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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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swat standoff has ended peacefully. and that is good news for families waiting to go homing. in area is still shut down as they wrap up their investigation on evans avenue near lake immediate and civic center drive. this all started a little more than two hours ago as a do midwest mick disturbance call. las vegas police officers went to arrest a men. they called in swat and were able to get that man to come out of the home. and the investigation wrapping up. we're told in about one to two hours, police say they are serving a search warrant tonight. they want to go in that home as part of their investigation to investigate inside of that home where this all start just before three earlier this afternoon. reporting lye in north las vegas, keg see thomas, news three . a lot of people in that neighborhood finally relieved that
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on to one of those crimes you never think could happen to you. a home invasion. good evening i'm maureen in for jessica. >> and i'm jim snyder. because of those stats a local gun store now officers a course on protecting yourself. news three's sergio is live near dessert inn with a look at what they're teaching. >> this is the second week of the class, and in the guys ho put it together are telling me they did it to meet a demand from their customers. justifiable homicide is the killing of a human being in necessary self-defense. >> it's an you ever uncomfortable top ectotalk about. but one that bill's familiar with. he's worked in law enforcement for 22 years, today he's teaching a class on protecting yourself in case of a home inration. >> if somebody is coming
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going to offer your body some violence. >> he not only goes over what's legal but tactics to keep safe. >> i am going to get up, go over, i am going to put a firearm in my hand. >> i want to be prepared. >> lee ann is here because they wantings to protect her elderly parents. >> i want to be ready if somebody happens to them. >> he teaches you to keep that firearm pointed down with your finger off the trigger until when, but most importantly if you need to fire. he advises trying the figure out who the suspect is first. >> if i don't know this individual i'm going to do 911 immediately. >> in the scenario he walked us through, officers arrest the suspect before he enters the hole. >> what should you do with this?
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him f. you are safe. put it away. i am hoping that they will go home and implement one or two things that we have talked about. >>. she purchased some extra equipment for her weapon immediately after. >> i want to be that. >> all for the peace of mind of knowing she'll be ready for the unthinkable. those classes are offered here every monday at 10 o'clock in the morning. the class, $25. reporting live . thanks for the information. there was a tragic way the start out the holiday. the pedestrian hit and kill beside asemi truck on i-15 near jean. it happened before ten this morning. the driver stayed at the scene, cooperating with troopers. we don't know why the victim was walking on the freeway, but we have been told that this is not a stranded motorist situation, so the investigation continues
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and the woman is dead after being struck by the driver of an suv last night just after six. police say the only was walking into the path of traffic outside of a crosswalk when she was of hit. traffic safety advocate erin says markings along the roadway may have confused the woman while she was crossing. >> she may have thought cars are going to stop for me so it's okay for me to cross. it's not for you to be legalling crossing the street you have to be in the crosswalk. if you're five feet out of the crosswalk you're at fault. >> that woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where she later died. she didn't have any sort of id on her at the time, so authorities are now trying to work through to figure out who she is. as for the driver involved this this crash, he pulled over into a nearby parking lot, stayed on the scene, and cooperated with police . new at five tonight, two weeks from tonight,
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2016 race for the white house. the iowa caucus kicks off the campaign season and three weeks ago after that it's nevada's time in the parking light. >> that's when both parties hold their caucuses here againing february 20. in the meantime we are on the republican cam ape pain itinerary. >>. two candidates, one whose chances are slim, the other who could win the whole thing. >> it might surprise you -- >> this one had a decidedly more serious tone. 8:00 a.m., the fire side lounge at the pepper mill. >> we already would have a president hillary clinton and we never would have gotten a president ronald reagan. >> carly fiorina, telling this jammed and cozy room she's in it to
