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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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battle. al qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack. coming home, it's always been free but now you are gonna have to pay to park at properties on the las vegas. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. mgm resorts announcing it will become the first major casino company to start charging most of the properties will charge $10 or less to park overnight. the charges will start this spring. at first las vegas locals will get a grace period to park for free. mgm, however, not releasing a time line for when this grace period will end but when it does, the option to keep free parking to enroll as a life member. we asked mgm why the changes now.
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else is -- knows that you pay for parking if you go to a beach resort, if you go anywhere. if you even go downtown, downtown in las vegas, you are paying for parking. so we're the last holdouts. >> we also reached out to mgm resorts' biggest exest door, caesar's, they say they -- competitor, caesar's, they say they have no comment. station casinos say they won't. people are sounding off on my social media feed, and also on the facebook page. we want to know what you think. we put a poll on the page. we're asking you would you pay to park here in las vegas? we're used to not parking, right? a burglary leads to a crash and sends several people to the hospital. all of this unfolding in northwest las vegas. metro says the car carrying possible burglary suspects ran a red light hitting another vehicle and a pedestrian near cheyenne and rancho, just look at the crash scene.
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involved in a nearby burglary a few miles away at alexander and rainbow. officers tried to pull that car over but it sped off before crashing a few minutes later. the three suspects were also hurt in the crash and taken to a hospital. the fight to keep drunk drivers off the streets could come down to a new number. >> officials are thinking about lowering the legal blood alcohol level lower than what it is now. sandra gonzalez looks into whether this move to keep people safe. >> reporter: drinking and bomb -- this woman directly. her cass was destroyed by a man she said was driving drurblg. nowdrunk. >> he was so drunk. >> reporter: she and her husband were not injured, isshe is all for doing something. that includes lowering the blood alcohol level to .05 an can idea
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>> see many accidents. too many people have died because of that. >> reporter: she's into the alone. this woman is an advocate against drinking and driving. >> in our opinion, we believe in zero-tolerance. we don't believe anybody should have anything to drink if they are gonna drive. we know that this first bit of alcohol starts the impairment process. >> reporter: they show what happens to driving skills from breaking the steering. but even at .05, skills are also affected by alcohol. >> you've already lost your ability to -- your judgment. your reaction time has already become impaired. >> reporter: what does .05 look like? for the average woman, one glass of wine would be okay. but if you have two glasses of wine, you would exceed .05. dui attorney chip siegel says it will bring more business to the legal world but other businesses will be hurt.
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casino industry, who owns a restaurant, you know, who is in the bar industry, who is in the -- you know, our entire industry here, you are gonna do a lot. you are gonna inflict a lot of damage. >> reporter: meanwhile, the woman says a bill could appear in the 2017 legislature. san drawn gonzalez, news 3. >> the clark county school district approved a new contract with teachers totaling $135 million. the las vegas sun reporting the new deal includes and a raise for teachers. school board members hope this is a first step towards a better relationship with the teacher union. not everyone is happy saying the raises are not evenly distributed an don't cover other costs like higher nbc insurance premiums. walmart at nellis and craig is getting ready to shut the
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walmart announced the closing of 269 doors. the fell licks nellis list and craig location is on the list. the retail giant it's part of an effort to better position them for the long-term. 10,000 employees will be affected. the company hopes many can be praised praise -- placed at other stores. almost all other stores are within ten miles of another walmart location. the first winner of wade night's jackpot has finally stepped into the spotlight. >> meet the robinsons. here's jeremy roth with their story. >> reporter: most lottery winners would probably want to stay under the radar until their affairs are in place. but not the robinsons of tennessee. >> not going very far. >> reporter: john and lisa went on "the today show" to show off their prize. one of the three winning tickets from the powerball drawing.
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>> we had to ignore a lot of calls. we didn't want to have to -- >> a lot of texts. >> reporter: friday morning lisa let her boss know she wasn't coming into work. >> i need you to watch "the today show." and i won't be in today. just watch the show, please. >> reporter: they decided they wanted to go public first to chrome their -- control their story. >> they want to, you know, let the public know that they are the winners. >> reporter: according to the family, they've not notified tennessee official lottery officials yet. the win is not verified. if it is, they could get $310. they bought four tickets at macy's food mart a block away from their home in tennessee. they add they are still in shock about the win and what to do with the money. >> we haven't had time to really, you know -- i do hope to while. jerry roth, reporting. >> congratulations to them.
