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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm jessica moore. it happened saturday night. police say the people living inside were tied up with duct tape. it's our top story. our reporter got her hands on home surveillance surveillance video and is live at desert inn and port apache. >> reporter: a neighborhood on edge tonight after four armed men went inside that house through that front door. once police got here, the men jumped out from a back window. scary thick. you -- scary thing. you don't know what's gonna happen. >> reporter: this shows three of the four men masked walking toward the man's home on saturday night. the men armed with guns and knives made their way inside the front door. >> i turned around. they had a gun to me. i got hit in the face. >> reporter: a broken nose, busted lips and they made their
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safe and demand it be opened. >> i'm sure he bragged about something. whatever he was doing, he bragged and it got around. >> reporter: and then they threatened his youngest child. >> started screaming at me and say i'm gonna get your son and shoot your 11-year-old if you don't tell me the combination of the safe. >> reporter: the second time the home targeted in the last month. >> the first time they came in, they didn't get control of the house. i got away and my girlfriend got away. >> reporter: joanne thomas ster terrified. she lives next door. >> they are jumping out of the second-story window. we have our -- our room is right there. if they have guns, and if they go off, you know, that could -- it's scary to think what could happen. >> reporter: he now wants to be armed himself. >> i hope there's not a next time.
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>> reporter: and police describe the four men in their 20s or 30s. if you have any information on who they might be, call crimestoppers. that number is 702-385-5555. reporting live, back to you. >> absolutely terrifying thought. thank you. new at 6:00 tonight, the mother of one of the alleged victims of a pastor accused of raping young girls in his congregation says she thought her daughter was just being counseled by him. in an audio recording, pastor otis holland is heard asking the mother if he has per permission permission -- her permission to talk with her about sex. sergio avila has more. >> reporter: that jim's mother telling the jury today that she thought all along like you said this was just counseling and she thought she was having trouble with her daughter. that's why she sought out holland and the church. prosecutors are trying to show
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was misleading them all along. the victim's mother said she attended the united faith church for about four years. during that time, she testified otis holland had approached her to counsel her 15-year-old daughter. for some of that counseling, holland recorded a statement where he asked the mother for permission. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the mother testified she eventually learned holland was having sex with her daughter and she went to the police. she was asked by the prosecutor what she thought he meant when he asked for permission. >> talking with her. maybe positively getting her mind away from sex. >> no one forced you attend his
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>> reporter: the defense attorney argued the counseling had been helpful by holland. >> were you present when she told the congregation that holland's counseling helped her? >> yes. >> reporter: holland faces 17 counts stemming from alleged sexual abuse of minors. he's been in prison for four years. if convicted, he faces live life in prison. prosecutors are expected to rest their case tomorrow. then the defense will pick up as part of that oland, will be asked if he's going to testify. we heard his attorney doesn't expect him to but ultimately that decision rests with the pastor. sergio avila, news 3. a 22-year-old man is under arrest charged with murdering his own father today in henderson. christine kim is live near whitney ranch and patrick with more on what happened.
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police say the shooting stems from some sort of dispute. neighbors tell me three people home. the parents and their 22-year-old son. henderson police say they received a call to this house in the 900 block of painted pony drive at 11:30 this morning after a person inside the house called 911 to report that a man was shot. officers found the 54-year-old father dead inside the home from a gunshot wound. they interviewed the two others there at the time of the shooting and arrested daron clanton as the suspect. he's being held at the henderson detention center and facing an open murder charge. henderson police say they have not been called to this house in the past for domestic violence-related issues. and this is the first time this year in henderson. reporting live tonight, i'm christine kim, news 3. back to you. >> okay. thankthank you for that. unlv's basketball program is in limbo after last night's surprise announcement that dave
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coach. new at 6:00, we have reaction from students. out reporter has been talk -- our reporter has been talking to someone who knows about the nature of these jobs. >> well, the fact of the matter is the coach set the bar high. like it or not, the school, fans and supporters all have expectations. one of those expectations is to win games. >> we watched our team these last few weeks. i thought we started out strong and unfortunately the last few weeks we haven't been able to connect. >> that was the athletic director on sunday. one day later, the rebels are back at it in practice but under the direction of an interim coach. >> i kind of heard it coming. i wasn't completely surprised when if happened. >> alex is one of the leaders of the student support group known as the rebellion. while he says many students are still in a state of shock, feelings are mixed over letting coach rice go was the right
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>> the season is not lost. there's so much left to play for. even though they made this a rash decision, you have to keep going, support the players, support the program. >> alex and others admit they would love to see the program return to the heyday, the way it was under coach jerry. coach jerry's son says that may be easier said than done. >> we all want rebel basketball to come back and be a strong team. but those years, there are a lot of unique things that went on during these years. >> they agree it comes down to the right mix of players and coaching staff. looking forward, dan nip says they should hire reggie theis, coach at cal state northridge. >> twice he's been up for the job and they've turned him down. they need to hire him this time. it's the right thing to do. and i know reggie will do a great job.
