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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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judge to do? >> reporter: he was hoping the judge would put him in the part of the jail where he would be protected. the judge said he would have to be in solitary confinement. fox wasn't too excited about that idea. >> mr. fox, you heard what -- >> reporter: the man accused of shooting a metro police officer last month was in court. teag fox seemed very tense this morning. he had something he wanted the judge to hear. >> i would also like to say i've had my life threatened. >> okay. >> reporter: fox was asking judge cruz if there was another area in the jail he could stay in. back on december 18th. detectives say fox firden police off gic seinik at the emered suites hotel. they said teag fox asked are you
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he led them on a five-hour manhunt. fox pleaded with the judge to protect him. >> i can put you in -- i can recommend that you go into protective custody. i don't think you want me to do that. >> reporter: we reached out to teag fox today and he agreed to a jailhouse interview. when we got there, he declined it. he kept on changing his mind. as for teague, he will show up in court on january 21st. that officer who was wounded, he's said to be doing fine. jim and jessica? >> all right. antonio, thank you for that. after some sunbreaks today, the cloud cover is back and there's a good chance more rain is on the way. >> news 3 is your weather authority. >> a few showers working their way through the valley. we have low clouds, that dampness, the humidity level is high. a little wind with the system as well. the showers that have moved through have -- they were very light.
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to the west, snow in the mountains, could wind up with another 3, 6 inches. and pretty good clip, especially to the southwest of town. through. the best chance of rain will be through the sowsh half of the valley in the next couple hours. re impulses are impulses are set to move through. we'll have a chance of rain another biproduct of the system is the wind, at times gusting at 20 miles an hour. it's noticeable. on top of this system there's another one. we have a lot of forecasting to do. a full look at your seven-day outlook and pretty impressive lime time lapse. that's coming up. >> thank you. a man is under arrest for a murder last night inside a tent. according to police, tracy morrison went into the tent in the desert area near decatur and charleston. a man and a woman were inside
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attacked the man. when police got to the scene, they found the man unresponsive. morrison was gan. gone. he faces first-degree murder. good news for drivers when they want officers to come out when they are involved in a fender-bender. they will reverse the no-response policy. sergio avilo has more. >> reporter: the old way of doing it, metro would ask you to stay put and come and take a report. that's changing. officers are asking you to call 311, the non-emergency number, and then you will answer a series of questions for dispatchers and you will be asked if you would like an officer to come out. that officer will come out and either facilitate the interaction between you and the other driver, make a brief report of what happened or if they see fit, they -- they will take a full report. we heard from the deputy chief. he thought there would be more
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didn't have to go to to the the minor changes but that's not the case. >> it would allow them to conduct enforment. as time passed out, 2014, 2015, we looked at it, that's not been true. there was a need to go out there on an accident scene and determine who was at fault. >> reporter: 311, the nonemergency room. but if it's a serious crack, if people are hurt or you suspect a crime, either a drunk driver or a hit-and-run, you can dial 911 to get an officer there meady. sergio avila, news 3. police need your help finding a man accused of ripping off people who think they are renting from him. detectives with metro's financial crimes unit say robert kamito lists rentals and then takes money from people before even showing them the property. if you have done business with this man you are asked to call crimestoppers, their number is
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the three democratic presidential candidates are back in las vegas tonight -- hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley, headlining a caucus dinner at the mgm. it's sold out. people paid big for these tickets. it's hosted by harry reid. it's just getting underway right now. all three candidates are set to deliver speeches to the ground. nevada is the first western state, the third state in the nation to weigh in on the race for president. the democratic caucus is february 20th. to a story that will make all of you start dreaming, it's almost that time again. the powerball drawing is tonight. the pot is a stunning $500 million. >> plenty of people already have plans on how they would spend that money, thanks to strong ticket sales in the last couple of days, it's one of the biggest prizes ever. kelsey thomas is live at the lotto store in primm where the countdown is on for the big drawing.
