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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> weather: 38 in downtown las vegas, west-southwest wind at two. dewpoint 30. pressure is high at 30.17. temperatures are uniform in the 30s around the valley. definitely a chill in the air. and 18 up at mt. charleston, to
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and, boy, you can see the showers moving into california. outside chance we could get a sprinkle tomorrow morning. but most of that will not make it in here. but clouds are. clouds and sun combo today. definitely chilly christine. low 50s for an afternoon high. how about that. >> anchor: my gosh. all right. thank you. look forward to the full weather forecast. now an exclusive. in prison for 42 years for taking money to kill a woman, and he is talking to us for the first time. he was paid $500 for the crime. he said he killed shawna teafey because of the friendship he had with her pus husband former firefighter. he speaks to us about the day he wishes never happened. >> for three years family waited for answers. shawna killed. beaten to death with a hammer. their torment started and ended with him.
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the first time. >> reporter: what do you want them to think about you? >> i don't know. i am a regular guy like everybody else. made wrong choices. >> reporter: wrong choices were deadly destructive. stevens hired by shawna's kill her. he later was the key witness in teafeys trial and when george in. >>i laughed it off. yeah, okay. and when you think about it. when i found out he was real about it. i said yeah, i would do it. >> reporter: when talking to stevens remorse comes to mind. he is sorry for what he has done. >> i have a mom, a sister. you know what i mean. if i would have thought about it i would probably not have done it. >> reporter: if he could go back he would not tell the
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george out of it. homeless and alcoholic. something he is not apologizing for. >> i am a street person. i am not going to call the police. >> reporter: stevens sentenced to 42 years to life in prison. he took her life for a man he once called a friend. >> he is a good friend. we were cool. >> reporter: would you say he was a good friend looking back >> no. three. >> anchor: local preacher that talked about sin of sex. assaults young girl. trial continued yesterday with testimony from the victims. we want to warn you, some of the details are graphic. prosecutors say otis holland raped girls as young as seven that he was counseling at the church. one of the victims, 15 when the crimes happened, told jurors she was in love with him and tried
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from getting caught by helping him to destroy hard drives. and another big bombshell in court. video of one of the sermons played for the jury. >> if preachers would talk more people would not be messed up. >> anchor: attorneys argue sex acts involving holland were consensual. prosecution will rest the case next week. the stand. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo behind bars after six months on the run. he was loaded on to armored helicopter that took him to the same prison he escaped from. more than six months ago. early yesterday cell phone video showed el chapo escorted after
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battle with mexican marines. law enforcement congratulate the counterpart on the recapture. time is 6:06. and still to come. numbers are out. and we now know how many jobs were added in 2015. maybe surprised to hear how it compares to previous years. plus, blue bell drama. popular ice cream company faces another problem with listeria. where most recent problem is happening. and then. a former ccs, two years in jail.
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doing that put him behind bars.
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u.s. job market. american employers added more than 2.5 million jobs, 292,000 december. and 2015 was a second best year for job gains. since 1999. and wages also grew by 2.5 percent. and that matches the gains in october of last year which were the best in six years. and blue bell ice cream faces another problem with listeria. company said bacteria found in a production plant but said none found in any of the products. and in a statement company said that it is testing every batch of ice cream produced for bacteria. blue bell recalled the entire product line last year after listeria found in containers. since last summer it has slowly reintroduced products in stores across the south. the company is still under federal investigation for handling of the contamination.
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airline adds new routes. denver based airline is adding 42 new non-stop routes, and introducing them with fares as low as $39.01 way. they go to orlando and chicago from charlotte. and to atlanta and cincinnati from houston. most of the flights will begin in april. the time is 6:11 and still to come. big day for former rebel quarterback orlando cunningham as he is voted into college football hall of fame. randy is back next with sports. two of the performing along coldplay. which mega star you will see at the superbowl 50 half time show. and we have a scam alert that can easily happen to you.
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>> anchor: update to breaking newscast. car crash. pedestrian crash, on tropicana and polaris. metro confirms a female pedestrian was hit by a bus about 5:00 this morning. and she died from her injuries. if you are about to start your day. and your commute. avoid that area. because tropicana between polaris and d martin drive closed off as they investigate. this happened 5:00. so that area will be shut down for the next several hours or so. and we have more breaking news out of new york. the nypd said that 25-year-old patrolman wounded early this morning. in a gun fight with a suspect.
