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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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causing problems in our nation's capital. many stranded drivers posting pictures and volunteers of their traffic nightmares on social media. >> jessica: we have team coverage of this monster storm. kevin janison is straking the storm -- tracking the storm in the weather center. >> jim: first, reed is out at mccarran tonight, where some passengers just got through, despite warnings from the airlines today. >> reporter: that's right. it would appear that what happens back east won't stay back east. we're talking about an expected ripple effect of weather that is likely to affect thousands of travelers who want to get on a plane and krs the united states and head west. take a look. >> we were very lucky. >> reporter: tin aa davis made her flight just in time. >> wee knew there was a lot of stuff going on and we dodged it. >> reporter: the winter storm could cripple the east and the south.
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warnings and travel waivers as the storm threatens to bring winter travel to its knees over the next few days. james came in from florida and says if airlines cancel flights early, he's in full support. >> they have to make smart business decisions, canceling flights is cheaper than putting them up in hotels. >> reporter: systems in the east and midwest have gummed up travel in many states, now ground travel and air travel could affect travel to las vegas for thousands. those who got through tonight say -- >> i could think of worse places to be stuck. >> reporter: yes, vegas is a good place to be, especially when you consider we're going to have nice temperatures in comparison to what they'll be having back east and in the midwest. so relative to the threats of cancellation of flights, the airlines are saying this, they're going to watch the storm overnight and then, if you have travel plans tomorrow or the
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you keep in touch with your airline, sign up for text alerts and make sure that you know what the airlines are going to do t you. news 3 is your weather authority when ever and wherever serious weather hits. >> jessica: kevin janison is tracking the action on the east coast and our weather forecast, he joins us now. >> kevin: look how much real estate covered by a winter storm warning, the potential for 6 inches of snow in northern mississippi, areas that don't see that much snow sometimes entire seasons. memphis, tennessee in that. friday morning, the snow that's already fall is not part of the main severe winter storm that is going to be working itself in come thursday night into saturday morning. significant snows in the mountains of west on d.c. will get clobbered come saturday. the northern most part at this point might be philadelphia. so the new york to boston corridor may actually be snow-free or at least not get the significant snow. the areas getting the snow tonight, that was a fast moving
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of the system is working itself pick up a lot of moisture and we get to late thursday night and early friday morning. whole different story here, but we'll talk about that with our >> jk local jury will continue deliberating the case of a local pastor accused of raping young girls in his congregation. closing arguments took place this afternoon in the otis holland trial. he faces 17 counts and a life sentence if convicted. hollands attorney tried to discredit the alleged victims saying the charges are based on lies. prosecutors believe there is more than enough evidence to put holland away. >> jim: the woman accused of deliberately crashing into a crowd of people on the strip last month faces more charges tonight. the district attorney filed the new charges against lakesha holloway today including battery and new counts of child abuse and neglect. she now faces 71 charges total. police say holloway had her
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with her when she intentionally ran over people in front of planet hollywood, killing one woman and injuring 36 other people. >> jessica: now to a developing story at 11. $47 million, that's how much state auditors say las vegas area cabs are overcharging customers every single year. this audit of the nevada taxi cab authority also suggests eliminating the state entity altogether. christine kim joins us with a look at the fees costing customers tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: the nevada taxi cab authority is the agency that regulates the industry in southern nevada. its board can approve surcharges and fees. auditors in the governor's finance office are calling some of those fees excessive. our taxi passengers paying too much. local cab drivers in the middle of the cab fare controversy. >> some people say wow that's too much, i know that, they explain about it. >> reporter: an audit of the
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customers are overpaid to the tune of $47 million a year. >> just seems excessive. really just comes down to being unnecessary. >> reporter: state auditors recommending changeso the fee structure. riders pay $3 extra if they pay with a credit card. but the audit says the credit card why fee should be no more than 90 cents. so how did it get to three times what's recomme we can't substantiate any analysis that would have been done for the $3. >> reporter: they also asked the authority for documents on why and how to substantial yea a 20-cent fuel surcharge, that after gas prices dropped, remained as part of the permanent fare the the tune of eight cents. >> we basically said that there's nothing to substantiate this increase. >> reporter: some taxi driver wants to clarify they don't set the rates and fees. but in the end, it's money state auditors say would have been spent elsewhere in the local economy.
