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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  January 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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joining us for metro police a pedestrian accident. a person killed just west of the strip. this at sierra which meets jason on the l is there. anything cuba tells about what happened? the call came in just after this evening, one pedestrian lost their life on to you right here at valley view. asyou look at this this entire eastbound stretch of road has been shut down as metro investigates. if you take a little bit look [audio lost] we apostates and sip the mexico but we will go in with him. also happening today walmart is shuttering more than 200 start including one in north las vegas spread the walmart supercenter near nellis boulevard and craig road closed
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this is in the northeast part of town and there are couple of the pressure: options in terms of purchasers. many who walk will find difficult for a place that sells fresh be bread for the first 350 employees we are told they will be getting the opportunity to transfer to another store. those who aren't placed at another location will get 60 days pay and get help by the employment, that is for a walmart spokesperson. this is the only one in nevada to close. but we got a lotta people hitting the store to help clear the shelves in hopes of finally deals if you want to get a good bargain, you know, this is awesome. the meat want to wait yesterday. but there is still a lot (but this is the last day. i do not think they would shut this one down. but i guess they have their reasons for its. >> not the closures, what type of competition from online
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is surging. now back your weather authority and it has been a nice weekend for a lot of people this weekend. we have a third date this weekend, in fact the platypus to, for the martin luther king holiday for jerry brown city with a update. >>meteorologist: the actual holiday is tomorrow. we started today it started off sunny but the clouds moved in in a big way. we do have a system up to our north frontal system for some cold air behind that. that is not committed, our temperatures will stake in the biocide despite not blocking the sunshine. but we could possibly get brushed by some of that moisture. it is not going to be a big deal, but that forecast models do have some moisture in our area nothing heavy.a second batch for tuesday evening. again, this could end up being some sprinkles. better chance for snow up in the mountains. we will keep you updated about the holiday.
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week tonight no rain just mostly body. not quite as cold with temperatures in the low 40s. your complete holiday forecast up ahead, back to you! do we want to go out to nathan o'neil who is head of the seed of the auto pedestrian accident. i think we have your signal figured out here, david s and on what is happening here. >>reporter: will police tell us the call came in at 6:00 this evening. one pedestrian guilt on sierra near valleyview. it was a woman who was the victim out here. if you look closer you can see what looked like a point of impact, she was left there on the roadway. basically knocked from the force of the crash. now cpr was administered according to tnesses on scene. the pedestrian ultimately died. the driver involved has
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cooperating with police. it is too early to know if alcohol or drugs were involved, or even speed wasn't involved as a matter of expert for traffic on eastbound sierra closed at this point from las vegas to valleyview. more details will be on c of this, we will send you more updates tonight at 11:00. you will get a break from metro in moments. gerard? speak to those who don't this is the busiest roads we have here in the valley. so got to be careful if you are out in those areas. nathan, thank you for the update from the scene. local law enforcement sending out for help finding them two missing people.the first is a teenage girl. ms. gonzales has been missing for two weeks. the 15-year-old with passing on november 16. police are not singing where she was last seen but they believe that she might still be
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anyone with information to contact the national center for missing and exploited children, that number is 800-843-5678. or you can call metro's missing person hotline that is 838-2907. note the second missing woman was seven months pregnant we are told for 25 year old asia rice as not busy for 10 days. she was last seen in the henderson area. anyone with information about her whereabouts to call the henderson police department 267-5000 is the number to call. the back the rape crisis center which is a growing demand for services during 2015 is increasing the number of volunteer training sessions in 2016, that will be the need of sexual assault victims and their family. this year the rcc will offer 350 hour week training sessions in winter, summer, and fall. the rcc has typically offered just them two sessions per year. the first training center
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applications due on january 27. in 2015 the rape crisis center added 1200 victims, a 20 percent increase from 2014. in 2015 there was also an increase in the number of hotline calls, more than 4200. just 16 it is now mid-january, that means the worth of flu season is coming. the blue historically takes in january, the walgreens blue index reports state and city specific numbers on the blue. last week we are told nevada french first in states and las vegas was second naturally around metro areas for flu activity. getting a flu shot remains the best way to protect yourself against what can be a deadly disease. what we really want to do or protect those who are more susceptible to increased harm from getting the flu. protecting them from getting it. you want to make sure you are getting it, protect yourself from passing it on to a child or the elderly. speak to them two people have
