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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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amounted to nearly $50 million. the report even suggests the taxicab authority be eliminated. here's more. >> reporter: the taxi authority is the agency that regulates the taxi industry here in southern nevada. they have an authority board that can approve things like fees and surcharges, essentially whatever the customer hour rider is paying. this latest audit that was just released seems to incade that riders may be paying too much. the taxicab authority has faced challenges before but this time it may be too much for the agency to survive. a state auditor just released a 2015 fiscal year report that shows significant flaws within the cab fare structure, inflated fuel and credit card use charges which when combined amounted to approximately $47 million. charges customers probably didn't need to pay.
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>> reporter: the clark county commissioner is a former taxicab board member. he was shocked by the report. one suggestion by the auditor was to eliminate the taxicab authority altogether and bring in a separate regulatory agency. that has at least one cab company owner concerned. >> any time you have change people are nervous. i don't know who is gonna be -- you don't know what the rules are gonna be, you don't know the players, you don't know what the future is. >> reporter: the auditor also suggested adjustments to the fee structure, including dropping the credit card use fee from $3 down to $90 cent -- 90 cents. turnly, taxicabs and limos and uber are all regulated by separate agencies. the commissioner says that may need to be changed as well. >> it might be prudent to analyze whether all of this should be put under one umbrella so you can compare the regulation and have
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>> reporter: the taxi authority will likely try to start implements these changes right away. if the state wants to dissolve the agency, that likely won't be possible until the 2017 legislative session. back to you. >> we have reached out to the taxi authority for the reaction to the authority. so far our calls have not been returned. the woman accused of driving her car into a crowd on the las vegas strip now faces new charges. lakeisha holloway appeared in court, including battery and new counts of child abuse, neglect and endangerment. charges of leaving the scene of an accident were dropped. police say she had her 3-year-old daughter in the car when she intentionally drove onto the sidewalk in front of the planet hollywood. after the crash, lakeisha holloway was on suicide watch. defense attorneys will decide if the case is ready too mob forward with a preliminary hearing. bill clinton will be in town tomorrow.
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hillary clinton at the advance technologies academy. doors open at 6:30 p.m. the program starts at 7:15. presidential candidate clinton was in nevada earlier this month for a dinner with senator harry reid and bernie sanders and martin o'malley? every time you see an ad on tv you know it takes millions of it dollars. so far the two biggest spenders are jeb bush and marco rubio. the two hopefuls have reportedly spent a combined $91 million from their respective campaigns. by gary son, the two -- comparison donald trump and ted cruz have spent $8 million combined. in the democratic race, bernie sanders has surpassed hillary clinton on campaign spending. sanders has spent nearly $13. ben carson hopes the death
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arcarin a car accident can bring stability. the van they were in slipped on ice and was struck by another vehicle. carson immediately suspended all of his events to travel from south carolina tooma oomaha. carson said his heart goes out to the families of everyone involved. >> he wanted america to be a kinder and gentler place. if every one of us could think about how we could make somebody else's life better, what a fit be trick tribute that would be to him. >> in the meantime, we can tell you the three other passengers were treated and released from
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steal a car from the wrong woman. >> you don't want to mess with this momma. how one momma didn't go down without a fight. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the two men sprint across the tom thumb geas parking gas station parking lot and try to carjack a woman. she locked herself inside. the men tried to carjack a woman who owns this red car. one gets in the passenger seat. the other in the driver's seat. but the victim fights back and rips a ski mask off the carjacker. the victim had reason to fight back. >> she was a mom and what that bad guy didn't know in the back seat of the car were two kids and she wasn't gonna let them be taken. she fought, she dragged the guy out of the car and they both ran away. >> reporter: the would-be carjackers carlos gonzalez and another man ran to a getaway car driven by rebecca. their high-speed getaway caught the attention of a police
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>> a police patrolman who had no idea what happened, sees this car speed, follows the car, the car crashes against the fence. >> reporter: all three were arrested and booked on charges of attempted carjacking and fleeing police. >> no. i'm in the process. >> reporter: the judge has ordered all three to stay away from the two women they are accused of trying to carjack if they post bond. >> the suspects are now being held on $5,000 bond. mexican drug lord el comap po is comap -- el pap cho is living under maximum watch. the guard wear helmet cams in his cell videotaping limb along with some 400 fixed cameras. the prison is using guard dogs trained to detect his scent. el dhap po brokeel chapo broke out of the same prison and was just recaptured of.