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have a lot of eyes on his performance. the team has 15 conference games and the mountain west tournament. danny does believe the rebels have a good chance to win that tournament. jim, back to you. >> all right. we know a lot of big boosters in town will be weighing in on that decision. we have a lot more on rice's departure coming up in sports. amber dixon has been talking to players about how they are handling this news and whether they feel responsible because of their play on the court. that's coming up live at 6:30. coming up here at 6:00 -- the nye county district attorney makes a decision about whether to charge lamarr odom. >> he was found unconscious at a brother outside of pahrump. ahead, hear what the owner of the brothel has to say. and powerball's biggest jackpot in history is more than a billion dollars and growing by the hour and so are the lines to buy tickets. we'll take you there -- coming
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and weather-wisary- -- weather-wisary not consistent. we're gonna get it up for the holiday weekend. i think you will like the stick around. i will have it for you ahead. you have to see the dramatic
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authorities,, of the intense lamar odom will not be charged for his overdose at a southern nevada brothel. today the nye county district attorney said there's not enough evidence to prosecute. antonio castelan is live for us outside of sunrise hospital where odom cement many days recover -- spent many days recovering.
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about her her her re-- about her decision? >> reporter: they never found 0 cocaine in his possession. he did spend time here. he'sed said to be doing okay as he enters outpatient therapy in leaks. he's out of a los angeles hospital and is free of any drug charges in nye county. the former nba star was looking at the possibility of facing drug charges after prosecutors say odom overdosedded oned on cocaine at a broothle in nevada. angela bello said although the evidence said he had metabolized cocaine in his system while present in nye county in october of 2015, he was not found in possession of cocaine and it is unlikely it could establish beyond a reasonable doubt he actually ingested or was imparked by the drug. >> dennis hof owns the brothel. >> i have mixed emotions.
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i'm not a drug user and so i -- i kind of think well, they should prosecute him. >> reporter: on the other hand, hof is glad he's doing better. >> i've always been a fan of his. i don't want him to have any problems. he's been punished enough. his wife won't be good from here on in. >> reporter: lamar odom's family did release a statement that basically says that odom is making great strides in his recovery. they also asked people that they want their privacy. jim? >> okay, antonio thank you. clark county is looking to go green and save green. a change for this election payer money. the county is asking voters to get sample ballots by e-mail instead of regular mail. some probably prefer the printed version but if all 850,000 voters in the county opted for e-mail it would save $1.5 million in printing and posage along with a thousand
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voters who want to have their ballots e-mailed can sign up on the county's website. we have a link for you at -- link for you at $1.4 billion, a nice ring to it. that's the jackpot for wednesday's powerball drawing. >> before you hand over your cash to your coworker for the office pool, you need to know the rules. we sent our kelsey thomas over the border to look into this common colleague pastime. kelsey? >> reporter: well, jessica, this is what i call controlled chaos out here. this is actually the finish line. we're inside where it's warm. how long have you been in line? >> two hours. >> reporter: two hours for what? >> 1.3 billion. >> reporter: thank you for talking to us. this is the line. you heard her. two and a half hours. it's all for that money. what if you thinking are about that office pool? we were talking about it at news 3. if you are taking part in that
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breaking the law. >> about $720. >> reporter: how long have you been in line? >> about two hours, 45 minutes. >> reporter: 18 people at $40 apiece. shane valentine couldn't resist the temptation to buy into his office powerball pool. >> i made copies of all of the tickets and pud everyone's name on it. >> reporter: they are knitting, reading and braving the elements all for a chance at this -- a jackpot so big, it doesn't even fit on the lottery sign. >> i would give the money to my wife. what does a husband do that's married? >> reporter: gary has dreemg of dreams of striking it rich. a win could change your life forever but it could also land you in court. >> if you pay someone to go get the ticket and the lottery trans-- transportation of the
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statelines, that's a federal offense. >> reporter: he says your best bet, have a contract with your coworkers. >> there was a case in new jersey where five construction workers sent someone down to buy a ticket for all of them. when the ticket was a winner, the person that purchased the ticket claimed that he was the sole winner and they had to go to court in order to get their share of the proceeds. >> reporter: remember, the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. but if you are feeling lucky like shane -- >> i think i'll buy a ranch in hawaii and hang out with my kids. >> reporter: the drawing is at 8:00 wednesday night. back out here live, this is the sign inside the lotto store. it says that the powerball is borkt worth $999 million. that's not true.
