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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 20, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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the state also dismissed the count of leaving the scene of an accident. >> marie: that was a big surprise in court today. shortly after her arrest holloway was on suicide watch. today her attorneys say she is in protective custody is now stable. holloway returns to court february 4th when ther attorneys will tell the judge if they're ready to set a preliminary hearing in the case. >> reed: are taxi cabs in las vegas over charging riders? according to a report released by the state the answer is yes. get this, by almost $50 million a year. at the center of the report is that $3 credit card processing fee that taxis charge when you need to swipe to pay. the nevada taxi cab authority which oversees the taxi cab company approved the credit card fees which the report calls excessive adding the charge should be no more than $0.90. the audit recommend as i bol irk the authority suggesting clark county or the nevada
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>> marie: new revelations over hillary clinton private email server. some some of the information designated above top secret. >> reed: that's according to a letter from the inspector general. the letter says clinton received emails about special access programs while secretary of state. she has been under fire from republicans for using a private server as our secretary of state. they are above top secret in classification level. but the presidential campaign and the state at the present time deny that any information while she was secretary of state was mishandled. new at 3:30 p.m. this could create even more fallout for the clinton campaign. >> marie: national correspondent jeff barnd talks to experts about the sensitive information and what it may mean for hillary clinton's campaign.
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the intelligence community inspector general, the top lawmakers on the hill last week, as reported first by fox news, states mrs. clinton had emails about special access programs or sap's while secretary of state on her personal server. sapp's are often intelligence gathering programs run by the pentagon and the cia. >> that's how secret these documents are. there's nothing more secret. this is it. this is as severe as it gets regarding the critical protection of information. >> reporter: intelligence sources close to this case tell me that sap's are so sensitive that certain intelligence community officials actually had to request additional access above top secret just to even look at the documents that were on secretary clinton's perm server. secretary clinton has said her use of the server was permitted by state department rules and emails were not classified at the time. clinton campaign spokesperson brian foulen pointed the finger to partisan politics. it's alarming the intelligence community ig working with republicans in congress continues to selectively leak materials to hurt hillary clinton's presidential campaign. with less than two weeks before the primary and caucus season and with mrs. clinton in a tight race with senator bernie
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smells blood in the water. >> you already see marco rubio up with an ad in iowa and south carolina attacking her on her national security credibility. >> reporter: hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states. >> someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander-in-chief. >> this is very, very serious. and obviously could impact secretary clinton's presidential ambition. but are we right [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: in washington i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> reed: the inspector general started investigating the emails at the request of gop lawmakers last year. >> marie: there are new developments in the war on terror today. michelle marsh takes it from here from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm michelle marsh. the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack at a university. 20 people were killed and more
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four gunmen stormed the university campus in the northwestern town not far from paubl. the gunmen reportedly began breaking down doors shoot at students. the man suspected of heading up this attack is the same who led a taliban attack on a school in pa shower in 2014. a new report says 19,000 sicilians were killed in iraq between -- civilians were killed in iraq. the report attributed to most of the violence to isis. in washington i'm michelle marsh. >> reed: another rough day on wall street. the dow, nasdaq and s & p closing in the red after crude dropped below $28 a barrel. the index at its lowest day level since october 2014. the latest low in what's been the worst start to a year on record for the stock market. world stocks also fell sharply today.
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in crude oil prices remain the main cullprits for the mayhem. >> marie: an american imprison ford 18 months has been reunited with his family. jason rezaian and his family waved as they left the medical center in germany. the "washington post" reporter was convicted of espionage related crimes by an iranian court last year. he and several other americans were eventually freed in a prisoner swap last week. rezaian says for now he wants to on in the world, even watch a warriors game or two and see the "star wars" movie. >> reed: more than 181,000 bottles of water for flint michigan have arrived. we're talking about cher. pallets arrived at the food bank in eastern michigan. last saturday cher and water company icelandic glacial announce they'd were partnering to bring that water.