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be dissolved and regulate southern nevada cab drivers at the county level or the state level under the nevada transportation authority, which oversees taxi cabs every else in the state along with ride sharing companies. we've reached out to the nevada taxi cab authority and have not heard back. >> jessica: thank you. a quick traffic alert for you at home. lanes on both directions of las vegas boulevard between flamingo and tropicana will be restricted again until 5:00 tomorrow morning. the closures are because crews are still filming scenes for the movi>ji republican presidential candidates ben carson will return to the campaign trail tomorrow. two days after one of his volunteers died in a car crash in iowa. three other carson supporters were injured in this rr crash. bradon joplin died yesterday morning. when he learned of the death,
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and flew to omaha where the man was being treated. carson sat down with our sister station in omaha to talk about this tragedy and how his campaign will move on. >> it obviously has a profound effect on all of us. not only the staff here in iowa, but throughout the nation. there's sadness but now there's real determination. to make sure that this is not a life in vaip. it brought us all closer together. we were doing pretty good already, but we're really close together now. >> jim: earlier today in a statement carson said, our mission going forward is to honor bradon as he embodied the spirit we carry forward. >> jessica: tonight a message from the first lady to las vegas that you will only see on news 3. the headline to sign, the
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affordable health care is fast approaching and that has first lady michelle obama urging you to take action. here is her message to our local community. >> hello, vegas. now, i know that a lot of folks come to vegas to enjoy your restaurants, casinos, and shows. but the one thing we should never gamble with is our health. that's a losing bet every time. and that's why i want to urge everyone to sign up for health insurance today, by going to health, where you can co 31st. don't stop once you've enrolled yourself or your family. make sure everyone you know is signed up too, and if you do you just might receive a visit from a very special guest. because las vegas is one of 20 cities participating in our
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and which ever city signs up the highest percentage of uninsured folks will get a visit from president obama. so spread the word and get as many people signed up for health insurance as you can. thanks so much, and good luck. >> jessica: you can find a link to the health care website on our website, >> jim: coming up, he has elite military experience and he's about to teach you some of what he's learned. >> jessica: this navy seal is now helping homeowners across southern nevada protect themselves from intruders, the tips he says could help protect you and your loved ones. >> jim: and she's making a lot of people feel good about themselves. this young girl is helping cancer patients. what inspired her to take on such a big responsibility. >> jessica: and here's jimmy fallon with a preview of the tonight show. >> thank you, jim and jessica and everyone in las vegas. dakota johnson is my guest tonight.
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bishop. >> jessica: a former navy seal is on a new mission in southern nevada.
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elite military experience to every day life now and teaching civilians how to protect themselves from an attacker and best places to train. >> jessica: new tonight, vicky gonzalez joins us live with what she learned and some easy tips to protect your family. >> reporter: if something alarming wakes you up in the middle of the night, is it coming from the garage, has it already made its way into your home what do you do? according to this veteran navy seal, that's not only a question you should ask yourself, but a question you should practice over and over to truly be plentied for an -- prepared for an intruder. our home is our sanctuary. but it can be a vulnerable place when faced with an intruder. chris spent 20 years as a navy seal and senior sniper instructor. the veteran now training civilians how to responsibly defend themselves. >> if you want to have a firearm that's great, but that's not the first thing that you should do.
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to train the mind. and the home is perfect for realistic scenarios. >> that whole thing of just going to the range and trying to learn to shoot there and trying to learn to shoot with an explosion going off in your hand is just not the way to do it. >> reporter: using plastic replicas. >> you can put this wherever you're going to keep your regular firearm and this is what you would practice getting out of the bed and grabbing. >> reporter: stay upstairs. >> you don't have to defend this much space, but once you move past this, this whole stairway opens up, the downstairs opens up. >> reporter: unless someone is in danger, avoid tin sting to go after an intruder. >> reporter: they they if somebody breaks into my husband, i'm going to grab my ground and go find them. that's very hard to do. >> reporter: for this elite military veteran, a firearm is an option. >> navy seals were trained to go to the sound of the gun, but that's us. >> reporter: but being
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defense. >> my plan is to stay with my family and to protect them. >> reporter: also an easy line of defense outside are motion lightings, and as for his family, he says they practice and rehearse time and time again, even his young children know what to do in the event of an emergency. and there are a lot more tips, just head over to back to you in the studio. >> jim: all right, the times we're living in, i guess, thank you. unlv seals the deal on a big plot of land that could be the future home of a new football stadium on campus. the las vegas sun reports the university bought the 42-acre lot for $50 million with money given to them by the nonprofit unlv foundation. university leaders say for now they'll use the land for billboards and hope to build on it sometime down the road. along with the new stadium they
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so more students to live on campus. >> jessica: a little girl is making a big difference for local cancer patients. >> hi, today i'm going to make a crochet wig. >> jessica: that's 8-year-old lauren, making a wig that will go to another girl who is battling cancer. she says she was inspired watching her best friend's sister fight the disease and wanted to make other patients feel better about themselves. >> i have a whole bunch, because other girls have other styles for their hair. >> jessica: her current goal is to make 10 wigs by the end of the school year and make another 20 over summer break. you can donate to her gofundme account, we've put a link on our website. and a lesson to all of us, i don't need to thank you, i just
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faces, how excellent is she. >> jim: she's impressive. i have a kid going to college in d.c., and -- >> kevin: i have a kid going to college in chicago, and first time they had a blizzard last year he was taking pictures, having snowball fights. >> jim: they adjust. >> kevin: yes. >> jessica: it will take a lot of adjusting for people who live in that area in the next few days. can. >> kevin: people going to work are not going to have the same feel as kids going to college, that's for sure. but way out in the solar system, the same astronomer who discredited pluto and was responsible for kicking it out of its planet status has made a discovery along with his cal tech partner that we may actually have a 9th planet in our solar system. more research needs to be dunks
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earth, but is so far away it takes more than 10,000 years to go around the sun. back on our planet, leftover moisture from yesterdays rain created great vistas at red rock as the low clouds cling to the rocks, a majestic scene. the haze and humidity, we did have some fog, no doubt about it. you can see it from the west side of town. now with the pollution too, that's an issue with our air quality, but that won't improve until saturday because that's when we expect our next bout of wind. up on the mountain a nice day, still some snow left and we might add to that saturday night. the number that stands out, 81% relative humidity. there's a lot of moisture, unusual for the desert, trapped in our valley.
