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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 8, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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want to celebrate the good stuff. a veteran gives back in a big way to veterans when they come back home. "news 3 live at 3" 30 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> marie: thank you for staying with us. a man confesses to shooting a philadelphia police officer multiple times last night used a stolenn to isis. >> reed: officer jesse hartnett was driving a marked cruiser in west philadelphia when the suspect, edward archer, walked up to the cruiser and opened fire shortly before midnight. security video shows archer going towards officer hartnett's car already firing. archer fired at least 11 shots with a 9-millimeter at point-blank range. hartnett gets out of the car and starts to chase archer in spite of being injured. >> has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of
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islam fe believes the police defend laws contrary to the koran. >> reed: hartnett underwent surgery and is in good spirits. we're told his injuries are considered serious but he will survive even though he'll have to endure multiple surgeries. emanuel lutchman appeared in court today in rochester, new york. according to the fbi the 25 was ploting a terror attack at a rochester restaurant on new year's eve. police who know lutchman say he is a panhandler who has mental problems. prosecutors describe him as a would-be terrorist who wanted to prove he was worthy of joining the islamic state militants. >> marie: there are additional developments in the war on terror today. >> reed: allison starling takes it all from here with today's terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm allison starling. while terror arrests in california and texas as well as
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leading today's headlines, there are other terror investigations underway around the world as well. in egypt, two tourists were stabbed during an attack on a hurghada. the suspects are said to have flags. the suspects. swedish were hospitalized. this comes just one day after a terror attack at a hotel in cairo right near the pyramids. no one was hurt in that attack. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. >> marie: new at 330, from the 2015 attacks in paris and southern california to north korea claiming it tested a hydrogen bomb, issues of national security are dominating the news cycle. >> reed: national correspondent christine fa sdou takes a look at the campaigns and how they're taking advantage of it.
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fight to stop terrorists. >> as president i will defend this nation but will do it responsibly. >> he'll quickly cut the head of isis and take their oil. >> reporter: political ads offering tough talk on terrorism and national security. >> the americans fears have shifted rapidly in the past month since the terrorist attacks in paris and the shooting in san bernardino, california. >> reporter: that rapid shift has pushed national security to a top concern according to recent polls. federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree, it should be. >> national security is the top issue this year. i think it's going to stay that way. >> instead of spending time on repealing healthcare we ought to focus on national security, border security. >> reporter: typically republicans are seen stronger on national security and terrorism. but experts point out top gop candidates lack experience in that arena and that could leave the door open for the democratic front-runner.
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hillary clinton would be just as strong on national security as a former secretary of state. >> reporter: poll after poll shows americans disapprove of the president's handling on isis and terrorism. gop candidates are constantly making that link to his former secretary of state. >> stretching from the clinton administration to the obama administration with hillary clinton as secretary of state skont consistently ache makes the same mistakes over and over again. >> reporter: stock markets fluctuations highlight the economy is not out of the picture. >> you are not going to see the economy go away. there's still 2 million or more people long term unemployed in this country. >> reporter: in washington, i'm christine pra fra sdou reporting. >> reed: in three weeks the primary season will kick off with caucuses in iowa. >> marie: today marks five years since a deli spree shooting in tucson, arizona that left then congressman gabrielle giffords severely injured and six people dead.
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judge for the u.s. district courts in arizona. 18 peeled were injured. giffords was speaking to con stitch consequents at a congress on your corner event when 22-year-old loughner opened fire. mexican authorities said today that drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman has been recaptured nearly seven months after he escaped from a maximum security prison. he was apprehended after a shootout with mexican marines. five people were killed and one mexican marine wounded in the clash. guzman wanted by the u.s. government for various criminal charges including cocaine smuggling and money laundering. >> reed: south korea has started broadcasting propaganda messages across the de de militarized zone or dmc. the heavily guarded stretch of land separates south and north korea.
