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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. a woman is dead after police say she was struck by an suv. it thanked at -- happened at sahara avenue near valley avenue. >> reporter: police say the woman was crossing sahara avenue 6:00 p.m. on sunday. that's where she was hit steps away, 15 feet outside of the marked crosswalk you see there. >> to be this close it's tragic. a lot of people take their life in their hands on this street. >> reporter: that's what one woman did when she was knocked out of her shoes after walking in the path of traffic. >> it's a fast street. there is a lot of foot traffic but there are safe places on this street to cross the road. >> reporter: sahara avenue, a busy stretch of road with four lanes on each side. speed limit, 45 miles per hour.
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advocate erin breen said -- >> she may have thought cars are gonna stop for knee. so it's okay for me to cross. it's not. for you to be legal little crossing the street, you have to be in the crosswalk. if you are 5 feet out of the crosswalk, you are at fault. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows it's dark. the traffic stopping after the woman was hit. >> after a pedestrian, you have to light yourself up, which means bright clothing and lights and reflective gear. >> reporter: as for the driver, he pulled into a nearby parking lot and stayed on the scene. police say drugs, alcohol and speed all appear not to be a factor in the accident. >> that ruins a driver's life. if people are going the speed limit for the average time they see you, react and stop their vehicle they've traveled almost a football field, 100 yard. >> reporter: the woman was taken to a nearby hospital. these where she died. she didn't have any sort of identification on her at the time.
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authorities as they figure out who this woman is. back to you. >> thank you. a man walking along i-15 near jean hit and killed by a semitruck today. the accident caused a huge backup along the southbound lanes of i-15 as drivers headed back to southern california after a holiday weekend. nevada highway patrol says the driver of the semi stopped and cooperated with troopers. they are investigating it out there. but troopers are still trying to figure out why the man was walking along the freeway in the first place. they say he was not stranded. local volunteers 70 hours hoping to prevent house fires in our valley. red cross volunteers canvassed southern nevada to install smoke detectors and to hand out fire safety information. all of this for a say of service to honor dr. martin luther king. the red cross responds to many house fires to help the families
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community partners installed more than 300 smoke detectors atoday. a price war between three gas stations in michigan forced gas prices down to amounts we haven't seen in decades. one station, 47 cents a gallon. rough conditions didn't stop drivers from flooding area. this price war made michigan the first state to see less than a dollar a gallon gas in decades. by the end of the day, gas prices went up to around 1.47. a gallon. still feels pretty cheap at 1.47. >> absolutely. have you been enjoying the lower gas prices here in the valley? i know i have. it's not as low as michigan. they've been on the downward trend. says about 6 cents in nevada this week. >> it sounds great. not less than 50 cents a gallon but we'll take it. some are saying why aren't the prices here as cheap as other states east?
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and bonnieville with why. >> reporter: marie, there are some gas stations where the gas is 2.14 a gallon. at this particular costco, it's 2.27. but in other states, people are actually getting their gas below 2 bucks a gallon. don't expect that to happen here in nevada. >> i love it. i'm getting cheap gas. >> reporter: ailalfonso is more than happy to pay las vegas prices for gas. he's from california. and there in the golden state prices at the pump are definitely higher. >> 2.27 here, you no know, i think maybe the cheapest i found in k -- in california was 2.80 something like that. >> reporter: 2.27 a gallon to him is great. it's okay with us locals, too. but to the east of nevada, less is more. >> i don't think enough about it move to oklahoma but i just think it's wrong and they are doing it because they can.
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there's nothing we can do do about it. >> reporter: prices are low in california. but compared to the western region states they are still charging more for gas. nevada is about 2.43. texas is on the lower end at only 12.67 a gallon -- 1.67 a gallon. this college professor said he's not surprised by the higher gas prices in las vegas about our nice weather and all of the tourist attractions, fuel is in high demand and that means higher prices. >> maybe we're seeing the best of times right now. eventually it might get higher. with crude oil prices so low a, that's keeping gas prices low. that won't last for too much longer. >> reporter: when will the pump prices begin to climb? he thinks spring time. but for now, jim lang is gonna enjoy the low price in nevada
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>> you need gas, you will pay what you need to. not a whole lot we can do to change it. >> reporter: another thing to consider, taxes. in nevada, gas taxes are higher. in a state like texas, gas taxes are lower. sandra gondz, news 3. >> thank -- sandra gonzalez, news 3. protesters blocked traffic at the oakland bay bridge. it lasted for hours. the group called black seed calls itself an offshoot of the black lives matter movement. protesters drove onto the bay bridge in five cars, got out, chained themselves to the cars and each other. traffic was stopped. >> those are theimages from the news helicopter. these herehere are other images from social media.