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we're hoping somebody will win at news 3. we got the powerball and the tickets today. >> yeah, we all trust each other and have none of that ugliness after the big jackpot. >> you would like think to think so. but money does strange things to people. >> the guy in there would like to buy a ranch in hawaii. that sounds pretty good. >> that has all of us dreaming about warmer temperatures. jerry, could our dreams come true? >> i think it could be downright balmy by this martin luther king hoyle weekend. -- holiday weekend. 60. this is overrer looking the southeast valley -- overlooking the southeast valley. currently 40 degrees down there. southeast breeze at 5. 48%. the barometer is 40.20 inches of
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around our valley, 40s predominating, 44 in henderson. 50 out in summerlin. 42 down at mountains edge and 20 up the mount charleston lodge. 44 in pahrump and 43 in boulder city. chilly in central nevada. 58 in l.a. 48 officially out at the airport. ely, 3. 26, salt lake. the cold air starting to retreat. as i said earlier, i mean, 6 degrees above zero is a heat wave for minneapolis. 67 in miami. 28 up in bean town. we've got some lake-effect snow over the great lakes. a little frontal system over southern florida. for us, not a lot going on, the storm track is staying up to the north which is bad news for portland, seattle but good news for us. the high pressure -- i noticed how high the barometric pressure was. it's sending the moisture up and over. so we don't have too much to worry about.
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with the clear you get the radiational cooling and heat escapes into space and temperatures plummet. 0 up on mount charleston. 22 in pahrump. chilliy in nye county. 10 in caliente. you get the picture. it will be cold. highs tomorrow, in the mid-50s across the region. cooler. boulder city 52. 55 over in pahrump. tonight, we're talking about temperatures getting below freezing in the outlying areas. northwest winds 5, 10. it will be a chiller. probably the airport will come in at 33 or 34. main even 35 degrees. outlying areas it will be cold k 55 tomorrow. normal, 58. 367 at 7:00 a.m. noon, 50, 51. 46 at 5:00 a.m. down from the afternoon high. here's where it gets nice. check this out, the seven-day forecast -- as you can see, we start to get up to normal. i will be brave and put a big 6-0 on the board by sunday, which deserves an exclamation
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at least the east valley will be in -- at or right above the 60-degree mark. should be a nice martin luther king holiday weekend. maybe a little mountain snow saturday night on mount charleston. that's a big skiing there. >> it's always pretty to see when you are driving in the valley. you look up and see the white caps. >> yeah, the dusting. president obama is preparing for his steinal state of the -- final state of the union. >> we will tell you the unique challenges he faces. also ahead, charged with dui. why the hearing for former clark county cowboy commissioner tom
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that's up next on news 3 live
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welcome back. the arraignment for tom collins is postponed until tomorrow. it was scheduled for today. he's charged with dui. collins was arrested last month following a crash after he left the bar. the arraignment was pushed back after a request from his attorney. coming up -- the circus will soon look a lot different. >> why ringling bros. and barnum
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popular [ sound of gunfire ] that new video just released showing the raid that led to the capture of mexico's drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he was recaptured after breaking out of prison six months ago. >> the amount of power fire shows how violent it was. extradition proceedings are underway to bring him back to the united states to face drug trafficking charges here. here's the details from mexico. >> reporter: el chapo is back inside prison for a third time. his most recent arrest happened nearly a thousand miles away in his home state video shows the predawn raid. the marines going up against
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