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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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details headed your way. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack on a university. it's left 20 people dead. dozen more hurt. police are saying that heavy fog in that area allowed the gunmen to enter the university before security officials could discover them. not known how many gunmen were in the attack but four of them were killed. >> dana: breaking news out of pakistan. thank you for waking up with the waggers in. we want to get a check on traffic right now. tom just leaving the roof of this building memos ago. i hope you are headed for the strip and the end of this movie shoot that closed down this part of the strip between tropicana and flamingo. going to check back in with tom in a few memos. let's check in with jeff. >> jeff: we have team traffic.
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i could hear tom taking off. we'll check in with him in just a bit. this is what we're looking at here with the latest installment of the movie, matt damon continues his movie shoot. will have the strip shut down which. if it plays out like yesterday the shooting should be wrapped up soon. as we look at the rest of the commute, 15 and tropicana there is an accident reported there. sky 3 will be over that soon. 15 south bound you are looking at 17 miles per hour and your travel times today if you are 15 south bound between the bowl and tropicana slow at nine minutes. 515 north bound clear at 13 minutes. tom is up in sky 3. now? >> tom: we're going to head down to i15 and tropicana. we're in route as we speak
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charl state of nevada there is screen. you see things moving up to speed right now. on the agenda a trip to 15 and tropicana to check out that accident and also of course spending some quality time on the strip with matt damon and town. >> kelly: weather is looking good for them. we had rain yesterday. the clouds will be decreasing as today. mostly sunny skies by 4:00. 49 by 9:00 a.m. 55 at noon. we are looking at highs today in the 60's. how long they are going to last though and when we could see up. >> kim: so your bird's eye view moments. but we're taking you there live right now. >> dana: looks like they are filming a scene behind you.
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this behind me what you see, this is the scene that has been shot for the last couple of hours. this was a car chase and everyone you see walking around me are extras. great job. how long was your day today? 12 hours. and your job was to walk down the street every time the car chase happened. how many times dudo that today? >> 27. >> hundreds of times. >> and you got to do it again tomorrow. go get some sleep. >> they are just wrapping up here and you can see they've been working hard. that group of people, their job was to walk down the street every time the car chase would take place behind us. they shot down the strip last night between flamingo and top from 8:00 to 7:00 this morning so they could shoot this scene. this is what the set of the movie looks like and it's not often we see the strip shut down. it's happened a couple of times. but it's not out of the ordinary to have movies shot here in las
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it's awesome to be able to see this. this is the latest matt damon movie. and i know that he has been spotted at the aria this last week. i haven't seen him this morning. the person who was driving the car in the chase scene looked a lot like him. i'm told it's a stunt double. they are going to wrap everything up. there are police officers who were part of the chase. have you the county fire department out here. if you are headed in this direction, streets are expected to be closed down for another hour here as they wrap up and we're expecting this is going to continue on. if you have to drive through this area this morning be aware there are going to be holdups. there were yesterday and probably so today. i would take a different route if you have to get down here before 7:00 this morning. if you come after expect a couple of extra holdups as you make your way through the las vegas strip. >> we're going to continue to
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i'm going to post up a video i just shot of that chase scene that happened, the last one the day. >> kim: if you are not on social media, we have that scene as well so we'll share it live on the program as well. >> dana: they have to wrap because this is a nighttime scene and the sun is about to come up. the skies are beginning to lighten so that would tune effect. so they have to wrap by 6:00. >> kim: you know why they are using the stunt double. matt damon's money maker is right here. he can't crash. >> dana: some of the ladies saying he is foxy. >> kim: he is not going to win an ugly contest. the largest show concerning guns on planet earth is in las vegas as we speak, not far from
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>> dana: 60,000 people in town for this giant gun trade show which is not open to the public. >> reporter: it is not. it's the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show or shot for short. that is where all of this will be taking place beginning this morning. at the same time we're getting information from an activist group that says nevada's gun death versus surpassed motor vehicle deaths for the past six years in a row. they are using that as a point for people to think about as this gun show is in town. the gun industry hold the trade show this week in las vegas. the violence policy center says that nevada is a state where gun deaths have out numbered vehicle deaths four years in a row. 429 gun deaths in nevada versus year.
