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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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parking lot in some locations on the east coast. they've been hit by the snow. they have slick roadways which may be causing some accidents. >> kim: this is just the precursor storm. they haven't seen anything yet as far as what is headed their way in our nation's capitol and other parts of the eastern united states. unbelievably bad. they are not used to it. not like the midwest where they are used to it. >> dana: they do get snow but not two feet of snow. around here as we welcome new on matt damon watch. they are shooting that jason bourn film on s vegas strip. does look lick they have a lane open in one direction on the las vegas strip.
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were shooting earlier this morning. >> kim: we have "the today show" flew town. we have v reporters hanging out there. live team coverage headed your way. as we check in on this thursday morning. i can't help myself. i keep thinking of the sarah song when it comes to matt damon. >> tom: there is a [beep] in that song. there is a sequel as well. hilarious. i'm on matt damon watch as well. at flamingo road and the strip. right down here at harmon, that is where we have the action taking place right now. an outside view shows some lanes blocked.
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had a limo accident on las vegas boulevard in front of the aria. we'll keep an eye on that. not causing any major problems. everything up to speed. looking in the green here. kelly and i were talking about the east coast. they are terrified about feet of snow. >> kelly: feet of snow. baltimore, washington, d.c. both looking at 18-24 inches of the white stuff. that starts tomorrow afternoon. what they got last night was just an inch or tomorrow for us at home much better weather. mostly sunny skies. 56 by noon. 59 at 4:00. we have wet werth on the way. i'll have more on that coming up. >> kim: i like how she put it here at home, much better weather. >> dana: we won't experience nearly that much snow.
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donald trump's campaign for president focuses on las vegas today. >> dana: he's set to hold a huge rally. if people want to attend there is something they have to do first. they got to go to his campaign website. >> reporter: indeed. i'll give you that information in a memo. the trump campaign bolstered in a big way this week when they received the endorsement of former alaska governor sarah palin. she's endorsing trump for president. now today donald trump comes to las vegas. if people want to attend they must first register on trump's website. doors open at 11:00 this morning. the doors open at 1:00 this afternoon. we've seen people stand in line for hours to see and to hear donald trump in person.
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the former alaska governor will be with him today but it seems likely. if you want a sample of what it could be like, here is a look at a rally earlier this week. >> the next president of our great united states of america donald j. trump. >> reporter: true to form sample of what we've been seeing since sarah endorsed donald trump this week. a lot of enthusiasm from sarah palin and does seem to be leaking over into the crowd the enthusiasm does and bringing people to the tent that maybe
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there. a little fashion note. sarah palin, that jacket that she had on sold out like this on sacks fifth thank you our director. but apparently people are loving that jacket and it sold like
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i think it was a 700-dollar price tag. >> dana: she's doing well. >> kim: she's doing all right. >> dana: former president bill clinton will also be in las vegas drumming up support for his wife hillary clinton. bill clinton will headline an event at advance technologies academy located close to the you. if you'd like to go you are asked to rsvp. tonight program starts at 7:15. >> kim: it's hard to say every time i say it on the news, he's cued of raping children within his own congregation. talking about the former local preacher holland. there he is. he has been awaiting a verdict here as far as what is going to
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this trial is starting to wrap up. the jury started deliberations officially today. there looks like he's snoozing in the court. closing arguments were yesterday. holland's attorney trying to discredit the alleged victims in this case saying it's all lies. prosecutors believe there is more than enough evidence at this point to put him away for the rest of his life. he's facing 17 counts and a life sentence if he's convicted of those crimes. >> dana: robert lang ford is normally a defense attorney. he is a special prosecutor in this case. that was robert lang ford you were looking at there. >> kim: i didn't realize that. >> dana: jimmy carter kim due in court today facing 60 counts including kidnapping, sexual assault on a minor and lewdness here in las vegas and reno. kim accused of kidnapping an arizona girl and holding her
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missouri another girl from reno claims the same thing happened to her and says kim is the one who took her as well. >> kim: before we run the video, i want to let you know that the people involved here are all going to make a full recovery. wait until you see this video. away. a pickup rolling and rolling several times before it comets to a stop. a man who was riding in the front passenger seat of the pickup when it was rolling is ejected. and then the video shows the truck coming to a stop. thank goodness another car was not involved here. it was reported that the passenger who was ejected survived w expecd to make a full recovery. when you see something that upsetting, i want to let you know we would not show that sort
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person had lost their life or was going to be seriously affey this. but the person is going to be ok. >> dana: and the person obviously didn't have their seatbelt on. very lucky. that would kill you normally getting slung from the vehicle. fur bound inside the vehicle, you can see the damage wasn't so extensive and he wouldn't have survived that either. >> kim: still to come. bravo amazon. why are think saying bravo? the full explanation ahead. >> dana: celine after cancelling shows after the death of her husband says she will return to the stage.