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broadcasting those messages. authorities in seoul say the move is a response to the hydrogen bomb test pyongyang claims was conducted on wednesday. united is facing $2.7 million in fines from the government. the airline is facing fines for violating consumer rules that protect disabled passengers and long tarmac delays. a review by the transportation department found passengers with disabilities did not get prompt service getting on and off planes and there were several instances when passengers were left in planes on the tarmac for long periods of time. >> marie: more innovation emerging from the consumer electronics show here in las vegas. samsung has debuted a new kind of tv that can be stacked like legos. once they're stacked together the individual screens combine to form one large tv unit. and you don't even see little black lines between the displays. for all you tv aficionados out there you will love this.
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nine ratio or they can be swapped, the screens can be put together to make an incredible 91 inch screen at the same 21 by nine ratio you will find at the movies. >> reed: translation. it's really fancy. an address featured at the consumer electronics show taking the term wearable technology to a new level. intel collaborated with american fashion label cromat to create a smart dress that expands when it faces adrenaline. when adrenaline is sensed the dress expands in the shoulder and skirt areas forming a large silhouette that trims the body. fit bit you know those wrists that track your fitness. they've been hit with a class-action lawsuit over the heart rate tracking on two of its models. a group of consumers claim the heart monitor on the charge, hr and surge do not and cannot accurately measure heart rates as advertised especially during
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one woman says her heart beat during a workout was nearly twice as high as her fit bit indicated. fit bit says it stands by its technology but warns the wrist bands are not intended to be medical devices. that one will continue for awhile. back at the consumer electronics show thousands show off their latest innovations. >> marie: we told you about the few things that will wow people but what about the weird? mark barger has a round of some of the tech gadgets you never knew you needed. >> reporter: ces offers up smart cars, smart appliances, even smart sports equipment. but on signal delivers this smart bra. >> this is the fabric of the bra. the heart beat. >> reporter: the bra collects data and sends it toon app on your smart phone. skefrps is send -- skepers is sending entertainment to your feet. >> game kicks as memory matching game for kids. >> reporter: with 65,000
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and you can get a one-of-a-kind book for -- look for your digits. custom images printed on to your fingers. the thousand dollar air bag vest detects changes in movement and inflates the cushion impact. >> if you are accident prone and have a lot of money and like to go skiing this could save you a few bumps and bruises. >> reporter: if you are over the selfie stick the toy like pick offers flexibility capturing photoss an video. if you can't afford a go pro you can sacrifice style points with the clip a phone. a device that clips your phone to the brim of the hat to capture video and photos. >> if somebody bans selfie sticks you could say it's not a selfie stick it is a clippy thing. >> reporter: consumers will decide if it is a big thing. mark barger, nbc news. >> reed: that's fun stuff.
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in a very big way. >> marie: how he is helping fellow service men get jobs when they come home in the good stuff. >> reed: scotland dealing with major flooding. what first responders are saying about evacuation orders now. >> chloe: we're seeing pretty calm conditions across southern nevada right now but this storm in the pacific is going to continue moving inland. i'll let you know how it's going
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. >> marie: now for the good stuff. we focus on nice and uplifting stories around the world. if you walk into a job interview wearing jeans and a t-shirt, perhaps it's going to be a very short interview. >> reed: that can be a problem. especially for our veterans. if they don't own a suit after returning to civil yap life. joe tells us how one organization in michigan is helping vets get well dressed so they can land jobs. >> reporter: richard members how hard it was looking for jobs after serving in the airforce for six years. >> i didn't have a suit. as a matter of fact, i had very few civilian clothes. so it was kind of a handicap when you first went out for interviews. >> reporter: he had to borrow a suit, shirt and tie from a friend. but it still took him six months to get the job. >> there's no one to tell you
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own. >> reporter: that's why he is working with local groups and businesses to make sure veterans don't have to do it alone. >> give them something they can be proud to wear. >> reporter: they've collected more than 50 suits in two weeks. >> donated from citizens. and we're getting them all together. we have a tailor lined up who will adjust he suits for free for the veterans. >> reporter: that tailor is also a veteran. bill tells me he served in the airforce from 1964 to 1968. >> people when they have an interview they should look good. that first impression. i've been doing this 30 years and i think i know how to make people look good. >> reporter: a good look that leads to a good feeling that will hopefully lead to a good interview. >> feel more confident going in for a job interview and hopefully land a great job that will keep them here in michigan and establish a great career and support their family as well. >> reporter: something he is proud of since retiring last year. >> we want to see they become successful. >> reporter: it all starts with dressing for the job you want.
