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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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>> jessica: i'm jessica moore. it's nights like this one where we're really thankful that news 3 is your weather authority. k.g., some places got a sprinkle tonight. >> kevin: northwest part of the valley picked up a quarter inch of rain, but the more significant showers have been over southeastern valley neighborhoods, and they're still going now. of course we have snow on the mountain, 3 to 6 more inches in the higher elevations. downtown henderson towards the end of warm springs and up northward along sunrise mountain and french man's peak. the other area that's been particularly wet tonight has been around boulder city, that's starting to push off to the east, and areas to the south of there. but around search light they've also had had about a half inch of rain. very wet night to the south of the valley. look at our real time conditions in boulder city, .55, but it's 43 degrees and 100% relative humidity. we'll show you the rest of the
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plus this system is not done with us. forecast details in just a minute. >> jessica: thank you. the man accused of shooting a metro officer in december says he's worried about his own safety now in jail. teague fox appeared in court today to plead his case to the judge. fox is accused of shooting an officer in the arm at the emerald suites hotel, touching off a stand yf that shut down las vegas boulevard. during the hearing fox asked the judge to move to him to another part of the jail because he says the guards near his cell are threatening him. the judge told him the only other option would be solitary confinement and told him he would not want to take that option. >> jim: a texas grand jury has indicted the state trooper who arrested sandra bland. you may remember the 28-year-old died while in custody last year, three days after being arrested during this traffic stop. earlier today the grand jury indicted the trooper on perjury charges.
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herself with a plastic bag in her jail cell, but her family questions the circumstances of her death. the trooper has been fired and if convicted faces jail time. >> jessica: now, los angeles prosecutors decide not to charge bill cosby on accusations he sexually abused two teens in 1965 and then again in 2008. the district attorney determined the statute of limitations applied to the older can case and said there was a lack of ed to are the 2008 accusation. an 18-year-old claims she woke up naked after cosby gave her a 2008. another woman claims she was 17 in 1965 when she says cosby gave her alcohol at a jazz club, then took her to a home and forced her to have sex. cosby has acknowledged marital infidelity police his past but has denied any sexual misconduct. >> jim: devices that can catch crooks on camera at your home or scare them away, stop makers from breaking into your wi-fi
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okay when you're not home. just some of the innovative security product featured at in year's consumer electronics snow. as christine kim explains, this year we're seeing a trend using high tech to keep us safe. >> reporter: a good portion of these products are about making your home smart. the devices will protect your house and your loved ones. we've seen how surveillance cameras record burglars inside your home, but how about stopping them at your front door. the ring video door bell starts to record when it detects motion and has two-way awed so, so you can can see, hear and talk back. a new camera that can be placed anywhere on your house does the same. >> you could be across the country and you could act like you're home a a that will deter a burglar from breaking into your home. >> reporter: it's just one of many innovations. >> one of the great products
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you will, and make them smart and monitor them remotely. >> reporter: it could be as simple as this battery that will make your alarms smart. if you're not home and it goes off you'll get an alert on your mobile device. this cube by the french okay hgsn learns what various sirens sound like and alerts you on your phone when they go off, and also measures air quality and sense of motion, or lack of. >> they use it for older people to make sure there's activity in the house, to make sure that they're safe. >> reporter: here's a concern with these, what if they can get hacked. meet cujo, a fire wall for your smart home. >> it sends a signal to the cujo. >> reporter: it monitors all your connected devices, detects threats and stops them before it's too late. so this is just a glimpse of the
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featured here at c.e.s. head over to for a look at the hottest gadgets that you also need to know about. i'm christine kim, news 3. >> jim: always fun to hear the creative names they come up with for these new gadgets. thank you. the consumer electronics show has more than security devices. around 20,000 new gadgets are on the show flow this year. s some of the big hits so far, virtual reality head sets, and of course the latest drones. tvs continue to get bigger and brighter and clearer, with 8k resolution sets turning heads. another fun exhibit we spotted, a full scale race car simulator. so if you're not in the tech business and you don't have the credentials to get in to c.e.s., we've got you covered, you can check out all the cool stuff on the floor by visiting
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>> jessica: people around the country hoping to become multimillionaires tonight will have to try their luck again. there were no winners in the powerball drawing. thousands of people packed into the primm lotto store this afternoon believing that lady luck was on their side. here are tonight's numbers. 47, 2, 63, 62, 11. with a powerball of 17 and a power play of 3. the jackpot is now expected to rise to a whopping $675 million, the largest ever, the next place is saturday night. >> jim: i'm wondering if it's going to go higher than that, it climbed $75 million since yesterday. >> jessica: yes and by the time one guy was waiting in line, hey, it's not 450, it's 500, so it could keep going. >> jim: still ahead tonight, tensions continue to rise across the world follow a nuclear test in north korea. >> jessica: why some american officials are not as concerned as others. >> jim: also a dramatic jump from a burning building caught
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family had no choice but to take the leap. >> the consumer electronics show is in town this week, a lot of gadgets out there, but do they work. >> this is what's great, experts with consumer reports, they brought their reviews with them and we're sharing with you tomorrow morning when you wake up with the wagners. does prism tv have all the channels we watch? that's a great question. prism tv has all the channels i watch,
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>> jim: welcome back. with less than a mob to go until actual votes are cast, once again tonight the race to the white house runs right through southern nevada. >> jessica: senator harry reid invited the three democratic candidates for a dinner at the mgm. the nevada first in the west caucus dinner completely sold out. >> jim: vicki gonzalez is there live. who was the biggest draw tonight? >> reporter: maybe no surprise, but bernie sanders supporters really brought the enthusiasm tonight.