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>> reporter: they are, jill. i have to tell you, there's plenty of time to dream because you are gonna be out here standing in a line, actually, the line is much shorter than it was earlier. there's only one hour left to buy a ticket. as soon as it started raining, people started to disappear. the weather really sell separated the dedicated from the rest. how long have you been waiting in line. >> oh, god. almost an hour. not quite an hour. >> $500 million. >> i'm retired. what else do i have to do? >> reporter: everyone wants a piece of the powerball pot. how many tickets are you getting? >> just one. it will be the lucky one. i'm the one that's gonna get it. >> reporter: are you feeling lucky? >> i woke up breathing. i gotta be lucky. >> reporter: ticket sales soaring ahead of the drawing. >> right now, i don't have a job. i have all day to do this. >> reporter: leonard's strategy,
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for that one lucky number. >> 10. it's always 10. it will always be 10. [laughter] >> reporter: once you pick your numbers, it's all about staying sane in line. making friends, flying drones, anything to pass the time for a chance to win $500 million. >> i would probably build a home. i would get a new car. a jaguar. >> i'd buy my kids all us houses, all of emthis. iem-- all of them. >> reporter: 33 houses for bob but theods of bob winning are astronomical. it's 1 in 292 million your chance of being struck by lightning is about 1 in a million. >> $20 worth of powerball. >> if you don't try, you don't have a chance. >> reporter: some people might call you crazy. what do you think of that?
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be calling me crazy then. i'm looking for the payday. >> reporter: all right. back out here live, this is kurt. he came prepared with his warm blanket. >> that's right. >> reporter: how cold is it? >> cold. very cold. >> reporter: but you are gonna stay in line for the money? >> exactly. for $500 million, wouldn't you? [laughter] >> reporter: $500. what would you do with that money? >> wow. when i get done paying taxes, 10% to my church. help a lot of people out. >> reporter: thank you, kurt. they are drawing the numbers at 8:00 tonight. everyone is feeling lucky. i got to she you, this is for the office pool. i'm telling lucky. mark, my boss, even if i win tonight, i will still be at work tomorrow. kelsey thomas, news 3. >> good to know. we have a room full of staffers who have action in on the game.
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i don't think anyone who judge you if you made other plans once the numbers were called. >> i love the guy who said, i woke up breathing. i'm already lucky. >> we asked people at 3:00 and then at 6:00, what would you do? the first one was giving back money to charity. >> and my kids. >> yes. coming up -- animal lovers waited for an hour to weigh in on banning pet stores from selling pure-bred pets. >> the debate brought in people as far away from missouri. a lot of people upset about this plan. ahead what the city council decided. some 20,000 new products will be introduced to the world this week. ahead -- we're live at the consumer electronics show to show you the newest, hottest gadgets.
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las vegas city council members approve a law banning the sale of animals from so-called puppy mills. but the new pet store ordinance won't go into effect for another couple of years. we're live for the debate and the final decision. >> reporter: when it comes to pets -- >> puppy and kitten mills are in business to supply pet stores because responsible breeders don't sell to them. >> reporter: people are passionate. >> we get our puppies from certified breeders. >> we're asking you to contact us rescue so we can give you the purebred dogs that you need. >> reporter: with the lock lines
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retail stores in las vegas from selling those animals obtained by puppy mills. >> they dupe people into paying thousands of dollars that's not a pure bred and not from a represent mew buttable reputable breeder. >> today i've witnessed people come up here and express views about my business that haven't been in the store. i don't buy from puppy mills. >> reporter: along with a missouri breeder from whom he gets the animals. >> bringing healthy, quality puppies. >> reporter: four out of seven members approved the ban. >> i've been becoming more and more aware of them. i think it's one of the worst things we have within our country right now. >> reporter: existing pet stores will have two years to comply. they will have to sell animals from shelters, rescue operations or humane societies. >> the decision will impact two pet stores in las vegas.
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in boca park. the consumer electronics show is open for business. this is where tech companies show off what they hope will be the big neggs big thing. nathan o'neil is there. nate, what are the biggest advancements that you have been seeing shown off there? >> reporter: well, we're live at the south hall at the convention center where we've been exploring all day. it's complete -- walking through the halls. everything from ultrahigh-def televisions to something like this, which is a vir of virtual reality set that's 3-d. take a look. >> reporter: if you find your
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people, you might just get a glimpse into the future. >> this is how we get on the map. >> reporter: from startups to tech leaders, some 20,000 new products will be introduced to the world this week at the consumer electronics show. from the latest innovations in virtual reality, to drones, lots and lots of drones. wait. is that a drone? >> well, with the high of speed protellers, it can be dangerous. so we build machines where all of the moving parts are enclosed so you can touch it and not hurt yourself. >> reporter: take a look at this resolution. a testament to how this works to advance this human experience. >> you have a drivable full motion vehicle simulator. >> reporter: this full-scale racer packs a punch so you feel every turn and twist in this virtual world.
