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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  January 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now the powerball numbers were announced last night. who was seen leaving? and a major actor may have played a role in captures el chapo chapo. live from las vegas this is news 3 today. fatal crash happened at 10:40 last nice. police are investigating who had
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they know a vehicle turned left in front of another causing the crash. the two people that died from the crash were in the same vehicle. i'm told that the intersection is reopen eded. 43 degrees down on the strip.
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chilly with the upper 30s to 40 degrees. 41 about as warm as it gets. downtown and over near sam boyd's stadium. 24 up on the mountain and 41 in boulder city. that is what i'm talking about a weak system. let's close in and see if we see any here in the valley. not yet. there is action in the spring mountains. today, we are looking at a chance for showers. only 50 degrees with the northeast wind of 5 to 10. >> christine: all right i agree. police are looking for suspects this morning in an attempted home burglary overnight. police say the suspects took
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if you have any information call 702-385-5555. well, big talk this morning, there was no powerball winner last night. but there were two tickets that matched five of the six numbers which means two people are $1 million richer this morning. one ticket was sold in prim valley and the other in mountain pass. the latest drawing adding to the wild week we have seen. >> reporter: it was a week for the record books. $900 million i want a piece of that pie baby. >> reporter: powerball fever taking over the country. is it 700 or 800? $900 million now.
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>> reporter: a frenzy that had thousands heading for the state line. quick pick to the right. >> reporter: in prim, they braved the elements for hours to face odds $292 million to one to win the jackpot how do you like your odds? they suck. >> reporter: there is hope for a brighter future. i would invest it and buy a lot of different real estate. i like to help people. i give to the homeless, everybody needid. >> reporter: while most will walk away without the millions, many say it is about the experience. we had a good time. we did a lot of talking what we would do with our winnings. >> reporter: to get a taste of the powerball frenzy. it is a lot of fun.
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>> reporter: nathan o'neal, news 3. >> christine: experts say if you win, take the lump sum and pay off debt. 16, 19, 32, 24, 57 with the powerball of 13. the next drawing will be worth at least $1.3 billion and yes, that is $1 billion with a b. today marks the ninth day of a standoff in oregon with the son of a rancher bundy. many have asked how long will this go? we say not a minute too early. do we go home and allow these things to become the normal?
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leaving the wild life refuge building that protesters have occupyied for a week. the details were not specified. a mexican federal official says it will take at least six months to extradite el chapo to the united states. the official who not authorized to talk and said even that is appeals. he said that each one means a judge has to schedule a hearing. mexican law enforcement officials say the country is prepared to do it. mexican law enforcement official said a secret interview with sean penn helped
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in an article published late yesterday in "rolling stone" he discussed topic ss with el chapo. marco rubio couldn't get a word in during a forum. plus, super bowl 50 is let than a month away. we'll tell you what they are building now. and a new law aims to squash the squater problem in our valley. that is coming up.
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time now 6:10 good morning and welcome back. vancouver police are searching for the man they say doused dozens of syrian refugees with pepper spray. a man on a bike road past and
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paramedics treated 30 men, women and children for exposeure to the spray. senator marco rubio was heckled yesterday. >> allow businesses -- [ inaudible ] >> five separate groups of protesters stood up to interrupt the candidate. the group chanting phrases such as undocumented and unafraid. he was the only candidate interrupted at the forum. a tense game between the bengals.
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. >> kristine: we are less than a month away from the big game and planning for the super bowl are underway. cities closed roads to construct sky boxes.
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experience zone. super bowl 50 kicks off the night of february 7th. all right the rebels are back on the floor yesterday. after losing to colorado state wednesday, many fans are losing faith in the team this year. another great start by the team, big three pointer and it is a 15-5 lead from the rebels. ben carter is going to dish it to derrick jones junior on the inside and where have we heard that before? the lead would fall to 2. knocking down the three saying not in our house. second half.
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the rebels are up by one that is a tough shot. up another three and knocking it down by two. ulb trailed by two and ben carter drives and doesn't get it that was it. the rebels make one bucket in the final 11 minutes and fall to 0 and 3 in the conference. how about some other scores? the next became is tuesday night nevada pounds air force. it was colorado state by one over san jose state and the lady rebels beat wyoming at home.