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nypd commissioner held a press conference short time ago saying 25-year-old stewart responding to numerous 911 calls about a large street fight with guns, bats and knives. officers stewart hit in the right ankle. returned gun fire. struck the suspect four times. the suspect, 19-year-old christopher rice is in serious condition. police say he was -- he has several prior arrests and just released from court last night. officer stewart is in stable condition. urgent warning going out to to law enforcement after a gunman tried to execute a police officer. at point blank range in philadelphia. police say gunman confessed to doing it, in the name of the islamic state's isis. surveillance captured the attack, showed the gunman with his weapon inside of the officer's patrol car. we have more on this story.
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into a philadelphia police officer's car and police say he claims to have done it in the name of radical ris lam. >> i have been shot. bleeding heavily. >> reporter: suspect 30-year-old philadelphia resident archer ambushed officer harnnet at close range firing at least 11 shots from nine millimeter pistol striking the officer three times in the arm. >> he pledges allegiance to islam. follows ayla and called upon to do this. >> reporter: harnnet managed to get out of the car and return fire. hitting the gunman in the buttock. police arrested him and recovered the gun. >> bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> reporter: but revealed bly police commissioner the weapon used by a stolen police gun. >> it was stolen back in october of 2013. it was reported.
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you absolutely regret the most. when an officer's gun is stolen. that it is used against one of your own. >> reporter: fbi confirms its statement. we are work i did side-by-side with philadelphia police department, but made it clear philadelphia police are the lead agency in the case. in response to this shooting and another attack on police in paris, the new york police department issued an internal memo urging officers to exercise vigilance and implement proactive measures at all times. remind engthem isis has called attacks on law enforcement. >> our main concern at the moment today is well being and health and recovery and rehabilitation of officer harnnet. both confounding and astonishing that he was able to escape it like this. bravery.
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>> anchor: time is 6:17. and here is randy with a look at the morning sports update. >> reporter: well, warriors and spurs could be destin to meet in western conference finals this year. warriors won last night improving 34-. two spurs won again 32-6. meanwhile the bottom of the west just eight wins is lakers kobe and company hosting oklahoma city last night. russell westbrook has a spark early for the team. showtime he had 36. lakers had some. clarkson before the quarter. half court. knocked it down. he had 17. williams at 34. kobe 19. but it would be the oklahoma city thunder winning by four. former unlv quarterback cunningham entered hall of fame for college. part of a class of 14 players
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he joins robinson first coach from nlnv. and joins his older brother sam. inducted in 2010. randall said he cannot wait to share it -- share it with players back at home. >> i think that in vegas, silverado high school blessing to go back and tell kids coach is in hall of fame. and just to know the honor and to be ale to go back and tell them you can do the same thing. it is a blessing. i think coaches like coach harvey and coach mac that recruted me and catapulted me and the team along the way. to go back and point to the system makes a big difference. >> reporter: all right. congratulations to randall. great turnout yesterday at the golf tournament tpc vegas benefits missing and exploited children. celebrities were roger clemons to consecco, and august den. and led to great white hope. jerry kueny. and great thing about these
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you can ask them anything. like who is the best boxer in the world. >> well of all times, sugar ray robinson is my guy. so many great fighters back in the day. carmen, willie. sandy sadler, muhammad ali. today, i would have to say overall guy right now. we do not know enough about triple g. >> chris, brant. you are talking about young guys and representing vegas. >> amazing, harper, big kid. but tremendous power and talent. he will be in major leagues for a long time. harper won mvp. unanimously. but very talented. chris, eventually will lead the league of home runs national league. >> reporter: we had jose on our team. if you think i he hit long home runs you should see him hit a golf ball. >> anchor: thank you.
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patsy has confirmed beyonce will join coldplay superbowl 50. reports are surfacing that singer will probably join the group for a rendition of single hymm for the weekend that features her vocals. beyonce was featured performer at the half time show three years ago in new orleans. and the former destiny child excited to perform. with the ladies. and crazy in love. and audience received another surprise when half the lights went out suddenly during the brief reunion with members of destiny child. do you remember that? well let's just hope the lights stay on this year. and powerball fever has taken over the country. and then some. we are just hours away from finding out if someone will win the $800 million. powerball is selling close to $145,000 in tickets a minute. and some canadien have been seen crossing the border to get in on
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increase to over a billion dollars. your chances of losing are nearly 100 percent. but if you think about it like this. your chances of winning the 800 million are one in 292 million. and we just got a report that the line from the arizona border is about 15 minutes long and stretches across the hoover dam. wow! well, nature of pounding northern air is bringing heavy snowfall this week n flagstaff weather service advised drivers against driving because of whiteout conditions on interstates. more than 7 inches of snow fell by thursday morning. on top of the nearly 20 inches already on the ground. and airport and schools in flagstaff, school district. shut down because of fog and blowing snow. residents got some relief. snowfall gave way to cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30s. and jerry, in that perspective, i guess we are lucky here.