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that is according to the southern nevada health district. on tuesday the irs will begin processing tax returns with about 1.2 billion copy for the better taxpayers. you have several extra days to file your tax return. the deadline not 15 april like it usually is, this year it is on april 18 because the emancipation day holiday in washington dc falls on friday, april 15. as christine kemp explains, that does not mean you should wait. >>reporter: four out of five tax returns are expected to be filed electronically. >>man: if you want a quick read on and you want ease of filing, get to a computer. let the software hold your hand. just irs free file which allows you to file an irs for free before that found offering services at no cost. irs spokesperson rafael the
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to speed up your repository will do to get your refund in 21 days or less. >>reporter: like last year the affordable care act requires you to have healthcare each month of the year. the majority of taxpayers will simply it back to verify. >>man: if not you may have to claim an exemption or make a shared responsibility payment. if you did not have coverage before about 55-60 percent of taxpayers use tax professionals to file for them. but toledo says choose wisely. >>man: it is an intimate relationship and no matter who you choose to prepare your return you are the one responsible for the information on the return once you sign it. >>reporter: if you believe you are at risk for tax related that. >>man: got weight the irs now they can help you out in terms of finding your account and making the process easier for you when you file your return
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what if need be the irs will contact you with a betterletter in the mail. under no circumstance will they take threatening phone calls. those are scammers looking to lure you out of your money. christine came news 3 speak to the irs does expect to receive and process more than 150 million individual tax returns
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left on life at prime quibec ever what the embassy said several americans are busy in iraq. the embassy is looking to locate them for arab news channel cited sources singing three americans had been kidnapped, it has come after a week of deterioration and security and around iraq's
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the islamic group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks that have led to 50 people being killed. the americans released by iran have a right to germany. they were taken to a selected military hospital for treatment. these are the latest developments in a weekend of diplomatic progress between the u.s., the world, and iran. saturday secretary of state john kerry met with a iran after they verified iran had completed the necessary steps to restrict it nuclear program. just after that meeting u.s. officials confirmed iran have 35 american prisoners in several cases. some as early as 2011. 44 part of an exchange including the "washington post" journalist charged with espionage for today obama
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of our differences with iran. but meeting with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity, a window to try to resolve important issues speak to what the president did acknowledge the sanctions against iran remain in place for violations of human rights, support of terrorism and its ballistic missile program. still to come here in prime, honoring the man behind the dream.
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now many of you watched democratic national debate tonight right here on nbc and news three. all three democratic candidates, former secretary of state hillary clinton, and former maryland governor martin o'malley and bernie sanders participated. there were several watch parties here in town. listen to the candidates speak from anything from finance reform to the economy and healthcare and the war on terrorism. the economy is still very important and she is in favor of raising the minimum wage and equal work for people paper and we have a lot of people in the service industry that can make a difference for what we quibec from the recession but we have to come all the way back he is the one who not only speaks to these issues but he has held the same position for years and sides.
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democratic caucus is set for saturday, february 20. meantime a couple of presidential candidates campaigning in las vegas this week. the first, carly fiorini, they form are met with a question and answer session with a dozen supporters at a town hall and that was probably today. she will continue her efforts tomorrow with a stop at the peppermill on the strip. after eating some early traction fiorini's has struggled up late, she has let it modified today touting her foreign policy credentials before it is a dangerous place. the more experience of anyone running, definitely for that the republican side. more than anybody with the exception of hillary clinton. >>gerard: republican front runner will be in las vegas thursday.he had a rally set up at the south point hotel. nevada's republican caucuses are scheduled for february 23.
