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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the new "born identity" movie is being shot in the citying it's shutting down a major portion of the las vegas strip. >> police say there will be closures between flamingo and tropicana in one hour. likely you will be seeing cones being put out soon and those closures will last until 7:00 a.m. late last night and overnight the strip was shut down at harmon to shoot a scene. >> universal pictures said the released this summer. we'll have more on the strip closures tonight on the cw news at 10:00 and news 3 live at 11:00. fireworks in court as a former las vegas church pastor rushed to the stand. thank you for joining us. i'm marie more terra. >> i'm reed cowan. while on the stand, otis holland refused to answer questions from the prosecution with only using single word answers. twice the judge admonished him for answering questions with pointed answers directed at the prosecutor.
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described meeting one victim and then argued with the defense. >> the looks he gave knee was veryingrashating. >> it was very different. >> and that look said she wanted to have sex with you. >> it didn't have anything to do with sex. maybe if a female looks at you -- >> this has nothing to do with me. >> it has nothing to with with sex. you are saying that. >> holiday's trialholland's trial is expected to conclude tomorrow. a suspected drunk driving crash leave as henderson father fighting for life in the hospital. >> it didn't have to be this way says his family who are so sad about this. kelsey thomas has the story plus could the ride sharing companies have prevented the company. >> reporter: gorin never wants another family to feel the way he feels right now.
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suspected dui driver. he said a split-second decision after a night of drinking can have deadly consequences. >> it doesn't hit you until you get to the hospital and see him. >> reporter: the pictures tell the story. it's hard to believe the driver brandon be aer abernathy is still alive. gordon says at 6'3" and 330 pound is his brother is a fighter. >> we know he will keep fighting. >> reporter: on sunday on the 215 near warm springs, highway patrol troopers say 24-year-old niko fenceky was driving drunk and the wrong way. >> if you are intoxicated, take a cab. take uber. we have plenty of those here in las vegas. >> reporter: it turns out popular ride sharing apps like uner may be saving -- uber may be saving lives. madd says the app is driving down alcohol-related crashes and
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>> i think that's sternly debatable -- certainly debatable. how do you quantity the numbers? >> reporter: this woman is with stop dui. >> we do not get the statistical report until sometimes 12 to 18 months after the previous year. >> reporter: but it's all good news, says madd, whose president lost her own son to drunk driving. >> if that technology was available, he could possibly be alive now because he could have gotten his own ride. >> reporter: technology gordon thinks could have protected his brother. >> you are too intoxicated, you don't teen run the risk of hurting yourself, you run the risk of hurting other people. >> reporter: the suspected dui driver is still in the hospital tonight. he was also injured in the crash. once he's released, he will be booked into jail. kelsey thomas, news 3. a tribute to first responders who helped in the aftermath of the deadly crash on the las vegas strip one month ago. firefighters, police officers,
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recognized by the clark county commission for their efforts. the crash in front of planet hollywood killed one tourist and injured 36 others. some critically. the police say the crash was intentional. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway faces numerous charges, including murder and felony hit and run. now to a live look outside where scattered rain showers fell all across the las vegas valley throughout the day. >> we are your weather authority. we have our entire team tracking the radar. chloe, what's happening tonight? >> things are actually calming down right now. overcast skies outside. but look back in time. you can see the showers across the mount charleston lodge. take a look at that. late this afternoon and into the early evening is when we saw the shower activity also overcast conditions with light showers across pahrump for today, and of course no surprise in the valley, we did have some people slowing down on the roads because of the light precipitation across many neighborhood today.
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outside right now, here is where we got the most rain. mostly in the southwest portion of the valley. take a look at this mountain edge, about 9/100ths. you can see more showers under .25 in blue diamond. we'll see the showers continue tapering off. we're mostly cloudy outside right now. we're pretty much done for the night when it comes to seeing the shower activity. maybe an isolated shower or two but really we're pretty much done with the storm for this evening. temperatures outside right now, ranging from the low 40s in summerlin all the way to the upper 40s to the east of us this evening. as we take a close look, we have been tracking the storm activity. this storm packed a little more punch as that precipitation made through the las vegas valley. you can see very quick-moving system in over the past hour. here is a loop a of the radar, mostly cloudy conditions. an isolated shower or two but from here on out. the rest of the evening, just the clouds.
