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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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the gunman knew each other and that they were family members. there was some kind of argument in the driveway that led to gunfire. metro now out here talking to neighbors and witnesses, trying to piece together what happened. we know that there is no arrest.g# >> jim: today a man police say pulled the trigger is in a jail cell in oakland, california. >> jessica: john treanor has that story. >> reporter: jessica, 24-year-old jimmy robinson arrested. and so ends, it would seem, a three month long police investigation.
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grieving grandmother. caught on camera, now caught by police. this grainy video shows a deadly shooting near lake mead and jones. taylor mills shot and killed in october. the picture of who killed him became clearer in november when police released this. but now almost three months after mills lost his life, the picture is complete. the man who slowly came into focus has been caught. 24-year-old jimmy robinson, arrested in oakland. >> i can't even explain the feeling, but it's just a joy. >> reporter: for his grandmother it ends seens means tend to the, the end to the question who killed. >> he was a 16-year-old kid. this man was grown. why would you want to kill a kid? >> reporter: we talked to her in november, then she wondered out loud whether the killer would be caught.
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guy, what's going to happen? is my grandson going to get justice? is he going to get justice? >> reporter: now she gets her answer, her family can begin to heal. little consolation to a woman who just misses her 16-year-old grandson. >> i don't think anybody ever gets all the answers, and the only person that knows why they did that is jimmy. >> reporter: robinson will have to face trial here in clark county. no timetable though for his extradition, he could fight it in court. for the grandmother, she says it is well worth the wait. >> jessica: thank you. the woman who brutally murdered a 10-year-old girl three years ago takes is a plea deal to save her life. brenda stokes wilson pleaded guilty today to all criminal charges against her. in 2012 prosecutors say she stabbed and killed 10-year-old jade morris, her ex-boyfriend's daughter. she also slashed a coworker in
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jack table at the bellagio. stokes wilson's guilty plea means sheila void the death penalty, but will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole. she'll be sentenced march 9. >> jim: police arrest a suspect in a series of robberies 'the southeast part of town. officers say they arrested manuel rommero earlier today just after he robbed another convenience store on mountain vista near russell. they found him hiding in a drainage ditch. >> jessica: chicago police released video today showing yet another deadly police shooting where an officer killed an unarmed teenager. this one happened three years ago. a federal judge ordered the release of the video showing a white police officer shooting and killing cedric chapman while chapman was trying to run with a way. police did not find a weapon on the teenager. what they thought was a weapon was an iphone box.
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the use of deadly force was in compliance with police policy and illinois state statutes. the chapman family is now filing a wrongful death lawsuit. >> jim: now to the latest clash of the candidates. a slimmed down field of just seven g.o.p. hopefuls took the main debate stage in charleston tonight. scott thuman takes a look at the best moments. >> reporter: viewers hoping campaign trail stats would transfer to the debate stage were probably disappointed, as candidates immediately hit president obama and hillary clinton. >> on tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama, and i gotta tell you, it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing. >> if she gets elected her first 100 days instead of setting an agenda she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> reporter: then the moderators brought up the cruz citizenship controversy and it was cruz versus trump. >> there's a big question mark
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and you can't do that to the party. the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> reporter: then christie against rubio. >> this was a question on entitlement. and the reason -- you already had your chance, you blew it. >> reporter: although some continued to caution against this type of division. >> in a 2012 election, you know, we, and when i say we, republicans tore themselves apart. we have to stop this. >> reporter: the clashes continued, but candidates ended the nht the same way they began it, saving the biggest house. >> and we are going to kick your rear en out of the white house come this fall. >> reporter: back to that exchange between donald trump and ted cruz, it is the first
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campaign that we have seen the two of them really go after each other. they are also now jockeying for positions one and two in a lot of polling nationally and in iowa. with the caucuses less than three weeks away, it's time for these candidates to find any way possible to separate themselves, it's either move up or move out in many of their minds. now back to you. >> jim: back here at home, the clark county school district approves a new contract with teachers totaling more than $135 million, and the las vegas sun reports the new deal includes a 15% raise for teachers across the board. school board members are hoping it's a first step toward a better relationship with the teachers union. the district is paying for the new deal by making cuts in other areas like maintenance services and human resources. >> jessica: a restructuring plan could drastically change the look of the clark county school district as we know it. parents, students, kriltics and supporters gave their thoughts during a town hall meeting tonight atlas vagues city hall.