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food banks and firehouses and will focus on low income housing areas. cher is taking on half of the cost with icelandic matching the donation. >> marie: apple looking to open a few stores in india. they've filed a request to open stores with the indian government. a spokesperson who confirmed the filing didn't say how many stores the company wants to open. india is home to 1.2 billion people and the smart phone market there is growing. internet users in pakistan yesterday welcomed the return of youtube a day after the government removed a three-year ban. youtube agreed to launch a local version that allows the government to filter out material it considers offensive. they banned access in september 2012 after an anti-islam film uploaded to the site sparked violent protests across major cities. under the new version the pakistani telecommunication authority can ask for offending
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users of the website were happy with the decision. >> reed: microsoft preparing to issue a recall for surface pro power cords. the software giant plans to voluntarily recall those power supplies for the surface pro. the surface pro two and number three models sold before march of last year. the company says those power cords that are wound too tightly, twisted or pinched repeatedly can overheat. power supplies for the latest surface pro four are not affected in that recall. microsoft reportedly says it's going release details on how customers can obtain a free replacement power supply in coming days. >> marie: uber has scored an exclusive deal to pick up and drop off passengers at super bowl 50. ticket holders will be able to use uber for transportation to and from levi stadium in santa clara. it is the first time a ride haling company will be able to pick up and drop off riders at the super bowl stadium. at a super bowl stadium.
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officials have banned companies like uber and lyft from transporting fans going to the big game. a new study finds more and more young adults are not getting a driver's license. according to the report, just 76 percent of people ages 20-24 possess a driver's license in 2014. but that is a sharp decline from nearly 92 percent back in 1983. at least two factors are coming into play. the emergence of ride sharing service providers alternatives for many students and new vehicles are becoming less affordable for debt strapped students and grads. >> reed: new at 3:30 p.m. when it comes to the shape of a kit bar courts in europe tell nestle give me a break. britain's high court refused to allow nestle to trademark the shape of a four finger chocolate coated wafer known as the kit kat. rivals such as cadbury want to produce a similar bar. the two companies have gone to
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european court of justice. nestle has failed since 2010 to trademark that shape in the u.k. i've seen other chocolate bars with the same shape in the uk. go figure right. >> marie: exactly. the thing is, kit kat's very popular in other countries. for example if you go to japan they have a kit kat bar in all the different flavors. ahead in the video vault, 40 years ago a new producer took over the lavish folies bergere at the tropicana. >> reed: but joe agosto's background was not in show business. it was in in separating people from their money if you know what we mean. the mobster and the show girls coming up. >> marie: close call as mother nature leaves behind a big mess for drivers. a look at the rocky chaos when we come back.
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>> chloe: we're lucky enough to see beautiful blue skies across the area. a quick look at the forecast for this evening. calm conditions. temperatures dropping into the upper upper 40s by nine. while it may be calm right now, thing thats are going to change over the next few days. another pacific storm getting ready to enter the coast again. i'll let you know how it could
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>> reed: some video vault stories deal with show business while others are about the mob. >> marie: today tom hawley he is talking about both.