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a healthy dose of support. and why wouldn't they, it the democratic caucus dinner. senator reid wants to make sure nevada setet the tone in the race to the white house. turning the decibel way up for the democratic party, all enthusiasm at the mgm where senator reid acted as host for the battle born battle ground first in the west caucus dinner. >> no state reflects the growing diversity of our country better than nevada. strength of america. the american people are looking at us. >> reporter: this is the first time the three democratic candidate have been together outside the debate setting in the silver state. >> hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders. report the goal, to drum up democratic support for the critical nevada caucus. former secretary of state hillary clinton believes although america is standing,
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>> they succeeded in passing a bill to repeal the affordable care act, and to defund planned parenthood. well, i'll tell you what, it's a good thing that we've got barack obama in the white house. >> are we democrats fired up? >> reporter: as governor of maryland, o'malley says he has the guts, foresight and courage. >> the first state in the union to pass a living wage, raising the minimum wage, investing more in pup education -- public education to make our america five years in a row. these were actions, not words. bernie sanders supporters brought the noise. >> we have made real progress. and we should be proud of what we have accomplished. but, and here is the big but, we still have a very, very long way
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country we know we deserve. >> reporter: overall a dinner with a common goal. but just who will be the candidate to ride the party to the general election? both clinton and sanders each had a busy day today, they had their own grass roots rallies throughout southern nevada. o'malley is not ton, he'll be speaking to the economic club of las vegas tomorrow morning. and as for the nevada caucus, that will be saturday, february 20. vicki gonzalez, news 3, back to you. >> jim: got to love how much attention our state is getting, thank you. north korea's latest under ground nuclear test set off man made earthquakes in asia and diplomatic shock waves around the world. >> jessica: but experts do you it was a hoo dro general bomb as north korea claimed. richard engel reports on the skepticism and the danger of a nuclear armed north korea. >> reporter: they lined up in pyong-yang for the surprise
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the news anchor, enthusiastically telling them that north korea successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. everyone cheered. a few on cue were moved to tears. the united states is waiting to invade our country, so having a hydrogen bomb is the right thing, this man said. in south korea the blast felt like a 5.1 earthquake, the tremors reached china, too. japan scrambled jets to test the air. the u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, called the blast a provocation. north korea's leader signed the other just a few days before his 33rd birthday. north korea has set off an atomic bomb three times before. but was today's blast really something far more powerful and dangerous? a hydrogen bomb. the white house seemed to doubt it.
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that were reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb. >> reporter: but north korea isn't sitting still. >> they are trying constantly to build the most modern, survivable and lethal nuclear weapons force that they can. so even if this were not a hydrogen device, that is clearly their intention. say seeking attention, thumbed his nose at the world today, nuclear power. a senior u.s. pillar the official told nbc news washington was aware of north korea's test preparations for two weeks, and even sent drones to collect air samples from near the test site. but as of tonight, it's still unclear exactly what kind of nuclear device was detonated. >> jessica: back here in this country, crews in arizona rescue a man and his grandson after their vehicle got stuck in fast moving waters.
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child stranded on aan island as water surrounded their s.u.v. rescuers walked both of them across the water to safe ground. both appeared to be okay, but they were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> jim: metro is reversing its policy on minor traffic accidents, meaning officers will respond to fender beners again if you ask them to. if you're in a minor crash don't call 911 for that, instead use metro's nonemergency line, that's 311. after a series of questions the dispatcher will ask you if you need an officer on the scene. of course if it's a serious crash with injuries or if there's a crime involved like d.u.i. or hit-and-run, then you dial 911. >> jessica: new at 11, a boy and his parents survive a four-story jump from their burning apartment building in canada. a neighbor got the incident on video early this morning. showing a 10-year-old damage l from his father's arms outside a window before being dropped to safety. his mom and dad jumped after. all three landed in snow and were taken to a hospital. reports suggest a fire truck ladder malfunctioned, forcing
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no one else was hurt. >> jim: people on the ground coordinated so they could catch them as well, break the fall. so we've got some pretty strong rainfall in the northwest. >> kevin: northwest part of town and southeast part of town. but we're not done with this system yet, a few more showers possible during the overnight hours. i think we'll see a few spotty showers tomorrow as well. low hanging clouds all evening across the las vegas valley, and in particular the strip as you were looking down from the d off toward the stratosphere tower. latest and live doppler radar imagery showing those showers working their way southwest to northeast, with the heaviest to the southeast of town. but again not done yet, bus we still have plenty of action in california, and while it's not widespread it is spotty enough to give us confidence that there will be a couple showers in southern nevada tomorrow, maybe as early as tomorrow morning. what a day we had today. snow capped spring mountains, towering over the low clouds
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course of the day. ask as we got into the afternoon there was a definite gloom or dreariness to the sky, you knew something was billion and the showers followed right after the sun went down, under the cover of darkness. we've had plenty of action today and has continued into the evening hours. it was frozen precipitation up north in lincoln county. some of the overnight snow melting during the day, but a few more flakes falling during the late night hours. boulder city, .56, still that 100% relative humidity. down in searchlight, still raining there and the temperature dropping to 39. over ton with half an inch of rain. and the rain is done now, but a few more sprinkles are possible later on.