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closure to tell you about in the dark was part of the valley. close down us 95 to the 215 as part of the $47 million in improvements to that intersection. the closure will happen overnight at 9:00 p.m. sunday to five a.m. sunday morning. the las vegas strip, it seems like a the question but not everybody knows the strip isn't in vegas at all. this is the dividing line here sierra avenue north is the city of las vegas, and south is clark county. there is a famous las vegas strip. news trainer has a question to the often asked question and started a twitter or online. is it the las vegas strip or should it be called the county strip. john stringer explains. >>reporter: fireworks over the strip. what a way to logic new year or
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famous las vegas strip, or is it the county strip? it all started with communications director for the city of las vegas. on the strip on january 2 this week, innocent enough. happy new year, as text something on the strip hashtag city of las vegas. of course the city retweeted, great way to celebrate in our city they type.but clark can't he says, not so fast. communication director there, eric popper went to point out the strip is not in the city. the city fired back. so doubt it is time to ask the question, las vegas strip or just strip? who owns the strip? you want to argue right now? report las vegas las vegas before las vegas. >>reporter: even clear this up is that the city, is that the county and hard-core practices now? i don't we need to talk to. >>man: the strip is not in the city of las vegas. >>reporter: unlv is the expert
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point that even unlv as a running. >>man: the always have. >>reporter: it turns out probably have one to treat for, the city of las vegas has tried to annex the strip, three times they have failed to annex. >>man: the city has always a sophisticated. >>reporter: baby it is time to update those ads. but that is not likely anytime soon. john trainor, news three. >>gerard: that might be a tough sell on that one. if you are looking for something to do on the holiday why not enjoy the outdoors. this is read rock canyon, waiting all this monday honoring martin luther king jr. day. the scenically will open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m.. you can find more information on our website, as we mentioned on monday the patient will celebrate martin luther king junior's birthday and that means a huge rate your downtown las vegas to mark the holiday. everyone is invited to join in
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street from goss to ogden monday party. dozens of, community organizations, and city leaders will take part in the parade will be led by carolyn goodman. it all starts at 10:00 a.m.. weather permitting, of course. i think we are in the clear. >>meteorologist: will not be in the clear we will have lots enemy look ominous but i can sure they will get the parade in. >>gerard: that is what i meant. >>meteorologist: your speech. i have to be literal, though. anyway we started our day clear, about the effort i have the pictures to prove it. let's go to a time s look at those clouds come streaming out of california over the mountains. and kept our temperatures in the 50s today, we were looking for low 60s but just couldn't do it with the overcast. currently 50 degrees here on the strip. are we talking about las vegas, gerard, or the county? i am getting confused here. >>gerard: [laughter] >>meteorologist: 50 degrees
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degrees. meanwhile that is in henderson, 42 degrees home of the patriots. south southwest winds at three, 65 percent at 31 degrees the dew point. meanwhile up at the darkness valley, elementary 49 degrees. this is life, self wins at three miles per hour. up until 1045, a full deck over in gum philly had a death in boulder city mid-30s, 52 in colorado river valley in laughlin.49 in las vegas, that is down for the official height of 56. again we were heading to 60 degrees and the clouds came in, the morning low courtesy of the clear skies, was 36. we will be in the low 40s tomorrow 40 because we have cloud cover and that will provide insulation.if you think the parties is called look up here, this is just brutal. this is pure arctic air -8 minneapolis, magistrate and
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this has been brutally cold, and it is not going away. you can't see it but it is there, a frontal system often goes, showers for cape cod. meanwhile rain and further, find your and parts of the valley of california. the energy from the front told you at the front of the forecast, the cold air will stay. as i told you in the forecast models they are showing moisture moving through the north of las vegas, possibly getting into the valley. but we are not talking about anything substantial. probably be tomorrow afternoon after the break. and then again on tuesday night is there a secondary system. elevated to 50 because of the cloud cover, over and from of 39, over 240 degrees. ice to borrow a little better than today as we warm it up four or five degrees to the 60 degrees mark, 61 boulder city, and 61 four las vegas.