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great for arizona snow bowl. ski resort. that should have great conditions. talk about that in ski report. look at the overlook over the last hour. you can see skies are brightening. pretty shot there. but clouds will be on the increase today. and it is chilly down in henderson. 33 liberty high. with south-southwest wind at six. and 84 percent the humidity high. reflective moisture aloft and dewpoint of 29. barometer is high around the area. and it will eventually fall through the day. 39 on the strip. with west wind at three. and the far west valley west at 34 degrees. west-southwest wind at eight. you can see temperatures uniformly in the 30s. so we have a 40 up at eldorado. 37 down at the mountains.
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and barstow 34. 32 at saint george. in between officially 37 out at the airport. and it is 29 up in rio. minus one up in eli. a lot of moisture over the southeast. good thunderstorms there. it is dreary over the northeast. very cold air on the back cited of that. reading horror reports about that play off game in minneapolis sunday. probably windchills below zero back side of that system. another system moving into california. much needed rain there. unfortunately i don't think it will make it here. maybe fortunately because sunday tomorrow and people have plans. but plenty of clouds around today. you can see. and forecast radar models. again not a lot going on. maybe mountain snow outside chance of a sprinkle in the valley tomorrow. we will keep you posted on that. highs today. oh, 52 in mesquite. same reading in pahrump. and 42 way up in tonena pot. and loflin. not by much. low 50s. overnight chilly. despite cloud cover talking about temperatures well into the 30s. so sun and cloud combo with clouds on the increase through
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chilly and 52 for the afternoon high. 51 mid afternoon. 47 early evening at 6:00. winds are not a big deal. overnight tonight, clouds. mid 30s. maybe a snow shower. up on mount charleston. low 50s down at the lake with a mix of sun and clouds. light breeze. and up on the mountain. partly sunny. and red rock 47, if you think that base is good. check the regional resorts. look at this. mammoth 115 inches. 164 inches in heavenly straddling california and nevada border. tahoe doing well. you can see the snow blowing at flagstaff. 70-inch base down there. eagle point and bryant head also doing we closer to home. seven-day forecast, i am going to put an outside chance for a morning shower tomorrow. big story you can see temperatures, are normally upper 50s. we will be low to mid 50s at best with overnight lows. chilly morning all week down to
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but a lot dryer than last week. you can agree. >>i will take it. thank you jerry. police are looking for a man accused of duping people with a obtaining money under false pretense and identity theft. how do you make sure you are not ripped off the next time you rent. >> reporter: victim report losing money. over, $2000 to a man posing as a landlord. police say he is a crook. >> heartbreaking. that this happened. >> reporter: this is cathy torrez, she tells us she thought that she found the perfect rental home online. three beds, three baths and $1000 a month instead of the normal 1600. and she sent a check for $1800. to robert cameto a mistake she learned. >> he made promises and he was trusting. he had that kind of trusting persona.
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thought they had a good deal. >> reporter: realtor grim said that sadly rental scams hit often and renters can protect yourself by cross referencing the property. and watching for deals that are too good to be true. >> anchor: unfortunately too earlier. now she is out the hard earned rental money and hopes justice will served soon. with this rim off alert. >> anchor: thank you. coming up on news 3 lv live today. speaking out. >> if i had thought about it probably would not have done it. but i did not think about it. >> anchor: local man asked to murder a former firefighters wife talks exclusively to news 3 lv. plus making the grade. nevada got education report card and it is not look inso good. ahead, did we pass or fail? and then, doing the time. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen appears in front
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charges she faces and where her
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when news 3 >> anchor: right now on news 3 lv live. man accused of killing a woman for $500 in an interview you will only see here. yes calms himself a monster. plus, the grades are in on children's education success in the nevada. one way an educator said we can improve. then it is time for the video vault. he is a morning voice for decades. mayor of las vegas declares mike o'brien day. tom holly has the story ahead. news 3 lv today starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 lv today. >> anchor: good morning. thank you for starting your day with us. the time now is 6:30 on
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look at that beautiful view there. the clouds. kind of show us what we will see today. a mixture? >> weather: mixture of, probably emphasis on clouds by this afternoon. and we should get some sunshine in here. but the key story is way below normal. our normal is 57. we will be in the low 50s. >> anchor: thanks for that. >> weather: sorry. that's what she wrote. dryer than it was last week. you may remember. we had a lot of rain. this is mount charleston lodge over the last hour. you can see plenty of snow up there. and i don't think there is too much sun bathing on veranda. 19 degrees. that gets your attention. you will not wear a tank top. winds are calm. 67 percent with dewpoint of 9 degrees. so up to 20 degrees for the strip at the miracle mile shop. 39. with 30.04 inches of barometric pressure. temperatures are 40 eldorado.