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store raw brand ka shu pieces over possible salmonella contamination. they are pulling the product from shelves and asking customers to three it out or return it for a full refund. trader joe's says no one has gotten sick. the first case of the zika virus has been detected in the united states. a baby broen in hawaii with brain damage was confirmed to have the virus after the cdc ran a lot of tests. that virus is transmitted pie mosquitoes and mosquito -- by mosquitoes and has been linked to brain damage and babies being born with heads smaller than normal. the cdc issued travel warns for 14 countries in the crib bia and latinbe -- caribbean. so far no vaccine for the virus. a chilling 911 call sunday night apparently came too late to safe an officer's life. a woman tried to warn authorities in danville, ohio
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>> my ex-boyfriend is out looking to kill a cop. he has my house keys. he's got my truck keys. he has guns on him. >> that call came just minutes before officer thomas cattrall was killed. the knox county sheriff's office said his body was found behind. thea building. the sheriff's office is now investigating. the university of cincinnati settles a lawsuit with a family of a man shot and killed by you one of their officers. on july 19th. officer ray tensing shot and killed sam sewell dubose during a traffic stop. he said he shot almost after being run over. but the dub po.bose claim claims over way. the family will be paid $5.3 million.
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charges including murder and voluntary manslaughter. we want you to invite you to a your voice, your future discussion on guns in america. had will broadcast live on channel 21, cable 12 tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. we'll stream to for you live. this round-table discussion with cover the epidemic of gun violence in our country. support for the second amendment and president obama's efforts to tighten gun control. one day after the last democratic debate before the iowa caucuses. those sam candidates share a stage in south carolina. meanwhile, republican candidates spread across the country trying to sway voters to their favorite. ted cruz calls trump nervous as he gains in the polls. trump never mentioned cruz today. >> we are going to protect christianity. if you look at what's going on throughout the world, you look at syria where -- if you are a christian, they are chopping off heads.
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and christianity -- it's under siege. >> in iowa, evangelical voters would could sway the outcome of the caucuses two weeks away. you know when you call 911, you expect an immediate response, right? but one florida man's calls for help were left unanswered. >> we'll tell you what the dispatcher was so busy doing she couldn't pick up this emergency call. and two stars and counting. who refuses to attend this year's academy awards because of the lack of african-american nominees? and it's still storming on the west coast. i will let you know how will
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forecast. the all white race for hollywood's golden boy sparks a boycott. spike lee will boycott the award saying he will not support the lilly white oscars, those are his words, after a second year of acting nominations going only to white actors.
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jada pivlette jada jada pinkett smith is also boycotting. >> maybe it's time we pull back our resources and we put them back into our community into our program and we make programs for ourselves that acknowledge us in ways that we see fit. >> when with the academy announced the nominees on thursday, the hashtag oscarsowhite was trending on twitter, showing the disapproval of the nominations. a car smashes into an australian gas station nearly hitting a woman inside. this crash caught on surveillance camera as the woman disappears from site site. it appears the woman is hit but the car just misses her. store workers dragged the two people inside the car out to safety. police still investigating the cause of the incident. calls for help go unanswered at a 911 call center. it happened in florida because an operator was on a call of her own ordering lunch.
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now the local sheriff's office announced the results of their investigation into the september incident. nbc's natalie morales reports. >> reporter: it's an urgent call for help gone unanswered. >> he started to convulse, had a seizure, fell out of the exam chair, crashed. >> reporter: a patient at this fort lauderdale eye doctor had a seizure. but when the staff called 911 for help, they got no answer. now a county investigation says it was because of operator was busy ordering pizza. >> for delivery, please. >> this is the sunrise police department. what can i get for you? >> one slice of cheese pizza. >> the call goes on for over eight minutes with the operator taking time to double check prices. >> that one is 9 9.49. >> okay and i think that's all my cash orders and i have three card orders. >> the staff who depth with the -- who dealt with the emergency,
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>> i thought there would be more than one person answering the phones. i can't believe there was just the one lady. >> reporter: the patient recovered and was okay. the emergency operator who didn't respond for a request for comment received a written reprimand. the report on the broward county's investigation found during that time frame, she famed to respond to the income phone calls resulting in the 911 calls going unanswered and abandoned. but now fort lauderdale is re-evaluating relying on those broward county operators in the feature. >> we need to look at going back to our own police and fire and 911 dispatch system. we'll do that analysis. >> well, here at news 3, we want to give unthe very best news experience. so our website is getting a face lift. starting tomorrow morning, will have a whole new look.
