada recently mourned the loss of a young child to the flu.
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