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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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if you don't recognize his face, you will his voice. he's been on local air waves for more than three decades. >> dana: good morning. welcome in. snow in the sierra. >> kim: blue canyon duty. it was 15 years ago i was reporting from that location and my pal to my right here, you probably did time up at blue canyon as well didn't you? >> too much time. if i wasn't here, i would be there now. i'm so grateful to be here. >> kim: the sacramento station sent all the new reporters up to blue canyon. after two weeks straight i said can i stay in town this week. >> dana: that's a reporter in the snow getting ready for a live report. that is along interstate 80 between reno and sacramento. we've had a lot of snow in the sierra which is great news for the snow pack in california. we've had fresh snow in our local mountains as well. >> kim: we're going to get to
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i have my running rebels red on this morning for a reason. >> dana: devils in action tonight. they are on the road taking on colorado state tonight. 4.5 point favorite. they lost at them fresno state last week. some people are calling this a must win game. it's a little early in the season for that but right now they need a victory and badly. >> kim: let's go back to the weather by checking in with kelly. they are calling it godzilla el service nino. >> kelly: yet quite a bit of rain. right now a couple of light sprinkles. i think we'll get a break the next couple of hours.
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the way with a temperature of 53 at noon. >> dana: we might be having some audio issues there with tom. >> was that a fax man? is that how we were making a connection was by fax? we'll continue team traffic from right here. just a matter of minutes ago it was all fog, it was low visibility here so that has lifted a little bit. kelly will talk about that and how it could impact your commute. that's been the issue this week. your travel times are looking ok. from craig to the bowl is 6 minutes. and 95 north bound clear and 6 minute stretch.
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paper every day this week. so i don't know how those two ended up. >> dana: it never comes out of the machine. >> kim: we'll establish contact with tom and take you back there in a little while. puply mills have gotten a lot of attention of locals and lawmakers. >> dana: craig is on this story for us today. this puppy mill story has local pet owners at odds with local lawmakers. >> reporter: it does. the las vegas city council could vote to approve an ordinance that would require pet store owners to only sell dogs or cats that have come from an animal shelter. selling dogs or cats that did not come from an animal shelter would be illegal as the ordinance is written right now. animal activist say the law would help shut down puppy mills and lower the pet population at shelters. pet store owners say if it passes that it would force them
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one pet store owner told news 3 the bulk of his revenue comes from puppy sales in large part because people want pure breads. a similar law was tried in phoenix and challenged and upheld in federal court this. new law would include dogs, cats and pot bellied pigs. the council will discuss it later today and possibly vote. >> dana: a lot of interested thank you. we'll follow that on later editions of news 3. >> kim: they are at the convention center, driverless wash all at once. the future is here. >> dana: there was a time at ces when they probably unveiled the fax machine as the latest gad get.
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but that probably happened. >> we are on the south hall floor. this place is going to look different in a few hours. it is empty right now but hundreds of thousands of people expected to make their way through this space over the next few days. they are expecting from 150,000 to 170,000 people going into the weekend. ces2016 kicks off in just a few hours and tens of thousands of products are expected to make their debut. if you are waking up with the waggers in this morning, we have you covered because some of the gadgets have made their debut this year. we have some cool things here. this is for that tech person that likes to record what they are up to. >> we have different cameras for on the go lifestyles and depending on the quality of filming. this is a 4k quality camera.
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there. this is for live events and live streaming went. you want to hold it up at a concert and go to twitter or facebook and show your friends the great time you are having and go back and ediit later this. is the movie. this is a different kind of on the go camera. 360-degree view. so you can put it on your helmet. if you want to show your action sports and it plays nicely for august meanted reality video streaming. this is the alley go. >> this is for the active person. we've seen the videos with action cameras able to move quickly and capture film quickly and you can go back and post it online. >> 360 view capture everything around you. even for a dull moment it would make your life look very exciting. >> this next one is cool for our photographer friends at news 3.