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are the big winner in the southwest tomorrow, and 61 for the city of angels. now 42 the overnight but not quite as cold as last night's 36. you notice the difference if you are outside person you want tomorrow, so that the uv index very low, as though as it gets. mostly cloudy, afternoon shower will call it a 20 percent probability right now. 7:00 a.m. 44 degrees, right arm directed mostly cloudy, 5:00 p.m. with a north breeze at 40 discovered a huge snow and snowboarding weekend, 40 percent chance of after two hours, 57 because he still up there. we are talking about maybe a couple of inches at most. and probably less than that. lake. here we are 70 forecast, and not too tough to take. the clouds are going to be here pretty much throughout the week. but my older air, we were 50s and 30s now we are talking 60s and 40s for overnight bus. hopefully not too bad as we had
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i can't believe that you know arctic blast. >>meteorologist: people say that for minneapolis and bismarck and places north. the arcadian wild. >>gerard: that is not fun. we do want to head out to nathan deal with live in the public view, epicean of that breaking news involving a fatal pedestrian crash. and even you have some updated information for us? >>reporter: yes, gerard, we got updated that richard strayer out here on this fatal pedestrian crash. we have learned that the victim is in fact a woman. police tell as she stepped out onto oncoming traffic when she was struck by an suv that was traveling eastbound on sierra. they say this woman did not have an id on her that is one of the challenges they are trying to work through right here in finding out who she was. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. and as for the driver, drug,
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to be factors. traffic at a complete standstill here in sierra between las vegas and valleyview at this point. but it will remain that way for several more hours as police complete this investigation. this is the seventh traffic fatality so far this year, and
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>>gerard: we often bring you stories about how the human spirit is as pretty. sometimes that help is in the form of online fundraisers to help people work by tragedy. but how sure are you the money you are donating is ended up
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o'neill spoke with one family who says the prince took advantage of their pain. >>reporter: it was a dark december night when judith terracwife changed forever. judy was pushing her disabled husband michael in a wheelchair across las vegas boulevard near walnut when a hit and run driver crashed into them. judy escaped with broken bones and present, michael died almost instantly. before he still hasn't been cremated. so i am trying to deal with all of this. and i don't know what else to do. 31 friend yolanda ellen but epic opened account to help the daughter, who all the top of michael's encumbered for the $500 was raised on line, it was supposed to help cover duties rent but judy said she never got the donations and now faces eviction. before we don't have a place to ghost before i would never, never defraud you. because i called up my friend.
8:27 pm
hoped duty of these $200 but as for the total amount donated, when i give them all the cash that came in for the gofundme page? >>woman: personable like a said. it would have only been 300 or something dollars. because cable took money out of the account.>>reporter: some sites like gofundme have several state was to authenticate campaigns, it also recommends you only donate to people you personally know and trust. just be cautious if you are going to donate money. or if somebody opens an account for you and something has happened like it happened to us. just be really careful about people who are doing it. >>reporter: david o'neill, news 3. >>gerard: and what judy bases her own struggles she feels heartsick because of all those generous people who did donate but were cheated for a representative from gofundme is that they are working with jodi to resolve the issue. as for the hit and run who killed michael terrel, no arrests have been made just yet.
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after one bands right took a dangerous turn. the chilling puppets behind this chaotic scene all caught on camera just ahead. and drives best friend, the wedding picture making the
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the touching story be a car smashes into a car in australia nearly hitting a woman inside. the accident was caught on surveillance cameras. the woman at the car's life into the convenience store. it appears she is hit but the car just misses her. the collision started a ghastly print it from the top to limit out of safety. police are investigating to determine what caused the accident and whether alcohol was a factor. a space x rocket toppled over upon landing on a floating ocean barge because of the port
8:30 pm
this came as accidents plant a soft landing on the barge for the rocket to successfully however a satellite into orbit after launching from vanderbilt airport base. space x helps to reduce by reusing rockets rather than have them fall into the ocean. he does have a couple of fantastic failures trying to land the arches after lunch is pretty much the touching story behind the wedding photo of a pride with her service dog unfolded last weekend in sioux falls, south dakota. preparing for what life's biggest moments, valerie perez needed support from brett's best friend. she has a three-year-old service ducting fella who keeps her, when she is anxious or on the verge of a panic attack. on her big day i think the price rather needed some time with bella before walking down the aisle for a moment that was
8:31 pm
before she was putting the finishing touches on what she was wearing today, and she was getting anxious. enter bob, how are you doing? bella. now internet sensation, the picture-perfect moment after the kind of comfort that service dogs everywhere. still ahead these target
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some people in neighbors say they are afraid of what could happen next after thieves crack to do mailboxes
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news 3 robert o'toole explains what postal service plans to do to protect your mail. >>reporter: 's before it bothers me that anyone would do this you what it is a problem jim fighter sensor has been no sauce friday or if somebody is interested in stealing our our information. which is set. >>reporter: rosalynn and unlocked. >>man: 's before this one is mine it is definitely been broken into. >>reporter: this cluster of pillboxes is the latest target of these. >>woman: the only thing that isn't opened is the box where they put boxes. >>reporter: frazier's interpersonal information may have been stolen. >>woman: i have one credit card i haven't gotten my statement from and i will call them and tell them i haven't received it. the to watch out for any buddy using it. >>reporter: to the person or people who did this, what do you want to say that them? >>woman: quite, i want to know why do you have to do this to
8:34 pm
everybody, we all work hard, we have all worked at our lifetime, we are retired, it makes us at that somebody has to break in and steal our information. >>reporter: news 3. >>gerard: something like that happens in your neighborhood you obviously want to report that the police and to your postal carrier as well. not just a reminder tomorrow is a martin luther king holiday, that means no mail. government offices are closed and some businesses will close their doors. it has been a nice weekend so far weatherwise, but what about the holiday on monday, jerry? i will say if you missed this morning's sunrise i will show it to you after the centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get showtime and starz free for 3 months plus up to 40 megs of centurylink internet
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this deal sounds great, especially if you love sports. get prism essential tv and up to 40 megs of internet for only $70 a month. score! or, if you love great movies... [ southern accent ] hey, clementine, go on and get prism essential tv with up to 40 megs of internet for only $70 a month. hyah! [ whip cracks ] [ normal voice ] call... get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $70 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink.
