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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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a former past ear is in the -- pastor is in the hot seat as multiple women testify against him in a sexual assault case. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. otis holland is charged with raping young girls while working in the church. san drawn gonzalez is live at the regional justice center with another disturbing day in court. >> reporter: marie, prosecutors wanted to show that holland had a pattern, a certain method that would lead to his prey. they also say with his religious title, they want to show how that can also be manipulated. a mother who used to attend otis holland's church in henderson recalled how holland maneuvered his way into many families from bible studies to counseling. the mother said her daughter connected with holland after she sent a prayer request about her
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in court, prosecutors played an audiotape of holland. [ inaudible ] >> i give you full permission. >> reporter: after jurors were excused for the day, another witness was heard by the judge. this witness will say she sought out holland for marital counseling but he took it to the next level. >> i told him to stop. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now, the judge asked her about that and she says she was afraid she would go to hell. she would be cursed. and she also told the judge that she was afraid and believed him. now, the judge is expected to make a decision tomorrow. testimony resumes in the afternoon.
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center, sandra gonzalez, news 3. >> sandra, thank you. la mor odom o-- lamar odom is not going to face charges for cocaine in a nevada brothel. the district attorney said said the evidence didn't prove he used co dane during his three days in nye county. by the time he was hospitalized, the drug was so acskoshed in ac-- absorbed in his system, it's difficult to know when it was used. right now, he's recovering out of a hospital in a rae what center in los angeles. extra dix proceedings are underway for joaquin "el chapo" guzman as mexico plans to send him to the u.s. to face justice. [ sound of gunfire ] >> as you know, the cartel leader was recaptured on friday after more than six months on the run. this dramatic video shows the police raid at joaquin "el
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swan. police say he was hiding in the house in this video but managed to get away even then. during a shootout. he was later captured on a highway. he was first arrested in 1993 twice. a maryland judge has postponed the trial of the second baltimore police officer charged in the april death of 25-year-old freddy gray. caesar goodson was the driver of the van gray was in before dying of a broken neck. the judge ruled that another officer, william porter, would have to testify against gray in court -- or against goodson in court, rather. fans worldwide are mourning the passing of music icon david bowie and finding finding their own bays to ways to pay tribute to the singer.
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cancer n. in moscow many remember his arrival for the concert in 1996. to berlin, where the singer lived in the german capital for three years in the '70s during which he ordered three albums that became known as the berlin trill low gin. fans trilogy. they left candles and flowers at the door. >> this morning we heard he died and passed away. we came back to see. a lot of these people now are laying down flowers and so it's emotional for us to be here now at this moment in berlin. >> to london now, where bowie fans laid tributes at a well-known mural of bowie. closer to home, the public gathered at his star on the hollywood walk of fame where
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to remember him. donald trump made a campaign stop in new hampshire where a new nbc news poll shows him with a 16-point lead. he took swipes at ted cruz's birth in canada to an american mother arguing that his eligibility to be president is not what he calls a settled ma. he also blasted bernie sanders telling supporters he's the general election opponent trump would most like to compete against and in response to a question, trump pledged to rescind president obama's executive orders on guns. >> gun-free zones. that's like candy when these sickos see a gun-free zone, their eyes light up. all they are doing is taking chunks out of the second amendment. president obama, your, you are fired!
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rebels basketball as dave rice is no longer with unlv. he ranked third on the chart for victories. he had an overall record of 98-54. that includes ten victories against ranked opponents. he was in the middle of his fifth year of coach and had three years left on his contract. he will receive the remainder of his salary. the rebels are 0-3 so far in conference play this season. this is news that will affect a lot of people with kids. a district court in carson city issued an order halting the voucher law. this is in favor of a group of parents who argued the law violated nevada's constitution and was unfair to students because it took money away from public schools. the voucher law was designed to let parents decide how to spend thoun in education dollars. our state allocates each student every year. the ruling stops the law from being implemented for now.
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high-rise rescue, two window washers get the scare of their lives when they get stuck in the air. >> how emergency crews were able too save them from this frightening day of work. frozen solid one driver gets more than he bargained for when he woke up to take his car. he saw mother nature had other plans. we're seeing clear skies and cold weather. negative 1 for ely.