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palo verde high. downtown henderson. 38 southwest at mountains edge. and again, you can see around southern nevada 35 pahrump to 40 in boulder city. showers in caliornia g fonews for them. i wish we had some of that. not tomorrow. but outside chance. if you have outdoor plans do not worry. here is what we have. 52 degrees with sun and cloud combo. and chilly day. and chill is on this week. i want to prepare you for my seven day. >> anchor: all right. thank you for the warning. look forward for that. thank you jerry. now to a exclusive. noel stevens paid $500 to kill shauna tiaffay wife of george tiaffay. and speaking to us first time. he did it because of the friendship he had with shauna's husband. stevens later was key witness in tiaffay's trial. when tiaffay first approached
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was a joke. when he found out he was not joke i did, he still agreed to do it. >> what is done is done i cannot change it. you know what i mean. if i had thought about it i would probably not have done t i have a mom. i have a sister. you know what i mean. i want no one to kill them. so if i would have thought about didn't think about it. >> anchor: stevens said if he could go back he still would not tell police and would not try to talk tiaffay out of doing it. stevens sentenced to 42 years to life in prison for a man that he once called a friend. >> anchor: and a former ccsd custodian will spend two years in jail for putting bodily fluids eteacher's item n a classroom. michael skeleton pled guilty to would counts of open and gross rudeness. judge sentenced him to serve
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he is also ordered to pay up to $2000 in fines for each count. and the 42-year-old was acustodian at done jarro elementary. >> anchor: and new report ranks nevada at the bottom when it comes to educational success of our kids. report card from national watchdog group education week grades all 50 states and nevada earned a d. u nlv trying to change it by solving one of the big problems in the state. massive teacher shortage. before the jensen family knows it. two-year-old lila will be out of diapers, walking into her first day of kindergarten. >> we have always said we do not want to send our daughter to schools here. not enough teachers for schools. i have heard ratio is high. >> reporter: new report shows nevada education system performs worse than national average in areas like academic achievement
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>> we do not have any wasteful spending like people think. we are looking for it. >> reporter: ccsd trustee kevin childs explains we do not spend enough on each student. nationwide states spend an average of $11,500 per child. here in nevada clark county spends about $8500. >> that's a lot of money, a lot of difference , it takes money to get teachers, value teachers. >> reporter: halfway through the school year and clark county is still short 700 teachers. >> the demand here is huge. >> reporter: dr. ken metcalf of dean of college of education and said even though 98 percent of the grads go on to work for ccsd. >> it would be impossible for our college to prepare 2600 fully qualified new teachers every year. >> reporter: it may be
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education program next lee years. ultimate goal? give ccsd hundreds of more teachers. and help those like the jensens keep lila on track for college. >> i worry about her going to school. learning the things that she needs to learn. things like that. so i just want her to have the best that she can. i want my kids to come first. so if we have to move somewhere that is the best school district. we will do that. >> reporter: kelsey thomas. news three. >> anchor: dr. metcalf from unlv said focus on aggressive recruitment to attract millennials from other parts of the country to come to nevada to teach. you can see the full education report on our website. well this will make you think twice the next time you are at the restaurant. california woman sues applebee's aftering finding a finger tip in the salad. kathleen and her husband and child eating at applebees when
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and an attorney for applebee's said chef cut his finger while preparing the salad and went to go clean the finger and did not tell the other chefs about the incident. and the other chefs continued to prepare the salad and serveed it without knowing. and applebee's admitted to unusual incident in a statement. three weeks later martin is waiting for test results from the cook to make sure her family and unborn child are not infected with any illnesses. those results should be back monday afternoon. >> and critics of the president's executive action on gun control taking a long shot at changing the rules. texas governor greg abbott said he is pushing for first constitutional convention in more than 200 years. abbott wants texas to lead the charge and take back state's rights. putting in nine new amendments to constitution that limit the federal government's power. and the republican governor said that dramatic action is needed to end what he called a federal
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and from the couch mother of so-called affluenza teen appeared in texas courtroom yesterday. she was arraigned in ft. worth on a single charge of hindering the apprehension of a felon. her son ethen was fugitive captured in mexico. he was on probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. she is held on $1 million bond. and is held in a maximum security area of the county jail. her son remains detained in mexico city. and the time now is 6:38. and taking center stage. golden globes kicks off tomorrow. whack expect to see in the audience. plus make instrides. lamar odom heads to a new
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and all the entertainment heads >> anchor: welcome back. today's entertainment headlines.
