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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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one man is dead and another in critical condition... and police say a family dispute is to blame. it happened just after seven thursday night at a home on riverside drive ....which is near rancho and washington. metro says the victims and the gunman were family members. officers say an argument in the driveway led to gunfire. no arrests have been made but officers are confident they knew who pulled the trigger. metro calling it "an isolated incident" ....saying there is no threat to the community. a man sits in jail in
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this morning... accused of killing a teenager here in las vegas. 24 year old jimmy robinson is waiting to be extradited to las vegas. no details about how he was caught have been released. he's accused of killing 16 year old tiyvone taylor last october near lake mead and jones. in november... metro released grainy video of the shooting. police issued a warrant for robinson's arrest just last month... and he will face charges of murder with a deadly weapon and attempted murder with a deadly weapon. the clark county school district approves a new contract with teachers... totaling more than 135 million dollars. the las vegas sun reports the new deal includes a 15 percent raise for teachers across the board. school board members are hoping it's a first step relationship with the district is paying for the new deal... by making cuts in other areas... like maintenance
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resources. just hours ago here on channel 3... democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton sat down with jimmy fallon on the tonight show. while they spoke about serious topics... they did have some fun... and it seems hillary had some fun telling jimmy that she did not know about donald trump's appearance on the show earlier this week. "fallon: we had donald trump on the other night. i don't know if you saw. clinton: i didn't... i tell ya what, he's a lot more obsessed with me than i am with him" thursday marked clinton's second appearance on the show since launching her campaign last year. she talked about her preparation for sunday's democratic debate taking place here on nbc. we'll have much more from clinton's appearance on the tonight show throughout the morning. the gloves came off between donald trump and ted cruz and last night's debate.. and a few others too. it ran late... and if you missed it, here's nbc's tracie potts with a recap. until last night, donald trump and ted cruz had avoided
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other. that's over. the 7 candidates left on the main stage at the fox business debate tried to focus on president obama: presidential candidate "this guy is a petulant child." and hillary clinton: presidential candidate "hillary clinton would be a national security disaster." but at times, they turned on each other. donald trump questioned ted cruz's birth to an american in canada: presidential candidate "there's a big question mark on your head, and you can't do that to the party." marco rubio accused cruz of flip-flopping on immigration: presidential candidate "that 's not consistent conservatism... that's political calculation." presidential candidate "at least half marco said are flat out false." ben carson tried to be the umpire: presidential candidate "and i just want to take opportunity 2012 election we when i say we republicans tore themselves apart have to stop this." cruz explained not disclosing a half million dollar loan when he ran for senate: presidential candidate "i made a paperwork error." there were differences on iran, syria.. banning muslims..and whether to tax chinese imports: presidential candidate "i think we should be for free trade but fair trade." there's one
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left before the iowa caucuses. audio outcue: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. celine dion has cancelled her shows at caesars palace until next month after the death of her husband and manager rene angelil. a live look at caesars where celine sang the night before her husband's passing. rene angelil passed away at their home in henderson thursday morning. many say angelil was part of the magic at celine dion's shows.. helping build her career. she gave it all up for him as well.. taking a year off from her residency at caesars to care for him after his cancer diagnosis. fans who saw her show wednesday night say they were shocked at the news... saying her show was magical. tourist sot: "oh my god i can't believe she was able to do that last night professionalism" butt to: tourist sotyou would have never known.hit her mark all the way rene leaves behind three children with
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marriages. he was 73 years old. a cleveland woman who is in the hospital waiting for a lung transplant has offered inspiration to an entire neighborhood... by just trying to keep herself going. 27 year old vicki robinson was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 8. she has spent her life going in and out of the hospital... and she is currently hospitalized as she waits for new lungs and a liver. she's been on the transplant list for a year, recently she was having a hard day... and put up a line from adele's song "hello" in her window... just to boost her own spirits. ladies working at a building across the street saw them... and added the next line in their own window in a show of support. 57 you can see.... 114 well they did
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thursday for the first time. their sharing of adele lyrics began to spread.. with others on the street... ironically named adelebert... adding other lines their windows as well. disturbing video. we are now getting a look at chicago police when they shot a man three years ago. what the man's family is saying about the release of the video ahead. president misquoted. it's not unheard of for the president of
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mistake to come from the white house. thursday, the white house's official twitter account tweeted out what they thought was a comment president obama made during a town hall. the president said "the main impetus for better politics is going to be the american people." the tweet's quote said, "the main impotence for a better politics is going to be the american people.