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that was joei wang reporting. speaking of veterans here what's we're working on for our hero's segment next week. take a listen to this. >> we talk to women veterans trying to find them and make sure they're recognized. a lot of women do not consider themselves veterans. they think if they didn't serve in combat they're not a veteran. which that's totally wrong. you wore the uniform. you served no matter if you were a cook, a clerk, mp, aircraft maintenance to pilots to whatever, you know, women are veterans. >> reed: she ser d our country for 23 years. bobbi oates is an airforce veteran and even through retirement she's dedicating her time to our community. she's now working with various groups to raise awareness about women in our state.
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in our state. her story coming up on monday. >> marie: before that you can catch that story this weekend on news 3 live today at 6:00 a.m. on sunday. by the way, if you know someone in our community who has gone above and beyond, we really want to hear their story. you can submit that story on our facebook page yat >> if featured he or she wins a gift card and chance to win a $5,000 gift card at umc. good luck and tell the stories of your great neighbors who serve our community. let's continue the conversation. treat us at marie news 3 lv and at reed news 3 lv. and tweet the station at news 3 at lv. and i look at the tweets at 2:00 a.m. in the morning when i've got a little one in my arms who can't sleep. tweet me. time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: dog kidnappers on the run in our falvalley. at five, a victim talks to stolen.
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climbing. at 5:00 what you can do to improve your chances of winning the powerball lottery. plus the full forecast with kevin janison and check with traffic with tom holly. >> marie: let's take to you scotland where homes were evacuated overnight after a river burst its banks following heavy rain. bridish broadcaster sky news reported that flood warnings were in place this morning and that extreme conditions had also caused major disruptions to travel. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> marie: a little difficult to hear that. but people were rescued from their homes. that's the good news. thousands of properties in the northern u.k. hit by flooding caused by severe storms in
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>> reed: time for a check of the local forecast. >> marie: we've had a stormy week but today is friday heading into the weekend. we want to know what's coming up. news 3 is your weather authority. . >> chloe: we've got good news. seeing much calmer weather today compared to the last couple of days. so we're so far in for a good weekend. let's take a look across the valley. a nice blanket of clouds across las vegas. you can't not love that. here is a look at our time-lapse earlier today. awfully sunny this afternoon. somewhat light showers developing in the mountains. other than that, pretty calm conditions do continue across the area. right now temperatures pretty toasty on the east side of town. check this out. mid-50s for sunrise southeast in henderson a little bit cooler in summer lynn. 49 -- summerlin. 47 in blue diamond and 50 in centennial right now. so nice weather conditions. mild weather for the most part continues. winds picking up slightly in the northwest part of town. other than that moderate winds
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this afternoon we still had wind gusts reaching up to 29 miles an hour in centennial. 23 mifr wind gusts for summerlin. calmer on the east side. you can see downtown winds also peaking at 22 miles an hour as of right now. conditions outside the valley in the 50s for pahrump. upper 50s. moderate winds. here is a look at the peak wind gusts so far this afternoon. as we take a close look of the satellite you can see for the most part pretty calm conditions continue across southern nevada. that's going to change. we've got another storm headed in our direction for the weekend. looks like most of the precipitation will be across california. a live look at radar right outside right now. you can see mostly precipitation just north of us still see isolated showers also possible in the mountains with high level moisture again just to the north. as we take a look at the future cast. the storm i told you about impacting mostly just california. some of that snow getting stuck in the sierra. by sunday we could see showers
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a slight chance that we'll see those rain showers across the area though. we're going hang on to the cause overnight tonight. becoming partly cloudy. temperatures a little colder compared to last fright night dropping to the 30s. mid-30s boulder city. overnight tonight. and tomorrow temperatures will be a little cooler compared to our weather we saw today. maybe you subtract three or four degrees just kind of depending on where you live. low 50s for pahrump. mid-50s overton. 52 for mesquite. 51 for boulder city. and upper 50s. going to be a beautiful day at lake mead. a closer look at the forecast in just a second. low 50s you can see temperatures below normal for the las vegas
