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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 14, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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focus on the economy, domestic and international policy issues. at the top of the seven candidates chosen for the main debate, donald trump. meanwhile carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum in the so-called under card debate which takes place earlier in the evening. donald trump has more than doubled his national lead in the republican presidential race ahead of tonight's debate according to a new nbc news/wall street journal poll. trump is the first choice of 33 percent of national republican primary voters. his highest percentage in the polls. he is followed by senator ted cruz at 20 percent, senator marco rubio at 13 and ben carson at 12. >> reed: looks like many people tuned out of president obama's final state of the union. the speech had its lowest rating 31.3 million viewers on average watched the president speak about the future of the country tuesday night. according to nielsen data. that number does not include
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watched it online. the speech however created buzz on social media. it generated 2.6 million tweets spiking minutes after the president's final words. >> marie: we have developing news in the fight against terror today. jonathan elias has more from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c. i'm jonathan elias. two people killed and more than a dozen others hurt in explosions and gunfire in jakarte gunmen attacked a police station nearby. the u.s. embassy issued an alert to citizens in the area telling them to stay put and i void the area until further notice. jordan's king abdullah says he is confident isis can be taken off the battlefield soon. he says it is part of a largest battle against islamic extremism and that could be generational. a second aid convoy in a week
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town of me diea. the u.n. reported horrifying conditions when it arrived on monday. from the terrorism alert desk in washington. >> reed: despite capturing headlines and carrying out bloody campaigns experts say isis has lost a good deal of its conquered territory. >> marie: in this afternoon's safe and secure report, national correspondent jeff barnd examines what isis lost and what one expert is says is now needed to defeat the islamic state. >> reporter: strikes world wide by isis keeps them highly visible. but experts say the islamic state ls nearly 15 percent of its holdings in 2015 to coalition forces. >> this is good news. the more that ca clo down e better that is. >> reporter: areas lost by isis? a large chunk of syria's northern border with turkey where isis smuggled supplies over the boarder. the iraqi city of tikrit and stretch of highway between raqqa
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transferring sole errs and supplies. >> when you are talking about such a dangerous and heinous group like isis, containing it while it's continuing to survive in itself is not good news. that's bad news. >> reporter: bad news in the sense that despite losing territory, experts say, isis will still take time to defeat. and one major reason for this, according to the heritage foundation, is the lack of u.s. advisors on the ground in iraq and syria. >> the u.s. needs to imbed advisors with those groups to get closer to the battle front. to get better intelligence. >> reporter: that intelligence according to phillips is also needed to cut off foreign fighters from joining isis ranks. >> more than 25,000 have flowed there to join isis. so the quicker isis is defeated militarily, the sooner that flow of foreign fighters will dry up. >> reporter: this loss of isis territory may come as good news but there is still much to do. >> they're still around. they're still powerful and
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unfortunately any time soon. >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> marie: despite isis losing some territory, it made significant gains as well. last summer isis seized several strong holds in syria. >> reed: british actor alan rickman from harry potter and other movies have died. sources say rickman had been battling cancer. he was known for his roles as hans gruber in die hard and the professor in the harry potter series. other film roles included a deceased lover who consoles his bereaved partner in truly, madly, deeply. the wicked sheriff in nottingham. and a wayward husband in 2003's romantic comedy love actually. alan rickman was 69. >> marie: a local fire chief has joined the armed occupiers at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. he quit his job with harney county yesterday saying he doesn't trust the government
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>> i wrote down the date and i said i chris alan briels do nearby resign my position as the harney county fire chief. okay? does that mean when you quit, who do you quit? that might say that i just quit this county. i did not just quit this county! but i will not work for a government or a person that i do not believe in and have faith in. . >> marie: armed occupiers have been holding the refuge since january 2nd. they say they are protesting federal land policies. >> reed: a lip balm packaged in a round container called eos is the focus of a class-action lawsuit. i think i have one. you have probably seen the image imagesimage images going around. >> marie: a lot of women like the brand. so do some celebrities. some claim this lip balm is causing skin reactions. news 3 sandra gonzalez spoke to
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these lip balms. >> reporter: this fancy lip balm is pretty popular. but some women are having adverse reaction. one doctor we spoke to thinks it's allergy related. the class-action lawsuit filed in los angeles claims eos which says it's natural causes lips to crack and bleed. the plaintiff rachel says the lip balm caused blistering and rashes. she supposed pictures on social media. local doctor tells us just because something claims to be natural doesn't mean someone can't react to it. >> this is what's kind of a misnomer. things are natural. there's lots of natural components in this world of compounds. but when it mixes with skin or when it mixes with other chemicals you can get a reaction. just because something's natural
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to react to it. >> reporter: the doctor says to avoid getting an allergic reaction to lip palm just use gonzalez, news 3. >> reed: new at 3:30 p.m. getting your finances in order can be a lot like losing weight. both take time. they're difference. >> m by committing to positive steps in january could make 2016 the best year ever. hanson shares two ideas you can start right now. >> reporter: no matter who you are, january is a great time to review your finances. >> this time of year is the time to basically set yourself up and fix things that you maybe messed up the previous year. >> reporter: where do you start? financial planner mary beth says start this year by checking your credit score. >> your credit report is basically your financial report card but there's no getting rid of it after college. so knowing this number and how it impacts you is a great way to kick off the year. >> reporter: you can get a free report every year from each of
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going to to get your score you will have to pay $12. but the information is critical to understanding how you measure up on finances. >> doing a debt inventory. understanding the balances that you owe, the interest rates on them, and the minimum payments due. >> reporter: of cou up your savings account is critical. but maybe you need more than just one account. >> i always say if you have separate goals, have separate savings accounts. >> reporter: mary beth has nine different savings accounts. most with online banks. she contributes separate amounts to each accounter month. each divided by needs. from insurance to travel to emergencies to down payments. >> it's way easier to dip in for every expense. if you wan account. if you need new tires, that's coming from the savings account. realistically those are things that should have separate saigs accounts.
