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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now. consumer electronics show is opened in las vegas, featuring all of the hottest tech gadgets. good evening, everyone. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie motera nathan o'neil was there unveiling some some of the items that could be coming to a store near you. >> reporter: if you find your way through 170,000 or so people, you might just get a glimpse into the future. >> this is how we get on the map. >> reporter: from startups to tech leaders, some 20,000 new products will be introduced to the world this week at the consumer electronics show. from the latest innovations and virtual reality, to drones, lots and lots of drones. wait. is that a drone? >> the drone safety challenge, i
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can be dangerous. so all of the moving parts are enclosed so you can touch it and not hurt yourself. >> reporter: and remember when 4-k tvs were impressive? take a look at this advancing the human experience. >> you have a driver full motion simulator vehicle. >> reporter: this packs a punch so you feel every turn and twist in this virtual world. >> all of this kind of elements come through the chassis. it gives the whole experience more texture. >> reporter: each and every product hoping to improve comfort and potentially push the limits of today's reality. >> reporter: needless to say, there are plenty of gadgets to check out here at ces this week. industrial experts say that is translating into cold-hard cash. the tech industry expected to make more than $287 billion this year. >> all right. thank you. you have to be in the business to get in down at ces.
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our social media team has a web this week. go to and click on the big ces logo. the other big talker in the valley, a live look here, where we could be facing another rainy night. >> got that cloud cover again with the lights in the strip bouncing off it. chloe cleerdzly is -- chloe beardsley is in. >> that's right. take a look at california, really getting hammered by significant rainfall, especially around san diego. conditions across sowv northbound we're getting a lot of the that precipitation continuing to move in the northeast direction at least for right now. you can already see we do have some additional snowfall for the mountains. rain still lingering into the valley and we'll continue to see that light shower continue throughout the next few hours before things will eventually dry up. again, a look at the satellite of hours. you can see the showers moving into the las vegas area.
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round of those showers. as that system continues to move northeast and as we take a look at what we saw earlier this afternoon, variable conditions waking up to low clouds and pog. sunny skies briefly throughout the day and then the storm made it right back into our region. a quick look outside. winds calming down a little bit. wind gusts. you can see pretty breezy. it will be much.comer much calmer tomorrow. we'll continue to track the storm activity throughout the evening. we'll have another update coming up ma. >> thank you. a difficult start to the new year for more than 500 solar employees after solar city laid off about a quarter of its work force. the company announced that it will halt the sale and installation of rooftop solar panels in the state after nv energy cut the rate.
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makes it too expensive. solar city claims it will coast three nevada warehouses. the company plans to keep some people in our state to help customers and will relocate some workers. the city of las vegas considers a proposal that would ban pet stores from selling any cats or dogs or pot-bellied pigs that did not come from a shelter. animal activists say this would help shut down illegal puppy mills and lower the pet population in the shelters. but some pet storeowners say it will force them to shut down because they wouldn't be able to sell purebreds to people who want them. they did pass it, it will take effect in a couple of years. >> a lot of people obviously impacted by the emotional issue. another emotional story. a judge will decide if the passage of the voucher program meets the legality of our state constitution.
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in a hearing before a judge in carson city, sandra gonzalez has the latest in the legal fight, a lot of local families are watching this closely. >> reporter: this law lets parents decide how to spend the money the state allocates each stunt. private school or public education, the decision to up to mom and dad how to spend those tax dollars. parents like this parent say this is a great opportunity. >> it's a good option for family. >> reporter: he has three children sending to both public and private schools. others oppose the new law. source of funding. a lawsuit was filed last september and a hearing held in a carson city courtroom today, plaintiffs say the legislature not only overstepped its bounds when the law was passed but hurt publy schools. they want the law revoked. this nevada parent. >> it's going to take money out of the public schools which are
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to stay in the public school. it's public funds. >> reporter: dan schwartz disagrees. >> we're ready to go right now. we've got about 4100 plus atchleycations. atchleycation -- applications. >> reporter: but for this parent, it offers a good opportunity. >> it can help pay tuition. >> reporter: the judge heard both sides and will have a ruling soon. likely this case will go to the nevada supreme court. sandra gonzalez, news 3. three deputies involved in the shootout with a pair of terrorists in san bernardino say it's a day they will never forget. they all came face to face with sayed farook and tashfeen malik, the husband and wife who killed 14 innocent people at the inland regional center. the three traded a barrage of bullets with the shooter and helped to rescue a wounded police officer, too. you can see the bullet holes in the suv here.
