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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 6, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> marie: one of our new state laws senate bill 302 helps parents pay tuition to send kids to private school. >> jessica: two lawsuits have been filed in opposition. one in fact is being heard in court in carson city today. news 3 sandra gonzalez has been following the school voucher issue and joins us with the latest. what's at stake. >> reporter: today the question before a district court judge is whether or not the new voucher law violates nevada's constitution. the lawsuit claims the voucher law violates nevada's constitutional ban on using public school funding for private schools. educate nevada now an advocacy group favoring equal access for all students supports the 12 parents who filed the lawsuit this past summer. the parents claim our state legislature overstepped its
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they hope a legal victory will protect public education by protecting its funding, keeping those voucher dollars in service to public schools. policy director sylvia lasso is skeptical of the new law. >> the way they did it. they way they funded it was not by raising new taxes or using funds from the general fund. they did it by taking moneys away from that budget allotted for public education. >> reporter: meanwhile there are parents in nevada who applaud the voucher law and are happy to have a choice when it comes to their children's education -- public or private. they say the choice is theirs. today's hearing started at 1:30 p.m. we're told it's possible the judge could have a ruling soon and we'll have that update later tonight at 7:00. >> marie: a lot of parents
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>> jessica: a world on edge after north korea's claim it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. if true it would mark a huge jump in king judge un's -- jong un's claim to prove it's nuclear arsenal. senior political reporter scott throughman brings -- thuman brings us reaction from the white house and capitol hill. >> reporter: with claims of success, north korea's announcement, the underground detonation of a hydrogen bomb, set off a different type of shockwave worldwide. >> we have to worry about what they decide to sell this type of technology to a rogue country or to a terrorist group. >> it is like a wild cat. it's very difficult to know what they're going to do. we should accept it on its face but also investigate. >> reporter: the white house surveying the incoming intel responded with a hefty dose of criticism. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the claims the regime has made of successful
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>> reporter: independent confirmation could take weeks, north korea's advance today a weapon thousands of times more powerful than the a-bombs used to end world war ii with be a game changer. the u.s., russia, britain, france and china have hydrogen while israel, india and pakistan are believed to use less powerful fusion. the united nations security council gathered wednesday considering new tougher sanctions as punishment. and south korean and u.s. military forces are now weighing options to keep north korea in check. >> were they to choose to take on south korea and, therefore, the united states military it would be a very bad outcome for them. >> this is a crazed dictatorship. he is going to do everything he can to try to shock the world. >> reporter: so it is unclear whether or not north korea now has a warhead small enough that it can place on top of a missile that could reach the united states. either way, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle call it a provocation and say there's has
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on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. >> marie: we want to tell you about developments in the war on terror today. allison starling has more from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. tomorrow marks one year since the terror attack on charlie hebdo magazine in paris. today a special edition of that magazine was released. the vatican and others are protesting this edition because it shows a bearded figure of god carrying a rifle with the title "the killer" is still out there. charlie hebdo's editor spoke about how the paper has dealt with the last year. >> we have to rebuild the newspaper. we had to rebuild ourselves. confront our papers. so it is on the -- pains. so it is on one hand a personal struggle. it was a personal fight. >> marie: meanwhile the dutch