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it." the white house deleted the tweet, and sent out the correct version of the quote. trump's attack. we expect him to go after his opponents in the presidential race... but the donald goes after an inanimate object. his battle against a mic as only jeanne moos can tell it coming up. a snake stolen from a pet store by a man who put it in his pants is back where it belongs. who the store owner thinks took off with it coming
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video released
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deadly shooting by chicago police... this one from three
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you some of the video may be disturbing. a federal judge ordered the release showing an officer shooting and killing 17-year-old cedric chatman. chatman was running away from police when he was shot. no weapon was found at the scene. city officials say they released the video to show they are being more transparent... but an attorney for chatman's family says they've had 3 years to do that. "i think from the day that this shooting occurred, up until now... what the city has done is they have kept quiet about this... and we talked a little bit about the timing of when this video is released... and how this actually does not change anything in the city of chicago. they are still not being transparent. the chatman family is filing a wrongful
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case. nasa released images of one of two possible ice volcanoes on pluto's surface. the images feature a composite photo taken in july 2015 by the new horizons spacecraft's long range reconnaissance imager. the photos were taken from a distance of about 30-thousand miles away. nasa said at about 90 miles across and two-point-five miles high, the feature would be the largest volcano discovered in the outer solar system... if it is proven to be a volcano.
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here's what you need to know... the f-b-i says the shooting of a
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officer is being investigated as an act of terrorism. police say edward archer walked up to a cruiser last week and fired multiple shots inside, hitting officer jesse hartnett three times. archer told police he pledges allegiance to isis. . f-b-i director james comey visited
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hospital. comey said at this point there's no evidence archer was part of an organized terror cell. here's a look at what's coming up on "today... today show sot donald trump is known for his take-
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attacks on rivals. but this week he viciously went after an inanimate object. jeanne moos reports on the donald vs. the mic. when the usa freedom kids warmed up the crowd for donald trump... "enemies of freedom face the music. come on boys, take them down." little did we know that donald's enemy at this rally would be...the mic? presidential candidate "and by the way i don't like this mic. whoever the hell brought this don't pay the son of a who put it in i'll tell ya." now normally trump speaks of humans this way... "she is a terrible person." but now he's amplifying his insults. presidential candidate "this mic is terrible...every two minutes i hear boom
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reagan has a politician so owned a mic. presidential candidate "i am paying for this microphone mr. green!" ok maybe trump's mic moment wasn't exactly reaganesque. presidential candidate "stupid mic keeps popping." "at least the donald know which end's up. you'd never catch him doing this..." singing into the wrong end... and though we've seen trump eat pizza with a fork, we doubt he'd mistake a microphone for a pepper grinder. "what is this? microphone. what?" kanye west may have hurled his malfunctioning mic, and this contestant on the voice kept bravely singing into silence... until she was handed a working mic. and general petraeus tapped...but donald trump threatened to stiff the sound people. presidential candidate "when someone does a bad job like this stupid mic you shouldn't pay the ." telling his advance man... presidential candidate "do you hear that george don't pay em don't pay 'em. i guarantee you i'm not paying for this mic."
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company, sound associates,told cnn "oh yeah, we're getting paid." though some of the audience coudn't hear the speech, the company suggests the popping was a technique issue. "one person could overload the mic. one person might not be heard." when it comes to microphones, mr trump is the mr. gloop of presidential candidates... "mr gloop would you mind saying two words." trump doesn't mince words he chews them up. and seems tempted to wring that straggly mic's neck... "it's true." jeanne moos cnn "take 'em down." new york. today marks the seventh anniversary of "the miracle on the hudson" -- when a pilot and his flight crew saved everyone onboard by landing the plane in the hudson river. u-s airways flight 15-49 hit a flock of birds right after takeoff, while it was more than three- thousand feet in the air. the damage shut
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plane's engines. captain chesley "sully" sullenberger and his first officer, jeffery skiles, were able to execute a controlled water landing on the surface of the hudson. remember the snake that was stolen from a portland pet shop? well, he's back. this black pastel ball python is back at a-to-z pets where he belongs. you remember this video... the thief reaches in, grabs the snake and stuffs it down his pants - then walks out of the store! according to the stores owner, someone showed up wednesday morning with the stolen snake. the snake is doing fine. the thief is still out there, but the store owner thinks it's a friend of the guy who dropped the snake off. "panda"monium! the smithsonian zoo in washington d-c is preparing for panda-monium! the smithsonian zoo in washington d-c is preparing for it's big unveiling. why it could take you a while to see the zoo's new panda..
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we are taking a live look at the panda cam the zoo provides for everyone to see. tomorrow... the zoo's newest giant panda cub "bei bei" will make his public debut. the panda house has been closed since he was born. for people who want to see bei bei in person... smithsonian officials say you are likely going to have to wait in line. when his older sister bao bao made her debut... more than 4-thousand people stood in line for hours to see her. time for weather. new at 5... a today show exclusive.
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cynthia mcfadden sits down with amal clooney.. wife of hollywood hunk george clooney.. for her first american t-v interview. but they are not talking about her marriage or hollywood. the cause mrs. clooney is drawing our attention to coming up. new at 6. belicheck black eye. the patriots head coach with a lot... or a little... to say about his own injury ahead of the patriots playoff game.
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live report. >> dana: remembering the husband of celine dion, you'll hear from fans that were at her somehow hours before he passed. >> kim: bonding thanks to adele. a sweet story on this friday. it's strangers becoming friends all because of adele lyrics. we'll be talking about this one later. >> dana: good morning. we take you live to space on january 15. it is friday morning. and they are walking in space. no big deal. >> no big deal we have the live picture to provide this. is the first space walk in the new year. it has gotten under way a little bit late. it was supposed to start about a
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minutes ago.
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