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not too much change temperature-wise over the next few hours. still don't see a lot of cloud with skies become partly cloudy after midnight. i will tell you what, we saw cooler weather because see saw so many clouds. it didn't get too warm because of that. but tomorrow warm weather headed our way. i will tell you how hot it's expected to get coming up. >> a warmup. thank you. republican presidential candidate, ben carson has canceled all campaign events after a deadly crash involving volunteers. carson's campaign confirms the four were traveling through iowa when their van hit ice, flipped vehicle. one of the volunteers wake take on a trauma center where he later -- taken to a trauma center where he later died. las vegas's new temporary mayor said the city will take on the puc a move to raise rates
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steve ross says he will sponsor a new ordinance to promote the growth of the solar industry in las vegas. he described the puc's move as a mistake, one which the city will fight. to do so, the new ordinance will offer financial support to homes and business owners. people who want to invest in solar energy. the plan will help pay for energy saving improvements. the ordinance "the formation of an independent committee of industry leaders to rs have the city of las vegas on developing a comprehensive strategy. >> the city couldn't be silent on this. we've been working very hard on las vegas. we have for a number of years. we're very proud of that fact. we've won awards for it even. i think in light of that cat different. >> he says the city will work quickly on getting the ordinance officially presented. the future ikea is already employee -- future employees when it opens the doors. >> if you are looking for jobs,
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more from news 3's sandra gonzalez. >> reporter: all of the managers have been hired. now they are looking for the employees all of the applications are online and they are looking to hire about 300 people. >> we all have a great sense of excitement. >> reporter: everything seems to be falling into place. the huge warehouse is being built on schedule. now the search is on for employees. >> we want someone who likes working with people, who has good initiative, entrepreneurial spirit. these are not desk jobs. you definitely need to be up and about throughout the whole work day. >> reporter: ikea's joseph roth says there are hundreds of openings and people are applying through the web for a variety of positions. lots of positions. >> from interior design, food service, to the more traditional, you know, retail sales and customer service and warehouse reaccomplish -- replenishment. we're very excited.
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competitive but benefits are fantastic. >> even if you work only 20 hours a week, you are still eligible for full-time benefits. >> reporter: he says ikea offers 401(k) matching, tuition reimbursement, a pension program, a bonus program, paid training and vacation when you start working. once hired, these employees will have to go through some training, may even have to go to some stores in the southwest and this store opens in the summer. sandra gonzalez, news 3. >> if you would like to apply or check out the openings we have a link on our website, live in the fast lane, the music world has lost another legend. glenn frey. >> how the musician's special talent struck a chord with generations of fans. come on out. come on out. >> burning rescue. a mother and her baby are trapped when their apartment goes up in flames.
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firefighters 'helmet cameras capture a dramatic rescue. take a look. >> hey. >> that is what it looks like when firefighters in fresno, california were called to a two-story apartment complex over the weekend. a mother and her infant were trapped inside a second-story apartment filled with smoke. the fire climbs the ladder to the twoekd-store window takes the child and then lowers that infant down to safety. the mom along with six other adults inside the complex were also rescued. the complex owner thinks a homeless person started a fire in a stairwell. researchers in germany developed a drone that can land itself on a moving car. the researchers demonstrated the aircraft successfully landing on a vehicle traveling at about 45 miles an hour. the system originally developed for safely landing a fragile solar aircraft without any landing fear.
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tracking system detects the car and there it lands. they suggest the technology could be adapted to let drones be built without wheels to let them stay in the air longer. well, calling an uber may soon take on a whole new meaning. uber is said to be partnering with airbus on a test program to provide helicopter rides on demand. according to an uber spokesperson has confirmed the partnership and said a trial run will take place at the sundance film festival that starts later this week. prices and roll out plans were not yet revealed. paging a chopper. go to lunch over the mountain. outpouring following the shocking death of glenn frey. >> he died yesterday in new york city after battling complications from rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia and a
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here's carson daily with a tribute. >> reporter: glenn frey's talent struck a chord with generations of fans. in his career spanning more than four decades. he moved to california as a young aspiring musician and hit it off with a drummer named don henley in 1970. >> from the first rehearsal, i felt we were working on a style of music none of us had ever heard before. >> reporter: the two got together and formed the eagles. one of the greatest song-writing teams of all times allowing the new genre of country rock to take place. living it up at the hotel california >> reporter: henry credits frey for starting it all. the group turnled the state of california into a sound landing them five number one hits, six grammys and five amas. their popularity outlasting
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they split in 1980 which left frey going solo. the heat is on >> reporter: he burned up the charts with several hits on his own including an acting career on "miami vice." the group reconciled in 1994 and was inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame four years later. henry now reflecting saying, he was like a bra urto me. we were family. and like most families, there was dysfunction. i'm not sure i believe in fate but i know that crossing paths with glenn frey in 1970 changed my life forever. >> well, las vegas's newest concert venue will host the first reunion concert for a very popular band. the t-mobile arena opens in
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weekend will be gunsin' roses. rose -- gunsin'sin' roses. tickets for the las vegas show go on sale this saturday at 10:00 a.m. welcome to the jungle. >> uh-huh. well, the las vegas valley experienced some showers today and the big question will there be more to dumb. >> that's -- more to come. >> we'll check in with cloely. where do we stand now? >> we're starting to try out which is good news for people who are anticipating the warmer weather, which we do have on the way. before we get to that, you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words, we're what we were like yesterday, you can see a nice blanket of new snow. thank you george for sending in the pictures. if you have weather photos, find me on facebook or tweet me and i will get those on the newscast for you. it's almost picture-perfect
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a quick look back in time, you can see some showers at the mount charleston lodge for this afternoon. no exception for pahrump as well. light showers across the area. we'll show you the rain totals in just a second and in the valley, the storm, the peask storm that -- pacific storm packed a little bit more punch and brought us rain showers across las vegas this afternoon. as we take a look, that storm is starting to clear out and move out of the area. we'll take you in a little bit closer and just over the last few hours, you can really see the storm activity moving east and clearing up across the area. mostly cloudy skies do continue and we'll continue to see much clearer conditions overnight tonight with those skies becoming partly cloudy much later on this evening. but no more activity on the radar. things are gonna be much calmer overnight tonight. you can see as we take a look over the next few days. high pressure will start to build in over the region. that's gonna keep conditions very dry across our area.