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because of the levels of inefficiency across the district. others believe the school district is on the right track to turn things around as it is. >> jim: tonight fans are showing their love and support for celine dion. >> jessica: her husband died today after a long battle with throat cancer. >> you'll wake up tomorrow morning in the clouds and a cool temperature of 41. we'll let you know when 60 degrees is coming back. >> jim: forget the mustard, relish and ketchup, wait until you hear the secret ingredient offered at this hot dog cart that might just leave you speechless. >> jessica: but before we go to break, here's jimmy fallon with a preview of what's coming up on the tonight show. >> thank you, jim and jessica. tonight we have lucy lu, and a celebrity photo bomber, and
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candidate hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton sitting down with jimmy fallon and you know hilarity will ensue. >> she's been on the program before and when they are on the program together they do some funny things.
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>> it was hila >> jessica: to the world celine dion is an entertainment icon. to las vegas she's a local who lights up the strip. tonight fans are sending condolences to celine after the passing of her husband rene this morning in henderson. >> jim: we have a look at their unique love story and what other entertainers have to say tonight. >> reporter: i interviewed her a couple of times and i can tell you that what you see on tv is definitely what you see in life. she's authentic, she's kind, and celine dion every time comes from the heart, a heart no doubt broken tonight after her husband's death from throat cancer. >> for people to recognize the impact that celine has had and
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credibility of rene. >> reporter: wayne newton by phone saying what a marquis at esars suggests about celine dion and her husband rene. rene helped make celine. he died at home thursday when celine and his children at his side, was every part of the magic tourists saw at her shows. >> you would have never known she was going through anything, her show was effortless, she hit her mark all the way. >> reporter: newton remembers the bond between celine and rene's work to make his wife a star. >> he was so much a part of what celine is today, that it would be difficult to mention her and her career without at the same time mentioning him. >> reporter: the grammy award winning staple in southern nevada has given it all up before for the man who believed in her magnetic potential at just 12 years of age. taking a year off from her residency at the coliseum
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>> celine worked it out with the hotels and the rest where she could still have time for her family and still do the thing that she loved equally as much and that's performing. >> reporter: a testament to celine's character and an iconic love story that has come to an end. >> rene leaves behind three children with celine as well as three others from his former marriages. she canceled her performances for now and will resume in late february. >> jim: alan rickman died this morning follow a battle with cancer, he's best known for playing snape in all eight harry potter films, and also had roles in the original die-hard and the sheriff of nottingham in robin hood prince of thieves. rickman was 69 years old. >> jessica: new tonight, a police body camera captures the
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a back street boy. >> he says that one of the people -- >> jessica: key west police arrested nick carter, he's best known as the member of the popular 90's boy band, backstreet boys. carter is out on bond tonight. last november he announced he and his wife are expecting a baby. >> jim: hate paying the overdraft and atm fees to the bank? get ready to grumble even more. the country's three biggest banks, bank of america, chase and wells fargo, made more than $6 billion from those fees last year. 5 billion fromover drafts alone. the high price of these fees has the attention of hillary clinton and bernie sanders who have both railed against the fees in their campaign. >> jessica: a food cart in indiana is offering a lot more
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pops popcorn and daddy's in evansville sell all the normal things, but a also another hot item, sex toys. he says the sex toys are one of his best sellers. after getting wind of the side item, police in evansville made dickson shut down his sex toy cart until he got the proper license to sell the novelties. not really something you think if the same sentence. >> jim: it's a strange mix, because kid go to though for the most part. >> jessica: it's probably good that they shut him down, for the meantime. >> jim: keep those two separate. >> evansville, indiana, my wife is from there. don't think they had businesses like that. >> jim: no, times have changed. >> an industry that looks for new entrepreneurs. >> jim: times are changing around here for the better.
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up, then down, but it's time to begin with the big chill. pluto, nasa has released these pictures of what they believe are ice volcanos on the planet blue to. they stand two and a half miles high. if indeed these are true ice volcanos, they would be the largest such feature in the solar system. they are trying to determine whether or not they are gee logically active, so this will be pretty cool to follow up this research. not easy to do on something so far away. back home we don't have any volcanic eruptions. look at our scenery, a great picture out of red rock with the panorama scene. we had more clouds yesterday with that fabulous sunset too, lighting up some of those clouds and then look out, hawks alive, i've seen a couple of these guys flying in my neighborhood as well. they're probably trying to gather food on these warmer winter days.
