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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  January 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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shooting death of a man but so far no arrests have been made. >> reed: police believe it may have been some sort of a domestic dispute. it is a developing story and we'll bring you more updates as soon as we get them. a big story that is sure to make national news. nye county prosecutors say they will not charge lamar odom after that drug fueled collapse at a nevada brothel. thank you for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> marie: i'm marie mortera. the district a days in e county. by the time odom was hospitalized, october 13th, the drug had metabolized making it difficult to tell when the drug was used. odom was in critical condition after he was found nevada. >> reed: a body found on the campus of las vegas academy in downtown las vegas. metro got a call about it. around 5:30 a.m. this morning
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by the time classes were to begin the death was labeled a possible suicide. the body of the adult male was found on t t big sports story today, dave rice is gone from unlv as part of a mutually agreed upon resignation. rice leaves ranked third on the unlv chart for all-time head coaching victories. he had an overall record of 98-54. that includes ten victories against ranked opponents. rice was in the middle of his fifth year as head coach at unlv and he had three years after this on his contract. he will receive the remainder of his base salary. >> reed: you have another chance to be the lucky winner of the new $1.4 billion historic high powerball. lottery officials say the jackpot is the world's largest in history. the next drawing will be wednesday night. of course the likes at primm and -- lines at primm and in arizona are expected to be very wrong. i had a friend last night said she expected to wait three hours or more. crazy huh? >> marie: no kidding.
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hey hook me up. two hours for me. >> marie: from powerball to poll sticks one month until voting starts in the endless race for the white house. >> reed: as the pace picks up there are two firsts. donald trump in a tv ad and bill clinton on the stump. steve handelsman has a wrap up starting with the clinton campaign. >> reporter: in danger of losing iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders, hillary clinton is calling for ground support. >> sign up to make phone calls. sign up to go to your caucus. >> reporter: and she's intensifying her air war on the gop pack. >> one of these republicans-- >> carpet bomb them into oblivion oblivion-- >> could actually be president. >> reporter: latest poll numbers show clinton and sanders within the margin of error in iowa and sanders leading in his neighbor state new hampshire. the battle between establishment d outsider candidates also reflected on the republican side where donald trump and ted cruz
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in iowa in the latest nbc news/wall street journal maris poll. trump taking aim on the canadian born cruz's electoral eligibility. >> you can't have a nominee who is subject to being thrown out as the nominee. >> reporter: hillary clinton's potential weak spots including her private email server. >> please fbi, please, go after hillary. i want to run against bernie. >> reporter: three weeks before iowa there's a top spot up for grabs. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> reed: as president obama prepares for his final speech of the union tonight, a national president has overstepped his are sold as well as tighten guns as businesses. the president's orders also allow medical professionals to
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the government in hopes of preventing mentally ill patients from getting a gun. in a poll conducted by our station and 50 other sinclair broadcasting stations nationwide a poll found 70 percent of more than 6600 people who voted said yes president obama did overstep his constitutional powers. 27 percent incidentally said no. we thank you for taking our poll. we invite your feedback at any time. leave us a comment on our news 3 facebook page. just search for ksnv news 3 las vegas and hit that thumbs up like button while you are there. >> marie: a frightening workday for two window washers stuck on the side of the tallest building in houston. this incident happening at the chase bank building. it's about 75 stories tall. they got stuck near the 71st floor who when their motor malfunctioned. firefighters and a high angle rescue team were able to establish contact with the two. a rope was placed around them
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through the 71st floor window. thankfully no one was injured in the incident. >> reed: the world has lost a man that made a huge impact on the music world. david bowie. >> marie: coming up, how he is being remembered today across the world. >> reed: plus, huge plumes of toxic black smoke pouring into the sky. coming up what's burning here that's made it so hard for firefighters to put out. . >> chloe: sunny skies and mild weather continue across southern
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i'll let you know how long it deresumed today in the trial of a former church pastor accused of sexually assaulting girls in his congregation under the guys of council -- guise of counseling. otis holland was known to his united faith congregation in henderson as reverend otis. the jury has heard from girls who said they were victimizeed when they were teenagers. a mother testified today she did allow holland to counsel her children about sexually related
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pleaded not guilty to 17 felonies including child sexual assault. he could face life if convicted. his attorneys argued accusers te abused because they thought they loved him and were jealous of his adult relationships. >> reed: fans of david bowie paying their respects to the singer at the singer's london birth place. a shop's wall which celebrates the south londoner has become the site. david bowie died sunday after an 18 month battle with cancer. he was just 69. >> marie: a large pile of tires caught fire in melbourne australia today sending huge plumes of toxic black smoke into say the fire is contained but warn residents to stay inside and shut their windows. the fire will take sometime to extinguish.
