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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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otis holland finished up on the stand. the defense rested its case. the prosecution finished their rebuttal case. but today, really all about that verbal battle between robert langford and otis holland. take a look. from the start of his cross-examination tuesday morning, special prosecutor robert lakeford langford and otis holland went at it. >> i have witnesses. the state has turned them into victims now. >> would you just answer the question, mr. holland. >> i am. you're interrupting me. you are interrupting me. >> stop. stop. you have to listen to the question. >> reporter: on several occasions, judge stefany miley had to intercede and gain control. >> be more specific, mr. langford. >> i think he's he's a trickster. >> may we approach the bench? >> no. just ask your question. mr. holland --
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>> reporter: langford had holiday getting him to answer many questions without a combative response. >> they were to testify on my behalf until your officers got ahold of her and threatenedder to had change her statement. >> reporter: the pastor add m admitted he had sex with the girl at the age of 18. >> if you disagree with it, you are not the law. it's legal. that's who dictates what's wrong and what's not. >> reporter: just as quickly as holiday left the stand a witness claims. >> and 16. >> that's when the sexual contact began? >> yes. >> reporter: the pastor will soon learn if he's found guilty or not. just a couple of final steps. tomorrow afternoon, the trial
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afternoon. the judge will read jury instructions to the jurors and then they will hear closing arguments followed by deliberations sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> thank you. be very careful if you are headed out tonight, those roads are slick. we saw some crashes, one involving 7 cars. >> kevin is here with a look at what's in store for tonight. >> it was the worst kind of rain, light rain before the afternoon commute. that million made the -- really made the roads slick. the storms managed to reenergy once re-energized once they to .10. lake. now off to arizona. we're done. we could get a stray sprinkle. but that would be it. it's already approaching pahrump and southern nevada. probably through 9:00 and 10:00
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going. the seven-day forecast is coming jim? >> thank you, kevin. what's taking so long? that's the question some are asking wondering why nothing has happened to cliven bundy or his sons for standing up to the federal government with guns. jeff guillen is on the bundy beat for us. >> good evening, jim. progressives and their allies went before microphones. they had one simple question, where is the department of justice? it's been three weeks now since anti-government protesters with bundy backing took over the oregon. it's become almost two years since the government backed down here to avoid bloodshed in bunkerville. >> but now i don't know why there hans been action. i want these people in jail. >> reporter: what happened in 2014, when the government backed down in bunkerville is a
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poverty law center that tracks militias. >> that moment became more than sort of a standdown from federal forces. it became a victory from the anti-government patriot movement in this country. >> reporter: at this point, lawmakers, native-americans, even a conservationist say bundy and his clan are wrong. >> the only issue we have is by this extended nonaction situation is giving legitimacy to these groups and it's making them seem as though they are correct or right in their actions. >> reporter: in bunkervilles, the cattle continued to graze which set off the clash over unpaid fees. >> the cattle roam free going through the land and at the same time as going through sacred areas. >> reporter: in nevada, it's popular to bristle at the fact that the federal government owns 80% of the land. even though some want it back,
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>> one brush fire and, you know, that we know can -- as you've seen them in california can cost our state millions and millions of dollars and who is gonna pay for that? >> reporter: the standoff continues in oregon and here. i did reach out to the justice department but did not get a call back. i also tried to reach cliven bun did you bundy but was unsuccessful. we're learning more about the man killed walking along i-15 in jean yesterday. we still don't know why he was there. he was 23 years old. justin prokop from pennsylvania. troopers still do not know why he was walking along the freeway but witnesses told them they saw him walking on and off the roadway. so far the crash is under investigation. new at 6:00 we've learned it was an argument over college grades that led to the deadly gunfire inside a henderson home earlier this month. that's according to an arrest report news 3 obtained from henderson police. 22-year-old darren clanton is
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father, kevin. according to the report, when the father asked to see his son's college grapeds that's when he learned his son had not been enrolled in college for more than a year. the two argued. police say that's when the 22-year-old grabbed a gun from the master bedroom and shot his father as he was walking toward hill. the younger klanton said he continued to fire until there was were no more bullets. a bogus 911 call led dozens of police to what they believed was going to be a shooting s so officers swarmed a home off sahara and hollywood looking for the gunman. the people who live in the house looked outside the window to find several police lights. police say the call came from an upset lover wanting to harass them. antonio castelan joins us live from metro police headquarters with what happened. antonio? >> reporter: anyone charged with
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spend a year in jail. >> there's nothing i want to do to them or say to them. he goes his way. i go my name. >> reporter: it's the message this man has for the individual who has placed bogus 911 calls into metro police. this morning, the caller told police a shooting was happening at this house off sahara and hollywood. >> i told police if i shot a gun here, wouldn't there have been more than one call? >> reporter: charmscharles says this is harassment from his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. charles said the man threw rocks in the windows. >> i can't speak for someone else. >> reporter: metro police say
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[ no audio ] >> officer needed immediately. >> reporter: charles hopes the harassment stops. >> i can only take so much. like i said, i don't want any confrontation with anyone. >> reporter: police stress that the situation is not an -- if the situation is not an emergency, call 311. >> if you ever have a legitimate medical emergency there are now more options to get an ambulance blans to to you more quickly. >> why the company says it's a win-win for business and when it comes to saving your life. and part of the strip will be shut down tonight for a movie production. why we may have to get used to these little inconveniences because hollywood coming to las vegas more than ever. then the water crisis in flint, michigan. the growing frustration of
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pressure on state and federal leaders to do more than to deal with the crisis.
