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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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difficult to see when you can actually see the gasoline cans that the man used police officers. the gas cam is about to be five gallons, this all started at the 10:30 a.m. this morning. they say they received a domestic violence call. officers responded to a 9-1-1 call, when they arrived a man ran 2000 barricaded himself. officers said the man threatened them. he told the police he had guns and gallons of flammable gasoline beside him. please consider the man suicidal, this is the man who barricaded himself posted youtube videos. he was ranting about suicide. after five hours, police were able to get him out and he gave up peacefully. speak that we received information that was potentially a suicidal suspect in the home who was armed with a firearm. the investigation led us to believe this is a dangerous situation. >> reporter: this neighborhood
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allowed people to come back to their homes. officers will be out here for about an hour more and continue the investigation. that man who is taking in here, he will be charged we're not sure at this time of the charges will be. will reporting life. news 3. the one always a good day when barricade can and peacefully. a local man accusing the last accused of attacking him after officer is being indicted by grand jury. the 38-year-old was facing several charges including attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon and battery. on december 17 police say fox was behind an attack near pebble in las vegas boulevard that wounded long time after officer gregory, boxes expected back in court next week. >> anchor 2: police on the lookout for two suspects believed to be behind a pair of armed robberies of businesses on the west out of town. when suspect is described as a
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510 maybe have a mustache. the other hispanic female in her 20s about five feet two inches. she may recently died her hair. the robberies took place last both of them the man pointed a handgun at employees and appeared to casted items from the victim's. if you have any information that can help solve this crime call. or the 702 35 5555. >> anchor: the michigan national guard is now in charge of tackling the water crisis playing the city of flint. the drinking water became contaminated with lead in 2014. after switches were supply to save money. today the national guard distributed bottled water, water filters and even blood techeck for lead poisoning. in a news conference michigan's governor answered questions from the media and doubled down on his commitment to solve the water crisis. >> man: it was supposed to save them a lot of money but a rate hike for solar power user is making a lot of them really upset.
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activist and solar company employees all taking part in a heated debate tonight. >> anchor 2: this all comes at the two companies said they had no choice but to shut down their operations in nevada because they cannot sell the systems is that they are not as good of a deal anymore. >> anchor: today people packed a public meeting inside of the public utilities commission to let their voices be heard and talk about their concerns. news 3 is life near the last there a lot of people in attendance there the hearing is still going on as we speak there. >> reporter: it is still going on but it is just about to wrap up. in fact we just received some breaking news jessica. does it just a moment that they decided to deny the stay on that rate hike that was offered to solar customers here as you know, this meeting a lot of solar customers had hoped would be an attempt to get that rate hike rate hike delayed so they
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with a better price on all of this. that is not happening. this meeting has been going on since early this morning, martinez meetings i might add. and another one. it was also a company by demonstrations, we're showing you some video here. this was seen outside the las vegas building. part of this was led by an actor advocate for solar power, marco polo and there were literally hundreds of people out here. many of them also testified today and the arguments were pretty much the same. they all said that they were misled. they feel that they are being ripped off by andy and the energy and upon the monopoly. and it just a moment ago there certainly not going to be happy with the outcome of today's meeting. i think many went in thinking there was little chance that anything could be done and now those concerns have been verified.