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of the tropicana's follies bergere. . >> it came to town with sort of an elegance, panache, a chicness that americans recognized. >> reporter: costume curator karen says the focus on the woman was accentuated by what they wore. >> it's just interesting to note the gorgeous jewels that are used which are quite expensive and a lot of the hand woishg that now we don't see in costumes. >> tom: why bring a show girl display to the mob museum? this man better known as joe agosto. >> he became the executive producer of the folies bergere not because he had a great deal of expertise but because there was no chance he was going to get a gaming license to run the tropicana. >> it was a money issue. they weren't able to get the loan and there was an opening for the mob to step in. >> tom: just as the started the
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according to content director jeff schumacher. >> this was a kink in the mob's plans to skim from the tropicana. until they gained her trust and, you know, agosto gained her trust. he ultimately was very involved with the tropicana even though she owned it. >> when i came in i did come in with $6.4 million. and within 24 hours, there was $1.5 million $1.5 million of that $6.4 million left. >> tom: as the show girls entertained the fortune disappeared. eventually $11 million. >> it's as if the tropicana was part of a giant octopus you couldn't satisfy. it was a bottomless pit. >> what he didn't know was law enforcement was watching closely. and that ultimately they were caught. >> agosto was a federal secret witness in the conviction last spring of kansas city crime boss karl sa vito, and former casino
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>> tom: all as the glamorous costumes were paraded in the showroom. >> it is a symbol of the connection between the mob and the tropicana. via the foley bergere, tom hawley, news 3. >> agosto died in 1983 soon after flipping against his bosses. briggs was penniless and worked low wage jobs until passing in 2013. >> marie: the display opens tomorrow evening where the main collection, while the main collection remains in the nevada state museum. >> reed: let's continue talking about this today. do you have a great story that tom hawley could use for his video vault segment? tweet us at... you can also talk to everybody here at the station at news 3 lv. >> marie: or perhaps have a mem memory would you like to share. >> reed: time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at
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>> marie: medical marijuana dispensaries opening across the valley. why the medical marijuana industry is getting a once over by las vegas officials. >> reed: he may be leading the republican candidates for president. but at five find out why nevada democratic senator harry reid is holding nothing back when it comes to donald trump. those stories plus your forecast and a check of your traffic tonight on "news 3 live at five." a programming note we want to share today. the "today show" with hoda and kathee lee are taping here tomorrow in las vegas. welcome hoda and kathie lee. we're going to be live with hoda and fill in anchor jenna bush during our 6:00 a.m. hour. kathie lee is not going to be there. jenna bush is filling in. we're going be live when news 3 michelle velez will sit down with those ladies. for michelle. snow continued to fall in a wide range of areas in japan want to take to you the central japan area.
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the depth reached about three-and-a-half inches! the asian capital in western japan saw accumulation of one-and-a-half. parts of the northern most main island experienced record setting snowfall along with a strong wind. look at the people bracing against that white stuff. three feet of snow fell within 24 hour. the snow is expected to continue tomorrow. a rock slide forced the closure of a road north of fresno. officials say a heavy rain caused the slide yesterday which closed the highway for a ten-mile stretch in both directions. no cars were hit by the rocks but the roadblockage did cause a minor accident. cal trans crews worked throughout the afternoon to remove the rocks, big boulders and debris. even though crews cleared the area by mid-afternoon they kept the highway shut down because the hill kept sliding. >> reed: major airlines preparing for the possibility of a massive snowstorm to hit the
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american, south west and delta among the airlines issuing travel waivers to customers ahead of the storm. the airlines say they should know later today or thursday whether they will have to cancel those flights. >> marie: bring you back here to southern nevada where we were showing you beautiful images from outside. and, boy, it's nice to be here. here we are. temperatures looking right. >> reed: this is dog at the door wanting a walk, wagging their tail weather. chloe beardsley our weather authority. . >> chloe: we've got breathtaking beautiful skies today. very warm weather does continue for the las vegas area. at least for this time of year. currently in the 60s right now. we're seeing mid-50s for san francisco. 60s along the coast. mid-60s for san diego. we're going take a quick road trip along the coast. you can see mostly cloudy skies across the pujent sound.
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in san francisco. gorgeous sunny conditions in san diego today. pahrump seeing a few high clouds clearing out this afternoon. also much more shun sunshine across the mount charleston area. waking up to clouds this morning. lots of sunshine this afternoon. as we take a look outside. nice clear conditions again continue across the area on the -- looks like the east side of town. temperatures mid-60s right now at charlotte hill elementary school. west side upper 50s at palo verde high school. temperatures right now you can see the variation right here. low 60s to the east. slightly cooler just to the west of us in the valley. the lakes at 60 right now. upper fifties for green valley outside. pretty light to moderate winds continue. outside the valley temperatures right now low 60s for pahrump. mid-60s overton. 56 on the dot for boulder city. we do have high pressure that remains over the region that's bringing us clear weather conditions and not too much change with our weather pattern. that could very well change over the next few days. at least short term we're going stay fairly dry.