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the expo and convention center. it's closed to the public and it is the largest gun trade show in the world starting today ending on friday. you can see the people are getting ready this morning. doesn't appear it's open yet but the doors are decorated with gun scene emblems. one of them promoting a brand of a silencer on the front of a gun at the entrance doors here. what people will see inside, there are civilian versions of military weapons. there is assault rifles, pistols and shotguns and another display
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piercing you entry into their business. police say the high-rise fire on new year's eve likely caused by exposed wiring. the fire at the hotel happened just hours before a fireworks display happened nearby at the world's tallest building. photographs taken after the fire show exposed unconnected wiring between two apartments on the 14 and 15th floors. >> kim: wait until you see this.
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that is the defendant on the stand. boy was he testy. he was animated before. he trumped that this time around. we have it all headed your way. >> dana: the runnin rebels hit the road for the first time under their interim head coach. how did they do for todd simon? we'll let you know next. >> kim: tom taking us back 40 years and we have glamour and show biz mixing it up that has to do with that show girl in the
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tom ties it with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses,
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yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> kim: welcome back on this wednesday morning. the driver of the bus that crashed killing two people says he was tired at the time of that crash. >> dana: according to officials it's not known if the driver
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was tired. in addition to two deaths nine other people were taken to the hospital including the driver. >> kim: in our own backyard the jury in the holland trial could start deliberating by this afternoon. it's what happened on the stand yesterday that has everyone talking this morning. holland is charged with raping young members of his own congregation. he wrapped up testimony yesterday. there were fireworks, a lot of tension between holland and the special prosecutor. and the judge in this case had to step in several times to break up the two. >> i had witnesses of course the state has turned them into evidence now. >> just answer the question. >> i am answering the question. >> answer the question. >> you are interrupting me. i am answering it. you are interrupting me. i want the jury to look at me. >> stop. >> answer the question. >> that is something you don't see very often in a local courtroom. the prosecution did finish their
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that means closing arguments start today. if hole hand is found guilty, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> dana: three up, three down for the runnin rebels. they played in youth teenaging on the aggies and the rebels in playing loose. at least they were indoors and not outside. it was really cold there. rebels win it. first road game under the interim head coach. jones , jr. with the dunk. the rebels play on the road saturday night against unr. let's see if they can get
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>> kim: if simon keeps this up, pitino is not going to have a job here. reading the sports page and they were talking about rick pitino possibly taking the job. >> dana: matt says he has sources within the athletic department and from some boosters there that say rick pitino is interested in possibly coming here. he makes more than $4 million a year. the base salary for dave rice was 700,000. if they can come up with $4 million plus a year, maybe. >> kim: you maybe get what you pay for. you have your runnin rebel red on. i know they were in utah the other night. the bitter cold finally arrived. >> they have been seeing snow out in out and colder temperatures than what we've been dealing with here at home. this is a look from yesterday.
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clouds and you see the showers move in and disappear. have you the rain showers you can see. and the clouds starting to break up around sunset yesterday. actually made for a pretty sunset out there as well. farce the temperatures are concerned right now, a little warmer than what they were this time yesterday because we have more cloud cover that has been hanging around. paradies 47. downtown at 45. henderson at 47. here is a look at the sat late. we have clouds hanging around right now but clear skies to our west and that is what is moving in in the afternoon hours. drier conditions and the afternoon is looking nice. here is what we're seeing as far as the forecast for today. decrease in clouds las vegas valley. light variable winds, high today 60. overnight tonight mainly clear conditions. it will be colder, 40 for the
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our seven-day forecast, better conditions tomorrow. mostly sunny skies all day, 61. few clouds on friday, 63. we're going to keep a close eye on saturday with a chance for showers and breezy conditions as well. >> tom: what are the odds for the second day in a row there is a big accident involving a limo on the strip? this is at the entrance to the aria. of course they have a microphone, camera and the scene as well and the police protection. it's shooting for the matt damon movie coming out this summer. the strip is closed down. looks like they are letting one lane of travel through. but the closure continues in that area. we'll take a quick peek in and spy where they are setting up for another morning. as we continue team traffic, i don't know if you've been there yet or not but it's something everyone should try at least once at the mandarin.