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consumers wanting to focus on their best sell ofs in the new year and not necessarily the latest weight loss fad may want to check this out. lean cuisine's new hash tag weight this diet will block the word diet from blogs, articles posts. it is a down loader browser that searches and filters out the word diet along with derivative words like diets and dieting whenever it appears in a browser window. you can download the filter at lean >> reed: a young arson victim getting quite the gift from somebody in our valley. >> marie: amazing thing this group did for this very special little girl. >> reed: pl video of a 101-year-old grandma shoveling his neighbor's snow went viral. seems we all respond to people doing good things right? the lesson he has for ul of us today. >> chloe: we're seeing beautiful weather across the
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now a warm-up is finally on the horizon.
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news 3. >> marie: now for the good stuff where we focus on the nice and uplifting stories around the world. >> reed: after one vegas local heard about the plight of a young arson survivor named sapphire terry, he did something. he saw her face and sa h to act. local artist keith decided to create a very special christmas card for her. and had all of his co-workers sign it.
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of little sapphire posing with the card. he said seeing her holding this very special card in the photo made tears flow. beautiful. >> marie: such a touching story. a twin cities great grandfather getting a lot of attention for a video that showed him helping out a neighbor. >> reed: what a guy. he is 101 years of age and has a lesson for all of us. kate has his story. >> i was born in 1914. that makes me a little over 101. >> reporter: richard mann has learned a thing or two about work ethic over his long life. >> i was the only boy and it was an automatic thing for me to more or less do a man's job. >> reporter: after his father died when he was four, he took care of work around the house to help his single mom. including shoveling snow. >> we always had four or five feet of snow.
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>> reporter: the job never got him much atten now. nearly a century later. >> this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up and get out and get something. >> reporter: a video showing richard shoveling his neighbor'seviral. richards daughter showed him the video yesterday. >> the number of viewers 138,000 people have seen it. >> that's crazy. >> that's a number. yeah. >> i wish i had collected a dollar. >> for each one. [ laughter ] >> reporter: richard says he was just doing his neighbor a favor not expecting anything in return as he was taught growing up. >> i've always been asked if i was doing something. >> reporter: over the years richard lost one wife to cancer. the other to alzheimer's. he has not lost his humor. his secret to a long healthy life? >> clean living. wine, women and money. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's that humor, his work ethic and kindness that
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grandchildren and great grandchildren proud. >> that's whk prooep appreciate seeing the video because there's so many things going on that are not, you know, people are not being kind to each other. and kindness is the key to having a successful and good life. >> i've had quite a life. >> marie: he has. >> reed: that was kate reporting. let's continue the conversation. tweet us during the show. you can also tweet the station @news 3 lv. >> marie: you can join the conversation on facebook by like our page reed it is one of the biggest days of the year in hollywood. oscar nominations announced this morning. >> marie: mark barger was there and has a look at those who made the kutd. >> reporter: "the revenant"'s momentum from the golden globes on sunday continued this morning at the oscar nominations. 12 overall. the most of any film. including best picture, best director and best actor for leonardo dicaprio. for dicaprio it's his fifth career nomination but he is
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his competition includes matt damon for "the martian", michael for steve jobs, emmy favorite for trump bow and last year's winner nominated this year for the danish girl. "the revenant"'s best picture competition includes "the martian", 'bridge of spies", "brooklyn", the big short, "room," "spotlight" and "mad max: fury road" that. film grabbed ten nominations two time oscar winner cate blanchett has a shot at number three. best actress for carol. her rivals include two golden globe winners -- bree larson for "room" and jennifer lawrence for "joy." . >> i'm here. >> reporter: among this morning's nominees, sylvester stallone up for best supporting actor for creed. his third nomination but would be his first win.