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in the low signature single digits. >> thursday, get ready. >> i never attacked him on his looks. donald trump returns. his first stop here. over at 790, talk now, kevin is talking about one guy. >> trump, trump, trump, and more trump. they're angry and they want an angry an tv candidate and donald trump is their angry candidate. >> the donald was in virginia today courting evangelicals. >> we're going to protect christianty. >> trump arrives leading nationally but facing a challenge from ted cruz. back at the studio. >> now i think it's a two, maybe a three person race, i think ben carson is done. i think rand paul is
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>> don't tell this crowd, and this lady. >> i love her because she's honest. >> they don't think carly fiorina is done. >> i'm going to be there when she's president. >> and we should note that mr. trump within at south point on thursday. for all the can days the focus right now, of course, is iowa, that's where carly fiorina is headed after her stop-here and that's where donald trump will be spending much of his week. back to you . all right. it will be very interesting to watch over these next several weeks as the field gets whittled down. jeff, thank you. we want to invite do you watch your voice your future discussion on guns in america. it will be broadcast live tomorrow from at 4 o'clock and we're also streaming it lye at the support for the second amendment and president obama's efforts to tighten gun control laws . still to come here
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american prisoners getting a warm welcome home. >> tonight, a closer look at an emotional reunion after families have been brought together that have been apart for years. >> active on the pacific. it's one system after another. we'll tell you what that means for us weather-wise for the
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around the corner. . three of the five more thans freeed in prisoner exchange other the weekend, arrived germany last night. >> and now they are happy that they're being reunited with their loved ones, incredible moments today in germany as the family of the freed u.s. prisoner got to see him for the first time. >> stunning molts within one out of
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reuniteded inside the u.s. base. >> we are excited to see him home. >> that you were. >> thank you. >> his congressman was there to witness it. he says he hasn't seen that family so happy in the whole time he's known them. he poke to emir. he's had an incredibly traumatic time but that he too seemed happy and wanted to thank the people who supported him. >> i think about a person who spent four and a half years, much of it in solitary confinement, re-entering into the world as a free person, will take more than just a deep breath. it will take a little bit of help. >> now three of the five who were released are now here at this base. they are undergoing medical and psychological evaluations. it may take some time. >> there were also tense moments
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family of another prisoner, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian initially denyied clearance to fly. after negotiation, jason and his family were allowed to depart tot. finally it is still unknown why a fifth american prisoner who was free chose not to leave iraq police in morocco have arrested a belgian man. they say he had a quote, direct relationship to the attackers who killed 130 people in the paris terror attacks, the metabolism was arrested today. police did not identify him by name or explain his relationship to the paris attackers. but we do know that several of those terrorists were of mo rock can decent. here in this country, we lost another musician, glenn frey. the band's website says he died
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he was a guitarist who joined don henley to form the eagle. an eagles' greatest hits collection and hotel california are among the best selling album in history. the red cross ponce to many house fires across the country to help the affects familied. heather seas the need is great so make sure your family is fire safe. >> it can make the difference between life and death. when a fire does happen in a home, you have to only have minutes to get out before the home can become engulfed in names. if you have a smoke detector it gives you those extra seconds where you can get out.
