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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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charged with murdering his own father. good evening. i'm jessica moore. >> jim: i'm jim snyder. the shooting comes as a shock to those who know the suspect, daron clanton. >> jessica: christine kim joins us live from where that shooting happened. >> reporter: jim and jessica, henderson police say the 911 call came from one of three people who were inside the home when the shooting happened. neighbors say the suspect lived here with his parents. his close friend tells me he actually saw him last night and earlier today, and can't believe what happened. >> i never got any form of aaggression from that kid whatsoever. >> reporter: he mit his close friend working at the food court in the mall. he had gotten a lift from clanton monday morning.
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called to clanton's henderson home. >> i just know as a boy, a young man, and two parents over there. >> reporter: the 22-year-old accused of kill his own father. carver says the father and son had recently mended their relationship. >> i asked him last night how him and his dad was doing, because him and his dad did have a argument a while back and he did kind of leave home for a little bit, came and stayed with me. and him and his dad went to dinner and fixed everything. >> reporter: detectives say clanton's dad died from a gunshot wound. >> i know him and his dad, that was one of the things they did as bonding time is go to the range. >> reporter: but you never did he think his friend to use it to hurt anyone. pictures provided to news 3 by a friend shows clanton in church. carver describes him as a good kid who was the first to help. >> i take the bus, he's like here's five bucks for the bus fare. >> reporter: in disbelief,
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could have brought his friend to allegedly pull the trigger. henderson police say they have not received any domestic violence related calls to this house in the past. this is the first homicide of the year in henderson. christine kim, news 3. >> jim: now we move to a developing story, a big one that could impact thousands of local families who plan to put their kids in private school with financial aid from the state. the carson city district court judge has temporarily put a hold on nevada's school choice law, just weeks before that money was to start flowing to families. the ruling favors parents who think the law is unfair, because it will take money away from the public school system. the plan was to give parents vouchers worth $5,000 so that they could use that to pay tuition at the private school of their choice. in a statement, governor sandoval says while he does not like this decision, the legal battle will go on and he
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should make the final call. >> jessica: stepping down, the police chief of boulder city is resigning a mid controversy tonight, and now that city is looking for someone to put in his place. john has more on what is a major move for boulder. >> reporter: yes, the chief of police not giving a reason for his resignation today. the city hall telling us they could not comment. but as to why they're not commenting that it's because it all centers around the investigation into the city's animal shelter. one silent office is about to create quite a bit of noise in boulder city. the chief of police has resigned. effective immediately. the office is empty. >> i think it says a lot about the public and the pressure thatut on. >> reporter: last time we heard from chief of police bill convert was one month ago when he refused to answer any questions, even from state
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>> it shows you that there's a lot of people who are very concerned. >> reporter: it centers around an animal shelter that by many accounts was kill animals with impunity. allegations are that the shelter head, mary joe frazier, needlessly killed 91 animals in the spokesman of one year. the shelter only sees on average 200 animals every year. but because she retired just two days after a boulder city detective started asking questions, chief conver said he would not press charges, a decision that started this. that investigation now in the hand of the district attorney, who could press charges against frazier. >> we always have to keep up the fight and keep up the pressure, and we have to show our elected officials that this is what the city wants and the people feel. >> reporter: right after those allegations, right after frazier
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changed the way they do youth anyizations. they are now within the letter of the law. now another huge story, the trusted mexican marines helped take down the biggest world drug king pin in a blitz of gunfire. reed joins us tonight with how a hollywood actor's interview with joaquin guzman may have brought down. reporter: after six months of evading police, the many who twice escaped from prison was caught what he seems to do best and that is running. mexico's attorney general now says this interview paroling stone magazine was essential to joaquin el chapo guz animals capture. it's a reality that drugs destroy. according to mexican newspapers, intelligence teams took these
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and kate del castillo as they arrived in god la hard a. owz guadalahara. just three months later this dramatic raid led to the capture of the world's most wanted man. elite troops from the mexican navy stormed his compound, killing six of el chapo's people in the process. extradition proceedings are under way. mexico plans to send el chapo to the u.s. to face justice. but his owners are fighting the move. >> mr. guzman should not have been extradited to the united states or any other country. what's the reason? because mexico has just laws that are detailed in the general constitution of the republic. >> so guzman faces seven drug related indictments in various
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general's office said the whole procs getting back to the united states could take years. >> we know his lawyers plan to keep the appeals process going on as long as possible. the president is miking final preparations for his state of the union speech tomorrow. he wants to talk about what he hopes to accomplish in his finallier in oches. you can watch the address tomorrow night on news 3 and keep it here for a full recap at 11:00. >> jim: many believe the president overstepped his constitutional powers with his executive orderses on gun control. that poll conducted by our station and other broadcasting affiliates nationwide. we asked did president obama exceed his constitutional powers with his executive orders on guns? 70% of more than 6600 people who voted said yes.