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and gives the whole experience more texture. >> reporter: each and every product hoping to improve comfort and push the limits of today's reality. and there is a lot of different gadgets out here. so far throughout week, industry experts say that's translating to cold-hard cash. they are expecting to make a record $287 million this year, to give you a little bit of perspective. >> i'm down on the 8-k resolution. >> yeah. >> need to see that clearly? >> i vote know. i think this is close enough. i did see our boss having fun with a 3-printer, i think printing an image of him efself. >> why efself -- himself? >> if you are feeling left out because you can't go.
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website dedicated to the cool stories coming out of ces. just click on the big ces logo above the "find it" section. we'll show you the new products. a lot of conventiongoers had to be happy when they saw the las vegas sunshine out. at least for what? finefive minutes? >> yeah, it was fleeting at best. >> those pool side trips canceled because of the weather we havary we are experience. next couple of thundershowers we'll see areas of light showers push themselves from west to east across the valley. this system is broken. there are other patches of rain working their way through california that will give us a chance through the latter evening hours. nice day from a vista standpoint.
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then the clouds brought friends and started to hide the mountains. those clouds have thickened and gave us a gloomy appearance. a few sprinkles. light showers. nothing significant. this system is not nearly as wet as the one that went through yesterday. but it's a view we don't see quite often in the las vegas valley. much more of a wintry look. that will be with us at least through tomorrow and probably in the weekend. lincoln county, snow starting to melt. kids made it to school. no problem. 51 degrees in warm springs. they gusted to 25 miles an hour. this system carrying more of a wind punch. in the northwest, down to 46. over the pahrump, 44. only blowing at 8 miles an hour. the rest of the neighborhoods, mid-40 mid-40 on mid-40s on the far side. it's a dam cool. dry heat with these relative humidity values in the
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over the southern valley neighbors. we have the gust over 20 miles an hour. they backed off but down near the stadium, 30 miles an hour. mountain at 28 which will be the high temperature tomorrow. boulder city, 48. and the humidity levels through the roof. pahrump, 99%. temperature-wise, those bonus rays of sunshine got up to 55 degrees. still below normal on the high side but above normal on the loaflow side. tomorrow, mid-40s to start. we'll work our way to 50 at lunchtime. a noticeable breeze at times. there could be a stray gust to 20 miles an hour. that should be it wind-wise. here comes the next system that we're talking about for tonight. already some splashing and dashing. but there is a little more concentrated rain to the west. the snow continues over the mountains. 3 to 6 more inches on top of the foot and a half already fallen.
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patches of rain will go through possibly in the overnight hours as well. it won't be as heavy as what's california, both l.a. and check out the pictures. it's a very wet system. over 1 inches, some cases 2 inches. these are pictures from the san bernardino valley. but san diego under a flash flood warning this evening as some of the heavy rain continues to move through. rainfall at a rate of 1/10 to .25 an hour. and in southern california, that's a lot. back on the satellite picture, we've got the next system set to slide through. this will give us a slight chance for a spotty shower tomorrow. that freckled cold, unstable air. this one comes through saturday late into sunday. tall though it will sit skirt us to the north. maybe a few sprinkles out of that. 33 in pahrump. highs tomorrow, boulder city, looking at even 50. 54 in laughlin and 28.
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for the las vegas valley, going down to 40. a couple of light showers here and there. again, not the quantity of water in this system that we experienced yesterday. there will be some breezes, not only tonight but tomorrow. although really top end at 20 miles an hour. 50 degrees, humid. your seven-day forecast, you do get a chance to towel off on friday. next system comes in late saturday into sunday. right now, there only appears to be a slight chance for a rain. there could be another one behind that by the middle of next week. keep a close eye on that. this one is coming down tonight. it's a colder system. so it's messing things up. you know? >> yeah. >> we got rid of those overnight lows in the 20s. we started feeling okay. let's move onto the spring thing. now lows in the mid-30s. >> not so fast. >> exactly. well, some popular soccer fields in southern nevada are being closed down. >> we'll tell you why that's happening and how much it will cost to get them back open. also ahead, a university professor fired for what he said and wrote about the shootings at sandy hook elementary.
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ab welcome back. the county is closing down two soccer fields at mccarran marketplace market. it's near the airport. county officials say it's because the turf is worn down to the subsurface. that's creating hazardous conditions for players. they will stay closed until they can get it all replaced. but the county says that will cost more than $4 million, which seemed like a high price tag to a lot of us. the repairs will be a priority and will be discussed for the upcoming budget cycle starting july 1st. passengers on a flight to europe were told, you can go but your luggage can't.
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would be coming on later flights but not because they were lost. we'll tell you the reason behind this -- coming up. and next -- the federal
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