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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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said the sailors were well taken care of and thanked the iranian authorities for their quick response. >> this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved. that's a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe. >> reporter: critics question the timing of the incident, occurring days before a nuclear deal with iran is set to go into fort. in exchange for iran freezing the program, economic sanctions will be lifted, a move that makes some international leaders nervous. >> it's a consent to a lot of us in the region. there's a linkage between the nuclear deal and how iran performs on the other portfolios. >> reporter: lawmakers say the incident should raise serious questions about iran's behavior. >> this is the reason why i oppose the nuclear agreement as well because i think it's a great failure to attempt to sit
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actions like what we see in this video. >> reporter: also drawing criticism, iranian state tv ran video for one of the sailors apologizing for entering iranian water. >> we apologize for our mistake. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the sailor was speaking voluntary. the u.s. has not yet said under what circumstances that statement was made. let's get you caught up on the top local stories -- otis holland took the stand in his own defense. he denied doing anything wrong. at one point, the judge stopped the proceedings because of his outburst. his attorney said he's being unfairly attacked and was just trying to help families by counseling the teens. teag fox, the man charged with shooting a metro officer has been indicted by a grand jury on murder, battery and firing into an occupied structure charges. the december 17th shooting led to an intense manhunt on the
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las vegas boulevard. fox was found hours later near his boss's house near southern highlands. a suicidal man threatening north las vegas police with guns and explosives surrendered peacefully. it was a five-hour standoff, led to evacuations near carey and the civic center. the man said he had guns and gallons of gasoline. no word on what charges he is facing. a children's ski trip ends in tragedy when the french alps are bury killing ten people. they were in the group as it was overcome by snow. two high school students were killed along with a skier from ukraine. more than 60 people were part of a rescue effort including police, search dogs and a helicopter. one person is still missing tonight. a potentially very dangerous situation in oklahoma city as police chased a wrong-way driver who would not pull over. at times they reached speeds of
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when the driver started going the wrong way on the freeway, the officer made the decision to ram the truck, pushing it to the side of the road. that's what you are watching here. the driver kept hitting the gas, though, and police say he also reached for a gun. eventually, another officer arrived to help take the man into custody. an hour-long police chase in the dallas area ended in a standoff with the driver of that semitruck, which turned out to be stolen, this one spanned four counties before it came to an end. police eventually moved in on the -- moved in their armored unit to disable the truck. when the driver opened the door, they dragged him out and arrested him. former nfl running back lawrence phillips was found dead inside his prison cell. the california department of corrections says the death is being investigated as a suicide. in 2008, he was convicted of domestic violence, vehicle theft and false imprisonment. he was in prison serving a
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prison officials put him in a segregated area in 2013 after he was suspected of killing his cellmate. talk about a big oops. dreams of winning the powerball appeared to come true for some workers at a restaurant. >> but only for a moment. and today was testing day at the las vegas motor speedway. kurt busch and jimmie johnson afternoon some of were some of the names on the track. how low will the temperatures go?
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two months after the terrorist mass massacre in pair ringsparis, the cafe where diners were gunned down was open. 15 people were murdered there. now the shattered windows and bullet holes in the walls have been repaired. the sidewalk next to the cafe was filled with flowers and candles.
