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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  January 14, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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three charles. renay charles, 14, and five-year-old twins nelson and eddie. many celebrities taking to twitter to express con dole evenss. larry king broadcast icon said heart felt condolences to my friend celine dion on the passing of her husband renee angelil. dr. oz says i am no sorry. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. of course one of our local icons in the entertainment world robin leech tweeting... >> marie: no doubt this is just the beginning of our extensive coverage ff we're going to be hearing from the fans in addition to the celebrities. for all the latest join us on facebook. you can find us by searching for ksnv news 3 las vegas and we'll be posting so many more updates for you on twitter at news 3 lv. switching gears. three tickets sold in three states.
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record setting powerball jackpot was hit in california, florida and tennessee. >> reed: but that actually does that mean the excitement has to die down? that's the big question. news 3's denise rosch is live at primm where smaller prizes are being collected. what can you tell us? >> reporter: . >> reed: , this store has been very lucky with back-to-back second place wins. people matching five out of six powerball numbers. and they had one on saturday. and then one again yesterday. those winnings, let's face it, not too shabby. nearly $780,000 for one ticket holder here. and honestly we expected a ghost town on this day after powerball. that's simply not been the case. we met people cashing in small winnings for $5 here and $8 there. and no one it seems has given up on the dream hoping they still
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>> i would buy a cul-de-sac have houses on it and move all my family and everybody i love it. it would be done. >> we all had dreams. i think everybody did. >> the dream continues then if you are going to buy more tickets. >> yep, the treem continues. >> reporter: so now that the $1.5 billion jackpot has hit, powerball rolls back to a meager $40 million. and reed and marie surprisingly no one from the station asked us to buy any tickets today. apparently that is just not enough money to get involved. i'm denise rosch for news 3 back to you in the studio. >> with the whole $15 right that we came away with from wednesday's drawing. so there you go. we're easily pleased. >> rep 47 people. i think you each won about $0.31. >> reed: we're in the money. [ laughter ] thank you. a new development today in the
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killing ten-year-old jade morris. brenda stokes-wilson pled guilty to murder ashgs tempted murder and kidnapping. stokes-wilson was dating the girl's father and reportedly killed the girl because she was angry at the father. little jade was missing nearly a week before her body was found in a construction area north of las vegas. the same day of jade's murder stokes-wilson slashed the face of a co-worker at bellagio. bail is set at $75,000 today. no contact order was issued against a metro officer facing charges of assaulting a woman. you are looking at james burt. he made his first court appearance this morning. according to an arrest report officer burt got into a fight with his girlfriend following some sort of an argument. he says he yanked her out of her car while she was trying to leave injuring her chest. police say burt then threw her on the couch and covered her mouth with hands so forceful that she thought he had broken her jaw or neck. metro suspended burt without pay.