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starting off with partly cloudy skies with more clouds anticipated by the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions expected for the lake mead area. winds out of the south up to ten miles an hour. that's a pretty warm forecast. 34 degrees. chilly in the mountains. temperatures starting off in the teens early in the morning for mount charleston. we take a look at the next seven days for the las vegas area. slight chance that we'll see showers on sunday. after that not too much change headed our way with our weather pattern. highs remaining in the 50s for the week ahead. much drier weather conditions with some off and on cloud cover over the next several days. >> marie: finally drying out. i think it is the first time in awhile we've seen a 7-day forecast without a bunch of those rain filled clouds. >> chloe: we're getting a little bit of relief. we get a break. >> reed: we'll be buying easter eggs before we know it. thanks chloe. an unusual and cute visitor in northern japan gathering attention. >> marie: look at this little guy. it is a baby seal who happened to appear near the mouth of the river near the northern most island. experts believe the seal may have got lost but no worries it's perfectly content relaxing on the frozen river. the sale poses and is it's
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officials say they hope it will safely make its way back to the ocean. >> reed: check out this video of a siberian husky sled dog team. but look who is mushing. 3-year-old nicole. three with a big smile. she is the daughter of a renown dog sledding couple in minnesota. the couple raceed from anchorage to gnome in the iditarod says exposing their children to the dogs in an early age teaches them responsibility and respect. >> marie: monty python fans gathering in the czech republic for a march reenacting one of the most famous sketches them ministry of silly walks. around 200 people showed off their silly walking skills and took part in a march across the downtown area. january 7th has been proclaimed international silly walk day by the organizers. some of the most devout fans even wore the polar hats and carried brief cases to match the
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walking like this can take awhile. 45 minutes to cover the distance of less than a mile. silly walking has been performed there since 2010 and organizers hope it spreads to other cities around the world. you can't see our good friend phil on the floor here behind camera seven. but he is walking like that right now as he counts us down. he is a multi-tasker. >> reed: and a high stepper at that. [ laughter ] may you high step into the weekend. thanks for watching. lots of smiles here in the studio. i'm mark hyman. he is an update on a topic in the past. the justice department is shutting down the equitable sharing program of asset forfeiture. there are two types of for bit ur -- criminal and civil. in criminal asset forfeiture the government may seize money and assets it's shown to be the spoils of criminal activity. after there's been a conviction. civil asset forfeiture is the wild west. it's used before someone's been
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accused of a crime. federal rules of asset forfeiture are lax under the equitable sharing arrangement the doj allowed state and local governments to use these lax federal rules. too often state and local police forces confiscated money and assets without charging anyone with a crime. or even questioning them. agencies then auction the assets. they're usually free to spend all the money they've kum lateed with few or no restrictions. this is why critics call it policing for profit. it's been reported washington, d.c. police make stops and seize whatever cash they find in people's pockets. even as little as $20 claiming it could be drug proceeds. ending the equitable sharing program is a small step in the right dressing. but more need to be done to guarantee citizens fif atsz mendment rights to due process before government confiscates
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: good, good. how y'all? thank you very much. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got another good one today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 40,770 bucks, from birmingham, alabama, roll tide war eagle, it's the johnson family. [cheering and applause] and from lawrenceville, georgia, it's the sam family. >> yeah! steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold ford edge right there. hey, let's go meet
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