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long. a massive sinkhole opened upped up this car in missouri -- opened up this darr this darr caused by a water main break. crews shut down the intersection while they worked on the break. nobody was in the car. the rear wheel stayed on the road. the rest went in the water. the crews had to bring in a th o.
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from a scafding outside of the tallest building in houston. they became stuck near the 71st floor at the chase building when their scaffolding experienced a motor malfunction. firefighters got a radio message stuck. a rope was placed around them thankfully, nobody got hurt. a trial is underway in new orleans for the only person arrested following a gunfight on bourbon street in june. this left a bistander dead and nine others hurt. jury selection began today in the case of trung lee captured a few days after the shooting. his lawyer said the 2-year-old fired in self-defense to save himself and others from another still unidentifyied gunman. surveillance video shows five men who police say gang raped a teenager at a new york city playground.
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suspects entering before the assault last week. of the victim and her father were walking through a brooklyn playground when the group attacked. one man pointed a gun at her father forcing him to leave. police say each man raped the victim. the father returned with police. but by then the attackers fled. the victim was tweeted the a tweeted at a hospital. the fbi has arrested a jewel thief. 24-year-old abby abigail was arrested in georgia. she walked off with $400,000 worth of jewels in panama city. police say she typed up salespeople at gunpoint during some of her robberies and we are gloves to hide her fingerprints. one other person was arrested with her. thousands could be impacted
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court. the high court appears ready to deliver a blow to organized labor on the issue of forcing workers to pay fees to public sector unions. the case was brought by california teachers who object to the money they are required to pay the union. teachers warrant the court to overturned a 1977 law that allows public unions to collect money from nonmembers to cover costs of collective bargaining. overturning the law would wreak havoc on work agreements for millions of workers, attorneys. >> i think there will have to be a re-assessment of literally thousands of contract, involving millions of workers. that will take a lot of time to resolve and to figure out how to deal with that. it's a very significant issue in a time of economic scarcity. >> the supreme court is expected to announce its decision later this year. the fame play boip mansion
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price tag -- up for sale at a whopping price tag of $00 million. the home is 29 rooms, a home theater, wine cellar and a pool. the five-acre property comes with a rare zoo license but there is a catch by way of a housemate. the mansion's current resident, hugh hefner, will continue to live there. he moved into the mansion 45 years ago when they bought the property for $1 million. playboy's scee ceo said the sale is designed to help reinvest mountain new future. this car was parked along lake erie overnight. waves splashed up and over the rails spraying the side of the car. as the subzero degree temperatures came in, it got coast coated with ice. it's unclear how long it took
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the car or in the if the driver tried. >> i think i'll hail a cab or an ubler or a lyft. >> or a blow dryer. >> or wait until spring to get in. >> in buffalo, that would come in april. a pleasant start to this weekance the clouds have finally clearedfine -- to this weekend and the clouds have finally cleared up. >> when you are in the son, it feels -- are in the sun, it makes it feel better. it does. over the next few days it it will will start to feel better. clear skies continue tonight. cold weather is anticipated overnight. we're at negative 1 at ely, upper 40s in las vegas. 18 in tonopah and a couple of degrees above the freezing mark in reason know. 50s along the coast -- in reno. 50s along the coast. very cold conditions condition. 44 in seattle.
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we'll take you to a few places, low clouds, patchy fog and light sprinkles in seattle. this is the beach in the puget sound. going down to the coast. a cloudy day across san francisco. mngs inmachines in los angeles -- mostly sunny skies in los angeles. beautiful weather conditions for the las vegas valley with a few high scattered clouds streaming instreaming in the area. temperatures outside mostly in the 40s. a chilly night tonight. 43 degrees at the lakes. already 41 for centennial. mid-40s to the east of us. as we take a look light winds if any, in most neighborhood. gusts, you can see the strongest in centennial reaching up to 25 miles an hour this afternoon. outside the valley we're at 250 degrees for mount charleston.
