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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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michelle, good to see both of you on this afternoon. tom collins of course arguably one of the most colorful characters ever to grace our local political scene. today the man they called the cowboy commissioner stood before a judge. we're going take you inside las vegas justice court this morning. collins wound up here after being involved in a crash december 11th after he left the national finals rodeo. police say his blood alcohol level was .1 one. that's above the legal limit of .08. collins pleads no cop test, gets a 30 day suspended sentence and pays a $685 fine. after court collins talked to me about what he says happened that night. >> i was sick that night. i didn't even stay for the rodeo. i decided to go home and i didn't realize, you know, normally i did what i usually do. i sit at the rodeo and eat something. i felt so bad i just went home and.
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i made a mistake. but i'm still tom kol -- collins. >> reporter: that is tom collins. back to live here in downtown las very long. nobody was hurt in that accident. we should also note this is not more mr. collins first brush with the law. way back in the yerl i '90s he pleaded -- early '90s he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor dui. today, mr. collins attorney telling me he received no special treatment. a few years ago you might also remember tom collins pleaded no contest because one of his bulls on his property got off the property and injured a local woman. collins stepped down from the clark county commission in august. told me this morning he still plans to run for mayor of north las vegas. live in downtown las vegas, jack gillan, news 3. back to you. >> michelle: thank you, jeff.
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tonight president obama is making his final state of the union address and the white house says it's going to take a little different tone than in years past. >> krystal: critics saying they're not expecting much but tracie potts gives us a preview from capitol hill. >> reporter: here's president obama working on tonight's state of the union address. on the "today show" he reflected on promises of hope and change with the nation more divided than ever. >> is it a failure? >> it's a regret. >> reporter: tonight's speech will list america's future beginning with economies that's stronger than seven years ago, more jobs, but flat wages. >> if we make good choices now whoever the next president is, whoever is controlling the next congress, there's no reason why we shouldn't own the 21st century. >> i don't think it's time for a failure tour. it's time to actually solve problems. >> reporter: critics say the president needs a clear plan to defeat isis and take on the nation's debt.
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the public on what it's going take to get this country's fiscal house in order. clearly it's going to take a republican president. >> reporter: south carolina governor hailey gives the republican address. in the gallery tonight in the first lady's box an empty chair for victims of gun violence. >> i'd like to see another empty chair for the 250,000 syrians that have been slaughtered and tortured by assad thanks to his failed policy. >> reporter: for president obama tonight, policy takes a back seat to vision. and once again hope. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> michelle: a former homeless veteran from las vegas will sit in first lady michelle obama's speech. her name is cynthia diaz. she served during vietnam. she moved last year from a homeless shelter to a former motel renovated to provide housing for veterans. it is a great place. veteran's village is what it's called.
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highlighting the challenge the first lady has issued for local leaders to do more to reduce the very big problem in our country. and that is veteran homelessness. we want to let you know about a programming change here. just so you know. we're going have an nbc special on the state of the union address. that's going to be at 6:00 p.m. then at 8:00 p.m., you can catch the hollywood game. then that after following that will be the local news update on news 3 live in prime. at 10:00, nbc date looip. and at 11 news 3 at 11. there are no ducks in the studio. >> krystal: somebody forgot to turn off their cell phone. >> michelle: my cell phone is ringing. quack. quack. makes my dogs go crazy. >> krystal: it was nice outside. the weather. >> kelly: it is amazing what difference the sunshine makes. temperature wise though this
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spring valley hit freezing 32. southern highlands 29. aliante downtown, henderson below freezing to start the day. 31 degrees for the morning low. but, again, as you guys are saying, all this sunshine makes a world of difference. we've had a few high thin clouds and that's about it on this time-lapse view from the southeast career technical academy camera. current temperature, much improved. looking at low 50s across much of the area. temperatures are going to climb a few more degrees before the day is said and done. we're going to talk about how warm it's going get this afternoon plus what we're expecting for the rest of the week coming up. >> krystal: sounds good. thank you. appreciate it. >> michelle: today new at noon, police are investigating a stabbing. this happened on fremont street this morning. it happened just before 6:00 at the safari motel. police say a man in his 40s came to his ex-girlfriend's apartment and stabbed another man multiple times. that victim taken to the hospital. he's in critical condition.
