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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> anchor: the hangover after yesterday's historic powerball drawing continues for most of us. but we do know there were at least three winning tickets sold across the country. >> anchor: we have been caught up in this excitement for a while now. one of those was sold in melbourne beach, florida. >> reporter: an impromptu pep rally. just minutes after last night's drawing and word that a winning ticket was sold at this store in southern california. overnight lottery officials confirmed two more lottery tickets in tennessee and florida. almost $1.6 billion split at least three ways. there are rumors.
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friends at the store that's the winner. >> reporter: we do know each is worth more than $528 million before taxes. >> how are you feeling right now? >> nervous. >> reporter: a nervous laugh for linda wendy. one of 73 players nationwide that settled for a million dollar payout. >> i spent most of the night waking up everybody else in the house. reekchecking numbers. >> reporter: now she'll have to figure out how to spend those winnings. eight players also won $2 million jackpot. not a bad consolation prize at all. the next powerball is saturday. the jackpot drops to a measly $40 million. >> anchor: some of that cash is already being handed out by the lottery commission to the store in tennessee who sold the winning ticket. >> we're excited for tennessee. we're excited for mumford. we're excited about the good the
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>> anchor: that is the owner of the store in mumford, tennessee, where one of the three tickets were sold. today the lottery commission handed her a check of $25,000. in california it's a million dollar check if you sold the winning ticket. tennessee sold a little more than $20 million worth of tickets just yesterday. >> anchor: recapping our top local stories at 6:30, rene angeles died at home. the couple has three children together. rene charles 14. and twins nelson and eddy, who are five. celine canceled her show to be with her husband as he fought the disease. she has since returned but of course is cancelling this saturday and sunday's show.
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>> student: james berg appeared in court today. berg was ordered to turn in his weapons and not to have alleged contact with the victim, who was his alleged girlfriend at the time. burt was arrested for domestic violence in 2011. the judge set his bail at $75,000. burt has been with the department since 2005. he has since been relieved of duty without pay. brenda stokes wilson has pleaded guilty. jade was missing nearly a week before her body was found in a construction area in north las vegas. this all happened in december of 2012. the same day of jade's murder, stokes wilson slashed the face
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>> anchor: chicago police are coming under fire again as the judge orders the release showing a police shooting that the police had in its possession. we want to warn you some of it is graphic. it shows the 2013 fatal shooting of 17-year-old cedric chapman who was not armed. police say he was running away. officer kevin frey fired at him because he said he feared for his partner's life. frey thought chapman had a gun in his hand. turns out he was holding a black iphone box. >> anchor: take a look at this scene as it unfolded in a downtown shopping district in jacarta. one of the explosions happened outside of a starbucks. then a gun fight ensued. the attackers were armed with guns, grenades and suicide belts. the first joint operation targeting terrorists already
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ministry fighter, jets from russia and syria went on a combat mission focused on "destruction of terrorists in syria." >> anchor: back here in this country, president obama wrapped up his second post-state of the union rally earlier today. he spoke with supporters in louisiana. and once again, slammed the divicive rhetoric. >> reporter: taking his state of the union message on the road. >> we've been through big changes before. and america always comes out stronger and better. >> reporter: president obama greeted by a friendly crowd in baton rouge. >> we love you. >> love you back. thank you. >> reporter: talked about the economy. criminal justice reform and finding a cure for cancer. all part of an effort by his administration to fend off the
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>> i've got a whole bunch to do between now and next year. >> reporter: the president reiterated his thoughts from tuesday's speech. >> politics has become more polarized than it was when i came in. >> reporter: gop leadership says it's trying to avoid the noise surrounding the campaign trail. >> in a presidential campaign, the rhetoric gets kind of high. we can't control what presidential candidates are going to say or do. the only thing we can do is control what we do here. >> reporter: the republican presidential hopefuls debate. only seven candidates this time in south carolina. and a month full of political attacks to hash out in front of the nation. >> anchor: the state of the union address on tuesday night
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a major talking point in the debates since the san bernardino attacks in december. during the speech, president obama said that terrorists do not threaten our national existence. we wanted to hear from you in a national poll produced by sinclair broadcast group of the 1896 people who voted nationally, 62% say yes. 32% say no. 2% say they're not sure. >> anchor: coming up. rapper snoop dogg lashes out. >> anchor: he fired off to social media to his 8 million followers. >> anchor: also coming up, there are a handful of pro-golfers with las vegas ties.
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>> alan richman passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer. rickman's career took off after the die hard film.
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>> anchor: a fast spreading virus called zika could be linked to severe birth defect. it's linked to mosquito bites. pregnant women who have had the virus are more likely to give birth to babies with severe brain damage and very small heads. officials in brazil says the country normally sees about 100 cases every year. but this year, that number shot up to more than 3,000. >> often leading to death on the part of the baby soon after birth or a serious difficulties of brain function and cognitive function. >> anchor: there's no proof zika is the cause. now the cdc is actively working to figure out a way to advise those who plan to travel to the affected region. there's no vaccine for zika but the national institutes of
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is working on one. >> anchor: do not mess with snoop dogg's video game time. during the outage, snoop took to instagram criticizing those who he said were responsible taking aim squarely at bill gates. gates is not part of the tech company's day to day operations. microsoft first acknowledged it was looking in to troubles on its gaming network. hours later, the company issued out an update saying the problem was resolved. snoop tweeted out a new caption that he was switching to their rival game station, play station 4. >> anchor: snoop is not happy. good snoop. what you got at 7 o'clock? well over the counter
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a thief has second thoughts with holding up a store. a gun clerk made sure the thief knew what he was doing. a bus driver is hacked by a knife wielding man. but no passengers jumped in to help. all that at 7. snoop, white flag here. we want peace. >> anchor: remember the snake
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lottery hangover. you start to wind down big question would the record jackpot means going forward. a bad reaction warning for all of you that you slip on what popular brand you should be aware of before you pick up. >> bus driver left to fend for himself after his attack by a angry writer a lot of people asking the question tonight why did nobody jump in to help. >> live from las vegas this is news three. >> world is remembering renie on julio the husband of las vegas headliner and world superstar celine dion. with a giver joining us. and julio passed away today after a long battle with throat
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because ellis joined his life
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