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a new cancer test is getting serious investment from two of the richest people in the world. coming up how the new test could impact how we detect cancer. plus strokes among young adults
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>> marie: surprising information now when it comes to strokes among young adults. strokes have increased more than 50 percent over the past two decades. but a new survey reveals a lack of knowledge about stroke systems and treatment. researchers at ucla asked more than 1,000 people under 45 what would they do if they experienced weakness, numbness or difficulty speaking? one out of three said they would immediately go to a hospital. but 73 percent said they would wait to see if their symptoms improve. because early treatment is so vital for stroke patie i impor that people of any age know the symptoms. almost half of american teens have never used tobacco themselves or exposed to secondhand smoke. a study from the centers for disease control found despite bans on smoking in public
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exposed in private settings. secondhand smoke exposure has been shown to increase the risk >> reed: a new cancer test is getting serious investment from o ric people in the world. we're talking about tech luminary's bill gates and jeff best oez. grail is a new company that's developing a blood test that can detect many kind of cancer a lotl claims the test will cost $1,000 or less and they're going to make them available by 2019. the whole point is catching cancer earlier right. grail's new test uses a technique called a liquid biopsy. it scans the bloodstreams of patients for signs of cancer dna which can indicate that a tumor is forming. >> marie: florida governor rick scott toured areas of southwest florida that were damaged when a tornado touched down this weekend.
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confirmed the ef-two tornado rolled through saturday night. winds reached up to 135 miles debris about 12 square miles. several homes damaged and about 10,000 people left without power. no deaths or serious injuries were reported. the red cross however had to open a shelter for those residents who weren't immediately able to return home. winter has caused parts of ohio with some getting their first major snowfall as snow began falling in northwest ohio multiple cities and government agencies began operating under various levels of snow emergencies. the national weather service says it's about an inch-and-a-half fell in toledo. the snowfall came after rain showers and decreasing temperatures caused slick road conditions throughout the area. by sunday night several schools had reported delayed start times today. >> reed: a fire truck rolled over at an icy intersection in michigan while responding to a call. firefighters were headed to a house fire at the time but they got trapped in the truck following the crash.
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all four just had minor scrapes and bruises. >> marie: no sights like that here in southern nevada but if nl it's still winter. it's cold. >> reed: news 3 is your weather authority. chloe is here to tell us exactly what day spring will occur u. or the spot. [ laughter ] . >> chloe: no pressure at all. we do have a warming trend we're looking at clear skies outside right now in las vegas and throughout the day. real wer al across the area. as we take a look at the satellite you can see not too much happening here. just mostly clear conditions. we are expecting more clouds over the next couple of days. that is possible. as we take a look at conditions throughout the valley you can see mostly sunny skies in pahrump for today. also lots of sun trying to cross the valley as well. clouds slowly starting to stream
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but overall fairly mild weather conditions do condition. we're going to take a look at temperatures outside right now. you can see in the 50s right around summerlin. low fifties for the downtown area and to the east of us. mostly mid-50s. temperatures outside. light winds do continue across the area and wind gusts have been pretty much nothing across most parts of town. wind gusts reaching up to 25 miles an hour. breezier on the northwest side of the valley. we are expecting pretty mild weather conditions to continue throughout the afternoon. as we look at conditions outside the valley, 27 degrees. very chilly in mount charleston. 52 for pahrump. looking at 55 degrees for over ton. upper 40s for boulder city right now. wind gusts have been fairly moderate across the area most of the wind as i mentioned has been mostly northwest of us. maybe a 20-mile-an-hour wind gust so far for today.