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still on the loose. a 22-year-old man in custody accused of murdering his own father. this is the story we brought you as breaking news yesterday at the end of our nows cast. we didn't have a whole lot of information. it was "news 3 live at 12:30." now we know what happened. police were called to daren clanton's henderson home. a friend speaking exclusively to news 3 describes -- i'm sorry it's carver -- as a good kid who was the fist to help out. and he says he never saw any form of aggression. he says the father and son had recently mended their relationship. henderson police say they've not received any domestic violence related calls from this house ever before. this is the first homicide of the year in henderson. the new rules put in place to regulate street performers on fremont street is an on going discussion in our community with strong supporters on both sides. today officials are gameing how
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the city attorney is hosting a meeting to hear feedback from performers. they have to enter a lottery for available spots on the sidewalk stretched between main street and las vegas boulevard. some performers have criticized the system saying it limits money. the meeting by the way is set for 1:00 p.m. inside city council chambers on the second floor of city hall. 496 south main street. funding. a plan to help students move into private school stopped in its tracks. why public school parents are fighting this plan and what this means for parents who want to send their kids to private school. >> krystal: plus, hitting the jackpot! that big prize keeps growing in the powerball lottery. $1.5 billion. crazy. getting those much sought after tickets could mean committing a crime that you don't even know about. >> michelle: we're going kill the mood everybody.
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an explosion 234 turkey kills almost a dozen people and wounded so much more. now the government is speak out about this. we're going tell what you they saying and who they believe is
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that's coming up at 12:30 >> michelle: thanks for stalging with us. there's news thofrom a judge in ntstu are near veiv in publicd rod paepaid by thaso begin in va [standby ]. wherever we want to. back here live. not far from las vegas academy,
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charter school though, parents who have been banking on perhaps getting this money back starting it. the law. students had to be enrolled in a clark county public school for that matter a nevada state public school for at least 100 days before they could transfer to a private school and then qualify for this state rebate or voucher as it's being termed. i'm craig fiegener reporting live from news 3. >> krystal: we appreciate that update. new today at noon, that powerball jackpot has hit another major mark. yep, it has. >> michelle: now 1.5 billion. try to wrap your head around this. $1.5 billion. it's kind of getting out of control isn't it? that would be -- if you are wondering the lump sum -- $930 million after taxes. the odds of winning this? one in 292. so what you are saying is there's a chance.
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you don't know what movie that's from. called dumb and dumber. the next drawing wednesday night at 7:59 p.m. that's tomorrow night basically at 8:00 p.m. it's probably going to go up from there. so, you know, i'm sure a lot of you who are watching, if you work or maybe you have friends or whatever you probably maybe are doing a pool. a lot of people do this. they put money together and send one person from the office down to go buy a ticket for the jackpot. and it increases your chances because you can buy more tickets. turns out this could actually be illegal. did you know that? yeah. apparently, it turns out it's technically, according to an attorney, buying a lottery ticket then taking it across state lines and buying it for other people could actually be illegal. now the question is, how many people know about this? and they also say -- this is interesting too -- if you are going to do this and you are
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co-workers, you should probably have a contract. because then what happens is there's a winning ticket, somebody gets left out, they say i put my money in. someone says no you didn't. now you are going to court. >> krystal: i think there was a court case -- i was watching an attorney talking about this -- where that happened. the person who bought the ticket said you didn't put in on this and cashed it in. >> michelle: they took him to court and said yes i do. avoid all that. co-workers. >> krystal: i think so. >> michelle: $930 million -- a billion -- i can't even say it. i mean, even the cash sum is close to a billion dollars. the highest jackpot in history. sign. many only went up to $999 million. now lottery officials in georgia are putting up a sticky note b over the m on a sign in atlanta.
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display 1.4 -- well now it's five -- billion dollars. the change came with plenty of fanfare including an armed guard and display of fake cash. >> krystal: a lot of billboards didn't have enough zeros. there weren't enough place holders for all that money coming in. hopefully one of you folks watching will be lucky enough to get it. >> michelle: i was reading about this, kelly. a lot of people who have won the lottery say it was -- you know it doesn't -- at first it sounds great but it brings with it a lot of problems. and they say the first thing that you should do is get a team of people assembled around you. you want a lawyer first off. you want a financial advisor. >> krystal: a banker, accountant. >> michelle: not tell anybody for awhile. i know a lot of states make you say -- they make you come public. but you have a certain amount of days. look at us like we're going win right. >> krystal: we've got our plan in place. >> michelle: get all your plans in order then come forward. >> krystal: sometimes with
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be prepared with that windfall of cash. >> kelly: you should also be prepared for weather events. they are definitely dealing with one around the great lakes. i want to show you some video that we have from earlier. this is pretty crazy. check this out. take a look. this is the indiana interstate. i believe this is 74. the road was shut down in both directions. drivers trapped for hours after a massive crash had this morning. authorities believe nearly 30 semis and cars were involved. winter weather advisory still in affect until 7:00. forecasts are calling for one to three inches of snow. and wind gusts near 30 miles per hour. crazy! just slip and slide all over the road. and this storm system is still heading east where they're dealing with lake-effect snow along the west coast of michigan. you see those vans lining up. lake eerie and buffalo the system shifting eastward and
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here at home, nice and quiet. mostly sunny skies. a little bit of activity up to the north and west but that's expected to stay to our north. today lots of sunshine. that's what we're seeing on our aliante cam. a few high thin clouds possible. that's about it. temperatures warming up nicely. especially when you consider we were below freezeing to start out this morning. downtown right now at 33 degrees. henderson, 52. summerlin coming in at 53. we're expecting to max out at 55 degrees in the las vegas valley today. primm, 56 degrees. although if you are standing out there for a couple of hours, still going be chilly so make sure you got layers on and make sure you have sunglasses as well. overton expecting a high of 56. overnight lows tonight. it's going be cold. overnight lows expected to drop below freezing many locations. boulder city 31. pahrump 23 for the low. in vegas today 55. light, variable winds, mostly sunny skies. overnight tonight 33 with mainly clear conditions.