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a damp cool, with temperatures in the 40s valley wide. humidity levels are up there, in some cases 82% down in anthem, 77% downtown. and the wind is also a factor, at times it's gusted to about 30 miles per hour. we've seen several late evening gusts over 20 and that could continue too. outside the valley pahrump is at 44 degrees. bone cold in lincoln county, overton at 47. the humidity value is pretty high too. 55 and 45 for the high and low temperature. a few slivers of sunshine got us to the mid 50s today' tomorrow 50 for a high and we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and a few sprin else and those breezes will make it feel colder. they won't start tailing off until later in the afternoon. as far as the valley is concerned we're done with the more significant rain.
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overnight up on mount charleston, and the higher elevations will do better than six more inches on top of the foot and a half we saw yesterday. we'll get hit and miss showers tomorrow. southern california got clobbered today, both l.a. and san diego and it's still raining at this hour. once the system slide through tomorrow night, the next one is due late saturday and sunday, that could give us a slight chance for rain. 21 on the mountain for a low, highs tomorrow, pahrump only 46. boulder city with a high of 50. for the las vegas valley, 40 tonight, a shower possible. cold, breezy, cloudy, and we'll have some leftover breezes tomorrow. again a chance for a shower here and there. look for a high temperature of 50 degrees tomorrow. and your 7-day forecast, friday a chance to dry off, but don't get too used to that, a chance for showers again late saturday
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next week too. and low to mid 30s, some neighborhoods could fine the
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i'm agains >> jessica: canadian researchers stumbled upon a very old bolts of beer at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. >> jim: very old what does 125-year-old beer taste like? it was found off the coast of halifax, nova scotia in november, and researchers tested and then were guessing on some kind of a dare even tasted the brew. >> jessica: they had to research. they say the beer surprisingly tasted okay, even had a hint of cherry. scientists say markings on the bottle reveal the beer was likely browed sometime between 1872 and 1890. >> jim: coming up, two new superstars are heading into baseball's hall of fame. >> jessica: the running rebels
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must-win game at colorado state. >> running rebels are back on the court a week after blowing the lead in their conference opener. coach rice was winless in four tries, including a heart break loss last year. they trailed by four at the break. seven in the second half. then they make a run. derek jones jr. to ben carter
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game. jordan cornish makes it three, it 45-43 rebels. poyser knocks down a three, the rebels up five. poyser though not stopping there after a steal and a run, poyser ends it with a dunk. rebels with a 10-point lead. rebels trailed by two with eleven second to go. just a few ticks left on the clock, here comes colorado state, john gillan gets the foul call with one second to go on the game. tough to make that call, put the game on the line. he hits one free throw. final chance, one second, rebels fall to 0-2 in conference play and they'll take on wyoming next, and the cowboys look good, they beat air force by 12. san diego state wins against san
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the lady rebels lose to the rams. ken griffey jr. has been elected to the baseball hall of fame with the highest voting personal ever. mike piazza is also headed to cooperstown, but griffey got 93.3% of the vote. piazza was on the ballot for a fourth time. players need 75% of the votes to get elected. bagwell missed it by 15, raines by 23. roger clemens and barry bond both rose in their total this is year by 45%. robert manfred with his input. >> really exciting day. i called to, all i managed to do is leave message to both of them with my congratulations, obviously well deserved based on amazing careers. >> ken griffey defined a
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amazingly high vote total he got is reflective of the fact that he was the bellweather of that generation. what i like about mike is he was not a highly regarded prospect and went onto become one of the best catchers of all time. >> we talked with the commissioner, we'll have that interview on sports night in las vegas this sunday. >> jessica: thanks. >> jim: up next tonight, how
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yo >> jessica: finally tonight, clark county officials still need your help securing federal population. >> jim: they're going to conduct their annual homeless count later this m mth which helps the county keep track of how many people are out there living on our streets, and that number also helps the county secure grants and other funding to help those folks. swrerp the homeless count is
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we've put all the information on
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