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transferred from los angeles hospital to a private facility. his family released a statement saying quote it is with extreme gratitude and appreciation to all of you around the world. that prayed for lamar that we announce transition to next stage of his miraculous recovery at a in put facility. he continues to make remarkable strides. he is found unconscious at a brothel here in nevada three months ago. his family provide in order additional details on his current condition. 73rd annual golden globes tomorrow night. preparations are well underway. and the three hour ceremony will kickoff the award season for 2016. the award celebrates the best in tv and motion picture achievement. and this year's nominees are leonardo dicaprio, jennifer lawrence, will smith amy schumer. you can catch the star studded
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right here on channel 33. justin bieber making headlines again. this time he and his entourage were asked to leave a archeological site in mexico after he apparently tried to climb on to or among the ruins. that's according to a mexican official. site holds prehispanic era pyramids. tourist guide for the site saw bieber attempting to climb the site's main pyramid. bieber left in a wave of glory by reportedly pulling down his pants. as he was leaving. tribute artist of the year for 2015 threw on his wig and sunglasses and left his show to celebrate the king of rock n' roll. more than 20,000 people gathered in australian town to celebrate elvis presley and what would have been 81 birthday. 39 years since he died but town said keeping his memory alive.
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southern hemisphere. takes place over five days in early january. almost doubling the population of the town. time now is 6:42.
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we will be right >> anchor: it may feel like winter in las vegas but in south dakota it looks like it. sioux falls blanketed with 3 inches making it slick for drivers. falling temperatures overnight made icy conditions for drivers this morning. crews worked throughout the night to get ahead of all the building ice. snow alert declared by the public works street division. that means vehicles parked on emergency snow routes are subject to ticketing and towing.
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a lot of the skiers will love that much snow on mount charleston. >> weather: as we said earlier mount charleston doing great. and western resorts doing well in this el nino ski season. las vegas day school, last hour, you can sigh skies lightning up. plenty of cloud cover. on the increase through the day. it is 36 over in spring valley. light west winds 79 percent. humidity up reflective of atmosphere. las vegas 40 degrees. barometer is high at 30.17. and down in bolder city 40 with a south breeze at two. and around the valley. now 41 up at eldorado. they warmed up a bit. boyd, 37. and it is 38 at the lakes. diamond. mount charleston chilly 19 up at 35 pahrump valley high.
6:39 am
and batie at the freezing point. 32. nationally. well not nice over the northeast. you can see moisture moving up there. good thunder boomers over the southeast. especially along the mid gulf coast. meanwhile for us. we have a system. kind of anemic by standards of what we have seen. but it is spreading much needed rain to the -- you can see to the valley of california. thank you for that. and don't think much of that will make it over the mountains. might see a snowshower overnight in mount charleston. outside chance for a sprinkle here in the valley. but you can see clouds discernible here in southern nevada. radar models. forecast models. do not pay much attention to it. you can see not a lot going on. secondary system comes in. but it stays north. so highs today. not too good. low 50s. generally across southern nevada. 52 in pahrump. and same reading in mesquite. and 48 for a high in search light.