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steve ross wants the sit to take on the state public utilities commission over that move to raise rates for solar power users. the new rates have spurred homeowners. some have filed lawsuits. ross thinks the city should consider offering financial support to homes and businesses systems. the ordinance would form an independent committee to advise city leaders on developing a sustainable program. on this. we've been working hard on our las vegas. we have been for years.
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we've won awards. in light of that, we had to do something different. >> ross is hoping the city will move quickly to get the ordinance passed. a private ambulance company is ready to begin services here in clark county. commissioners voted to begin operations. the big question, what does that mean for residents? the company's head said better service. our reporter is live from desert inn. what are they saying? >> reporter: yeah, reed, community ambulance will provide service to roughly 150 square miles of clark county. that includes henderson, boulder city and federal land. >> motion passes. >> reporter: a local company is about to jump in the market and change the game. >> reporter: community ambulance's coo brian rogers. >> we seem to be prone to having
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happen, you have extra 20 ambulances not only to respond to the incident but to respond to other people that need 911 service. that's truly a benefit. >> reporter: this means new jobs, 60 people full time and more ambulances added to the company's fleet. the amr director disagrees. >> i don't see an an improvement on response times. there's only so many paramedics an emtss. >> reporter: clinton mallory expects calls to tripper triple from 25 a day to 60. >> my position is about to get very busy. >> reporter: the company will take care of 20% of 911 calls taking emergency calls along the i-15 down to primm and mccarran airport. >> being a bill fish in the bowl, it's a great feeling. >> reporter: michael charletop
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>> the grays who -- the guys who grew up here no better feeling than to respond. >> reporter: and that's the goal, to hire the community they serve. >> not only is it an adrenaline rush but to come home from a shift knowing that you made a difference doing something that you love. >> reporter: and the company will begin responding to nonemergency calls starting february 1st and emergency calls on april 1st. reporting live, back to you. >> shorter response times sounds good, thank you. a special thank you for the county's finest who were the first at the scene of that awful crash on the las vegas crash last month. >> firefighters, police officers, trauma doctors and nurses all recognized by the clark county commission for their efforts on that day. the crash started out in front of planet hollywood, went up the strip toward the paris, bally's.
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police say the crash was intentional. it was done on purpose. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway faces a number of charges, including murder and felony hit and run. >> good to see them getth getting the credit they deserve. wish they didn't have to serve but glad they were there. >> absolutely. we've had rain and slick roads that could be a big factor later on tonight. there a big hollywood production planned for the strip. >> that's right. one of the largest chases in hollywood history to be filmed down there. could it be delayed by rain. i don't think so. i believe we'll be drying out. with the high husmd -- humidity levels, it may take a while. we were looking up at the mountain springs summit up there, it was all liquid. the road was just wet. no ice between las vegas and pahrump. same thing at the lodge. this was a warm winter storm.