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>> marie: this evening officials with the city of las vegas are inviting you to voice your opinions at a town meet the topic here? the ccsd. it is the fifth largest school district in the country. the question tonight is, is that too big? should the district be broken up into parts? a legislative committee appointed to reorganize the district. they will hold tonight's meeting. the group has not yet approved a plan but will discuss how a newly reorganized district will be funded. if you would like to join the discussion the meeting will be held at las vegas city hall at 5:30 p.m. it will also be streamed online. find the link on >> reed: the republicans race for the white house is being rolled out tonight by the disclosure that ted cruz used a huge loan from a wall street bank to win his senate seat and did not properly disclose that fact. >> marie: this comes as the
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tonight in north charleston, south carolina. steve handelsman is there with the story. >> reporter: ean ] cruz speaking of iowa was leading the polling there and is now basically tied with donald trump on the heels of the so-called birther questions. now comes the story from the "new york times." that when cruz was run for the senate in 2012 he used a loan secured by his wife where she worked, goldman sachs; a loan that was allegedly not properly disclosed. cruz denies wrongdoing but asking questions about it or at least talking about it today is donald trump. all eyes on both of them tonight here in charleston. i'm steve handelsman , nbc news. >> marie: officials with the oregon county where an armed
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have been told they can't use county facilities to hold a community meeting. the group has occupied a weeks. the armed men planned to hold a community meeting tomorrow to explain themselves and inform residents when they will leave. organizers say it will go on provide a location. the county fire chief a sympathizer of the group has resigned over the county's refusal to host that meeting. >> reed: a bomb explodes in indonesia. >> marie: what officials are saying about the terror attack in jakarta. >> reed: the world saying
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>> reed: that's a video showing the explosions near a starbucks cafe in indonesia's capital today. militants launched the assault
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at least six people died and five militants were killed. while suspicious is likely to fall on isis or its allies police say they do not know who responsible yet. >> marie: british actor alan rickman whose career ranged from the royal shakespeare company to the harry potter films has died. he was 69. rickman's family said today the actor has died after a battle with cancer. millions know him from the harry potter film. rickman is survived by his partner of 50 years. >> reed: it hasn't happened since 1938. we're talking about an atlantic hurricane in january. >> marie: coming up we'll tell you where the rare hurricane is. and its name and where it's headed next. >> reed: plus another reason to eat your veggies. what health experts are saying about vegetables and warding off
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back. >> marie: liberia is said to be declared ebola free today for the third time in a year as west africa appears to be over the epidemic that left more than 11,000 people dead since it began in 2014. even though sierra leone had the highest number of ebola cases compared to liberia the death toll was the highest there at 4,809. at its height ebola sparked fear around the world and governmentsd businesses took precautions. new cases have dwindled because of successful public health campaigns. in total the outbreak infected 28,000 people, killing 11,000 of them. >> reed: new research suggests eating your vegetables could actually help you cut the risk of glaucoma. the study found people who consume the most green leafy veggies were 20 to 30 percent less like throw develop this eye condition which is the leading cause of blindness than those who consume the least amount of vegetables.
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nitrate which helps the blood and circulation. new government data shows at an older age. the average age of first-time moms rose from 24.9 in 2000 to 26.3 in 2014. experts say the decrease in teen births had the largest impact on this change. aging americans have the highest average age for first births while indians and alaska natives have the youngest. >> marie: a new study suggest warning labels could reduce thf sug sweet beverages parents buy for their children. the labels which warn about h y were similar to those proposed in california, new york to educate consumers about sugary drinks. experts say labels will be especially effective on flavored waters and sports drinks because many parents believe these are healthy options. >> reed: severe thunderstorms in sidney australia today killed at least one and injured another, say police.
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australia's busiest airport and ripped down power lines and closed roads. a man died and a woman suffered critical injuries when a falling tree crushed their car. substantial damage was caused to a number of homes, cars and power lines there. guess what? we have the first hurricane of the year only january. alex as it's been named an 85-mile-an-hour hurricane this morning. the national hurricane center issued warnings fo f h to form in january since 1938. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins on june 1st. >> marie: back here at home changes are on the way and we think you will like what's chloe beardsley joins us now. >> chloe: very calm weather does continue outside right now. take a look at this. lots of sunshine across the valley. we even have a nice time-lapse taken throughout the day over
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to clear skies with a few scattered clouds around the las vegas valley. king elementary at 53 degrees in boulder city. we started off chilly this morning. it's not going to be quite as cold tonight. upper thirties to low 40s is what we're projecting which is a little better than the temperatures we woke up to this morning. outside right now, mostly in the mid to upper 50s temperature wise. you can see low fifties for summerlin. 55 degrees at the lakes. upper 50s east of us in the neig a nellis right now really beautiful conditions outside today. light winds across the area. and temperatures in over ton looks like 56 degrees right now. low 50s for pahrump. outside right now.