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pro. this is the stabilizer. some components switch out so we have it with an iphone here. you can change this but do a quick demo to show you how it stabilizes your different video quality. so professional filming just with an iphone. >> and you can move it any which way and it keeps that shot stable. >> we need to get this on the budget for news 3. all morning we have got you covered. you can find update throughout the entire week on our website. we have dedicated a page specifically to the show. reporting live from the las
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>> kim: you've been doing a great job showing us the latest and greatest. and dr. frank who has been coming here for 30 years will be showing off the latest. >> dana: breaking news from hours ago. north korea saying they have detonated their most powerful atomic weapon ever. they are saying they tested a hydrogen bomb early this morning. >> kim: officials all over the globe have noted a size mick event in the violent of a test site in north korea. if that is confirmed it would be a big step forward for north korea military ambition. the hydrogen bomb is more powerful than the bombs they have used in underground testing. >> they want the conversation recognition and respect from south korea but even more from south korea from the united states. >> ever since word broke about this, while most of you were sleeping world leaders sounding off talking about including china how this should not be
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attention to what is happening in north korea. >> dana: right now they have no way to get a nuclear weapon to the united states but they can to south korea and that has a lot of people concerned this morning. a 10-year-old patted down before getting on a flight because they found something on her. we'll tell you what they discovered on her coming up. >> kim: a involuntary vacation. why merkel couldn't get to work and why police were taping off her office. >> dana: you may not recognize that man behind the microphone, at least not the way he looks. but you probably recognize his voice. who is that guy? we'll introduce you coming up in a moment.
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comedy but that's the situation on lake mead boulevard. we'll explain in just a moment. >> kelly: we've got low clouds and sprinkles right now. but another round of rain is on the way. your forecast coming (church bell) (bear growls)
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seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>> kim: that is breath taking. just give me a reason to hang out with that live picture the rest of the day. >> dana: welcome to town
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170,000 people here for ces. but the father is calling it overreaction and inappropriate. >> she kept patting me down like like pat down, pat down, over and over. >> maybe the t.s.a. agents were bad apples. maybe they were undertrained. 3rdmaybe they need retraining, maybe they did everything by the book, i don't know but it was an uncomfortable situation. >> dana: many of us have gone through similar procedures at airports. if you set up the metal detectivor they will wand you as well. t.s.a. says procedures allow for the pat down of children in some instances and a pat down of this girl followed approved
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>> are we talking grape juice, apple juice? 6:15, police in germany have given the all clear at chancellor merkel's office after the discovery of a suspicious package. you see what they did. they sealed everything off while they investigated. they have an eyewitness that has been interviewed and apparently four plastic yellow postal crates were there. several hours later the police telling the media they found nothing suspicious within those crates. >> dana: the same storms that are dumping rain here in southern nevada, dumping a lot of rain in southern california turning rivers -- i'm sorry streets into rivers. this guy paddle boarding in front of hiss house without a shirt on in shorts in san diego. this is from downtown san diego. the garage was under water.
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through southern california by early nino. >> kim: up in san francisco is streets looking like that as well. >> dana: california getting much needed water but too much of a good thing. >> kim: we have too much of a good thing on local roads which has led to slipping and sliding and we have tom up in sky 3 who has a birds eye view of all of it. >> tom: no delays here but we passed over an accident in north las vegas. this is lake mead boulevard. looks like a taxi and a tow truck and north las vegas police. everyone is here to clear it up.
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and it's blocking a couple of lanes on north 5th street. >> thanks. we'll continue with a look closer to the bowl where we have a new accident reported. this is on the 95-515 heading south bound to the ramp. that is causing a little bit of slowing, 56 if you are coming into the bowl on 15 south bound. this is one of the accidents tom was talking about. this is summer lynn at did you rang go. for it. we are looking at conditions driving this morning that may be difficult to contend with. nine minutes from the bowl to 215. 12 minutes south bound commuters from love boulevard to 215 and six minutes from the bowl to lake mead boulevard. >> kelly: we are seeing a few lingering sprinkles around the
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a little more toward mesquite seeing a little bit. round two is exiting the region. we're going to get a little bit of a break. we have some breaks in the clouds. that is what is moving our way next and then round three. this will be here this afternoon. we expect it to start moving in around 3:00. so while the morning compute we wot use the windshield wipers as much, the afternoon compute might be a slow go for you. we have winter weather advisories in place for the areas shaded in purple. looking at a storm total three to seven inches with higher amounts at higher elevations above 8,000 feet. here is a live look outside. we have a lot of clouds. some of these low clouds as well but we have a bit of a breeze saw yesterday. temperature wise as you are
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edge 43. henderson you are at 48. we have a little bit of a breeze. these are the current wind gusts being reported. henderson 18 miles per hour. we'll see gusts up to 25 miles per hour today. 53 with rain and mountain snow on the way, especially during the afternoon and overnight hours tonight. more of that again with gusts to 35 miles per hour during the overnight period. 42 for the low. our seven-day forecast, looking at scattered showers lingering into tomorrow. high of 50 and 50 on friday for the high. we took the rain out on friday and moved them to saturday. looks like late saturday afternoon into the overnight hours and drying out next week and temperatures holding steady around the 50-degree mark. >> kim: it is a video vault morning on the broadcast. kelly, thank you. we know the nature of what we do
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but there is a certain d.j. here in town. if you don't recognize his face, you will recognize his voice. he's been doing his thing for more than 30 years. here is tom with this morning's video vault. >> you see the number one hit music station. proud to be a part of the drug and alcohol awareness program. >> michael o'brien settled here permanently in 1986. was it a chance to kids up to celebrities. >> we put together a presentation for background on mary hart. >> let's finish the interview. >> mary the assertive hart.