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the road to super bowl 50, ben rothesberger touchdown, 4th quarter aj mccarron. he was knocked out with a shoulder injury and returned on the last drive. he has a flag because of this hit and he discusses the penalty. watch adam pacman jones. that is another penalty. no time off the clock. 25 years now without a playoff win for the bengals. our guys have fought their tails off all year. and went ahead. and both offense and defense together. so that is disappointing. to do it against a team like
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and are for it to just not happen, just sucks. >> kristine: all right how about the other game houston texans hosting kansas city. opening kick off taking it six yards deep having a 7-0 lead. joe montana, later spencer wayer breaks into the end known and 22 years since they had won a playoff game. that is going to do it for sporting back to you. >> kristine: storms gave way to
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i'm told that ski resorts in the area the roads leading up to the mountains are dangerous. sheriff is requiring vehicles to to cross the road >> jerry: i still don't know of ski resorts in tucson. there is one to the eastern part of arizona. but that is a lot of snow down there and they had a lot of rain in phoenix as well. but, you can see for us, we have clouds here in our valley. and they are going to be around this morning at the over look and volunteer 37 chilly degrees
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barometer is high and 43 on the strip and winds are calm there. that is sheila tarr elementary school there. 38 in aliente now. and 41 at mountain's edge and 34 at blue diamond. 25 on the mountain and 41 over in this area. 42 at the airport. and 51 in la. this is the story today. down over the central part of the country. 21 below in bismarck. they are going to play a football game outside this morning. could be one of the al time coldest games ever played. major system moving through the northeast.
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if you have picnic plans for us that system i was talking about was dissipated. you can see the flow in the atmosphere. let's close in and you can see -- oh we popped a little cell up to at the 15 and 215. something might be happening up there but most of the action is staying in the mountains, as you can see, not a lot going on this morning. we could see a shower or two and that is about it. highs today, chilly. 50, anybody who sees 50 will be lucky. we'll be in the 40s. today, the chance for showers this morning and sunshine this afternoon, but no relief from the chill. mostly temperatures hanging in the 40s. and overnight tonight, we are talking about temperatures dipping down well into the 30s.
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and you see the chance of showers this morning and cool sunshine lingering through the workweek. christine? sophia served during the vietnam war. dias moved last year from a shelter into a former hotel downtown that has been renovated for veterans. while staying there they get access to health care and other services. the president's state of the union is tuesday at 6:00 in the evening our time. you can watch it here on channel
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a group of wounded warriors, 38 military personnel visited the dolphin research center. they were entertaining showing off, doing flips, providing flipper shakes and one army specialist who lost her left leg talked about their remarkable ability to provide therapy. hollywood is gearing up for it's biggest night of the year. the golden globes is tonight. mark barger gives us a preview of the major categories. >> reporter: often there is
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this is the beginning of my revenge revenge. all right all right all right. all of the main races are tight this year. >> reporter: best drama nominee has the most nominations but it is no shoe in. i think spotlight could win by a hair. but "the revenant" could win. the edge has to go to leonardo dicap rio.
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are chasing another contenders. carter expects the martian and the big short to batter as best musical or comedy. beating out steve carrel for best actor. he won as a writer for "goodwill hunting" but could win as an actor. if amy schumer wins for best actor in a comedy, that will be the took. it could have plenty of competition. other thing to look out for best supporting actor sylvester stallone could win for playing
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first nomination. you can catch it here on channel 3 tonight. and jamie fox's daughter is miss golden globe. right, right, right all those nominees coming up for their awards. you got to be careful. give it to me again. so, of course father knows best. we are sure she will do just fine. plus, two boys fall through
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able to get to right now on news 3 live today new laws are in place to get squatters out of homes are they working?
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what police believe. how police were able to catch a suspect. news 3 live today starts right now this is news 3 today. good morning and thank you so much for starting your day with us on sunday, january 10th, it is 6:30 so good to have you with us. jerry, looking inging at the weather across then i guess we should be happy. >> jerry: arctic express is over much of the country. i think sit back and be warm and watch the people freeze. it was negative 10.
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chested with the war paint on. our last hour in motion, you can see copious amounts of wet weather. and very high obviously. relative humidity 91%. to the southeast liberty high 38 degrees with the southwest wind at 4. 43 degrees warm. temperatures around the valley upper 30s to low 40s up in north las vegas. 24 on the mountain 42 in boulder city. and there is that diffuse
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so far not much has been going on but specks up to the northeast. valley doppler is dry. still keeping a chance for showers this morning. northeast wind five to ten and temperatures struggling to get out of the 40s. a nice day to sit in and watch a football game. and now to a new development on that deadly crash. the intersection of boulder highway is open after police investigated a double fatal crash there. it happened at 10:40 last night. police were investigating who had the right-of-way. they know a vehicle turned left in front of another. two people who died in the accident were in the same vehicle.