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and i'm glad we pushed into that instead of a hotel room to be safe. thank you. some of the other trouble spots, the strip has the movie production wrapping up. we have this accident on 15 north bound just after tropicana so watch out for that. as you make your way into the spaghetti bowl, 21 miles per hour. travel times not bad. 15 south bound is slow at 8 minutes. 215 north bound clear at 12 minutes. and 11 minutes from downtown to 215. it is wednesday and we look forward to wednesdays here because that is a video vault wednesday. we're going to sky 3 and tom, take it away. >> tom: the complicated past of the las vegas strip includes the glamour of production shows and the presence of the mob n. one case they were combined as seen in a new exhibit at the mob museum that is a collaboration
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back in 1959 let's start with the opening of the tropicana. >> changed the town and it was elegant, sheikness that americans recognized. >> the focus on the women was accentuated by what they wore. >> it's interesting to note the gorgeous jewels used which are quite expensive and a lot of the hand work now we don't see in costumes. why bring a show girl display to the museum? this man. >> he became the executive producer of the tropicana, not because he had a great deal of expertise with production shows but there was no chance he would get a gaming license to run the tropicana. >> they weren't able to get the loan and there was an opening for the mob to step in. >> just as he started, brigs
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>> this actually was a kink in the mob's plans to skim from the tropicana until they gained her trust and he ultimately was very involved in tropicana even though she owned it. >> i came in with 6.4 million. and within 24 hours there was 1.5 million of that 6.4 million left. >> as the show girls entertained, the foreign disappeared, eventually $11 million. >> it's a giant octopus that you couldn't satisfy. it was a bottomless pit. >> what they didn't know is that law enforcement was watching them closely and that ultimately they were caught. >> he was a federal witness last spring. >> all as the glamorous costumes
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>> they are a symbol of the connection between the mob and the tropicana. >> he died in 1983 soon after flipping against his bosses. he worked low wage jobs until passing away in 2013. it closed in 2009 and the coassume display opens tomorrow evening while the main collection remains in the nevada state museum. >> dana: the mob very much alive in the 19. >> anchor: 's here in las vegas. we all know that. >> kim: here is a homework assignment for you. go home and watch "game of thrones." that's an assignment and you are getting college credit for it. we'll explain it all when "wake up with the wagners" returns. >> i really enjoy because you are not married. and you don't want to be married. >> i've never been married and i
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now that i'm 40 i'm like ok i could see getting married. now that i'm past the hump of people saying are you going to get married because i'm so rebellious i'm like i'm not going to marry anybody. now that nobody is asking watch me get >> >> guess how far a sneeze can travel. >> i don't know, but don't hit
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>> tom: what exactly is going on over here i'm not quite sure so let's try and figure it out together. got a bunch of police cars over here until the east lanes. this car out in the desert lights on. but we don't know exactly what happened. that was investigating eastbound on bonanza with the right lane shut down. >> kelly: we're going to take a look at the temperatures as you are getting ready to head out
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harris elementary again. since he is a college professor teaching this course i wonder if he knows where john snow lives. >> dana: we saw you die. are you going to be in the next? the season is coming up soon. >> kim: speaking of college. this is down right shocking. college graduates asked what is judge judy's y here what they thought. there is a sneak peek on your
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we have the full >> dana: smooth c. a news 3 exclusive. a man robs a jewelry store. it's caught on tape. up. >> kim: palin and trump together on stage making the announcement that the former governor of alaska is supporting donald trump. where they are supposed to be campaigning today and you will
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nevada, answer headed your way. >> kim: welcome into the program. it is 6:30 on this wonderful wednesday. thank you to patrick and tom for providing these gorgeous live pictures on your screen as we speak. >> dana: because the sun is coming up, they've had to shut down the movie shoot. the strip was shut down and will be for probably the next 30 minutes or so. they are shooting that movie and jason being chased by a couple of police cars there at harmon and the boulevard. this is part of the movie shoot you are taking a look at right now as he skids around the corner. you see one of the cars has the film camera on top of it. i think they had a double driving the car for jason but it's cool. >> kim: absolutely. you know what is nice is michelle has been doing a
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location. tom, that was actually michelle's video she shot there with her cell phone. i encourage everyone to follow her on social media because she has other great stuff to share as well. >> tom: the strip was shut down when we were there a few minutes ago. let's show you this picture here from our video we shot just a moment ago. this is where we had a vehicle go off of the u.s. 95 north and valley view and apparently go through the chain link fence and settle up in the desert there. people are checking that out. back to a live shot. it looks like that is an accident with no injuries but kind of a mystery why it is out there in the desert lot. you see several police units on the side trying to figure that out.