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>> the attempt to get michael jackson on the phone didn't work. >> o'brien took a breather from radio in 1983 as a late night host on cleopatra's barge. >> i can't think of a better place to work on a boat than here. >> as soon as his six month no compete clause expired he went back to the mornings with a familiar catch phrase. >> michael o'brien in the morning getting your naked butt up and going in the morning. >> it's hard for me to switch. i'm playing god street and bill rhonda rousey. >> doing live remote broadcast.
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of michael o'brien to be out and about, to get involved with community on any level whether it be being at a sporting event, being at a charity event. >> well the point is also where mike first worked with carla ray who went rob to be a part of channel 3 and wake up with the waggers in. these days the two are partners on "the today show" and the mayor is declaring michael o'brien day in las vegas. >> kim: thank you for that. those harry styles, i can't wait to see mike again so i can give him grief. we're halfway there. he's celebrating 30 years and in two days we'll be celebrating 15 years here. >> dana: you got to see this cat. cat got his head stuck in there.
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that cat get out? that is coming >> announcer: can you lose 10 pounds in 10 days by eat thanksgiving?
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then clinton kelly giving y >> we have slick streets from the overnight hours. there is an accident past the thomasson mack. motorist need to go left to get by that one. and one at lake need and north 5th. slick roads but as we get ready for weather i'm seeing areas where you have open blue sky. >> kelly: look at that. we are expecting a break this morning. but another round of wet weather is on the way. we're expecting that to arrive around 3:30 this afternoon and scattered showers and mountain snow as we head into the overnight and tomorrow. another round possible this weekend.
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more of kelly's time lapses. cool to look at. >> dana: we know she's great in the octagon. can she handle it on tv? rhonda rousey going to take a star turn on a very popular
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we'll tell you about that >> dana: powerball mania. a lot of money on the line. we have a live report coming up. how you can get your ticket.
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ces. it's a tech's dream and we have your ticket inside. closed to the public but our news 3 cameras are in there. a live tour headed your way. >> dana: and a girl and her monkey. the power of social media reunites the pretty little girl with her little monkey. we'll tell you how this transpired coming up. >> kim: blue canyon duty is what we called it when jeff and i worked in sacramento. we spent many an hour up there. remember how cold it was as we check out this reporter doing what we used to do. >> extremely cold. that's why he was doing that stretch. now he's just kind of zoned out. the cold affects the brain. >> dana: that is along
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the sierra getting pounded with fresh snow which is great news for the drought in california. it's not going to cure it but it will make a dent in it. >> kim: snow tires a must if you are going up to blue canyon. >> dana: welcome in on this wednesday morning. welcome to 170,000 people in town for ces. you know who was in town over the weekend. browns quarterback johnny manziel informs town over the weekend in las vegas. they are saying now according to mitch, cohost of mitch and pitch on espn radio that he was at mgm over the weekend on saturday night. this is what he tweeted out a picture of himself and his dog in ohio. but mitch says he has rock solid contacts and sources saying that
6:28 am
mustache, fake >> dana: we got a big batch of rain headed our direction. >> kelly: tom has breaking news so we want to go to tom first in sky 3. >> tom: we have stuff going on over here. you see the white smoke here. let me run video from one minute ago. this is what it looked like when we arrived this. car involved in flames in the parking lot. that looks like some situation by itself with the one car. let's bring it outside and up on
6:29 am
blocked lane over here and that is where they have looks like a car that is up on the sidewalk right about. so two separate situations down here. the car fire at this area and then the car up on the sidewalk right about there. police on the scene. a truck spun around sways. not sure if they are related but they are 200 yards of each other. we are trying to figure this one out yet. >> we have our eyes on the bowl right now focused on that accident. an accident with injuries on the '5"-515 as you make your way to the south bound 15 ramp. you are looking at speed of 21 miles per hour. we have this look at the
6:30 am
moving slower than usual. for your travel times today things look ok with the exception of 15 south bound. >> kelly: we are continuing to monitor the radar. round two is on its way out. just a couple offspringsles left. round three on the way in. we expect a lull in the activity this morning but the showers will fire back up this afternoon. mountain snow as well. we'll take a look at round three and hits going to come to an end. >> kim: at 6:34 forget running for the border. i'm going to the state line.