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that opened up to a corner not seen on camera. are you looking for a new big screen tv? you might be able to get a great deal if you shop soon. a lot of people plan to buy tvs ahead of super bowl sunday than any other time during the year. that's according to fat wallet. it found 26%% of americans are expected to purchase a new tv and a quarter will buy them during super bowl sales. experts say consumers will be able to save an average of 0% or more on -- 20% or more on high-end tvs. uber has scored a deal to pick up and dropoff passengers at spweel 50. ticketholders will be able to use uber for their transportation to and from the stadium in santa clara. it's the first time a ride-hailing company will be able to pick up and drop off riders at the stadium. in the past, super bowl officials have warned the ride sharing companies.
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tough lesson after he takes the customer's lamborghini for a spin. >> what caused the car to burst into flames. and "star wars" fans will have to wait a while longer for the film. why the followup to "the force awakens is" is being pushed back. a tomorrow in the -- storm in the pacific may change things
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caught on security video, this passenger gets into a fight with an ohio bus driver. it happened when he was asked to pick up paper on the bus left on the floor. the passenger refused. you can see him ithe video kicking that window shattering the glass. well, that's when the driver confronts the man and the two get into a scuffle. it lasts several minutes. eventually police arrive and the passenger was taken into custody. the driver has been suspended while the insip tent is -- incident is investigated.
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in central japan. one video shows the bus moving moral normally but the bus is speeding in another vehicle crash. the second video also shows that bus serving past the center lineance it -- line as it push approaching a curve. a valet in miami learned a hard lesson. the valet had a bad day at work when the keys to the lamborghini got in his hands. the sports car ended up on flames. posts on social media say the valet was revving the engine so much, it looks like south beach, that flames shot out the rear end. the whole incident was caught on camera and shared online. yeah. he's got his hands on his head. it's safe to say he ruined any chance of a tip. >> oh, boy. >> poor guy. >> yeah, poor car.
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with all of the coughing and sneezing going on around the valley, it may be easy to think you can kick those illnesses using antibiotics. >> but doctors are saying no scott fast. -- not so fast. here's new guide lines. here's sandra gonzalez. >> reporter: health officials says you should only take antibiotics when it's back -- bacteria related, some doctors say patients are taking them for viral infections. z pack, a popular antibiotic. this farm ma sift says he fills -- pharmacist says he fills a lot of orders. and he believes these prepare descriptions are overused. >> people don't have a tolerance and then there's no chice but to to take care of it. >> reporter: doctor eileen says when any illness lasts more than a week and the patient is not
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may be necessary. every case is different. >> a cough that's becoming more productish productive, waking up in the middle of the night. >> reporter: the cdc and the american college of physicians say about half of antibiotics plea prescribed to patients are unnecessary. when you have the flu, sore throat, you don't need to take an antibiotic because they are virus related illnesses. but if you have an illness like whooping dowf, strep throat or a urine airy track infection, that's bacteria. and an antibiotic can make you feel better. the cdc says they can be prescribed for sinus infections lasting more than ten days or with the high fever. >> it could be for a virus, a respiratory asthmatic process. >> reporter: she says antibiotics can cause skin
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reactions with other drugs. the cdc says taking antibiotics can kill healthy bacteria in your stomach allowing harmful bacteria to take over. sandra gonzalez, news three. "star wars" fans will have to wait a little longer before the next installment. instead of may 26th, 2017, it will be hitting theaters december 15th. the new film is currently in preproduction and is scheduled to start shooting next month in london. the force awaken has become the highest gross domestic release of all times with $861 million. so to fill the void for the may may releet date, they are allowing the pirates of of the caribbean to -- >> yeah. >> more fun for people to dress up. we know with "star wars" a lot
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>> still haven't seen it. >> we have to take the kids one of these days. >> or get a baby-sitter. >> family field trip. onto the weather now. chloe, what a pretty day? >> it's been a beautiful day. this picture compared to yesterday, not gonna want to tomorrow. we'll see a lot of sunshine across the valley. gonna see a lot of sun across the mount charleston area. not enough to melt the snow. a few scattered showers around red look and the and -- red rock and some haze in the valley. that's probably the part we don't want to see across the area. mostly cloudy skies do continue this evening. as we take a look outside, temperatures cooling down very nicely. right now in the upper 40s forum summerlin, mid-40s for blue diamond. 53 at the lake. 52 at el dole raw doe.