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international conference next week to discuss the fight against terror. from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm allison starling. >> marie: s months after the u.s. supreme court issued a ruling legalizing same-sex marriage an alabama justice orders probate justices to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the state. alabama judge moore contends a recent ruling by the u.s. court of appeals only invalidated marriage laws in four states -- michigan, kentucky, ohio and tennessee. those states fall under the sixth circuit. as a result judge moore says alabama's marriage protection act and sanctity of marriage amendment should remain in full force. >> marie: one hedge fund has had enough of melissa mayer as ceo of yahoo. the acting invest firm wrote a scathing letter to yahoo's chairman and the board. the letter says myer has failed to turn around the company and it's time for 23450u leadership at the top. this is not the first time the managing member has attacked
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he is night loan in -- not alone. there have been growing calls for yahoo to let mayer go. the price of air travel just went up. monday delta airlines quietly raised fares $4 a flight haul. it didn't take long for southwest, american and united to follow suit. industry insiders call the move surprising and says major carriers have been collecting record profits due to lower fuel costs. >> jessica: micro-sos is tackling pedestrian safety. at the consumer electronics show here in las vegas. >> marie: what it's like to drive a microsoft powered smart car. [music] . >> reporter: we've been in a lot of self-driving cars. but the point of this technology is what it can be with you in
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car is driving for you. what do i do? >> we just drive off normally then if you are confident we are between the lines you can resume the system using the resume button. >> reporter: i push resume. it took over. i could feel it take over the steering wheel right away. my feet are off the pedals. hands up. i see that a person just appeared on the dashboard. what's happening? >> we reduced speed from 30 kilometers to 20. >> reporter: do you think that people are going to be wearing smart bands all the time because the cars around them will go around. is that far fetched? >> also be a smart phone. so if your smart phone has the same capability. more or less everybody is carrying a smart phone. >> reporter: we're coming up to a light that's red. how does the car know it's red. does it have a camera. >> no the traffic light is communicating through wifi with the car. >> reporter: now it's going
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do you think these type of traffic lights are the future? i've been in other driverless cars where they have a camera look at normal stoplights. smart cars need smart devices around them. >> in the future you will also need [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: this is a smart car imbedded with microsoft technology. so i can talk to the car. >> yes in the future what will happen is if the driver is not necessarily needed anymore. he can be productive. he can use this here and talk to core tana and say what's the weather in las vegas. >> it's 49 and cloudy. >> reporter: send an email to peter. >> what should the email say? >> hey peter i'm running a little behind schedule period. is there any way we could move lunch to a bit later question mark. >> send it. add more. >> reporter: send it. this car will only work in a highly connected environment. so now we have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. >> jessica: samuel burke thank
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sony's playstation four sales have topped 35 million holidays. the japanese electronics giant touting its dominance over rivals microsoft and nintendo in the games console market. during the holiday season it sold 5.7 million ps four units bringing its total number of unitolo 35.9 million. twitter may be ready to abandon its decade old limit on the length of tweets. various reports say twitter may expand posts from 140 characters to as many as 10,000. twitter's ceo jack dorsey isn't confirming the change but is dropping some pretty strong hints. he says many people are already circumventing the limit by taking screen shots of texts and tweeting those. if you need to see what this looks like here is an example. i re-tweeted what dorsey tweeted out. it is a ten paragraph text.
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the producer in the back ryan if you can pull it up to show all our folks at home. that is what a posted tweet looks like when you are capturing one of those images that goes well beyond 140 characters. >> jessica: doesn't ta take away from the beauty of twitter? you know, the concise concept. what we loved about twitter. >> marie: right. bowing disciplined -- being disciplined. >> jessica: and coming one a creative way to say a whole thought. he's been a mixture in las vegas morning radio for three decades. this friday the mayor declares mike o'brien day. coming up tom hawley has the story. plus southern california dealing with the wrath of el nino.