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>> rachael: "pretty little liars" star shay mitchell gets up close and personal with pretty little animals. >> i'm take thanksgiving one home, okay, right?
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of tornadoes that ripped through central florida, a couple died and their adult son and four grandchildren were injured after a twister destroyed their mobile home. one fact wins between 111 and 135 much go. meantime and arctic air mass bringing bitter cold conditions to the midwest, jerry was talking about to nino the winter did go off to a my older brother a blast of cold hitting the regions. windchill skipped up to 30 degrees below zero sunday into monday. high tides did well along the northern california coast today. heavy rains fell through at the san francisco bay area. forecasters save more than three inches are expected to dampen the region. strong winds got strong syrup serving as a spectacle for people braving the elements. winds got to do more than 40 miles per hour and cost 40 swells. i can try to imagine,
8:38 pm
temperatures of 35 below or 30 below would do to the las vegas area? >>meteorologist: i don't think we are ready for it. i think we would be in trouble if we would experience. >>meteorologist: there are plenty of people who lived here from the upper midwest who are very familiar. >>gerard: and they are still here. >>meteorologist: i am from new england it is called there, too. we feel like if we are talking about 60s and are forecast for you can't complain even if they are those 60s. i promised you a surprise here it is. hope you enjoy it. this is the most exciting things that happen atmospherically, we have the clouds roll in and that the suppressor temperatures a bit. we were hoping for those 60s as a we were in the pit and upper 50s. despite the clouds should achieve some 60s across the valley tomorrow, at least on the east side. 86 degrees at our downtown studios, wins hardly noticeable when southwest at two.
8:39 pm
reflective of that moisture aloft, 31.7. 48 degrees, wins negligible and other and sutherland middle school 42 degrees with a two point at 31 degrees. charleston thought 30, 52, that is a warm thermometer printing and send real valley with 39 in boulder city. closer to the belly seven over in spring valley. 46 and 47 downtown henderson on winter street. here are your afternoon highs almost, close, but no cigar 59 in sunrise manor, downtown henderson did reach 60 degrees as did el dorado, that is always one of the milder thermometers. we waited up to 58 in downtown
8:40 pm
national shot to the cloak debacle, tortured you the video. those current temperatures in the earlier one it is just brutal up there. well below zero and the windchill's 30 below. here are the clouds that moved in, we show you the perspective from the valley. here is the perspective from space. the winds, the surf, much needed in california over the northern coast and also into the valley. it into cigarette here are the forecast models and again you can see the zip through, you can see is regal or them to the valley, and again on tuesday night. very active across the west. on the balance just below the core of the action. 21 the over. low, double that for boulder city, 48 down in laughlin. rebound to 60 tomorrow, over to somerton up one for boulder city. and 61 here in las vegas. 71 in phoenix, looking very nice in arizona and low 60s right along the coast from l.a. to san diego. overnight tonight low 40s, and that these are 36 we had this morning. not quite as cold.