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night's powerball drawing. however, we have learned there were two tickets sold within an hour of las vegas. two people who may live in the valley are $1 million richer this morning. the california lottery confirmed that one ticket was sold in prim valley, the other in mountain pass. i would invest it. i would buy a lot of real estate in a lot of different countries. i always like to help people the homeless everybody needs it. if you missed the winning numbers here they are 16, 19,
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the next drawing will be worth at least $1.3 billion. one candidate got in on the action too. jeb bush was leaving a pro life rally in south carolina when he showed off the tickets which someone at the event gave to one of his aids. he told reporters it wasn't for him and went onto say if he won it would go to a really good cause. squatters, they are a big problem here in our valley, but a new state law went into effect last october. the question is, is it making a difference? >> reporter: in 2013 swatters took over this home. there is a gayuy on the couch
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>> reporter: and last year a home also occupied by squatters. he and his wife say they see this too often. they had a full lease from the property management company. they had certified checks and money orders. the home here was one of the first few tested by the squatter law 80386. before it passed evicting squatters from your home was difficult. now it is a crime first offense is a misdemeanor and can b done
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we have been getting them out of there immediately. there is a database for them with more than one offense. they will be a different level of offense. we'll be able to charge them are more. every local police department is assigning specific officers with keeping the squatter population at bay. metro's northwest command alone has six officers on the job. police say a bus went off the road and struck a woman on the sidewalk. authorities say the crash happened yesterday. the bus was travelling east on tropicana it hit a shelter and
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first responders pronounced her dead at the scene. no one else was hurt including the 22 year old male bus driver. 46 year old and his accomplice were arrested in las vegas after midnight friday night. police say daniels fired one round at a woman inside of the cafe and fled the scene with louis. several employees and customers witnessed the incident. the couple faces multiple charges including attempted murder. the victim suffered a non life threatening injury and was taken to umc.
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suspect, 24 year old abigail kemp is the woman responsible for a crime spree in five states. the fbi began to receive numerous credible leads after asking for leads last week. that person's identity is not being released at this time.
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we'll tell you the in today's health watch establishing a good bedtime routine for toddlers establishes better health for kid ss bathing brushing your teeth books and bedtime. pediatricians say if it is too dark for your child leave the door dropped and special toys and blankets can help. a fitness company is on the fast track to the court room. group of customers is claiming the heart monitor on the fitbit do not and cannot accurately
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welcome back. two boys are luckily to be alive after falling through ice in pond. few of their friends ran for help finding two people in a car who ran into the the pond and started breaking the ice to get to the boys. when they got to the 12 year old he did not have a pulse but were able to bring him back. the good samaritans who found them were also taken to the hospital. you can see trees were pulled out of the ground in flor strong winds knocked out power to 9,000 people and lines are down. streets there flooded and home
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like i said, i would rather take our temperatures here than any where across the nation. a lot of energy associated with the system across the seaboard. taking a look at our skies over the last hour. this is the view you can see plenty of cloud southwestd at three miles-an-hour. humidity way up there. 38 degrees with the northwest wind at 7. winds not going to be that big of a deal today. 43 currently on the strip and that temperature has held steady throughout the show.
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the high was 49. 41 currently and 45 at the marina and 23 on the mountain. nationally back east you can see the system that brought that tornado has moved through florida. a big spill of cold air. this is arctic air. we are talking about windchills there. here is valley doppler. we were looking at showers at i-15. possible snow showers up in the mountains. you can see how wide spread the moisture is. you can look at valley doppler again. sandy valley 47 today.
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be on the chilly side teens up on the mountain. and 33 close to freezing in mesquite. i'm going to keep a chance of showers in this morning. some sunshine this afternoon. mid 40s by 10:00 am a. that is going to be close to all she wrote. mid 30s for the overnight low chilly one with the north breeze at 5:00 to 10:00. morning shower and the snow level 4,000 feet. chance for snow showers and it looks like they were getting some on our doppler system there. only 50 and 50 to 55 through the week. cooling off going into the weekend. thank you jerry. metro stopped responding to
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years ago. a new policy has allowed for officers to respond. you have the option to have officers respond if no one has been hurt. >> reporter: having officers at the scene makes it's easier for drivers. i thought that was going to be a very confusing situation for people when you have more than two cars in an accident. >> kristine: it puts the citizen back in the driver's seat. drivers have option dial 311 and you will be asked if you want an officer to respond. can i do a name exchange and the
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an officer will mediate exchange of the information, do a report or do a full investigation.
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they at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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the air force. i worked on airplanes. >> reporter: proving she could do what any man could. i swore that i was going to support and defend. >> reporter: she was the first to set up the air force unmanned medical units. she is one of nearly 24,000 women veterans living in our state.
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find the rest of the female vets who call nevada home. women are veterans and to make women realize that. >> reporter: her passion was recognized. she continues to raise awareness at tables like this one. we fight for their freedom and we need to let them know that it is just not men. many women don't consider themselves veterans if they didn't serve in combat. that is not right if you wore the uniform you are a vet. we served for our 20 plus years and we are serving our community and our fellow veterans and citizens and fellow
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do. we were part of the volunteer force and that is what we do. >> reporter: congrats to bobby. she wins a gift card. if you know someone in our community who has gone above and beyond please tell us on our facebook page. las vegas played host to an extreme drone racing event. most of the participants found it challenging including the winner back in november. sean taylor was a firefighter and said he was hooked after putting on the goggles that allows you to fly through the drone's perspective. i was there and you put on the
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are flying. were there good crashes? there wasn't. but i'm not sure. it was past my bedtime when they were doing it. let's look at the 7 day forecast. sure. we have a chance for a shower or two today but not a great chance. i think we are talking a dreary chilly day. temperatures hanging in the 50s all week. we'll be struggling to make it into the 30s.
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