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gun battle was over. both suspects were dead. the deputies are grateful they were able to survive the firefight. >> to look around and ooh see the officer -- and see the officers around you okay, it was incredible. >> want to make sure everyone gets safe. that's our main goal. that's our job. >> another note on the story tonight, the california man who bought the assault rifles used in the massacre faced a judge today. enrique marquez is charged with providing materiel support to terrorists and making false statements. the second of six baltimore police officers in the freddie guy case appeared in court. caesar goodson will be tried by a jury not sequestered. he was driving the van carrying gray. his charges gud second-degree depraved heart murder and involuntary manslaughter. he's plead not guilty.
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been served a grand jury subpoena related to a norovirus outbreak at one of its restaurants. this involves around a restaurant in simi valley last august. almost 100 people got sick there. it's one of several outbreaks linked to the restaurant chain since last september. tomatoes contaminated with salmonella made 64 customers stick in minnesota. also an outbreak that spanned nine states sickened 52 people. in december, at least 140 people got sick. in another outbreak at a boston clip boston -- boston chipotle. >> i was worried i was gonna go to bed and not wake up. >> i'm not sure i will come back. >> he's not alone. sales plunged by nearly a third in december. a father is upset after his daughter is patted down by tsa
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>> he thinks security crossed
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a high school basketba coaches are supposed to set the example, right? well, this coach in pennsylvania, high school coach didn't understand that. caught on camera assaulting a ref during a game. look at that. less than 30 seconds left in the game, the plater is called for -- the player is called for charger. the coach is upset. he head butts the referee really hard. he was charged with a technical and thrown out of the game. the rest was into the hurt and remained onmain -- was not hurt and remained on the court. a robber shot a convenience clerk all for $80. the tense moments were caught on surveillance video. the 23-year-old clerk was shot in the chest. later rushed to a hospital. by the way, the 7-eleven store that experienced armed rob ribs the fbi has a clear picture
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police say a woman walked into the store and employees were zip tied at gunpoint, left from a back room. agents say the same woman is involved in a crime spree that includes rob ribs in florida, tennessee, south carolina and georgia. investigators say she was not aileen in some of those heists. they have released a photo of a possible accomplice here. a father is upset about the way tsa patted down his daughter at the raleigh durham international airport in north carolina after agents found a juice box in her carry-on. the juice exceeded the amount of liquids allowed for carry on. so they patted her down for two minutes. her fall is calling the procedure an overreaction. and says it's it was inappropriate and said the whole situation made him feel very comfortable. >> maybe the tsa agents were bad apples. maybe they were undertrained.
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maybe they did everything by the book. i don't know but it was an uncomfortable situation. >> a lot of people sounding off on this one. that includes the tsa. in a written statement, it says, procedures allow for the patdown of a child in some circumstances. in this case, the agents "followed approved procedures." a flower shot in maryland was destroyed -- shop in maryland was destroyed overnight after a driver crashed into it. it's not clear what caused the driver to crash into the building. three firefighters were injured fighting the blaze. quintin tarantino a was immortalized at the chinese theater in hold. hollywood. he's a two-time ademacaward winner sharing an oscar for best screenplay in 1995 for the film
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same honor in 2013 -- >> it's not that i wanted to do this my whole career. i wanted to put my hands and footprints in the courtyard way before i ever had a career. this is something i have wanted to do my whole life. >> he's been on a pretty good streak. fans are flocking to theaters to catch his latest movie "the hateful hateful eight." "star wars: the force awakens" has made thor man more than $758 million. disney is projecting with today's ticket sales, it will pass the $760.5 mark made six
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it's made $1.5 billion around the world. rain clowpeds clouds continue to hover over southern nevada. >> we had the winds making this cold weather feel even colder. here's chloe beardsley with a look at the forecast. >> a chill in the air. if you have been outside, you probably have felt the light rain showers, not quite as crazy as yesterday but still enough for you to notice it. right now we're looking at overcast conditions outside. we're expecting the showers to don't over the next fefe hours. a quick look at temperatures. gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour tonight. let's take a look at that storm activity happening outside right now. southern california, getting hit hard by this rainfall. take a look at san diego. very heavy rain there with some flash flood warnings and advisories. as we take a look at southern northbound, no -- nevada no major advisories have been issued. actually noon at all.