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. >> jessica: . >> jessica: speak breaking news. two baseball some stars headed to the hall-of-fame. former outfielder ken griffey junior elected just minutes ago. setting setting an all-time record for votes received at more than 99 percent. >> marie: joining him in the hall this year, former l.a. dodgers and new york mets catcher mike piazza. both stars officially inducted on july 24th in cooperstown new york. okay, being a broadcaster is a transient business for a lot of people. a few years here. a few years there while you build a resume. some find a community they like and put down their roots and they stay where they are at. we know about tv. but radio is not much different. one morning show voice has been enduring over the past three decades more so than any other. news 3's tom hawley takes it from here in today's video
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>> 98.5k luc the number one hit music station. mike o'bryan. proud to be part of the valley high school drug program. >> reporter: mike o'bryan spent a few years before settling here permanently. was it his stance to cozy up to celebrities. >> we put together for people to get a background of mary hart. >> let's just finish the interview. >> mary the assertive hart. >> i haven't been assertive since that time. >> can i have [ inaudible ] please. >> what's the last name? >> jackson. >> jackson? >> yeah. >> first name? >> michael. >> reporter: the attempt to get michael jackson on the phone didn't work. >> i'm not really at the golden nugget. i'm at the klondike. >> reporter: o'brien took a breather from radio in 1993 as a late night host on cleopatra's barge. >> did you think you would be working on a ship? >> not this soon in my career. but i can't think of a better place to work on a boat than
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go anywhere. >> reporter: as soon as the six month no compete clause expire heed went back to mornings at a new dial position with a familiar catch fun. >> mike o'bryan in the morning getting your butt naked body up and out of bed. >> reporter: and new partner and new format. >> it's hard for me to switch. no more yo, yo, yo. i'm playing god street wine. i'm playing dylan. >> reporter: as always doing live row moat broadcasts. . >> that is probably a big part of mike o'bryan. to be out and about, to get involved with the mmunity on any level. whether it be being at a sporting event. being at a charity event. >> reporter: tom hawley news 3. >> marie: he really loves being part of los angeles. the point is where mike's first work with carla ray who went on to be part of channel 3 and wake
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>> jessica: these days the two are partners on the morning show. this friday the mayor is taking note by declaring mike o'bryan day in las vegas. time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at five" today. >> the future has arrived in our hometown. at five, we're going take you live to the consume ek electronics show for a look at the newest high-tech gadgets that could one day change your life. >> marie: plus the democrats who want to be your next president are all in las vegas right now. we'll look at the message they're bringing to nevada voters at five. those stories plus kevin janison takes a look at the forecast and tom hawley checks out your job at 5:00. >> jessica: torrential rainfall causes massive flooding in australia with towns inundated with water and people forced from their homes. the region north of sidney has been the most affected with about 30 properties evacuated. 25 people have been rescued from floodwaters across that area. a spokesperson with the state
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received nearly 2,000 calls for help and have been warning everyone to avoid flooded areas. >> just watching the water. thought we'd come out and check the levels. it's coming up and up and up. >> jessica: more heavy rain in the forecast for tonight with officials warning of flash flooding in some areas near sidney. almost eight inches of rain has fallen across some areas along the state's mid-north coast. >> marie: the second in a series of winter storms drenched the area around san diego with steady and intermittently heavy showers tuesday causing widespread flooding problems and snarling traffic. the deluge left streets, parking lots and garages temporarily underwater and kept emergency crews scrambling going from place to place rescuing drivers trapped in their suddenly submerged vehicles. back here at home where perhaps much of the rain is gone for a left to valley but now we have winds to deal with. >> jessica: chloe beardsley with a look at the forecast. >> chloe: just when we thought we were done with the rain it's coming right back.
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to the valley right now. we're actually going to take you to the areas where we're see something of the most rainfall. we talked about california receiving quite a bit of precipitation. take a look at these storms. a little bit closer to home we're going to zoom in to southern nevada. you can see over the past few hours some of that rain making its way not only over the mountains and even mountain snow. you can see right here. also into the valley. you can see mostly to the west of us over the past couple of hours. and we've really seen the cloud cover roll in just over the past few hours recently. doppler showing showers mostly to the southwest of us. and also to the east of us. showers that are developing. you can see las vegas right now still fairly dry with nice clouds all around the region. here's a look at where the precipitation is right now. we just got a nice round of showers near henderson. we're also getting quite a bit af bundant precipitation over in boulder city right now. and as we take a look at our