6:40 am
cover. provides insulation, keeps temperatures up. but 30s around the area. low 20s on the mountain. 52 for the high today. sun cloud combo. but we have to emphasize clouds here. as they will be on the increase through the day. 46 by mid-morning. 51 mid afternoon. early evening 47. 36 overnight. chance for some mountain snow showers or two. but generally, just cloudy here in the valley. lake mead low 50s. mix of sun and clouds. and up on mount charleston as christine said, base good up at lee canyon. 36 degrees up there. 47 at red rock. and boy, this is worth looking at again. showed you last hour. look at the base. mammoth 115 inches central sierra. tahoe, base there. 164 inches at heavenly. straddling the california and nevada border. a lot of snow around the area. just an outside chance for a
6:41 am
and big story temperatures staying below normal that ranges from 57 today to 587 days from. now we will not be close to that i am afraid. maybe 55 tuesday, wednesday. and morning lows, definitely a chill as we bottom out in the 30s each morning. christine? >> anchor: all right, thank you jerry. it started as a day of racquetball and ends as a trip to the hospital for a local man. 70-year-old man collapseed from a heart attack at the gym. turns out it was a great place to fall, quick thinking trainer stepped in to help. as denise explains firefighters say he had all the right moves. >> first thing is i don't remember. >> reporter: dave listened to game one court over and knows he is not ready for a come back yet. >> when i collapsed i didn't know anything for four days. >> reporter: in november playing in this very room, at the las vegas athletic club at eastern and 215.
6:42 am
suffering a massive heart attack. fortunately. the right man was at work. personal trainer justin rainer finishing his own workout that wednesday afternoon. >> gentleman came out of the help. friend collapsed. >> reporter: rainer did two things right. began cpr. work. portable defibrillator that tells you what to do and when. >> apply pad to patient's bare chest. >> shocked him twice actually. clear, zap, whole thing. and a bit sara rebecause of it real. >> reporter: now one triple bypass later, the two men are getting a proper introduction. >> are you the guy? >> yes i am. >> i owe you. >> reporter: while justin continues compressions firefighters on the way. arriving here at the gym within three minutes of receiving that call.
6:43 am
immediate intervention this story could have ended differently. >> i saw good cpr being done, i thought in my head, you know this guy will not make it. >> reporter: firefighter paramedic jimmy armstrong and crew from station 38 crediting rainer with the save. >> when you have a crowd of people around. and you know, does he have a pulse. trying to go through everything in your mind. with people watching. adrenaline going. you know it is a whole different story. >> reporter: it turns out there was another twist. dr. ethen kerry also at the gym that day. talking over rainer's shoulder encouraging him to continue cpr and an entire team working to help a stranger. >> good it happened here. i could have been in wal-mart or could have been anywhere. and it would have been over. >> i feel much better about if someone was to go down in front of me now knowing i have done it before, i would feel more confident.
6:44 am
machine rainer called it idiot proof. a tool anyone, he said, can use. and for one racquetball player the difference between life and death. >> the thing we have to do to get a client these days. >> reporter: denise rauch news three live. >> anchor: coming up in tom's video vault. dial position changed a few times but he has been the voice of morning radio in las vegas for 30 years.
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coming up. >> anchor: welcome back. being a broadcaster is a transient business for many. few years here, few years there. while building a resume. others find the community they like and put down roots. and in radio one morning show voice has been mourned over the last three decades than any other. >> number one hit music station. mike o'brien. proud to be part of the valley high school drug and alcohol awareness program. >> reporter: mike o'brien spent few years as dj before 60s here permanently in january of 1986. chance to cozy up to celebrities? >> we have a presentation together to let people know mary heart. not those on entertainment tonight. assertive mary heart.
6:46 am
since that time. >> reporter: attempt to get michael jackson on the phone did not work. >> i am not really at the golden nugget but clondike. >> reporter: o'brien took a breathing in 1993 as late night host on cleopatra's barge in 93. >> i cannot think of a better place to work on a boat than caesar's palace that doesn't go anywhere. as soon as six months no compete clause expired he went back to the radio with a familiar catch phrase. also a new partner lock williams and new format. >> it is hard for me to switch. no more yo, yo. playing dylann. >> reporter: and as always
6:47 am
>> that is probably a big part of mike o'brien. to be out and about to get the involved in the community at any level. whether it is being at the sporting event. being at a charity event. >> reporter: tom holly news three. >> anchor: this is where he first worked with carla ray that went on to be a part of channel three and wake up with wagers in. these days of partners on our morning show and yesterday mary goodman took notes by declaring mike o'brien day in vegas. this is what we have for tomorrow morning. she served our country for 23 years. and bobbi ost is a veteran and through retirement volunteers and works with groups to raise awareness about women veterans in our state. according to veteran services there are nearly 24,000 women veterans in our state. and only a few thousand have
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we do not have that sound byte but we will have that story for segment. tune in for that. jerry brace ourselves, some sweaters maybe, gloves later at night? >> weather: yeah, only low 50s today.
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