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but it's an odd accident over here. >> jeff: let's take a look at the freeway commute right now. we're monitoring 15 north bound because there was an accident there not seeing any flowing on the freeway. we're going to push into the bowl 19 miles per hour if you are coming in on 15 south bound. your travel times today on 215 clear at 12 minutes. summerlin parkway clear at 15 minutes. >> kelly: we're looking at a few clouds out there as we are getting this day started but decreasing clouds as we head into the afternoon. 60 at 3:00. we have warmer temperatures on the way. we are watching a chance for rain for the weekend. we're going to explain coming up. >> kim: thank you. it's 6:33. it's a story you are only going to see here on news 3. a local jewelry store robbed and
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you see the person who police say is responsible. the suspect checking to see if anyone is behind him or watching from the counter. then he goes into action grabbing things within the display. we're talking about $20,000 of jewelry he makes off with. the owners hope someone watching might recognize this guy. we're getting decent pictures of him. check out that shot we've been able to bring closer to you for your view. if you recognize this person, you can remain anonymous yet help local police solve this crime by dialing the hot line number. >> dana: happening today the woman accused of intentionally running her car into dozens of people on the las vegas strip will be in a local courtroom today. that is her from a prior court appearance. facing a murder charge in the crash that left one person dead
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of the paris hotel last month. clark county d.a. says toxicology test showed she had marijuana in her bloodstream. her three-year-old daughter was in the backseat of that car at the time of the crash. >> kim: still to come that sweet and salty combination that people used to love. the frosty and fries with the whole dipping going on. this is another major restaurant that is getting in on the action but there is travel involved. we'll explain ahead. >> dana: a 95-year-old man forced to face a jury for accused crimes from decades ago. what he did that has him facing more than 3,000 counts coming up. and kelly has a check of your weather forecast as they wrap up the movie shoot on the las vegas strip. still shut down between
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should be back open by 7:00 >> kim: welcome back to the program. mcdonalds is turning french fries into a dessert item but you have to go to japan to taste these fries smothered in chocolate. >> dana: they call it a wonderful salt and sweet thing. >> kim: did any of you guys do
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would go to wendy's and get the froesy and fries and dip the fries in the frosty. >> jeff: i thought mcdonalds was doing the healthy thing. a lot of people do this. they get the milk cuds and popcorn and put them in together. >> kelly: i've never done that. i like trail mix. that's the whole salt sweet thing. the temperatures as you are getting ready to head out the door and a live look where we have cloudy skies out there to get this day started. 44-degrees is what we are looking at right now. winds light. here is a look what we're expecting for the kids on the way to school. 47 on the way there. 60 on the way home. we will see quite a bit more sunshine and more in the forecast as well. >> jeff: let's take a look at the roads right now.