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high clouds working their way over the canyon. that was earlier today and here come the clouds right into the las vegas valley. up and over the spring mountains and right into your living room. came through in waves. another wave coming through tonight. and we'll start the day tomorrow with more high clouds. wind not a factor, in fact the maximum gust, 10 miles per hour. near nellis it's 40 degrees and calm. 65% humidity, still somewhat of an undesert like damp air mass. in henderson, they're at 44 and 53%. north las vegas already at 40. outside the valley, chilly on the mountain, in the 30s for the time being. pahrump at 40 degrees. at the lake it's 43. at mccarran today another below normal day by a couple of
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56 the high it won't be as cold as you start your friday, we'll get rolling in the 40s, low 50s by lunch time. mid to upper 50s by afternoon, giving us some bonus sunshine. there will be a breeze blowing from the north. 5 so 15. could be a couple gusts stronger than that. the wind will pick up once the clouds clear. look at this. one of the wildest things i've ever seen. hurricane alex, in january. 80-mile per hour sustained winds, the u.s. is here, europe is up there, africa there. and look out green land, because that's where alex is going, of course it will just be the remnant. but an a-storm in january, which
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when we normally get storms. we will get the clouds, not only from system one, but system two due in on saturday. a break in between. there's a third system behind and it that one could give us a slight chance for rain, that's not due until tuesday. progressive weather pattern, most of the action staying to our north. for the region tonight, low temperatures, 32 up there in indian springs. 37 in sandy valley. highs tomorrow afternoon, mesquite looking at 55, 60 out at the lake. 61 in laughlin and over the hump they'll top out at 58 degrees. for the las vegas valley tonight, going down to 40 for an official low. some neighborhood in the upper 30s. tomorrow morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, i think we'll get to 57. the sun comes out earlier we might see some neighborhood around 60. i think we'll get 60 on sunday. 62 for mlk day on monday, before we back off with that next
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why is 60 such a big deal? normally we wouldn't be celebrating that, except this time we have not hit that number since december 23rd. that's quite a drought for las vegas. >> jim: it's a psychological milestone. you hear the number six and you feel warmer already. still ahead tonight, this is going to warm your heart too, it's cool, started as an athlete's biggest nightmare, failing on the play that could win the game. >> jessica: the kind gesture
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>> jessica: it's safe to say minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh will never forget his heartbreaking missioned field goal at the end of last sunday's playoff loss to seattle. >> jim: but now he can temper that with the memory of this, a group of first graders who stepped forward to cheer him up.
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drawings telling him, chin up. >> jessica: walsh returned the favor today, visiting the class, he says their words of encouragement helped ease the pain of the toughest moment of his career. >> jim: like only kids can do sometimes. >> jessica: absolutely. >> jim: a handful of pro golfers with las vegas ties in the first pga event of the year in hawaii. >> jessica: and the cavaliers
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randy is next with sports. >> last night the golden state warriors lost for just the third time in 39 games this year. the next two best teams in the nba, san antonio and cleveland, they met tonight on the floor. lebron james leading them to eight straight wins. the spurs nine straight wins. cleveland looking good early. how about thompson, he had 18 for the cavaliers. lebron james knocking down the three. cavs up 50-38. second half different story, spurs coming back. kawhi leonard from san diego state used to play against the rebels all the time, knocks down the three. leonard off the miss with the putback jam. he was on fire and at the end of
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coming back, they're now 23-0 at home. how about the warriors coming off that loss in denver last night. the lakers in a tough spot traveling up north to take on golden state. clay thompson missed a game winning three. toby bryant playing his last game up in the bay area, knocks down the jumper there, he looked pretty good tonight and had the lakers up by one. but steph curry started draining threes all over the court, and it would be golden state getting the big 18-point win. how about a little golf now, the pga season is under way. look at that pretty shot out in hawaii, that's the kind of weather you want to golf in. five golfers with las vegas ties in the event, former rebels, but this is 51-year-old davis love
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tour last year in his 50s. that's a nice shot by ishikawa. scott piercey, best year of his career. he is five under par and a pretty good first round, because the two leaders, one of them is vijay sing, and morgan hoffman. five tied at seven under. >> jessica: nice to see our local guys doing well. >> yes, and nice to see that nice weather in hawaii. hopefully that will come over here. >> jim: up next, the latest sports endeavor that hopes to
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economy. >> jessica: finally for us tonight at 11:00, the few of fofl could begin right on the las vegas strip. >> jim: top golf international is building a huge 10 a5,000 square foot four-level facility. it will have pools, live entertainment, food, and oh yeah, there will be some golf too. >> jessica: top golf says they're trying to fill 850 jobs at the facility including positions for bar tenders, golf instructors and other full-time staff. you can find more details on >> jim: kind of a new concept. >> i was at the ground breaking, i've been to the one in phoenix, but this is going to be the mother ship. >> jessica: can't wait to see how it turns out. >> jim: that wraps it up for us tonight.
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