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current numbers in town, neighborhoods across the valley, some of our 120 plus neighborhood weather stations ranging from the mid 40s to about 50 degrees. but it's those humidity levels that are through the roof, practically 90%, cut me with a machete type humidity in las vegas. pretty humid outside the valley as well. today the top temperature 62. another above normal day. we're making gains on the below normal days so far in january. tomorrow might be a stretch to get to, we'll probably stop around 60. the deal tomorrow is while we'll have morning sunshine, we'll have afternoon clouds and that's why we'll plateau right about 60. not expecting much in the wind category, it should stay below 10 miles per hour. if you missed the beginning of the newscast, the winter storm warnings are in effect from northern mississippi to the mid atlantic states. washington d.c. will get theirs too, maybe one to two feet of
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far north as philadelphia. that storm is still organizing. if i was a forecaster back for those states, i'd be nervous, because it's still a developing storm. here come a few high clouds, just a few in the morning. the thicker clouds will come through in the afternoon. not as thick as what we saw yesterday. both of the systems going north, so some stray clouds, mild temperatures with the air coming out of the pacific. i think you're still going to like your thursday, probably will like your friday even better. 35 pahrump, 38 in sandy valley for lows. laughlin jumping to 63 tomorrow, while the mountain peaks at 47. in town tonight, clear overnight, 41 for the low temperature. we will get the clouds tomorrow afternoon, i think we'll see a fair dose of morning sunshine and the clouds roll through in the afternoon. 60 degrees still for a high temperature. the seven-day forecast, i like friday better too, more sunshine, 62. 64 saturday with afternoon breezes. might get a couple of sprinkles
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flirt with 60 sunday and monday.
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>> jessica: you might feel embarrassed if you missed paying a bill on time. but imagine being called out on social media over that late payment. >> jim: that's not right. that's what happened to a woman ino only two days late. she says she had to pay her rent late because of complications from elbow surgery she was dealing with. but that didn't stop the property manager from putting her on a list she posted online of tenants who missed the deadline. >> jessica: the face become post also included disparaging remarks. even though the manager was later filed she plans to file a civil lawsuit against her. >> jim: could we all just give each other a break once in a while? >> jessica: exactly. there's a big fight on the first
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mcgregor returns. >> last month when mcgregor backed up his talk by winning the feather weight tight in 13 seconds, people started to give him respect finally. critics started to believe he was the best feather weight in the world, then he started talking again and challenging lighter wait champion to the next weight class up.
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smart, but they sat at the table today announcing their light weight title fight in the mgm grand on march 5. montgomery greg or will attempt to become the first multiple belt holder. he did try a sarcastic handshake with the light weight champion. he wanted none of that. today the fight quotes that will hype this fight began within minutes. >> he has no respect for anybody, and i'm -- he will feel what a single tool in his hand can do with him. >> gods recognize gods. >> this is going to be a fun month waiting for that fight. how about this. 16-1 carolina panthers getting ready for the arizona cardinals on sunday. their quarterback cam newton starting to gather post season
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he was chosen as the mvp by the pro football writers of america. newton in his fifth year and third straight quarterback to be named mvp. first for the panthers. he also became the first player in nfl history to have 10 rushing touchdowns in a single season. j.j.att was selected as the defensive player of the year. after summiting a pair of conference games on the road, they're back home for two games this week. gonzalez started off 0 for 13. in the third quarter she sheets up, gets the layup for a bucket, comes down and hits a three for the lady rebs to sten their lead. dakota gonzalez knocking down another three. the lady rebels get the win 46-38. the first tennis major of the
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the australian open second round. he had the number one player of the world working for this match. it would be three straight sets, but the final set in a tie breaker, so the 19-year-old giving djokovich a run for his
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>> jim: up next, unlv gears up >> jessica: finally tonight the department of energy is hosting a solar decathlon next year, and one of the competing teams is from unlv. >> jim: the university is one of 16 schools around the world participating in the 2017 decathlon where they will build a solar powered house over the next couple years. had this is video we've been showing you of the team building competition.
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