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that's at 7700 feet but check out the ski area up at 9,000 feet. it was definitely snow and plenty of it coming down with huge flakes and wind for about an hour or two earlier this afternoon. of course, they are always happy to see that. back in pahrump, our ram camera, watch hue the pavement goes -- how the pavement goes from dry to wet quickly. and then the rain started to fall there. let's check in with the lodge, about .3. temperatures still at this hour above freezing. but that really won't last for a whole lot longer. western part of the valley, charleston, 215, over .10. 97% humidity. down in henderson, 95, they had 7/100ths. they are still hitting at 47 degrees and 80%. so some neighborhoods just had a trace of rain, not quite enough to be measured but everybody else a few 1/100ths. part of town, .10. more than that as you go into
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outside of the valley, nothing too impressive as far as the rainfall totals go. sandy valley, over .10. at mccarran, the official rainfall total was 5/100ths. that puts our 2016 total pretty much where it should be and that mass. high today only 51. 7 degrees below normal. we'll not stop at 51 tomorrow. morning. on our way to a high temperature that should find the 60s with sunshine and not too much in the wind category. winds should stay less than 10 miles per hour. a lot of cold air. we've been telling you about this the last couple of days in the midwest working to the east as it is -- i'm ga yoen sneeze here. -- i'm gonna sneeze here. we have the storm coming up to the northeast. don't be surprised if we have a foot or two of snow later this week in the northeast. our storm system, that last week
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last week was saying it's gonna rain on tuesday. yesterday it doesn't look that impressive but it was impressive enough to guide showers through the valley and now pushing quickly through parts of arizona. we're pretty much done. the clearing line will work through california. expect to see stars later tonight. this next system, that looks impressive. that's gonna go more to the north. i think we'll only get clouds out of that. lows 28 on the mountain. 36 in pahrump. 39 in mesquite. high temperatures tomorrow, boulder city at 516789 51678951. for the las vegas valley, clearing 44 degrees. again, that clearing should take place after about 10:00 tonight. maybe even a little later. plenty of sunshine, though. that's what the clearing will do. we're setting the table for what should be a nice wednesday. so low 60s tomorrow and that pattern holds into the weekend. the overnight lows more comfortably, not comfortable, but more comfortably than they were, at least in the 40s. so no threat of any real deep
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those may be done for the season as we're turning to a more milder pattern at this. thank you. this is the -- i've never done that before. >> now you are prepared. >> you were here the one night we came on camera and boom. >> first thing i did. >> we show that video a lot. hours of entertainment at your expense. the new -- the new "bourn identity" is being shot here in los angeles. in a couple of hours from fla min now, flamingo to trop will be shut down. >> this is what visitors on the strip captured and posted on social media. metro police just released details about more closures
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it's gonna happen between flamingo and trop between 8:00 tonight and 7:00 a.m. universal pictures said the film is expected to be released this july 29th. we might as well get used to the idea, a big production in las vegas. experts say the film industry is growing right here where we live. >> it's a good thing. part of the reason for that, the tax breaks offered to filmmakers. state lawmakers recently approved financial incentives for productions shot here if they hire enough local employees for the production. there's always a catch. one local company called las vegas production studios is big. down near sunset and eastern to accommodate the growing need. >> we're so film-friendly here in las vegas, not only from the economic scale but from the permitting of it, the wide open spaces. we have everything from snow to with the to desert, to bright lights, to the city. we have infrastructure. >> they said they worked on a
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last year and already have 35 slated for 2016. so double the number. we should say that chase scene douse sound -- does sound pretty cool. we'll be there live tonight at 11:00. still ahead for us tonight, it's called the zeet kaw -- the zika virus. >> the warning for pregnant women and guidelines for doctors treating women who have traveled certain areas of the world. as the shelves go up at the new las vegas ikea store, the company is looking for hundreds
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how you can apply -- straight well, that huge ikea store getting built in the southwest
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the company says it's now beginning the process of looking for the right team to make sure you get your meatballs and home decor. they are looking for 300 people to hire. it has openings for sales, interior design, customer service, safety and stock and a lot of other opportunities. you can apply online. for the link, go to our website, the company offers a bonus program, 401(k) program and tuition assistance. the store is opening this summer. a lot of people excited about that. >> i wonder if you get an employee discount on the furniture. >> who can we sign up to do that? >> exactly. >> right? a gray thownd bus heading from los angeles to san francisco crashing. >> two people were killed. more than a dozen injured. ahead at 6:00 what the driver is admitting to authorities. and ben carson temporarily suspends his presidential campaign. the reap, several staff members
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