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powerball win. e.j. felipe waited three hours to purchase tickets for himself and 14 of his wife's coworkers. you see him there? he's holding up that big check. one of the tickets matched five of the six numbers only missing on the powerball number. fell legal will get just under split. the local postal worker says he plans too pay off debt with his share. maybe take a vacation to disneyland. and he's remaining anonymous. >> i don't blame him. backstreet boy nick carter has been arrested in the florida keys on a battery charge. monroe county records show the boy band member was arrested at a popular bar there. media outlets report he was taken into custody after being involved in some sort of scuffle inside the bar. the 35-year-old faces one misdemeanor count of battery and has been released from jail after posting bond. well, lights out.
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the wrong end of the school brawl. >> how the victim explains the moments before being knocked unconscious. a new poll showing the shop restaurants in 2015. favorites you may want to check out as you make your dinner plans. we've got one storm that's out the door.
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anothe welcome back. students get more than detention time for a school fight. >> this is not your average school yard brawl. they are facing felony charges after this fight was also caught on camera. here's the video. >> reporter: bruised and sore. >> my injuries are right here. and my -- the side of my face. >> reporter: hugo marquez is home instead of school today. >> i have a bump on mine head. it's not that big as it was yesterday. >> reporter: suspended for his part in a fight at capitol hill high school. >> got thumped on. i was surprised when i seen the video. >> reporter: the video of the fight was posted on social media. you can see hugo in a black hat walk up in front of a friend.
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pickup ofs him in the face knocking -- punches him in the face and knocks him to the ground. >> they said i was down for a bit. it wasn't until late that night that i seen the video. >> reporter: he said his cousin showed him the video for the first time on facebook. by then it had already gone viral. >> i was shocked. i was surprised. i didn't know that -- exactly what happened. it wasn't my problem. >> reporter: not his problem because he said he was stepping up for a friend. >> i went up in case anything -- you know, i really didn't expect it to come down to me. >> reporter: the two students were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. hugo said he's not sure whether their arrests will end the violence on campus. >> it could for a while depending how their friends will react to it. >> reporter: for now hugo has
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the end of may. he said he regrets getting >> yeah. i got knocked out. the fact that everybody left after -- after they -- the principal helped me up. >> the principal helped him up. police are investigating to see if there's any possible gang connection. the fire students are facing felony charges tonight. ride the ducks tour of seattle made a return today after that company faced controversy after a deadly crash. a ride the ducks bus accident killed five and injured several others. the company has made changes to will their route that takes them over a different bridge. the company is putting two staff members, one to drive, the second to be the tour guide. despite the changes, some
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safe. some are looking forward to seeing the ducks back on the street. >> it's probably not necessarily the safest route to go. i'm actually su surprised they are allowed to operate again. >> i believe they are a good company. >> the company says their first two tours this morning were completely sold out. they are back in business. on monday, the nation will celebrate the life of martin luther king, junior. however, today is actually his birthday. he would have been 87. months after he was assassinated in 1968, the first legislation was introduced seeking to make his birthday a federal holiday. but it wasn't until 1983 that then-president ronald reagan signed the act. so it's celebrated the third monday of january. now to the restaurants that are getting the best buzz from customers. consumers perception research firm is out with their 2015
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fast-food chains. well, subway held onto the top spot as the best perceived fast food brand. that is followed by chick-fil-a, pizza hut and sonic. cash um dining, -- casual dining. olive garden got the top spot for casual dining. panera, outbeak, applebees and red lobster. >> i'm hungry now. >> my mom loves the olive garden. every time we go, i usually get the soup. and even though we were expecting a warmup, soup sounds nice. >> we were raised in a tiny rural town and going to the olive garden, it was like five-star dining to my family. we thought we were fancy. >> i just want to get some food right now. eat it while we're doing the weather. holding a sandwich. here we go. outside, right now, it's about that time. you would probably have a bowl
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partly cloudy skies across las vegas. we'll take a look at temperatures outside right now. currently in the mid-50s for the las vegas area. very chilly at 30 degrees. at toe na -- at tonopah. san francisco, you can see mostly cloudy skies, all across the area road trip to los angeles, also cloudy conditions, closer to home, beautiful sunny skies in pahrump for today. all we did see see the clouds streaming in the afternoon. this the las vegas valley where we cleared out before the clouds rushed in just when the sun was setting. temperatures currently in the 40s and 50s. upper 40s for summerlin right now. low 50s for the downtown area. 53 degrees at the lake. hoelow 50s for southeast, green valley and henderson. it wasn't all calm. we're seeing much calmer