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force awakens" missed out on a best picture bid but did pick up five overall nominations. the tag line for this year's oscars is: we all dream in gold. come february 28th we'll find out which of those dreams comes true for this morning's nominees. i'm mark barger in los angeles, california, back to you. >> marie: chloe is laughing because i told her i haven't watched any of these movies. she said what. not even "star wars" we need to leave now. >> reed: here's the deal. little one, three little ones at home. that's our excuse chloe beardsley beardsley. >> lots of sesame street at my house. >> marie: chris rock is hosting the awards show. >> reed: time for a look what's ahead on "news 3 live at five." a call for action after a woman is hit by a bus driver while on a sidewalk. at five, the one danger another driver says we all face on the roads. >> marie: and what do the duck dynasty's commander and presidential candidate ted cruz
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take the ad taking the race to the white house by surprise. plus kevin janison back with the forecast and tom hawley has the drive. >> reed: an earthquake with magnitude of 6.7 struck northern japan today. listen to this. our apologies. there was no sound there as planned. but you can see the camera shaking. japan meteorological agency says it rej erred a l seven parts of the sections. the agency did not issue a tsunami warning but urged people to be careful of possible avalanches and falling rocks. two women in one area reportedly sustained minor injuries. no damage to report to the tu mari nuclear power plant. >> marie: thousands of dead fish washed up on the shores of rio yesterday not far from whe a bei held at this
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this incident was the latest involvg w quality in the bay. where sailing, open water swimming and triathlon races are expected to take place in august. when rio bid to host the olympics the city said it would cut the amount of raw sewage flowing into the bay by 80 percent. >> reed: we have the first hurricane of the year. it's only january. hurricane alex became an 85 miles per hour hurricane thursday morning. the national hurricane center issued warns for parts of the azores islands. that's where the storm is expected to hit friday morning. alex is the first hurricane toyc 1938. the atlantic hurricane season actually begins june 1st and runs through november. >> marie: i hope that doesn't mean a very, very, very busy season ahead for our weather authority team. chloe beardsley joins us with her full forecast. seems as if you are have been busy since last december when we were tracking storms back then. >> reporter: that's right.
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segment i feel like packing you guys up and going to the movies theaters. we need to get you caught up. especially to watch "star wars." pretty calm conditions. we're very lucky. cool though. temperatures at 56 degrees right now for las vegas. mid-30s for tonopah. 40s for reno. mid-50s san francisco. we'll take you around the region. you can see mostly cloudy skies across san francisco throughout the day. mostly sunny in valencia. as we get closer to home lots of sunshine with a few scattered shower clouds across pahrump this afternoon. we started off clear in las vegas. you can see the clouds begin rolling in across the area this afternoon. clearing out and then they're back. we're going see the off and on cloud cover throughout the evening. here is where we started this morning. very cold. i am delighted to say it's not going to be this cold overnight tonight. we're actually expecting lows to drop down to the upper thirties to low 40s across most of our neighborhoods. a little bit of a win tonight. thank goodness for those clouds.
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mostly mid to upper 50s. 54 degrees at the lakes. low 50s in summerlin. in the downtown area, mostly mid-50s as well as neighborhoods to the east of us this afternoon. light wins for today. outside the valley currently looking at temperatures low 50s for pahrump. mid-fifties for over ton. low 50s for boulder city where they're off to a very cold start this morning. not quite as cold overnight. here is a look nt hours. temperatures dropping down to the low 50s by five. you can see reaching the mid-40s by 9:00 p.m. losing a few clouds here and there throughout the evening. we are seeing a series of storms from the pacific impact the we t. we're going take you to where the most activity is happening across portions of northern california and southern oregon for right now. the impact for us is mostly just been the on and off cloud cover throughout the day. nothing too crazy happening for our area. but it's going to change up a little bit.
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we've got a few more brewing in the pacific. that's going to bring a little bit of change to our weather pattern over the next few days. the first system mostly impacting us to the north. the second one you can see making its way again into northern california. central california also bringing snow to the sierra and precipitation across northern nevada. i'll show you what we can expect in just a second. again, temperatures tonight won't be as cold compared to last night. finally seeing near normal temperatures in our forecast. overnight lows around the region. upper thirties for mesquite. 40 boulder city. freezing mark for pahrump overnight tonight. highs tomorrow again a little warmer compared to temperatures for today. upper 50s for overton, pa rum, boulder city in the mid-50s. we're going to see a lot of sunshine across las vegas in the afternoon. winds starting off light to moderate, increasi serious. clouds are going to keep us from
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after that, ridge is back bringing us temperatures reaching the 60s sunday, monday for martin luther king, jr. day, and a chance of showers. unsettled weather headed our way by tuesday. a slight chance we'll see those showers one and five. would you bet on it. >> reed: i would bet this next story is going to make you creeped out. remember that snake stolen from the pet shop? he is back s news e store. e owner of the pet store says someone showed up yesterday morning with a stolen snake. in fact the shop owner believes this video that was put out on social media made a huge difference. >> i'm sure they realized they were going to get in trouble for it. facebook's powerful. a powerful thing.
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we should let you know the snake is doing fine. as for the thief? that man is still out th store owner thinks it is a friend of the guy who dropped the snake off. . >> reed: gross. beautiful! orthodox christians rang in the new year last night the balkans. serbians watched the traditional fireworks display outside a temple in belgrade. many spe celebrating in restaurants and clubs. in fact in montenegro's capital people celebrated at a concert. orthodox christians celebrate the new year according to the julianne calendar. many happy returns to them as well. >> marie: absolutely. happy 2016 for all of us. have a delayed party i guess if you will.
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