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it will be cold so let's not forget those four p's. people, pets, plants and pipes. keep them warm. here is a look at the seven day forecast. we're expecting temperatures to rise. slowly though. 56 tomorrow. 57 on thursday. a few more clouds will knock the temperatures down a bit on friday. on saturday, a slight chance for some rain showers. mountain snow. i think most of this is going to stay well to our north. maybe just a couple of sprinkles making it as far south as the las vegas valley. heading into the rest of the weekend and martin luther king day on monday the weather is looking fantastic. sunny skies and highs in the 50s. a lot of people have three-day weekends coming up too. >> michelle: new today at noon, walgreens issuing a warning when mandarin oranges. according to the fda eight ounce brands of nice brand, they have been recalled by the manufacturer after there were complaints of glass shards being found inside some of those containers.
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reported finding glass in its product. at least one person reported an injury. the jars of mandarin originals have been -- oranges have been pulled from walgreens stores. con soom irz who purchased this product can find out if it's recalled by checking the upc code on the back label. you can check it online. we've put up a link. head to our website, >> krystal: of course we have a lot more to come on "news 3 live at noon" but here's what we're working on for "news 3 live at three" today. here is the question. think about it. what is it like to truly be in love? that's a question that can be hard to a lot of folks to answer. we're going to show you how a documentary is trying to answer that through the eyes of two people with autism who obviously can't communicate that. it's kind of interesting. plus, if your dog runs away, there's an easy way to bring them home. one app called finding rover is making reuniting with man's best friend so much easier. something all you dog lovers
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those stories and more when you join us for "news 3 live at three." >> michelle: tell you what, so far my way of finding my dog has been pretty gd. i run outside screaming her name. >> krystal: i've done the same. >> michelle: we've all retaken photos because we didn't like how the first one came out. >> krystal: first one, two, three or four. >> michelle: imagine doing that with a mugshot. yeah. wait until you hear this story. police are almost thanking this man. thank you for that.
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>> michelle: imagine this. a man on the lam sends a selfie of -- obviously it's of himself. send as selfie to police because he didn't like his mugshot in the mugshot shot. [ laughter ] can you believe this? donald is a wanted man in lima, ohio. after he filed appear in court
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but pew hated these pictures that police host posted of him. so he took it pops himself to snap this shot here and he sent it in with a message saying here is a better photo. that one is terrible. a terrible choice too for pew. as police say his selfie centered action could be the key to cracking the case. >> krystal: my friend sent me this. >> he is drawing more attention to himself. which is going to make it easier for us to locate him. because the more attention this post garners, the more people are going to see it, the more tips are going to come in about this guy. >> michelle: police say they hope that maybe he'll just come to his senses and turn himself in. you notice how he was sitting in his car? so that could give stuff away. they may be able to tell what kind of car it is. maybe investigators -- i don't know. but not very smart. >> krystal: yeah. that comes in the dumb criminal
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very, very vain. you're on vain . tourists targeted. an explosion in turkey killed almost a dozen people. plus supporting pet therapy. it offers comfort for people who are sick but those animals [ inaudible ]. ahead meeting one of the service dogs. they're so cute! we'll tell you a simple way you can make a difference. and major scolding.
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>> michelle: right 2340u on targeted. an explosion in turkey killed almost a dozen people. many others wounded them government is speaking out who they believe could be behind this attack. >> krystal: pet therapy. the simple way you could help some incredible animals make a difference in our community. >> michelle: then, high-speed job fair. how you can get behind the wheel of a porsche and get paid to do it. "news 3 live at 12:30" starts right now. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody thank you for joining us.
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