6:31 am
and i want $450 million. >> she's saying run for the border if you want to win 450 million. that's what you have to do because we don't have a lottery here but it will be worth it to drive and go stand in the long line because the powerball jackpot is enormous. the sixth largest jackpot ever in north america. and $450 million is what is at stake here. so here is the down side. we have to say this the chances of winning 96% chance you won't win anything let alone the hundreds of millions. but here is what i say. somebody has to win it eventually. why not me? i walk into my office this morning and i had the photo copy because every time this happens
6:32 am
board and everybody jumps in the jackpot. i walked in when they were talking about it the other day and i said are you guys going to buy a ticket. >> dana: you got lucky by giving them money you'll never see in return. >> if we won, to be the only one to come to work the next week. >> dana: you can get matching socks. i can see them from here. >> which is why i'm not wearing matching socks because i couldn't turn on the light to find socks. >> kim: we've all been there. >> dana: customers go to
6:33 am
coffee. what was costing customers big. we'll tell you about that coming up. live from the d cam remarks look at all that fresh snow on the mountains. isn't that gorgeous. i'm sure tom will give us a look
6:34 am
>> tom: you are looking at washington with a lane blocked on the left and right. and then a couple hundred yards away you got this situation. this video from five minutes ago. they have put the flames out but well. dana was talking about let's take a look to the west. the mountains are covered with snow. gorgeous as we get this wednesday going. >> dana: beautiful. maybe a little fog this morning. starbucks in california fired after a customer caught her stealing credit card information. >> kim: she recorded the whole confrontation she had with the employee. she spots a fraudulent charge at a local grocery store. she received an apology and offer to replace the stolen
6:35 am
starbucks did fire her. this happened with a group of moms by the way. they were having lunch at a restaurant at downtown and later all there were about 10 of them but four of them had fraudulent charges on their card. four out of 10. >> dana: ces starts this morning. we have dr. frank in the house. what is that goofy looking thing on your head? dr. frank has one on now and will tell you all about it. >> kelly: breaks in the clouds this morning. we're at 46-degrees but another round of wet weather is on the way. details coming up.
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now let's talk it out live with tracy from washington. i watched that play out live and i got the sense that not only is he heart broken about all of the victims in america because he said it happens on the streets of chicago every single day but he seems extremely frustrated that he's not been able to push through any real legislation on his watch. >> no question about it. he is really frustrated and now he's literally at the ninth hour of his eight years of presidency trying to get something done, trying to create a legacy. obviously this was one of the key issues he wanted to deal with. that is one side of it. the other side of it the nra didn't see that speech at all. they described it as an emotional condescending lecture saying we don't need another lecture about running over the
6:38 am
so while it was obviously good tv and very emotional and i don't think anyone would doubt that his sincerity of wanting to do something, whether or not it's appropriate the way he's dealing with it is up for discussion on capitol hill. that is not the only area he's going to butt heads with congress. he's going to be up here with state of the union and budget request. obama care is coming up for a vote again today. 62 times the house has tried to get rid of this. this time looks like the senate may go along. it lands on the president's desk. he doesn't sign it. they can't override it so it's a moot point. but it does go to show tension is building between the white house and congress as the president gets ready to ask for more money essentially. >> kim: before we let you go, i want everyone to understand who is watching what happened
6:39 am
i watched afterwards and they said what the president rolled out yesterday really had been on the books since 1968. some people were blaming the nra and republicans for not listening to what he had to say before they started issuing their own statements. >> you are right about that. the law didn't change. the law can't change. the president can tweak how the law is carried out, how that law is interpreted before the f.b.i. and the atf carry it out but the law can't change without congress and that's the result of his frustration. >> kim: thank you for making sense of it all. thank you. time now to go all tech. there is dana with something on his head. >> dana: i was convinced. you've been coming to the station for 40 years. how can a young guy like you
6:40 am
i thought was a way to contact the aliens but that is not the case. >> you bring gadgets into the studio over year. >> this is by blue air. we're concerned about our environment. sensor. and here is a video here. what it does is cleans the air in your home or office. why is this so different? because it uses the internet and the app. so the app allows to you control it. you know how pure the air is. >> dana: i have an air filter on my house. i have two of them. but you are saying this one is designed specifically for the environment at the time in your home. >> it gives you real time performance and look at all the different colors. >> dana: how much does that cost? >> $495. >> dana: this is not a way to get in touch with the aliens?