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afternoon. reaching up to 20, 30 miles an hour. el dorado. the lake is 33 miles an hour. pretty gusty throughout the day even outside of the valley. check this out. 40-mile-an-hour winds recorded at searchlight. cooler. you can see 45 for overton. as we take a close look, thankfully, winds will continue dying down throughout the evening. you can see very calm conditions into the very early-evening hours. over the last 12 hours, we have this loop for you. the wind. you can see mostly calm system. now we're getting ready for another batch. you can see the first one right here making its way into northern california a also portions of the pacific most getting additional precipitation. precipitation. and then we'll see this storm
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we'll remain fairly dry but expect additional clouds by tomorrow afternoon. the weekend is gonna get shifty. more clouds again, slightly cooler weather before we hit the temperatures right back up. overnight tonight, upper 30s are expected for the las vegas area. if you liked weather conditions last night, you will probably enjoy tonight as well. again, winds dying off throughout the evening. as we take a look at the regional conditions. upper 30s for overton and mesquite. 20 in the mountains. 38 for boulder city t 40s for lake mead. and high temperatures for tomorrow in many areas similar to what we saw today in some neighborhoods, maybe cooler. 57 degrees for pahrump. mid-50s for sandy valley as well as boulder city by the afternoon. upper 50s for lake mead. we take a closer look. variable clownds -- clowpeds clouds. partly cloudy for the las vegas area. for the most part we'll see the light wind across the region.
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mountains, it will be off to a chilly starts, gets reaching the 40s by the end of the day. if you are heading out to red rock, lee low 50s. it will be a beautiful day by lake mead. starting ofl dhil. not too -- off chilly. your forecast for the seven-day, the warmup is headed our way. by the tail end of the weekend, temperatures above normal. gonna last for a little while. remaining in the low 60s on martin luther king, junior day. a chance of showers, one in five. i don't know if you would bet on that one on tuesday. light showers across the area. another short wave passes through. after that, you know, we'll hang onto the warm weather and with that kind of forecast, why not? >> i'm liking it. >> all right. happy friday to you. >> thank you. so excited. >> we made it to friday. >> i know. >> and to you at home as well.
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of crime now have a little extra comfort before they take the stand to testify. >> you will like this story. we'll introduce you to a pup who is more than a furry friend. missing in action. matthew perry? not joining the "friends" reunion party?
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holding welcome back. extra comfort is being provided for children who are victims of a crime and have to go and do
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of attorneys and judges, testify about it in court. >> really an emotional time. there's an incredible service in st. louis. it includes as cute four-legged friend who is there to help. steve harris reports. >> reporter: this is reka. she's a playful dog with a business card. that's right, she's got her own business card. why, you ask, would a dog need a business card? well, this dog has a job. she puts on her uniform and goes to work here, the child center. this is where children who have been the victim of a crime are interviewed by amy. >> the hard part is hearing the horrific things that people choose to do to kids and they have to tell people about it for the offender to be held accountable. >> reporter: that's where reka comes in. she sits with the children during the whole interview process. >> kids are coming into a place and are about to describe the horrible things that have
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usually get distracted by reka and they are excited to come meet her instead of worrying about telling their story. >> reporter: if you are skeptical as something as simple as rek ta. being there can make it easy for the kid, this woman knows first hand. >> i had a sexual assault. i was chloroformed several times. >> reporter: her 8-year-old daughter was home at the time. >> and she was actually physically assaulted with this. >> reporter: a dog like reka helped them through this. >> he's go gonna go to go a courtroom and fafa the man who did this. and it was able to take her mind off it, by petting the dog. >> i never knew how easy it would make my job. >> reporter: at the end of the day reka goes home as part of aim aim amy's family. >> beautiful. all right.
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new feature in their maps app that can they you during your daily drive. this if he chur called driving mode -- feature called driving mode can give you estimated arriving time, nearby gas stations and all family places without you entering an address. feature uses your home and work addresses if you enter them and then your recent search destination. if you typically drive home after work, google will remember that and give unthe fasest route home automatically. time to get a look ahead for 11:00. yet another set back from allegiant airline. why their chief operating officer turned in their resignation. and the special delivery from darth vader to a special young boy. those stories plus breaking news as it happens tonight at 11:00 on news 3. matthew perry will not attend the "friends" reunion tribute. >> this two-hour special is dedicated to the late tv director. but even with that, perry's
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it because he's in london for rehearsals for his play. he may take something for the tribute. the cast has had mini reason unions but never with all six. the special airports february 21st. we'll have to see how they fill the perry gap. >> he will call in from some exotic location.
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