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now also vash wind variable wind gusts. as we take a closer look, we'll only see the increased cloud cover over the next few days. still sunshine will continue but as we take a look, you can see some storms brewing in the pacific that will continue moving inland. here's what we're expecting -- yes, some storm activity but not for us. mostly you can see a -- northwest, and across nov northbound. if you are traveling be aware of that. unsettled weather is certainly expected. we'll see the off-and-on cloud over the next few days. still gonna be cold knight. temperatures troping in the -- dropping in the 30s. crank up the heater. a light breeze out of the northwest. that will continue 5, 0 miles an hour throughout most of the
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overnight lows, 30s for mess keyed a overton. 2over-- mesquite and overton. 44 for boulder c mesquite. 50s for overton and pahrump. low 50s for boulder city by the afternoon. we'll see the warmer weather, starting off cold in the morning. upper 30s for the las vegas area. cold in your neighborhood. put an extra jacket on. loet 50s by noon. as we take a look at the high temperature, around 3, 4 degrees warmer compared to temperatures today. it will be cold in the morning like we said. temperatures will be we low normal before things start to warm up finally as we take a look at the next seven danes. days. temperatures flirting with the 60s by the end of the weekend. overnight temperatures will become more bearable. my advice, take a jacket with you. i told people on facebook. i showed off this jacket at the desk. i would put it on over there.
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you wear green on the green screen. just bring the jacket. >> we want too keep you -- we want to keep you around. thank you. let's take to you hawaii. the big island. some amazing video from there after a rock fall plunged into the lava lake of the evacuate volcano crater. it's been high this week about 100 feet below the vent's rim. when the lava bed is high, rocks heat up, expand and become unstable and that can cause big section of rock to collapse. fortunately, this explosion did not threaten any nearby communities. certainly cool to look like. >> hot. hot like powerball. >> and up know powerball fever is at an all-time high as people test their luck to become an overnight billionaire. >> how this historic jackpot keeps growing to unprecedented levels and how you can get a
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the occasi the powerball is now up to $1.4 billion. >> yikes. well, this wednesday, americans will get another shot to win the largest jackpot ever. kerry sanders reports on the powerball fever sweeping the nation. >> reporter: we were awe struck
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in disbelief at $900 million and now gob smacked as the jackpot soars to $1.3 billion. a number so large, it doesn't even fit on electronic signs or billboards. this wednesday, everyone who forks over $2 gets another shot at an unheard of payday. >> thank you. >> thank you. [laughter] >> reporter: for ten weeks now, people in 44 states have been lining up as the jackpot keeps rolling over. >> it's huge. >> gigantic. >> reporter: how did we get here? >> seems like it's betting bigger all of the time in everything. >> reporter: wednesday's jackpot began at $40 million back on november 4th. 20 drawing later with no winner, it's ballooned to more than a bll. billion. sales this week are expected to eclipse $145,000 in sales a minute. >> if i hit it, i would be able
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million bucks a piece and it still wouldn't put a dent in the amount of money i would have >> reporter: last times the odds were better. but powerball changed their rules last fall. the odds, 1 in 292 million. that's like flipping a coin in the air and landing on heads 28 times in a row. how much is 1.3 billion? it's more money than every presidential candidate collectively spent on their campaigns last year. if you took the $806 million cash payout in dollar bills and underyour mattress, your bed would be more than 14,000 pete in the -- feet in the air. come wednesday night there's only one certainty, most of us will wake up from our riches and still have to go to work. >> is it a burden if you win? >> i don't know.
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>> it's a burden if you are attached to the money. there's still time for people in southern nevada to get in on the action by buying last-minute tickets at california and arizona stateline. >> a lot of of people saya lot of people say it's worth it to wait in the lines. honda and volvo take the top award at the auto show in detroit. volvo's xc 90 was named the north american truck utility for the second time and the top award for north america car went to the honda civic. honda is beating out the chevy malibu, the mazda miata, the civic also won the car of the year award in 2006. more than 55 automotive must be all new or substantially changed for eligibility. 11:00. a shocking murder in a typically quiet neighborhood.
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friend of the suspect accused of killing his own father. they are one of the most common things to find inside a couch. it turns out they cost a pretty penny to produce. the real val value of all of those pebniesny -- men nips and nickels. and fans are finding all kind of ways to pay tribute to david bowie. one of the most une found in cincinnati. >> a little penguin born earlier this month. people wrote in, well, they chose the name bowie. it was named in honor of powy because the two share a birthday. little bowie weighed 8 grams when it hatched. there are tributes to bowie being held right here in our city. the canopy will be showing a
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