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this evening. 31 for mesquite. nine degrees mount charleston. and high temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. we'll be a little warmer compared to today. looking at 55 ded weer conditions which will continue. as we take a look actually we're going show you in the seven day in just a little bit coming up. like i said, we do have that warming trend headed in our direction. i'm talking temperatures reaching the upper 50s. i'll tell you when coming up in just a little bit. >> marie: thank you. still ahead the detr coming up which vehicles were given the top awards today. >> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. lebron james gets hit right in the face accidently.
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>> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. it is a moment from the golden globes that has a lot of people buzzing on this monday. lady gaga making her way to the stage receiving an acting award when she brushes by leonardo dicaprio. [ applause ] gaga! [ applause ] you can see in realtime it's no big deal but when they slow it down it looks a lot more strange for sure. dicaprio telling entertainment
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passing by him when lady gaga accidentally bumped in his shoulder catching him by surprise. now we take to you donald trump up in reno over the weekend at a campaign event. taking a few shots at the nfl. >> football's become soft. football has become soft. now i'll be criticized for that. they'll say isn't that terrible. but football's become soft like our country has become soft. [ applause ] . >> dana: in many ways the nfl does agree. they're trying to take a lot of the helmet to helmet hits out of the game because they know the that former players, current players in fact have suffered traumatic brain injuries from them. so he is right at least in one sense. but his critics are saying they're not soft so much as trying to make the game a little
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now to the basketball court. lebron james give me the ball. give me the -- ooh! he got not one but two. and one right ine 76ers. and that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> marie: all right. dana, thank you so much. so earlier we were talking about the seven day. we definitely want to see it. because chloe said things are going to warm up. >> reed: we had a computer glitch but chloe is back. she's pushed the right buttons and the 7-day forecast is right now. >> chloe: that's right. wouldn't be a monday without a glitch or two. 55 for the high tomorrow. mostly sunny skies despite getting unsettled weather from the pacific. we're not seeing any storm activity headed our way. like i mentioned a warm-up is made in our direction just in time for martin luther king day. if many of you have that off temperatures in the upper vifts for the weekend -- 50s into the next work week. looks pretty good. >> marie: it is that time of year where we see the sun out but sometimes looks can be deceiving and people get that
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cloe says hold on. >> reed: the wore shorts to the gym today. by the time i get to the door i thought sweats would have been better. [ laughter ] >> marie: earlier we were talking about award season. let's talk about top honors for your cars. drivers of honda and volvo are happy to hear this. those carmakers took the top award at the north america inte volvo's xc 90 named the utility of truck of the year fom the first time in 2003 them the top award for north american car went to the honda civic. they beat out the chevy malibu and mazda. the civic won the car of the year in 2006. that award cerem opens to the public january 16th-24. some shiny new cars on the floor.
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cars, if you just can't be bothered with parking your car,
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>> ree. >> reed: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30" p.m. a countdown to president obama's final state of the union address. political analysts weigh in oiz hits and misses over the years and the issues he is going to zero in on this time around. >> marie: captured. an in depth look behind the police raid that brought down prison escapee el chapo after newly released video surfaces. i said i was going to support and defend. and that's what i did. >> reed: in this week's hero segment, find out how one
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"news 3 live at 3:30" on a mond> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> reed: hi everybody. we are little more than 24 hours away from president obama's final state of the union speech where he's going to unveil his s t in office. >> marie: so how successful has he been at making those goals reality? chief political correspondent scott thuman has the presidential track record. >> reporter: the president's wish list has been a long one over the years. but do those dreams ever become realities >> don't need to hear another list of stats to know that our economy is in crisis. >> rep9 . delivering on both fronts. a year later he vowed to hunt down terror leaders and osama bin laden is dead. but historians will tell you have fallen flat. >> if you did analysis of every promise, every proposal that
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jefferson, you would probably
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