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that is going to bring a bit of a change in the forecast. mostly just the clouds as this area of low pressure continues to move east bringing some cooler weather along the coast. you can see already bringing precipitation to parts of the pacific northwest. here's what we're expecting over the next few days. again, high pressure remains over the region keeping us dry for the next few days. but as we get closer to the weekend the system making an impact again on the sierra and across portions of california. again, mostly bringing us just the cloud cover for now. conditions tonight. we're dropping to the low 40s. slightly cooler compared to temperatures last notice. a look at the regional temps upper 20s mount charleston. mid-30s pahrump overnight tonight. upper 30s overton and mesquite this evening. highs tomorrow will be toasty. looking at upper 50s for mesquite, overton. 62. really beautiful conditions expected at lake mead tomorrow. upper 50s boulder city and 60 for your projected high for
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we're going wake up to lots of sunshine. the clouds start streaming in later in the day. temperatures just slightly above our normal for this time of year. as we take a look at conditions very mild weather will continue. here is a look at the wind speeds throughout the entire day. light winds will continue for the afternoon. and as we take a look at the next seven days. as that system passes through, expect winds to kick up slightly into saturday. but, other than that,, not an incredible amount of change headed our way. just a nice warm up into saturday with temperatures peaking mid-60s. after that dropping back down to slightly 50s. maybe additional koud cover from the system. other than that looks like we're going to be fairly dry with a little breeze over the next few days. >> marie: definitely taking out the dog this weekend. they deserve it. >> reed: do you like cheese? >> marie: of course. >> reed: jim gets me this trader joe's pepper cheese. but today we're talking about why we are talking about cheese.
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cheddar. today is national cheese lover's day. did you know there are more than 2,052 rights? according to the usda americans eat more than 31 pounds of cheese each year. does that mean americans each eat 31 pounds? >> marie: i believe so. i am going to guess a lot of that is on pizza. now we're hungry. brick by brick, block by block a new skyscraper stands tall in detroit. this six foot tall skyscraper is made entirely of legos. more than 50,000 of them held together by gobs of glue. it is a model of detroit's renaissance center on display at the north america international auto show. the creation is one of ten lego landmarks that will be on permanent display when a new lego land discovery center opens this spring. >> reed: how cool. i always love when you say gobs of glue. it's never a bad newscast if you say globs of glue and gouda cheese. >> marie: takes you back to when we had like play time and recess.
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legos in the break room. >> marie: and cheese. >> chloe: when i get cheez-its i eat like ten boxes. >> reed: that does it for "news 3 live at 3." family feud is up next. hello i'm mark hyman. most journalists shy away from criticizing the children of politicians. it's an unwritten rule of journalistic ethics. the "washington post" adheres to these rules. until its mrically convenient -- politically convenient to ignore them. the post was hands off towards jfk's young children. the kids of cam lott were not criticized. lbj's kids were older and out of the house. no were nixon and ford's. amy carter was school age when her dad became president and the post steered clear. reagan and bush 41 had grown children. teenager chelsea clinton was off limits.
3:55 pm
hands off status at msnbc. an ideological partner of the washington post. reporter david schuster was sus pnded from the network in 2008. his offense? he criticized the then 28-year-old's campaigning on behalf of hillary. the post had no problem criticizing twin daughters of bush 43. they were college freshmen arrested for under-aged drinking. but there was no criticism when college freshman amy carter was arrested. the post has not criticized the obama girls nor should it. but in 2005 the paper published a rather lengthy takedown of the four and five-year-old adopted children of john roberts. bush 43 nominated roberts to the supreme court. and before christmas the post published a cartoon depicting senator ted cruz's little girls as monkeys. yep, the "washington post" won't attack young kids.
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