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you did canyou can see up to the temperatures and our wind speeds. 50 degrees for pahrump as well at sandy valley and overton. 53 for your current temperature in boulder city. as we look again, another live look outside, beautiful weather conditions across the area. very calm. we have high pressure that remains over the region. that's keeping us fairly dry and keeping temperatures slightly above normal over the next few days. but i will tell you, wheal see some changes headed our way. large low-pressure system off in the pacific. this trop will eventually continue moving east. you can see making its way into portions of the pacific northwest bringing precipitation across washington and oregon. even getting some precipitation across portions of northern california. here's what we're expecting out of this. it doesn't look like we'll see much rain for our area. but it will get pretty close. you can see as the system moves sierra, some rain and snow mixture.
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portions of northern nevada. we will stale mostly try but expect the increasing cloud cover over the next few days. still gonna be sunny tomorrow. hold onto the clear clear skies. temperatures bottoming out in the low 40s. regionally, also very cool in some neighborhood. a little bit colder compared to last night by 3, 4 degrees. let me show if you can feel that. i cannot. 38 for-- 8 for 38 for overon. highs tomorrow, upper 50s for overtop and mesquite. 40s for mount charleston. 62 degrees, beautiful day at lake immediate. low os for pahrump by the afternoon. starting off a little chilly. you want to wear the jacket. by the afternoon, you might want to shed it. upper 50s expected with the high clouds streaming in later on in the day waking up to
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las vegas area tomorrow. it looks like we'll peak in the 60s by the afternoon. again, temperatures just slightly above our normal. calm conditions will continue wind-wise as that high remains over the region. as we take a look at the next seven days, not too much change in our weather pattern. we'll see a bit of a breeze kick up by saturday as that system passes through. temperatures will go down just slightly by the tail end of the weekend. really slightly. upper 50s flirting with the 60s into monday. it looks like back in the 60s again by the middle of the next workweek. very calm weather. boy, this weekend will be beautiful, though. >> i like it. >> take advantage of it. i will walk your dd lake mead, i'm sure it will be a long line. a rare catch off the coast of southern california. it made headlines. look at that.
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white shark. >> wow. >> the fisherman tried to free the 6'3" baby. >> a baby? that shark was able to break through and swim away. experts say warmer winter waters caused by neep el nino most politically drew the sharker to the beach. >> i hope he got away and that baby will probably grow, hopefully. we hope. >> get revenge now. watch out. a city parking lot is turning into a place for refuge for those living in their car.
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to a unique new program to homelessness is a heartbreaking problem. but officials in seattle are taking extra steps to fight homelessness. >> the city issued an emergency to issue parking lots. at least one person isn't thrilled. >> basically, it would be nice to have somebody tell us what's going on. >> reporter: this mechanic wants an explanation. instead, without input or warning he found out that ed murrey declared hot a pace superior homeless people living in their rv. s. >> having them in one place, i mean i don't have any problems
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somebody tell me. >> reporter: between the lot and another location in del ridge, there will be room for 50 rvs. the del rim lot is near removed. murray put this rv plan in place after repeated complaints about campers stacked up contributing to drug and trash problems. >> why doesn't the city do something about it? there's evidence right here. >> reporter: the two locations will be set up with porta-potties, dumpsters and rule and regularlations. the city is blocking off areas like this one. not everyone is frustrated with the idea of rv encampments. >> the nicholsville people are two blocks from my apartment. i was worried about that. when it came out, they were really nice and my neighborhood is actually safer now. >> in november, seattle's mayor declared a civil emergency after homelessness increased by 2%.
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those to help them. it's a fight over chocolate. leaving a lot to say give me a break. britain's high court refused to allow nestle to trademark the shape of a full finger chocolate covered wafe. r. we know that as a candidate kat bar. rivals wanted to produce one, too. nestle has failed to trademark the shape. peewee herman is back. nest flicks has released the first teaser for his big tony holiday. the character played by paul ruben. he's from the '80s series. this time, his big holiday premieres march 18th on the netflix. time to get a look at what's ahead at 11:00. imagine being called out on social media for being late on your rent.
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a woman in virginia. new at 11:00, how she's fighting back. and you will meet the navy s.e.a.l. helping a local homeowner protect their property with guns. those stories and breaking news as it happens tonight on news 3 live at 11:00. and before we leave you, more than 508,000 legos held together by blue comprised this replica. it's a model of downtown detroit's renaissance tower. it's on display at the north american international auto show. it's one of ten motor city area lego landmarks that will be on display when it opens this spring.
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