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we're dropping down to temperatures in the low 50s by five. losing a few clouds. a few more clouds throughout the evening. temperatures dropping to the mid-40s by nine. like sid, it's not going to be quite as cold overnight compared to last night. however we do have unsettled weather on the west coast. more storms from the pacific making their way into the coast. you can see mostly across portions of northern california and even into oregon over the past few hours. we've been pretty calm across southern nevada. take a look. just seeing the clouds streaming kind of like what we saw yesterday. but we're not completely done with the storms yet. you could see another one in the pacific headed our way. we are going to actually see unsettled weather impact our area. i'll tell you when in just a second. the first storm mostly affecting the sierra and portions of northern nevada by the weekend. that's when we see things shake up potentially.
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headed our way mostly to the north of us. as we look at conditions for tonight, like i said, not quite as cold and warm. near normal temperatures expected overnight tonight with partly cloudy skies. reaching right around the 40 degree mark for the las vegas area. regionally again not as cold which is a good thing. you can maybe turn down the heater less than how high it's been cranked up. upper 30s mesquite and overton. 40 as well for the boulder city area. freezing mark for pahrump overnight tonight.
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cranking up the dial on those temperatures in the afternoon. mid to upper 50s for mesquite like we're going to see es fm tt first pacific st another storm. we've really been seeing a series of these storms really affect the west coast lately. bringing a slight chance of showers possible by next tuesday. but before that, hey, the 60s, finally normal weather. >> reed: i think red rock canyon is going to be packed this weekend. >> marie: a zoo in ukraine introduces lion cubs to the world today. >> reed: coming up, what makes these lion cubs extra special. >> dana: good afternoon i'm dana wagner.
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trying to sneak into the
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i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today las vegas. former american olympic gold medalist peek aboou street is -- pick abu street is facing assault charges. police say the former skier, pick abu street threw her father down the stairs. her three children saw it happened happened. according to charging documents street told officers she locked him in the basement. then called authorities. the document accily bummed his -- bumped his car into the house. u.s. customs and border protection officers in texas intercepted more than 2,000 pounds of carrots. stops them at the border with mexico. ut-oh look what was hidden inside. more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana with a street value
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now to montana. police on a chase here. a woman in the c driving erratically erratically. she pops out of the car chased by police, goes a building and knocks on the door. it is a television station. let me in! i'm being chased! well they didn't let her in. the tv station went on lockdown. officers arrived a short time later got her out of the vehicle, put her hands behind her back, and they did cuff her and arrest her taking her off to the police station. also caught on tape, an armed robbery that didn't go exactly as planned for this thief. walked in with a gun in his hand. opens a bag and tells the store owner put all the money in the bag. the store owner says nope not going to do it. then proceeds to give the gunman a lecture. get out of here and leave the and guess what happened? in the end ty e robber did. all. las vegas. we'll send it back to you.
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the finger is what did it. hey! you should know better. >> reed: your mom programmed you to pay attention to that finger right. >> marie: yes. off to ukraine where a zoo is showing off a rare you litter of white lion cubs. >> reed: the newborns were in good health and cared for by their mom. look how cute they are right there. however one cub was too shy and just hid in his enclosure the whole time. this one says hey take my picture. the cubs birth is an important event especially as these white lions are so rare. mom is being a good mom. >> marie: what a beautiful family. if you are tired about hearing all the latest diets there is a solution for you. >> reed: coming up, how you can actually get rid of diet ads online all together. >> marie: plus now is the perfect time to get your
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impact on your credit score. >> reed: debating the issues.
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tonight in the race for their party's nomination. big question. will donald trump and ted cruz be in big fights on that stage over the issues? >> marie: also, a popular brand of lip balm slapped with a class-action lawsuit that claims the company is misleading consumers while ignoring serious adverse side effects. how you can protect yourself. this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up and get out and get something. >> reed: the good stuff. 101 years old. he is a great grandpa and steps in and does something nice for his neighbors. despite how old he feels. the lesson he has for all of us. "news 3 live at 3:30" starts right now >> announcer: live from las vegas this is news 3. >> reed: hi everybody. thank you for staying with us. republican presidential candidates face off in the first debate of the year tonight. >> marie: the debate hosted by
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