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hundreds more were wounded. during the state of the union president obama touched on terrorism and national security. he said the terrorists do not threaten our national existence. we want to know what you think about that. head to our facebook page and take the follow. we'll have the results for you tomorrow. it's only been around for two and a half years but the al-jazeera america cable network is shutting down. the company has been hit with lawsuits and allegations of antie-semitic behavior and sexism. it will cease operations by april 30th. by now we've all fantasized what we would do if we hit the powerball even quitting your job. >> not us. >> no. but a mixup in numbers happened to a bunch of workers at a restaurant that pooled their money and one guy decided he was gonna quit. the entire group thought they won nearly $1 billion. only to find out they were
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here's the lowdown on the tragedy. >> reporter: this man is on the job running the valet station at this restaurant in new jersey. but only because he has no other choice. we'll explain in a moment. >> yes! >> 27! >> yes! >> reporter: let's start with this scene. >> 62! >> yes! >> 63! >> yes! >> reporter: this past night at the restaurant's bar as they read the powerball numbers from one of the pooled tickets they purchased as a group. incredibly, they hit every number. >> pour ball 17! >> yes! >> reporter: it was surreal. >> most important moment in my life. [laughter] >> i feel great! >> reporter: valet drivers, bus boys, cooks in the kitchen, including pedro thought they were gonna share in the winnings and begin a new life. remember, saturday's jackpot was
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they would each get away with a cool $22 million. yes, of course, they already did the math. after taxes, be honest, we all do it. in fact, after learning he had hit every number, one of the cooks tossed his apron and quit on the spot. >> powerball! [ cheers ] >> reporter: there was one problem. the workers read numbers from the previous wednesday's powerball jackpot for which no winning numbers were sold. fast forward a few days to whoen to when they bought their ticket for saturday night. they were on their phones, during the drawing looking at an out of date website that listed an old set of winning numbers. it left the bartender and the host to break the bad news. >> i'm -- i didn't want to believe it but i'm like, okay. that's the truth. and -- i -- the guys are jumping
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oh, my god. is this one of those guys jumping around? yes. >> realized somebody was seriously wrong. >> reporter: you thought you had been steve harveyed. >> yes, we had. >> wow. poor guys. >> the guy who quit, did they take him back? >> they seem like a jovial bunch. >> all depended how he quit, the wording that he used. >> very sorry. reed cowan has a look at the 7:00 show. >> we'll be live where powerball is huge. and a businessman steps in to take down a runaway suspect in front of his auto shop. why he said he jumped into a dangerous situation. and a day on the job takes a frightening turn for a utility worker when he becomes trapped underground for hours. how his world turned upside down for a matter of seconds.
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7:00 and then we'll log off and find out who won. >> we'll post the real winning numbers on our website as soon as they are drawn. >> if there's any confusion, we'll check the website. we showed you the video of a car encased in ice. well, now that car sitting near a frigid lake erie is starting to break through. all thanks to a towing company. >> yeah, look at what it took to get it out. they had a couple of tow trucks there and the workers put some chemical on the car to kind of dissolve the ice a little bit and they started pulling. you can see it was encased in what looks like more than 6 inches of ice after a wave splashed over the break wall onto the car. while we have been deeming with, you know, some chillier weather around here, you will see stuff like this and you go, it's not so bad. >> an attitude check. when we want to complain we're
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and chloe beardsley is here to tell us we're almost going to the opposite end of the spectrum. >> we're expecting warmer weather finally headed our way. so far every single day this month, temperatures have been well below normal. but we're finally gonna see those toasty temperatures in a couple of days. outside, it's cold right now. but mostly cloudy skies do continue across the las vegas area. calm conditions, though, tonight. no major storms headed in our direction. we'll check in with a few neighborhood where it's already getting pretty chilly. southern highlands prep, 41 degrees right now. palo vede high school in the low 40s. across the area, chilly temperatures. summerlin, 41 in centennial. a little bit warmer, warmer in the mid-40s for the downtown area and to the east of us mostly in the 40s. as we take a close look, light winds continue outside and outside of the valley. temperatures in the 30s for
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40s for pahrump and it will be a chilly night. like i said, slightly warmer weather is headed our way. we'll be off to a chilly start. temperatures around 8:00 in the 30s. warming to the 50s by noon. losing some clouds throughout the day and here is why. we're getting some unsettled weather moving through the west coast, bringing more precipitation, nice snowshowers across the sierra and some rain and snow mixture across reno into love lock for today. southern nevada, the cluk. -- the cloud cover. we're continuing to see the clouds move to the east. cold weather overnight tonight. another system brewing in the pacific also cone continuing -- continuing to move eastward. but mostly to the north is where we're expecting this system to have the impact. you can see across the sierra, across northern nevada. we stay firely fairly dry for the las vegas area. looking forward to seeing the warmup before we have to go