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things that you love and still serve you will be in the same place. >> breaking news, weather, in-depth stories all of that and we're also freshening up the app. to update go to the apple store or google play to see the new futures. in case you haven't downloaded the app, check this out. you will get breaking news alerts, all of your top stories and your weather thoort in authority in your pocket. and cloerwy -- kleewy beardsley is here to talk about a love letter forecast. >> i guess that's one way to put it. take a look at the photos. we've been seeing off-and-on cloud cover. no exception today. we saw very beautiful skies across the area. check out these phenomenal photos. george romero sent this beautiful sunset photo in. if you have some pictures you would like to share with us, find me on facebook or go to twitter and tweet us the
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we love to share them during each of our newscasts. outside pretty calm conditions in las vegas. temperatures cooling down. we're in the mid-50s. 32 degrees for tonopah. still in the 50s and os along a -- and os along the california coast. you can see mostly cloudy skies in the san francisco bay area. puget sound seeing pretty cloudy skies as well as l.a. this afternoon we also saw the nice cloud cover early this morning. you could see a lot of sunshine later on in the day as we make a loop back home. now at red rock and a lot of sunshine across the las vegas area. earlier today, take a look at that. conditions outside right now, still pretty nice. if you haven't been outside, take that dog for a walk. why not? we're? the low 50s. low 50s for summerlin all the way out to the mid-50s to the east of us in the neighborhood. it wasn't all pleasant. now we're seeing the light wind. it was pretty breezy especially
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wind reached up to 29 for blue diamond and mountains edge. gusty areas outside of the valley. 41-mile-an-hour winds reported at mount charleston for today. much calmer conditions outside right now. cold, though. dropped down to the upper 30s in the mountains. 51 in pahrump and we're in the upper 40s for overton outside. we've been getting the back-to-back storms from the coast. today was no exception. another pacific storm making its way through the sierra. most of the precipitation stuck up in the mountains and of course, besawwe saw very dry conditions. not much change in our weather pattern. very calm conditions do continue but over the next few days we're going to continue to see the unsettled weather as you can see more pacific storm activity headed across the west coast. not so much storm impacted expected for our area, we'll see variable clowblg over the over -- cloud cover for the next
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the low 40s. very similar weather conditions compared to last night. we'll low in the upper 30s for overton and mesquite. mid30s for pahrump overnight tonight and tomorrow. it will be another nice and pleasant day. a lot of sunshine across las vegas with highs around the normal walk. winds reaping up to 10 miles an hour out of the southeast. at we take a look at the next few days, warm weather continues for our area with high pressure building in the region. we'll see temperatures peaking in the low 60s over the next few days. overnight it will become more bearable, especially friday night into sunday with the temperatures near the 50s overnight. not too shabby. and pretty much the only thing we'll see change-wise is the a of cloud -- is the amount of cloud we see in the sky. we've been seeing back-to-back
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precipitation. it's great for visitors. if you want to spend more time outdoors, we have the perfect whether weather -- weather for it. time for traditional business travel to get a modern update. >> what will this actually look like for your next flight or hotel stay and what will always stay the same -- coming up. and a myth creature appears for millions of people on twitter.
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boston -- with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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well, traveling in 2016 is going to look very different from last year. >> and you can thank millennials. details from chris clackum. >> reporter: millennial business travelers are credited with big changes in the hotel industry. >> they have money to spend, but they are not brand loyal and they are looking for an authentic experience and more technology-driven experience at hotels. >> reporter: the latest rooms without a desk because they are more likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now the 20 and 30 somethings are getting credit for what's called bleisure travel.
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who tacks on leash chur travel to their trip. >> reporter: that means hotels are offering business travelers even more leisurely things to do. and notes that the airline industry is taking notice offering, for example, seats with more plug-ins for mobile devices. >> we'll see more spaces for laptop and tablet storage with some of the newer planes coming out in the new year. >> reporter: so she says millennials are driving change but should be booking spring and summer travel right now. chris clackum, nbc news. time to get a look at what's next at 11:00. two police officers killed in two states over the last 24 hours. it raises questions over how much do they risk every day to serve and protect. new at 11:00, the numberses
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of after you an officer is. those stories plus breaking news as it happens tonight at 11:00. if and one creature is not so secretive on social media. >> he's the yeti. he makes a comeback in bost on celebrate the recent snowfall. there he is. the mythical, magical. kind of looks like jerry garcia. in order to shovel snow, he needs size 4 xl gloves. >> squashing the myth that the abominable snowman is elusive. he appeared last winter in boston and now he's asking for some help. >> need a starbucks. he's coming to the party. >> 4 xl gloves. >> chloe, you need to get him
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>> that does it for new lights, camera, access. i will not be at the academy awards. and i can't help but ask the question. >> who else is joining jada in her oscar boycott? i'm billy bush. you may be surprised to hear who she's calling out to take action on the diversity issue. >> that is the place of true power. >> i feel like a different person. i always felt -- >> hayden panettiere's first red carpet since her postpartum depression. and forget the look on her face. miley's engagement ring is back
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