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advisories, actually. a little bit closer to home, you can see some of that moisture making its way into the valley moving northeasts, also getting good news for skiers. you can see the precipitation area over the past few hours, bringing us very light rain showers in most neighborhoods. now. here is a look at the doppler radar after 7:00 p.m. where we're seeing the heavier us. you did see the bulk of that mostly again to the north of us right now. as far as what we can expect this evening, showers taper off after midnight. still gonna headache go -- still gonna hang onto the clouds overnight. we may see showers tomorrow morning. and we we have this system brewing in the pacific bringing us a chance of showers headed our way by the weekend. we talked about some advisories, winter weather advisory remains
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until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. additional snowfall out on the mountain peaks covering a large area. you can see it highlighted in purple right there. throughout the afternoon, we spoke up to areas of low clouds and patchy nothing. afternoon. and then the clouds rolled in. this is the west side of town. you can see the city glowing with the clouds. beautiful weather conditions. it's wet out there. one of the places that got the most was boulder city, just under .50 at king elementer -- elementary school. buffalo school, .25 from that rainfall that we've received this afternoon. even some light showers early this morning. winds outside of the south and southwest, pretty moderate but we did see the wind gusts earlier today reaching over 25 miles an hour. in many of our neighborhoods today. s and as we take a look, it's
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here is a look at some of the totals up to the minute in the neighborhoods. temperatures outside, 40s in most neighborhoods. still lingering in the 50s downtown and in sunrise and southeast. in the upper 40s for henderson and mid-40s for summerlin, centennial and blue diamond outside. outside the valley, gusty winds up to 37 mice an -- miles an hour. taking a look at precipitation, not quite as much as yesterday but enough to notice across the area. gusts still reaching up to 20, 30 miles an hour. overnight, and it will calm down as we get closer to the morning hours. overnight conditions like i said, good chance of seeing those showers. might as well make that 100%. we've seen the showers across the valley. 40 for the overnight low. still gonna see the gusty winds across the area. temperatures tonight will be cool. 40s for overton and mesquite.
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24 for tonopah. highs tomorrow will be cooler. we're looking at upper 40s for mesquite. 51 for overton. mid-40s for pahrump. you will want to bundle up over there. to the mountains, 28 for your high tomorrow and we'll hang onto the clouds for the las vegas area. chance of showers possible in the morning and late afternoon. winds moderate throughout the day. as we take a look at the next seven days, slight chance of seeing the showers on thursday. just when we think we can get a break of the rain activity, we got another shot of showers from that system in the pacific headed our way. slight chances on sunday. keep the umbrella handy. drier weather headed our way next week. >> all right. thank you. powerball frenzy at an all-time high. in about 40 minutess we'll know if there's a winner. >> the chance you have at striking it rich in just a
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scammers are hitting the phone lines with new imposter schemes. the u.s. marshals are warning of a con man claiming to be with the agency and threatening to arrest you. >> and then there's somebody claiming to be with a firefighter and paramedic dhart. he's called people all over the valley, including right here at news 3. there is always a plea to help heroes in need. >> my name is john and i'm with
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>> at first it sounded like a legitimate call but -- >> there was a pause. somebody went ding, ding, ding in my head. >> she said that alarm was a previous news 3 story about imposter charities. >> they are just people who are using this crisis to take advantage of people's generosity. >> as recently as september, we told you about phony charities taking advantage of heart-breaking situations from syrian refugee crisis to patients fighting cancer. that was the cause when four questionable charitable organizations came under fire and federal scrutiny. >> instead of spoorting supporting patients with cancer, the overwhelming of donations -- >> to prevent a crook from stealing money or identities, they say jeberous donors must do their part to verify a nonprofit. that bricks us back to christine. she said -- >> i don't really think i know about you and then all of a
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he hick huck hung up. >> this local real ter is -- real ter is ter -- real for is speaking -- this local realtor. >> get a phone number. where can i find your office? >> i reached out to three agencies and three of them said they never heard of the foundation. a spokesperson for the city of henderson says this a common scam. none of the local fire organizations would ask for donations by phone. well, chick-fil-a adding a new superfood. they are talking about lost luggage. forget about that. the company is helping to help customers keep track of their bags. it has built-in gps. travelers can track their bag any time with a smartphone as well as lock and unlock it and
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bag will alert your phone if you leave it behind. there is a sensor to tell you how much your bag weighs and a usb port to charge your devices on the go. let's take a look at what's coming up at 11:00, a dramatic jump from a burning building. it was caught on camera. we'll show you more of this and tell you why they had no choice but to make that plunge. plus -- we'll take you back to the floor of ces and show you the latest technology that will protect you and your home. those stories and any breaking news as it happens tonight at -- tonight at 11:00. we're 30 minutes away until the drawing of the powerball jackpot which has reached $500 million. >> this boosts the prize to $50 million in one day.
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