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and maybe in the solar industry, they believe that will essentially kill the solar industry in nevada. this is the story will continue to back to you. >> anchor 2: that is so many way to bring jobs hereto. we have some new video just out of us marines being held captive by the irony military overnight in the persian gulf. we're joined with a look at the sudden release earlier today. >> reporter: all 10 maybe sellers are free to be detained by iran. two is allegedly drifted into their territory. the state media release photos today, they say they show that sailors detained. us officials said they were able to talk with the sailors during the 10th hour in captivity. iranian revolutionary guard officials said they were treated well and questioned to determine whether or not they
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an intelligence mission. tonight they said navigational bait malfunction was to blame. >> man: the political officials and they all insist that this entry in iran's waters was unintentional because of technical failure in their navigation system. >> reporter: according to a senior us defense official the sailors were headed to a us military facility in qatar at the time of capture. you are the prime minister is on the us to apologist with as it was the american navy maritime encroachment. >> anchor: glad they are safe and sound.too much at the terrace massacre people eating in a paris cafi, the cafi is back open. a local bar of hers is trendy easy side became one of the symbols of novembers attacks that left 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded. 15 people were gunned down at the karelian and other nearby areas. -- the cafi reopening
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city journey detailing. >> anchor 2: now five, we know love your feeling pretty lucky right about now and helpful. powerball fever is hitting an all-time high tonight. as a drive for one -and-a-half-billion jackpot is now less than three hours away. but before you start counting all the ways to spend the money, we have a few things to keep in mind before you hit it big. news 3's nathan o'neill joins us live where the lines have wrapped around the lottery ticket seller out there only. >> reporter: less just imagine, that you beat the astronomical odds and you walk away a billionaire overnight. that has not only new friends but a lot more cash. the person you want to do is get an attorney and a financial advisor. it is powerball madness with
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their luck. $1.5 billion on the line. endless hopes and dreams. >> man: any different. >> woman: maybe i will go a little crazy, maybe. >> reporter: but that is not the best approach approach according to this financial advisor. b6 i have met work with people to win the lottery the biggest mistake is to start making big purchases. >> reporter: you need a team to handle all the cash because the winnings are not only subject to federal taxes. >> man: if you are in nevada and go to california there's a chance yet to pick california taxes on it as well. that is exactly what you have to get a good tax advisor. >> reporter: the city millions must be properly managed and although most people would opt for the lump sum payout, it may not be the right thing for everyone. >> man: if you're not
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tempting to have a big amount of money sitting in your bank account, it may be better for you to take the installment options so it forces you to budget over time. >> reporter: we know that everyone is getting caught up in the powerball madness but that also includes scammers out to get your money. we know will have much more than that coming up at 6:00. we reporting live, nathan o'neill. >> anchor 2: okay going to be a fun night of the suspense bills. if you do not hit it big tonight, there's still a chance to win and away, the plaza says you can bring your losing powerball tickets and and they will give you cash value for those up to $25 in slot play. it is only valid tickets but monday through today for this drying and you do have to use the deal by sunday. at least to get something out of it. >> anchor: and you never know, with thought they could theoretically pay out a pretty penny as well. be great you better odds at the games on there. >> anchor: very good point.
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whpresident of the union speech, donald trump is setting up after being singled out by both parties. >> anchor: will tie you he is signing up tonight. >> meteorologist: we're keeping our eyes on the skies, as we look across the valley i will say if there any more
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up. >> >> anchor: short-term paying, long-term gain is a time to keep in mind. -- >> anchor: in the spaghetti bowl night, thomas on this what to expect.
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hearing about this for literally decades. it is kind of exciting not to actually see something happening even though they have just preparatory at this link. tonight we will have the department of transportation setting up shop to see what they call geotechnical exploration drilling. they want to get in there and find out what is under there before they start digging and seriously. they're taking some samples and just discovering exactly what the soil conditions in a spot so that they'll be setting up. they will be putting together some new ramps that will help the flow of traffic. tonight, watch for it inside lane restrictions on the northbound 15 starting around eight or 8:45 pm somewhere around there. also the same time, the place where the 15 northbound emerges onto 95 northbound, again the inside lane restricted. should be clear by the time for
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course this is just preparation. the real work gets going next year. >> anchor 2: something to look forward to thank you. one day after the state of the union speech, donald is taking a president obama making reference to his race and taking on a republican party insi singled out for criticism by both of them last have more on the story. >> reporter: chop last out with cool using data, economic statistics and poll numbers in self-defense. the republican front runner donald trump -- chosen by party insiders to give their republican response. >> woman: during exercise it can be tempting to follow the siren toll calls of the angry voices. before she included donald trump who she called -- >> woman: i would say don't take it personally, this is something we learned in south carolina that i'm passing on. >> reporter: but donald trump has retaliated on msnbc. because i am lima south carolina by all the old people
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on illegal immigration, she is weak on immigration. >> reporter: president obama's land donald trump and most republicans. >> anchor: -- >> reporter: trump fired back with statistics. >> -- is low now than when barack obama took office. if you look at the african-americans, their -- >> reporter: drama in the democrat race. hillary clinton has got to lead in the iowa polls. >> i'm not nervous at all i'm excited about where we are. >> reporter: and bernie sanders say it is -- >> we have the ability to take us to the commission. >> reporter: all of this tomorrow night the republicans debate kicks off in a key early primary states. that will be in south carolina. >> anchor 2: thank you for that.