6:33 am
and sunset. it's a traffic incident. we'll keep our eyes on that. 17 miles an hour south bound if you are coming in on the 15. slow moving as well on the 95. and you see that went from yellow to red. that means 15 south bound is starting to slow down right now. nine minute stretch, knock off one minute from that to the bowl. and 515 northbound 14 minutes. >> dana: the strip should be reopen any minute as they are wrapping up the film shoot. >> kim: our producer got in my ear and said we're going to have more of that movie action headed your way. matt dame non-not the only star in the news this morning. jamie foxx talking about hiss real life experience on the
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>> tom: traffic is moving once more on las vegas boulevard. hollywood has moved into the parking lot nearby. we'll have an update on this and more from sky 3 in just a moment. >> did you hear about this, british lawmakers yet yesterday to start debating whether or not to ban donald trump from entering the u. k. it's crazy. if anyone should get along with donald trump, it's british lawmakers. >> you are the weakest link, goodbye. >> you don't need it to be
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sitting next to a with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing.
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okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider with high-speed internet from centurylink. >> dana: let's go live to the las vegas strip. >> reporter: you can see behind me nothing is going on because they wrapped about a half hour ago. they are done for the day but we were out here all night long and all morning we've been watching them shoot this one scene and we have video to show you. they are doing a car chase scene here and it's neat to be able to stand here and watch and see how
6:37 am
you see it from behind the scenes. i was told i got a little bit of information people wondering if matt damon was out here. he is not part of it. this was a stunt double that was driving this car. they pretty much are all cleaned up. the strip has reopened. it was supposed to open at 7:00 this morning. i talked to the production crew and they said they are going to be out here again tomorrow so expect more delays. they shut down between flamingo and top from 8:00 to 7:00. expect something similar tomorrow. they are going to be shooting one other day this week. cool to be able to see this going on out here. go to our social media sites if you'd like to see more pictures and video. cool to be able to see this here in our own backyard. >> dana: they shot that one scene over and over and over again. michelle had a chance to interview some of the extras.
6:38 am
the strip, act like you are a tourist and they had to do that over and over and over again. >> kim: they said they did it at least 27 times. >> dana: after this program we have more local news coming one the cw. >> kim: and a preview. >> good morning. imagine trading your puppy for drugs. that is one what man did in florida and we have the disturbing details of this. >> did you know you can whiten your teeth with get this, some things you don't think about when keeping your mouth healthy. tips that can help keep your mouth in good shape. that and more on channel 33.
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that about broccoli. >> kim: you know what apar gus does to our pee? try it out and report back to me. tmi happens all the time on "wake up with the wagners." might as well be a part of it. >> i know what happens. >> kim: i can't tell you how wildly entertaining it was for me to watch nbc live coverage yesterday as sarah palin and donald trump were on at the same time. i have the feeling ted cruz is not field with what sarah palin had to say yesterday. >> what ted cruz is saying is i love sarah palin, she's a friend. he said i wouldn't be in the senate without her because sarah palin supported his 2012 senate run. what is happening here is she's
6:40 am
cruz to donald trump. you saw them together in iowa where ted cruz is making a run at donald trump. she's decided to pull all of her super conservative support, the women who follow her, the evangelicals who follow her in the party and throw all of that toward donald trump. this could be a good thing for him because these are areas he hasn't been as strong. when he was at the liberty university trying to get more evangelicals on his side. certainly the sarah palin factor will help that. you have people in the party with reaction online from supporters of trump this morning going i really like the donald but stay away from sarah palin. she is a very polarizing figure, sometimes within the party.
6:41 am
this is going to have. cruz has to really nail down his image of the conservative candidate. we'll see what impact that might have. >> kim: let's go deeper into this portion of the discussion. your colleague calls her the half governor. i'm trying to get to her relevance. fox news dropped her like a hot cake. couldn't garner enough spoofer her interruption for her fans and had to drop that. how relevant is her support this these days? >> the fact we're talking about her is relevant. she's a big name among conservatives. she has a following. she also has a lot of people who don't like her brand of politics. so donald trump has the numbers.