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if you missed that poll we invite your feedback on any subject, just leave us a comment on our facebook page. >> jessica: lamar odom will not face charges for a drug overdose. the attorney general ss ths not enough evidence to prosecute odom even though cocaine was found in his system. the d.a. says it's impossible to prove he used it while at the brothel. odom was found unconscious in october after partying for self days there. even though hof believes he should face charges, he's glad the star continues to recover. >> jim: still ahead, the world of rock and roll loses a true original. >> we'll tell you how las vegas is remembering the legendary next. >> and our month off to a chilly start, only 52 today, our 11th straight days of 11 days in january below normal. but things will be improving for
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have the numbers for you. >> later in sports, who would come out on top in tonight's championship game. amber has those highlights. >> thank you.
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>> jessica: millions of music fans around the world are mourning the death of legendary singer david bowie. the british star passed away last night following a long battle with with cancer. earlier today a wreath was placed on bowies hollywood star. similar events took place around the world including in his home
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word in saying a to be farewell to david bowie. the fremont experience playing a tribute to him tonight. >> jessica: his last two performance were at the hard rock hotel and casino, more than a decade ago. >> jim: that's where we fine vicky gone cal easy with a look at the artist who broke the mold over and over again. >> reporter: david bowie released his final album, black starrings on friday, two days prior to his passing. more than two dozen studio albums later, some undoubtedly revolutionary, but all carrying their own individuality. it was an artistic legacy that would follow the icon well beyond his passing. in lucky few are able to say they've seen david bowi e perform in las vegas. but if you're one of them,
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rock hotel and casino. the year was 2004. >> absolutely amazing, it was one of the best shows we've ever done. >> reporter: he was there, scheduling what would become bowie's final performance in southern nevada. >> packed house. the vibe and the energy in that room was magnificent. >> reporter: he's been selecting rock and roll memorabilia since the 80's. >> i remember when david bowie did ziggy star dust. every kid in england suddenly had a toilet brush hairdo. >> reporter: an artistic genius who transcended music, film, fashion, even gender. >> he influenced plenty of people, but nobody copied him. >> reporter: leaving behind an everlasting impression of authenticity.
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david bowies. >> reporter: and the candle memorial that you saw inside the casino is pretty rare. the last time the hard rock did anything like that was for james brown's passing, in 2006. but arguably even more rare is david bowie's memorabilia inside the casino. the artist very rarely gave away ownership of his costumes and his art. and of course we want to know how david bowie impacted you, head over to our facebook and twitter pages, and you can always head to vicky gonzalez, news 3. back to you. >> jim: thank you. a lot of people pool their powerball money among friend or at the office to give them more chances to hit the jackpot, even though they'd have to split it. turns out that could be tricky ask might not be worth the risk. technically buying lottery tickets for other people and
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lines is a federal offense, technically. it's a little known law that's not stopping these thousands of people from lining up with pool money in hand. at the primm lotto store today. if you still want to share the wealth with your coworkers, be sure you trust them and your best bet is to have an actual contract. >> there was a case not too long ago in new jersey where five construction workers had sent someone down to buy a ticket for all of them, and then when the ticket turned out to be a winner the person that purchased the ticket claimed that he was the sole winner, and they had had had to go to court in order to get their particular share of the proceeds. >> jim: this wasn't the pool money, i bought in ticket with, this was my own money, right? with the jackpot now worth close to $1.5 billion, will draw to you california or arizona over the next couple days, just don't
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kiss good-bye. again the odds of winning are one in 292 million. the next drawing is wednesday night at 7:59. we can say that until we are blue in the phase, but those numbers. >> jessica: we've been through this cycle three times in the last couple weeks. this i think is probably the warmest people are standing outside. >> yes, and they're spending hours out there. i guess the primm forecast is really important this week. but it's warming up. we should see 60 over the holiday weekend, and that is good news. we saw a lot of sunshine today, take a look at our time lapse looking out toward the mountains, a few cloud over the spring mountains. i think everybody could degree it was a good looking day even if it was a tad cool. at the miracle mile, 40 degrees, winds are calm. look how high the barometer is at 31.2.