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we've had a series of these systems impacting the west coast over the last several days even weeks. another one on tap for us towards the end of the workweek. looks like it may bring us the clouds. taking a look at some of the snow and rain totals across the area, just over .25 at the mount charleston lodge for your train. sandy valley school, light showers hoefer .10 of rainfall there and tech academy also a nice amount of the showers measured so far. rainfall totals for portions of the valley, you can see some of the -- most of the showers to the south of us. we're a little bit drier to the northeast. you can see the mountain 9/100ths. still light rain showers. light measurements. nothing for north las vegas. just a trace, if anything. very light conditions for the downtown area. blue diamond got a night amount of showers there. as we take a look at temperatures dropping in the 40s. still 50 for nellis right now.
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low 40s a lit chillier in sum -- a lit chillier in summerlin. things will continue to cool down quite a bit overnight tonight. before we move on another look at those rain totals. you can see very light showers in pahrump as well as overton as well as bowder city. cloudy skies will continue temperatures. slightly above normal and a little bit cooler compared to last night. so cool conditions are expected overnight tonight. regionally gonna be a chilly night. lows dropping in the low 40s foreoverton. upper 30s for mesquite. mid-30s by pahrump by the yit overnight. highs tomorrow will be colder. the cloud cover kept us from getting too warm. tomorrow, upper 50s for mesquite. low 60s for overton. more snipe for las vegas. temperatures well above normal projected for the las vegas valley. as we take a look at the next seven days, we do have high pressure that will continue
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that will bring us a nice pleasant warmup by the end of the weekend. by the end of the week into the weekend, excuse me, with temperatures peaking in the low 60s. 63 degrees i see you right there saturday. and that second storm that we talked about friday into saturday, just gonna bring us extra clouds. we will -- it's difficult predicting the precipitation over the mountains but it does not look like it's gonna fizzle into anything major. >> and then clearing out. >> thank you. special sendoff. a boy with terminal cancer has one wish to cross off his bucket list.
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social netflix plans to bring an emphasis towards family shows. they will make a special effort to produce programming for children and families this year. netflix will offer 20 new programs in the category which will be left by next month's premiere --[ no audio ]
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from helmets to golf balls. chargers have an option to move their team to l.a. next year. they would actually share a stadium with the former st. louis rams who now call los angeles home. if the chargers denied not to make the move, the raiders would have the option to head to l.a. coca-cola has a new slogan. it is taste the feeling. it's the soft drink's new catchphrase. what do you think? this will be used to advertise coca-cola and market the other coke brand products such as diet coke and coke zero. the company is hoping the new slowen will help it -- slogan will help it overcome declining sales and profits and concerns about the health effects of the sugary drinks. tonight at 11:00, a contractor receives death threats and his expensive car is turned to ash. >> the controversy assignment that put a target on his back. >> and then what would you name
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an international group wants to know what you would name it those stories and breaking news as it happens tonight on news 3 live at 11:00. what would you name the moon? >> i don't know. have to think about that. >> after your child, i'm sure. [laughter] >> absolutely. a touching story, the residence in one rhode island town came together in such an cirbl way to make the dream of a boy with terminal cancer come true. >> still wonder if there's any good people left? 8-year-old door dorian murray has been battling cancer for half of his life. he told his parents he would like to be famous in the world before he goes to heaven. so his family took to social media to try to make that happen. look what happened. they used the hashtag bestrong and mere than 250000 people from
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all over lights, camera, access. >> we love that ring. >> yes, the ring remains on. can the same be said for their engagement? as clues continue to come in, we can unveil the new man in selena's life. did jamie foxx fight through flames to pull a man from this car wreck. >> he sprung into action. >> i will not be at the academy awards.
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serious flak from one of her
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