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breakthrough in buffalo new york. a frozen car breaks through the ice and casing it, it took a tow truck to get it out. workers cover the chronic chemical to melt the ice and then they just started calling. >> anchor: over the weekend the driver parked along the lake erie never thinking it will become a permanent spot. that all changed when lake waves last and cover the car turning it into several inches of ice when the temperature dropped dramatically. >> anchor 2: is a public service, a little perspective. it has been chilling around here but not bad by comparison. >> anchor: nothing like that. it is already wednesday but we are already thinking about the weekend. >> anchor 2: yes and we're talking i want coming eventually. >> meteorologist: it is safe to say we now people are planning to our surprise, i'm telling you now go for it. where's the cloudy skies across the area. here is a time-lapse over the
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very cloudy sky, it looks intimidating but we are seeing dry conditions all around the region outside right now. a light look, you can see pretty, outside right now. temperatures are going down though, getting in the upper 40s from many neighborhoods. a little cooler in some areas. 43 and 44 were blue diamond. downtown area and a little warmer on east side of the neighborhoods right now light wind across the area i will be a mild night again. but it will be called. temperatures this morning started off mostly in the low 30s below the freezing mark in many looks like we will be a repeat of that tonight. very chilly weather expected as we talk about, cloudy skies outside but one big park we have about the cloudy skies is it brings us a phenomenal photo. if you are taking pictures and want to take more over the next couple days in them in.
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newscast for you. here is what we are expecting over the next few days. you can see stormy weather making its way to the west coasbringing some precipitation across portions of northern nevada. you can see ranging from reno and as far as what we're seeing, some high-level moisture in the mountains and mostly the cloudy skies. you can see continues to move east in class clear up later on tonight. then another storm is heading in our direction talking about this one right here. here is what we're expecting to see over the next few hours into the next several days. storm activity again to the north of us a wind advisory in effect for portions of -- not once but twice another one heading away for the weekend and of course by saturday, we will see more clouds and rain in the forecast cold conditions will continue overnight tonight hanging onto a little more clouds becoming mostly clear by the early morning hours. we'll still see a light breeze
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miles an hour in most of the neighborhoods. regionally very cold conditions, 34 degrees from boulder city overnight tonight and highs tomorrow maybe a couple of degrees warmer than so we slowly starting to see warmer weather had in our direction and we are projecting mid-50s by the afternoon we take a look at the next seven warmer days, you can see companies reaching with your normal friday and saturday and it looks at temperatures projected to reach the 60s finally, i sunday. so he will stop in the little las vegas around here over the next few days. we just had to wait a little while. the great patients, right? >> anchor: and it will pay off. >> anchor 2: would give you at the last at 6:00, his accused of raping young girls in his congregation and now the former pastor otis holland take the stand in his own defense. it is pretty rare, we do not see that happening trials much.
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point blank if he had sex with a teenage girl. there also is six >> reporter: talk about being in the middle of the race for president, the unlv is hosting the presidential debate. today they began their debate kickoff, did they put on party! we were there, that story news 3 like six. >> anchor 2: long-term planning there for something 10 months away but they wanted pretty cool to have the last debate of the election though and celebrate for sure. >> anchor 2: still has first, tonight, store and i will put a smile on your face. >> anchor: is four-legged
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when news
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>> anchor: now at five, walmart is recalling hundreds of thousands of griddles tonight because they pose a shock hazard. the three three caught includes over 300 rival girls. model number xj 142 07. the griddles were sold nationwide at walmart stores and last july through december. the company recommends people stop using the griddles and return them to any walmart store for a full refund. the bow to catch more sleep and make it a little easier thanks to apple. the updated operating system which has not been released to the public just yet, offers a feature called makeshift. he uses the devices clock and location tool to figure out exactly when the sun sets where you are. and dave turns in tonight and your device automatically changes the display colors to warmparts of the spectrum. the blue light that can keep your body from producing hormone and help to sleep.
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to keep your laptop on while you're falling asleep. america's favorite's friend will be bad for a reunion special just for today. ross teresa, monica, chandler, joey and phoebe will be back together next month. today nbc confirmed it to our friends you your reunion will air in february 21. they ran for 10 seasons, last of the show surged in popularity again when it started streaming on netflix. >> anchor 2: finally tonight, we love this one. it is designed to make you smile, a dog that loves to say cheese is capturing parts. the dog has gone viral and is ready for his moment in the spotlight, no doubt about it. he smiles on command. >> anchor: he is a rescue pop which is even better.
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the camera it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in,
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try super poligrip free. tonight, iran releases americans. dramatic images of the moment the navy boats were seized. new details on the efforts to free them and the apology one american made on a iranian state tv. fighting words. donald trump hits back at the rising republican star who took him on and opened a new rift in the party.
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