6:41 am
you have seen the laser lights. this is by eye glow. is we're giving you treatment. >> you are getting laser to the follow cals of your hair to make them grow. you need six months to get hair growing. the first one approved for men and women. very unique. this is something called iderma. we have a little man can here. what you do is this is for the skin. gallons are going to love this because you get your own treatment. i'm going to take this green one. this is what you do. look like a stormtrooper. >> just like going to the spa
6:42 am
you don't have to buy multiple units. you buy the head band and it comes in blue and green. this is called ditto. watches are popular but they are expensive. for $39 you wear it on your bra strap. >> dana: i don't have one. >> let's say you don't want to be bothered by anybody but the kids or babysitter. this will only allow people you want to be notified from. you can swim with it. keep in mind. >> you are saying if you need to be notified by the babysitter. >> an email comes, any notification. >> you restrict the list here. only the people you want. >> dana: you are on the list buddy. >> kim: that is not like any spa
6:43 am
we have breaking news. chipotle has been served with a subpoena as part of a criminal investigation. the investigation is being conducted by the u.s. attorney's office for the central district of california. this is also in conjunction with the f.d.a. the company says in a filing with the security and exchange commission wednesday they will comply with the subpoena. to the power of facebook. reuniting a young girl with her stuffed animal best friend. sierra takes her monkey everywhere and even took it to a basketball game. a couple of brothers found her lost friend outside the arena. they post a guy on facebook. 3,000 shares later andless than 24 hours later sierra and her monkey are back together again. >> dana: nothing like losing
6:44 am
tom up in sky 3 flying around. any issues out there with our slick roads today tom? >> eastern avenue in particular. three separate issues. the 95. this one at eastern. you see a car in the middle of the intersection and we believe this school bus is involved as well. police have been talking to them. that is going to be there for a little bit. and down the street we can see we've got a pickup truck which is side waists on the roadway and cars have to snake up the middle. another quarter mile down have you this situation. video from 20 minutes ago. flames are out now. all along eastern something has been going wrong there. >> a lot of activity out there. we have our cam fixated on the bowl if you are heading to the interstate 15, still dealing with this stuff that everyone has out here. 15 south bound. a little bit slow as you make your way through the bowl right
6:45 am
14 miles per hour if you are headed that direction through the interchange. your travel times today if i can get through it 15 south bound to the 215 slow. 11 minute commute. 10 going from 515 to i15 and 13 minute from 215 to the bowl. >> kelly: we are continuing to track showers in the area. light sprinkles now. those are going to continue to track their way off to the east. round two is exiting and we're watching round three on it way in. we're going to get a break. we're seeing breaks in the clouds right now. this is what we're watching the next wave of moisture as it makes its way in should arrive around 3:00 this afternoon. it will be a little more scattered than what we saw yesterday. there are the breaks in the clouds we're talking about.
6:46 am
seen that in a while. we are dealing with 19-mile per hour gusts being reported in green valley. temperatures in the mid and upper 40's expecting highs to the in the mid 50's. indian springs 48 and las vegas we have clouds to the north 53. little breezy today. 50 tomorrow. looking at a chance of showers and mountain snow. but drying out friday with a slight chance as we get into late saturday afternoon and overnight hours. >> dana: 6:54. time for the water cooler on this wednesday. soon we're going to find out who is going to make it into baseball immority. this years' hall of fame vote announced this afternoon. ken griffey , jr. and there are a couple of guys that won't get
6:47 am
clemens who have been tied to performance enhancing drugs. high school basketball game and coach goes ballistic and head butts a ref. >> i'm not sure he's going to be coaching again this year. maybe not ever. the referee was not seriously hurt but that is not good. >> kim: unacceptable. >> dana: live pictures out of times square. in a couple of weeks we know who is going to host snl snl. it's going to be this lovely young lady. that is rhonda rousey. she's saying you better laugh at my jokes or you are going to get it and there is word of a rematch against holly holm. talking about a rematch in july. i think she's completely
6:48 am
beat down she took by holm. not your typical 911 call that. kitty got stuck in there. about a three inch space. they used a chisel and sledge hammer and able to get that kitty out. now they are trying to find the owner. how did that happen? >> kim: i wonder if the cat was walking up top and slipped down. more local news on the cw las >> announcer: can you lose 10 thanksgiving? chef rocco dispirito says you
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