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temperatures dropping down to the mid-30s with a light breeze. 5, 10 miles an hour overnight. wind-wise, 15 for your overnight low for mount charleston. 20s for pahrump, 40s for lake mead, not too shabby. temperatures tomorrow, this is the beginning of the warmup, a couple of degrees warmer in the afternoon compared to the temperatures for today. today we maxed out in the low 50s for las vegas but look, we've got mid-50s for mesquite, overton, 56 for pahrump. mid-50s for boulder city. 41 degrees not too bad in mount charleston by the afternoon. more sunshine expected later on in the day. temperatures still below normal for tomorrow. that's gonna change over the next few days where we have the temperatures reaching right saturday. and can you believe it? i feel like we haven't seen 60 degrees for a while. it's on tap for us on sunday and the toasty temperatures will continue into the beginning of
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the only changes we'll see is the amount of clouds we see in the sky. i don't know about you i'm pretty excited. >> yeah, sunshine and we miss the 60s. it will be nice. >> yes, good to have them book. let's send things over to randy. >> hard to believe we're a month away from the start of the nascar season. daytona 500. this afternoon, kurt busch and a few of his friends were taking some spins around the las vegas motor speedway. last two days busch, six-time cup champion, jimmie johnson, keselowski have been out there testing tires and working on packages that will be implemented in the upcoming racing season. kurt has a new sponsor, monster energy the same one for joe gibbs racing. another big year for tony stewart. he's going out like jeff gordon did last year.
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busch drives for tony's company and hopes to see him go out with a great season. >> jeff went out in a tremendous way. i think tone nip will do the same thing. he's meant so much to the support pass a driver, owner and let's face the fact, he's a three-time sprint cup champion, an indy champion. he's been working at it harder and going after this with much more hunger than in years past. >> i'm excited for him to have some fun. talked to him some over the offseeseason. he's been through a will the. and what he's done for for motorsports, he deserves a fun year, a good year and a smile on his face. i hope that happens for him. >> all right. kyle busch is the defending cup champion. last night the rebels snapped their losing streak with a win over new mexico. it was the first win for todd
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the win puts the team in double digits and 1-3 in conference play. they hit just 7 but they hit 27 of 33. free throws. only seven turnovers, they will now host air force on saturday night. of the game the coach was excited about what he witnessed on the court and he's looking to give his team and identity. >> we are an attacking team. obviously, you know, early on, we got the threes up. a lot of those were threes we like. even the threes we took were because of our attacking. we want to be attacking the offensive team as well as the defensive team. >> coach simon said the first ten seconds of the clock is ours, transition-wise to push in and knowing we only have ten
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and try to score as much as we can. i think that pushes our tempo and helped us as an athletic team. >> all right. some enthusism. 86 points. that's a good game. they keep score in the 80s, they will win a lot of games. >> always fun to talk about what went right for a change. >> nice to way to start off his interim coaching. >> yes.
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saturday. here is a look at what's coming up in prime time. news 3 live at 7:00 followed by access hollywood at 7:30. the mysteries of laura at 8:00 and then law and order at 9:00. chicago pd at 10:00 and we'll be back with a whole new batch of local news for you on news 3 live at 11:00. well, right now, they are just simple insects. >> some day saturday nights hope locusts will be able to help in military search and rescue operations. israeli researchers have developed locust-like robots inspired bide the jumping mechanism, an elastic energy storage, researchers designed a tiny robot made from rods that can jump almost 12 feet high and with withstand high acceleration. >> and unlike drones that can
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the locust robot is powered by a strong liththy yum lithium battery. >> the robotic locust. that ups the ante. >> coming to get us all. >> those wrornt the weren't the cutest animals. but this story will make you smile. a dog that loves to say cheese. check it out. >> say cheese. [laughter] >> never gets cold. this rescue pup had gone viral. he's up for adoption. i don't think you there will be
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to it is powerball fever here at the primm valley. we're seconds away for the cutoff time for sales. i'm christine kim. we're live with a live report -- coming up. also, sidewalk takedown. a businessman steps in to make sure a runaway suspect didn't get away from authorities on his watch. after tree strikes paris, one cafe -- terror strikes paris, one cafe is symbolic. news 3 live at 7:00 starts right now. the countdown to a billion and a half dollars is on with the powerball jackpot drawing just an hour away. good evening.
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