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clearing up over night. we're still going to get the rain showers likely throughout the evening tonight. drier conditions headed our way by the weekend. but saturday we may see a little bit of a shake-up as another weather system makes its way into the west coast. unsettled weather still continues for our area. going to want to hold on to your hats and be careful on the roadways this evening. a winter weather advise are you goes into affect moments from now about ten minutes from now and remains in affect through tomorrow afternoon. you can see for the mountains. three to six inches of new snowfall is possible. with the snow level dropping to 4,000 feet also above 8500 feet. we could potentially see up to six to nine additional inches of snow. this afternoon waking up to low clouds and even patchy fog in parts of town seeing sunny skies by the afternoon and now like i said the clouds rolling in across the valley. take a look at this time-lapse. we're going post it on facebook if you want to share it with your friends. wind speeds right now you can see variable conditions across
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wind gusts up to over 20 to 25 miles an hour. just a little bit as measurable rain for the downtown area. southeast light showers so far in henderson. like i said, we're going continue to see rain showers throughout the evening. temperatures mostly in the 40s and fifties for our neighborhoods outside right now and outside the valley. wind gusts reaching up to 37 miles an hour at mount charleston. 25-mile-an-hour winds in pahrump. as we take a look at conditions there temperatures very chilly all across the area. as we take a look outside right now you can see cloudy skies. winds tonight pretty variable. you can look at the sustain winds with gusts reaching up to 20 to 25 miles an hour. conditions overnight tonight. good chance we're going see the showers. the cluds are going to stick around tonight. temperatures dropping into the low 40s with those gusty winds continuing throughout most of the evening. lows tonight will be pretty low. looking at 40s for mesquite and overton. 34 degrees for pahrump overnight tonight. 41 for boulder city. highs tomorrow. it's going be a cool day across
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28 for the high in mount charleston. 46 for pahrump. 45 beatty. 50 boulder city. so certainly want to bundle up by tomorrow afternoon. a little more sunshine is anticipated throughout the day tomorrow. look out for light showers in the early morning and late afternoon. as we take a look at the nextt seven days we have a live picture behind the sunday. take a look at those clouds right there. a chance of showers possible by thursday. just be prepared for that. as we take a look, that second system i talked to you about. a slight chance we'll see showers again. one in five of seeing showers on saturday. after that drier weather conditions headed our way. you can start spending a little more time outdoors. i'd say by end of the weekend into the next workweek. or take a chance tomorrow. again one in five chance we're going see rain. >> we like those odds. it is vegas. >> marie: what is really cool is we've had so many people
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foggy sky and rain. if you have any weather photos that you can send to us tweet us at marie news 3 lv and jessica news 3 lv, chloe news 3 lv. >> jessica: and join the conversation on facebook by liking our page. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. one man taking fasting to a whole new level. buddhist monk emerged from a meditation hall last month after completing a super human feat. the monk has not slept or eaten in nine days. the retreat is part of a larger seven year training for living budas. the rituals test the limits of the physical body as a way to reach higher states of consciousness. the master walked 700 days of a pilgrimage for attempting the nine day retreat. he is the first person to complete the nine day ordeal in eight years and only the 13th person in the past 70 years. >> marie: what do you have after something like that. >> jessica: i would assume very light broth. i don't know. a glass of water maybe.
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back into the eating game. perhaps maybe you have some cake. thousands in mexico grab a slice of what they call the world's largest three kings cake. the celebration honors the three kings visit to the newborn baby jesus more than 2,000 people had part in making and serving the cake. it took seven hours to bake this thing and it weighed in at a staggering 20,000 pounds. with the width of 35 inches. the cake made with 12,000 pounds of flour, 5700 pounds of sugar, 6600 pounds of butter, and more than 38,000 eggs. >> jessica: hope they saved some for us right? [ laughter ] a little bite. >> marie: lots of coffee to be ser aifd long side don't you think. thank you for joining us here at 3:00. our next newscast -- hello i'm mark hyman. presidential candidate hillary clinton made a now regrettable atement in the final
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she claimed isis was using donald trump in a recruiting video. afterwards there was a mad dash to find proof. no such luck. no evidence of isis using trump turned up. however we did find a prominent isis recruiting video. this one was posted around thanksgiving. according to published reports it was released in several languages including english. to be honest, the video is expertly and professionally crafted. it's filled with powerful animation and graphics. it's easy to understand why it would have widespread appeal to those who believe the entire world should be sub je gated to islam. donald trump is not featured in this isis recruiting video. however other prominent politicians are including president obama, george w. bush, and clinton's own husband bill.
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titled this isn't just a recruiting video. isis taunts america to bring it on. it claims the u.s. military fights for the interests of politicians, liars and fornicateos. bush is featured along the liars.
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isis isn't sponing announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: hey, let's go, playa. let's go. how y'all? how y'all? how's everybody? i do thank you very much, y'all. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. hey, listen. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total $20,000, from birmingham, alabama, roll tide, war eagle,
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