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southern highland where it's colder, 31 already sub freezing in the southwest valley. the calm wind allow the ambient temperature to drop. mid 30s in the northeast valley at dickens elementary. 18 up on the mountain. 26 in tonopah. 33 in pahrump and 42 in boulder city. here at our studios, it's 37. 36 in spring valley. mountain's end looking at 38 degrees. here are your highs today, 55 was pretty much all she wrote. a little cooler in anthem, they didn't make it out of the 40s. now let's take a look at the readings at the top of the hour, 38 at mccarran officially for las vegas, to 16 in on the -- 16 in on the oh pa. team we're looking at 55 here, so a slight improvement from today's 52.
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our north, so high pressure dominate fog the first part of this work week and should have a lot sunshine tomorrow. can you see the moisture going up and over the top of high pressure and protecting us from any moisture. a little snow moving across northern nevada into the with wasatch of utah. our skies generally clear tonight, looking really good, albeit a little chilly, 10 on the mountain, 34 boulder city, 22 in pahrump. 55 for pahrump tomorrow to 57 down at lake mead. 38 up on the mountain. 48 alamo. and 52 in boulder city. it's going to be chilly tonight, folks, with the light west wind temperatures will be sub freezing in many of the suburbs, maybe a couple degrees warmer
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355 tomorrow, our normal is 58. 36 at 7:00 a.m. to the low 50s at noon. and then mid 40s by 5:00 p.m. the seven day forecast, it's a winner at least in the end, be m bonus for the skiers on sunday. and we'll be basking in 60-degree warmth by then. >> jessica: thank you, jerry. coming up, the old saying a penny saved is a penny earned, but how much is a penny really worth?
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is proving to be costly. >> jessica: new at 11, it cost the federal government a pretty meny to make nickels and pennies. >> jim: it costs 1.7 cents to make the penny. >> jessica: nickels are also more sprensive to produce than they're worth at about 8 cents per coin. >> jim: it will be up to
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changes should be made to the coins, including finding cheaper metals to make them. this is one of those things that over the years we've covered. it just makes absolutely no sense, no pun intended. >> jessica: how the cost can increase. >> jim: yes, why you would still keep producing something that costs more than it's worth. >> jessica: it does make you want to hold onto the nichols and pennies you have now, because maybe some day they'll be an evening -- endangered species. >> he's entertaining, he's running for president, and donald trump is on late night television tonight. >> so what is the donald going to say to the ginny? no worries if it's past your bedtime, because we'll have all
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late night on tu >> jessica: tomorrow the running rebels play new mexico at home. it will be their first game
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their mind, they'll use him as motivation. it's been one day since rice and unlv decided it was best he leave the program. rubbles are 0-3 in conference play. players at practice today said they're united and committed to turning this season around. >> biggest thing is standing together, so there's no fraction at all, we're all on the same page with everything. >> this is an extremely close knit group, we're very close with each other, and we're going to play the rest of the season for each other and for coach rice. >> anchor: right now new mexico is hot, they are tied for first place in the mountain west at 3-0. both unlv and new mexico have faced fresno state. unlv lost and new mexico won by 15 points.
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pressure, one of of his first goals to get the rebels confidence back. >> nay go through that and the only way you do it is going through reps, we're working on a million special situations, put that time on the clock and simulate it until they have the confidence. >> reporter: vegas has confidence in the rebels, they are the five and a half to six point paifort tomorrow. in tonight's college football national championship game, alabama was the six and a half to seven-point favorite over top ranked undefeated clemson. first wawr, lamb's second drive and the heisman trophy winner guts for a huge hole, but alabama is on the board first. tap on one more touchdown, tigers lead 14-7.
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alabama with with a goal after recovering a classy on sidekick. the 51-yard score and the crimson tie takes the lead. 82 second left in the game, henry puts the dagger in, spins and just reaches over the goal line. alabama wins 45-40. their fourth national title in seven years under coach sabin, that was at the university of phoenix stadium, denying clemson perfection for this season. also did the same to the patriots back in 2007. don't know what it is about that stadium, we were there last year.
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>> jessica: we're still months away from election day, but clark county wants your help when you decide how to prep for
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>> jim: they're asking
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