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so many people, the volunteers in elder community partners sell more than 300 smoke alarms today the president and first lady spent part of their mlk holiday volunteering at an elementary school in d.c. the first couple helped plant venoming table seeds at a garden at the school and later they helped pack bags with books for kids in need . let's bring you back the vegas now. the annual parade honoring dr. martin luther king jr. it started at ten this morning. thousands of people lined the streets to watch more than 100 float, marching bands, dancers and motorcades. many parents telling us that this day is a chance for them to teach their children about the life of civil rights leader. >> i remember back when all this was first started with martin
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actually actually came true. thank god. >> my grandson's is african-american. and he's never experienced his culture being that we're in hawaii. so we thought we would take him out and introduce him to a few things. >> this local parade is one of the largest in the entire nation. it has been a las vegas tradition for more than 30 years that's pretty intense video to check out here. it's back to the drawing board for space x. their latest attempt to land this unmanned rocket on earth ended in a fiery explosion. it landed right in the build of the bull's eye. it happened when the rocket was trying to land on a floating bathroom in the pacific after it successfully launched a satellite into orbit today. the failed landing may have been
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fog during liftoff. so they had a many couple of failures. . let's talk about the weather. >> and as promised, it warmed up nicely this weekend. kevin. >> it did. especially today, jim and marie. started out soup i, but they didn't last that long. a view from the northern edge of the valley over the springs preserve. a great view. looking off at the strip. a build up of cloud this morning, but for those fortunate to have the day off, you were treated to a great afternoon. look at all the cars on the loop. it was well attended today. 60 degrees. that's still mild for here. we are at 5:18 and change. next stop takes us across town to
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they're down to 55 degrees. with wind has relaxed and jones and anna at 57. so we're not seeing much in the way of wind now. but for those of you in neighborhoods in the southern part of the valley, we had a few gusts at or above that 30-mile-an-hour threshold. not anywhere that down south. not much wind now but we had good gusts earlier today at the lake. so got to like that mild air we had. got up to 63 for a high temperature. five above normal. the morning low, 44 degrees, tomorrow, not quite as warm. we have a little weak disturbance coming through. we'll start in the 40s and work our way through the 50s before plateauing in the upper 50s. in the can it's a to today, not
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i think it's going to stay below ten miles an hour. look if the system banking into california. in fact, you almost need a giant straw sound because it slurped up every single drop. talking rain and snow, nothing made it across the sierra. there's another system coming in tomorrow. i think that's going to do the same thing. and another one behind that. we will get a few clouds out of these systems but the precipitation enjoyed by the sierra and and hopefully reforming in colorado. 39 overnight. high temperature for your attitudes, you're back the school, back to workday. lincoln 62. boulder city maxes out at 57. tonight we're going down to 43. just a few clouds out there, not much wind. tomorrow up to 58.
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a nice day. the seven-day forecast, no worries, 60s are coming back. in fact they're coming back as early as wednesday. all these systems are offering us cloud. we have waves of clouds going through but all the rain will stay far to the north. however i say that -- the one thing i want to mention is that a lot of these tomorrows are snowing in colorado and utah. the areas that are important to lake mead are about 100 percent of where they should be. >> nice. >> so far. >> that's great. >> knock on wood. >> whatever this is. >> it counts. >> thanks, . here at news 3 we are also working to bring you the best news experience possible solve we're giving our website a facelift. want to know when you can look out for that tomorrow morning. you'll be greeted blue a whole
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excited about it. if you fear change, don't worry. all of your favorites will still be in the same place. >>. >> we are also freshing up our mobile app. the good news is all you have to do is update to see the new features, head to the apple store or google play, and if you haven't downloaded it, it features top news . a 15-year-old girl hissing for months. new at six, we'll hear from her mother about what she thinks happened . and a performance coming to a screeching halt. new at six, what it had to do with hearing aids. those stories and much more tonight at six. >> still ahead here for us, got to adjust your budget a little bit. the post office is raising rates. >> it will cost you much more now to ship that next care
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. welcome back. the postal service is raising rates for some services. >> at least this comes after the holidays. starting sunday the prices of priority mail and priority express go up. priority mail increase almost ten percent p while the faster priority mail service jumps nearly 14 percent. this represents the first price increase in more than three years. there is a new item on the menu today. kfc rolled out a national new hot chicken. the new item is billed as combination spicy,
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it pays homage to a specialty at national. the tell us department of transportation is out with its latest list of on time performance by u.s. airlines. the on time average for all airlines combined improved in november, compared to the november before. but dropped slightly from the previous month of october. the airline rank number one, hawaiian airlines. rounding outs the top five, delta, alaska airlines, united and american . finally, nasa's green thumb is blooming aboard the international space station. this crop of flowers are the first flowers ever grown in space. astronaut scott kelly sent this out. they keep talking about this trip to mars, things like that
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>> really pretty. kelly said, look, it's true there are life forms out in outer space. we can say that now .
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us tonight. thanks for hav tonight, on the attack. hillary clinton
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support amid growing
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