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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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also c1 a 22 year old man is in police custody
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murdering his own father. the shooting comes as a shock to those who know the clanton. his close friend, who may have been one of the last before the deadly incident... is speaking exclusively to new 3. devon carver met clanton working at the food court in the galleria mall.... he had gotten a lift from clanton.... monday morning... and about an hour later police were called to clanton's henderson home... near patrick lane and whitney ranch drive. police say a 911 call came from one of three people who were home when the shooting happened.. father and son had their relationship. pictures provided friend shows clanton in church.... carver describes him as a good kid, who was the first to help out, and says he never saw any form
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1:34:35 i take the bus he's like here's five bucks if you need bus fare he's always been that guy that's why when i heard that i was like there's no posisble way :47 henderson police say they have not received any domestic violence related calls from this house in the past. this is the first homicide of the year in henderson. the police chief of boulder city police is resigning after controversy and now the city is looking for someone to put in his place news 3's john treanor has more on this major move in boulder one silent office is about to create quite a bit of noise in boulder city the chief of police, has resigned effective immediately the office is empty... news that think it says a lot about the public and the pressure the pu manendo 42 15 i never wish ill on anybody if this was directunity allegations are that then shelter head mary jo frazier six kittens instead of giving them medical care but beca 30 50 the chief of police did not give areason.....animal sh its an investigation activists and at least one state la story... that could impact you if you
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murdering his own father. the shooting comes as a shock to those who know the suspect, daron clanton. his close friend, who may have been one of the last people to see him beforeg dev o from c and about li er d ca ti d revi incr d out, h been ther7 s th p i in j looking for someone to put in his p s on aboui boulder ci hafe im t v l n hr from e on m n re ot e pl s y r sn sees on average two arsi bo d g a p not that invein the dishod ac e ct t i pe d y.o school... with financial ai the st a e sc just weeks before than money was to start flowing to fate
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new mexico at home. it'll be their first game without dave rice... as head coach. even though rice won't be there... players say he will be on their minds. they'll use him... as motivation. it's been one day since rice... and u-n- l-v decided... it was best he leave the program. the struggling rebels are 9 and 7. despite rice's dismissal... players at practice on monday said they're dismissal... players at practice on monday said they're dismissal... players at practice on monday said they're united... and committed to turning this season around. double sot: ou their 1st game without rice wont be easy... right now... new mexico is hot. they're tied for first in the mountain west... at three and oh. both u-n-l-v and new mexico hav back.
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obama's final state of the union address is happening today. the president spent monday making final preparations for his speech. he's expected to talk about where the country is right now... and what he wants to accomplish in his final year in office. you can watch the state of the union address tonight at 6 p-m... right here on news 3. then keep it here for a full recap... on news 3 live at 11 and tomorrow morning on our program. and speaking of the state of the union... a former homeless veteran from las vegas will sit in first lady michelle obama's visitor's box during the speech. cynthia dias served
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dias moved last year from a homeless motel that has been provide housing for the obama highlighting a challenge that the first lady has issued for local leaders to veteran homelessness. splitting the jackpot. some people put their money together to increase their chances of winning powerball... which winnings. it isn't worth the risk. out of this world
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an astronaut gives a unique tribute to david bowie. jeanne moos shows us what he did when wake up with the wagner's comes back. kelly ad-lib over weather live shot a lot of people pool their powerball money... among
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office... to give them more chances to hit the jackpot... even
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it turns out... it might not be worth the risk. technically... attorneys say buying lottery tickets for other people and transporting them across state lines... is a federal offense. that little-known law is not stopping thousands from lining up with money from a pool in hand... at the primm lotto store on monday. gaming attorney jeff silver says if you still want to share the wealth with co-workers... your best bet... is to have a contract. there was a case not too long ago in new jersey where 5 construction workers had sent someone down to buy a ticket for all of them ticket turned out to be a winner the person that actually purchased the ticket claimed that he was the sole winner. they actually had to go to court in order to get their particular share of the proceeds. if the jackpot now
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dollars will draw you to california or arizona... just don't spend money you're not ready to kiss goodbye... again, the odds of winning are one in 292 million! the next drawing is wednesday night at 7-59 p a "huge" rather than thousands at a rally. trump takes the oo speak to millions on late night t-v. his time with jimmy fallon after the break. car troubles. sometimes... you just know your day isn't going to go well. how this happened when wake up with
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a york city courtesy of our earth cam. not too far from that location... donald trump joined jimmy fallon for an appearance on "the tonight show" the republican front runner spent the evening hitting
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his foreign policy platform... to a possible showdown with hillary clinton. :39 it's going to be interesting to see whath appens...that would be an amazing thing if that happens :56 after all of serious talk about politics... the two had a little fun. fallon wanted to give trump a sort of mock interview for the position of president of the united states... something trump was more than willing to take part in. 00:09:41:05 uhh are you willing to relocate? ...uncomfortable with it 00:10:01:14 trump isn't the only presidential
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tonight show this week. democratic front clinton will join the show on thursday night. former army sergeant bowe berghdal will appear bragg, north carolina. berghdahl faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy following his disappearance from his base in afghanistan in june 2009. he was captured by held captive for he was released in
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prisoner swap in exchange for several detainees from guantanamo bay. bergdahl did not enter a plea when he was arraigned in december 2015. two people are dead and two others are missing after firefighters say a home exploded in northern ohio monday night. it happened in the town of northfield, which is about 20 miles south of cleveland. one of the deceased is an adult woman, the other is a child according to firefighters. fire investigators believe the two people missing are father and daughter. the cause of the explosion is unknown at this time. time for a look at weather... here's what you need to know... one driver in
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ice scraper to move their car. this car was parked along lake erie. the waves splashed up and over the rails... spraying the side of the car. as sub-freezing temperatures rolled in, the car
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ice. the car - which - had very little ice old-man a new ice sculpture. if you thought david bowie was out of this world, well his music was... literally, sung in space. reports on bowie and one astronaut's unique tribute to him. the illustrator who created this calls it 29 "career-spanning" sou. hospital bed, bandaged eyes... later... "this is ground control to major tom." when a r the lyrics a little to give the song a happier ending." "the "and the stars look very different." even a vatican cardi am floating in my tin can." and in at least one cartoonist here's a look at what's coming up on
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today show sot a bold burglar
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away from an oregon pet store after putting a snake in his pants. the venomous crime was caught on camera. surveillance video from the "a to z pet store" in portland shows the man take the black pastel ball python out cage and stick it down his pants friday. the store owner says the snake is about two-feet long and was being sold for 200-dollars. police say they are working to track
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night in tuscaloosa alabama after the crimson tide won the national title over clemson. fans and students flooded the streets... cheering and waving alabama state flags. celebrations went on into the early morning hours. police were eventually brought in to help disperse the crowd... but they did say everything remained peaceful and the students...
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did a good job celebrating the team's 4th national title in 7 years responsibly. time for weather. new at 5... new home anyone? the playboy mansion is up for sale. how much it is going for and the special request hugh hefner has for the next owner. new at 6. the lineup for thursday's
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unveiled. who is not making it on the main stage... and who is skipping the debate altogether in our 6
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producer comments: -------------------- director= t.d.= audio= rackroomh 2= big chanply pareev and how this could also impact public schools fatal stabbing. multiple people including children are dead this morning... we'll tell you what happened. trump on fallon. donald trump stopped by the tonight show with jimmy fallon. we have all the must see moments.. including what he had to say about hillary clinton. wagner open
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thanks for waking up with us!
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