6:42 am
he's had more trouble pulling support are evangelicals. he's out there trying to make that effort. sarah palin on his side is only going to help with that particular group. >> kim: that is why we love checking in with you live every morning because you provide context you can't see anywhere else here in southern nevada. thank you. we'll see you tomorrow on our program. >> dana: republican candidate ben carson suspended his campaign for a few days following the death of one of his staffers in a car crash in iowa. carson talked about the young man yesterday. >> braiden johnson was an amazing young man and i had an opportunity to get to know him. the thing that impressed me the was. >> dana: three other passengers from this car crash were taken
6:43 am
you can see the magnitude of that crash on your screen. >> kim: a 95-year-old former paramedic at a nazi death camp, the one we've all heard of will be going on trial in germany next month facing charges of being accessory to the murder of more than 3,000 people. he was stationed there from 1943 to january 1944. the trial for this former paramedic will start up february 29 after a court deemed he is fit to face trial that understand december. >> dana: a hero on screen but jamie foxx playing a real life hero just a few days ago. he and another good samaritan helped free a driver from this burning crash. crash happened just outside of jamie foxx's home in california. yesterday the driver's father and jamie foxx hung out together with the driver's father
6:44 am
his son's life. he says he's no hero. >> as we pulled him out [indiscernible] . >> jamie foxx saying he just did what anybody else would do in the same situation. the driver is 32 years old. he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> kim: tom will deny that he's a superhero but we know he can fly. let's they can in with him with a bird's eye view of the morning commute. good morning tom. >> tom: we're in sky 3 and have not had any matt damon sightings interrupt had amy shell sighting.
6:45 am
waiving but i saw us michelle disappear into vegas ink. i think she just got a fresh tattoo. looks like they are opening up lanes on the strip. we have this odd ball accident at valley view and 95. looks like a car busted through the chain link fence there making the exit from 95 north. went through that grass area and came to a stop. we're not sure what the story is there but at least it is not having a traffic impact as we continue team traffic. >> jeff: on this wednesday things are looking ok. just slowing on 15 south bound. 18 miles per hour. worse coming in on 95 into the bowl. so miles per hour. your travel times looking all right. 15 south bound account for extra time between the bowl and tropicana slow at 8 minutes. lake mead and downtown is slow
6:46 am
16 minutes on 515 north bound between 215 and the bowl. >> kelly: we're looking at cloudy skies on your commute to work this morning. not so much on the way home. throw your sunglasses in your purse, you are going to need them later. here is a live look outside, we are seeing this overcast conditions across much of southern nevada and temperature wise here is what we're seeing as you are heading out the door this morning. paradise 48. anthem 43. we got a lot of clouds out there but they are going to start breaking up. clear skies to our west and that is moving in throughout the rest of the day today. here is a look at the temperatures, pahrump high today 59 is what you expect. boulder city 58. looking at 60 in las vegas today as well. decreasing clou heading throughout the day today. 61 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies.
6:47 am
you are looking at the cast for this movie. isn't that exciting. >> dana: all star cast. thank you. time for the water cooler. they are the worst heroes ever and they are all together for one explosive movie. >> what the hell is wrong with you people? >> we're bad guys. that's what we do. >> dana: that is mar go. the movie is suicide squad.
6:48 am
will smith is the assassin dead shot. this is scheduled to hit theaters in august. i don't know if it has enough action though. so pete rose is going into the hall of fame of the cincinnati reds. it was announced yesterday. remember he was permanently banned from major league baseball in 1989 for betting on baseball games including games in this he managed the reds. he has not been reinstated. major league baseball will allow him to get into the reds hall of fame. his jersey will be retired in late june. we know judge judy right. what is she? >> he's a judge we know that. she's a member of the supreme court? no. >> kim: is that a trick question? >> dana: they asked a thousand
6:49 am
they had a list of four names on it including judy sheindlin. 110% of the 1,000 college graduates named her as a supreme court justice. >> kim: maybe we focus on a >> >> guess how far a sneeze can travel. >> i don't know, but don't hit
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>> pro good morning. good morning. enthusiastic endorsement. >> heads are spinning. media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. >> sarah palin jumps on the band
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