8:41 pm
warm it up if you degrees, an afternoon shower, a possibility, not a probability, variable is a 10-15 miles per hour. that is a big improvement to 57 at noon, 56 early evening at 5:00 p.m.. no problems up on the mountains if you'd like the store because there is a chance of snow showers. once you get up there it should be great, look at the base at the canyon, really big bases in the sierras, well over 100 inches and many resorts right now. 62 meet and here you go, seven day forecast. let's keep it in the 60s for the forecast with overnight lows in the 40s. any chance for precipitation relates monday and tuesday late in the day or early evening. and then we settled into a pattern mix of sun, clouds, getting up to 65 which sounds pretty nice by saturday. and eventually cooling off a neck sunday. again getting down to 60 not too bad. >>gerard: i like this time of year end if the right to be. >>meteorologist: we can take what we get. >>gerard: thank you jerry.
8:42 pm
championship game set in the nfl. las vegas, and about as four teams remain after today's action.
8:43 pm
liars" star shay mitchell gets up close and personal with pretty little animals. >> i'm take thanksgiving one
8:44 pm
the final two spots were up today, both teams denver and carolina that would be las vegas fans will be the big winner, guaranteed them to las vegas he displayed in super bowl l on february 2. former silverado grant, jacob the light backers for the 1501 carolina were posted to time and it's the champions seattle seahawks. panthers on fire, first play of the game against the great seattle defense, not so great today. 69 yard run by jonathan stewart of the cats. notably later they were told by the and some of the panthers sleep 7-0.first seattle possession, carolina panthers turning up the defense on
8:45 pm
right to think deeply is in for the pick six. 14-0 before you quickly in the skin. second-quarter two panthers, newton to greg olson at the 31 zero- fourth quarter it is 41-15 russell wilson findings of real estate back there struggling around, jermaine hirsch it is a 10 point game was six minutes ago, seattle was that up time for think this by seven, the nfc rain is over, your letter will close to the championship game. of course arizona as the belly running back other swat, so one of those guys will head to the super bowl. but carolina will be playing the game at three: 40 and they are favored by three. meanwhile the top-seeded denver broncos and they had brandon marshall linebacker from the ross memorial they were hoping to get one step closer to the
8:46 pm
take it on the pittsburgh steelers and the bank up and father's burger. he couldn't throw very well so we have to hand it to martinez bryant, you could run 40 yards for that with that of fitzgerald is not a touchdown and pittsburgh 706 lead. thinking upset. four minutes ago different effort bleeding in the game since the first quarter, down 13-12, finally getting to shepherd cj anderson from what your topic up and down two point division pulled up to win 23-16 setting up a rematch with the patriots, they beat the patriots earlier this year. patriots opened up a three-point paper on the road at the westgate purpura, the last time at home was an underdog was a championship was a 2012 falcons lost the san francisco 49ers. the rebels took care of business against air force academy, they were putting up 100 points at the 21 point when, the rebels they are looking for like 18 new coach tom simon used to coach. the person to game for the interim coach, how about 93 points a game average. seven turnovers in the when a
8:47 pm
for first and jerry jones, junior. and the rebels they shot 50 percent from the field of 13-3. >>man: we truly believe that nine starters and a second hold each other accountable, and guys kind of know the kinds of things we are emphasizing. at nonnegotiable's and things like that, they really bought into those things. and when we sub it is in so many words we are unleashing for pimples on people. >>reporter: unleashing those pitfalls that always works pretty well more from the rebels tonight and sports like las vegas for gmc jimmy to preview, also the big afc fight getting ready to take, we will have highlights of that coming up in the tga sony open just concluded. they become is a winner there. and tonight for sports night in las vegas. pretty cool that we will have a
8:48 pm
who played high school football here in las vegas at the super bowl.
8:49 pm
not have a team, a world record 270 dogs and their owners took part in the first yoga session in hong kong today. the doga, teacher suzette ackerman to part in massage and stretch and the poses in the past bay city. they got a chance to relax and bond with their pets and tempted the recordbreaker, the event there has yet to be confirmed by the guinness book of world records. people there, the organizers were confident they had it done for all proceeds from the hong kong, the money is going to
8:50 pm
association. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. >>gerard: and finally to a couple in california has a party this weekend, nicholas and rafaela or dice celebrating the 82nd wedding anniversary. the entire family was there to mark the occasion and the kids, great grandkids, it was also our store or does 102nd birthday on friday. the couple says they have some advice on how to make a marriage and since the secret is in respect, and not sweating the small stuff. the family is not too far from a record for the august marriage ever recorded. we wish them luck in that endeavor. but for them. >>meteorologist: that is an amazing story. >>gerard: thank for watching your life in prime we are back
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