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be back singing coming up. >> carolyn: we're on matt damon watch and "the today show" watch. we'll see if kendall can snag
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>> kim: a former oklahoma city police officer will find out how much time he'll be spending in prison. >> dana: probably the rest of his life. he broke down in court when he found out he was convicted of 18 counts of rape and sexual soul against 13 african-american women while he was on duty. a jury recommended a sentence totaling 263 years. >> kim: the consumer product safety commission is saying bravo to am zahnson. they are offering refunds for people who bought cover boards on their site. the safety commission is reporting three dozen claims they started smoke or caught on fire like you see in this video.
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for offering refunds and called on others to do the same thing. >> dana: parts of the east coast have been pounded by winter werth. the brunt of the storm hasn't even arrived yet. live pictures coming out of washington, d.c. where the roads are clear for now but you can see the snow on the side of the road. and look on the right side of your screen. it's a parking lot there. so the morning commute not going well as you can see from wjla television station probably because they had slick roads and icy conditions there. snowy conditions caused problems for the president, if the weather is bad, he can't fly. he had to ride back to the white house. traffic was so slow it took him an hour and 10 minutes to get from andrews air force base to
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normally takes 20 minutes. secret service probably not happy he was on the roads that long. the cold means ice and people slipping and sliding. camera catching a woman slipping and falling down as she tried crossing a street in the nation's capitol which tens of millions of east coast residents will be impacted by this storm system. up to two feet of snow is possible in some areas. >> kim: there is the lady you were talking about slipping and falling. i'm sure she wasn't alone here. this is the precursor storm. were you telling us off camera we're going to have snow in downtown las vegas on saturday. >> tom: kelly is going to tell us about snow. we're expecting feet of snow on free mont. not in kelly's forecast model.
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and going to close free mont street between las vegas boulevard and sixth street tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. the big event is on saturday. they will have people jiffing is what snow borders do. >> kim: that was just a of inches. they are looking at two feet maybe as we head towards the weekend. here is a look at the watches and warnings across the midsection of the country and to the east coast. watches and warnings are in peek and the green is actually blizzard watches for the d.c. area as well as new york city under a blizzard watch heading into the weekend as well. let's take a look at the radar picture here and we'll see where the storm is right now.
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the center of the storm system along the nebraska-kansas border here. we're going to see it moving eastward. kentucky looking at 10 inches of the white stuff as we get into tomorrow afternoon. then the bulk of the storm system hitting over the weekend. d.c. area looks to be the main target. here at home clear skies right now. more clouds building in from the west. increasing clouds in the afternoon. here is a look at the time lapse from yesterday. this is cool. we have low clouds that came in along the red rock visitor center. blue skies all above it. we're going to start with blue skies and see clouds move in in the afternoon. current temperatures as you are heading out the door, henderson 45. this afternoon 61 is what we expect. mostly sunny skies to start. overnight a few more clouds, 41
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we are looking at our own round of wet weather this weekend but nothing like east. light showers and light snow in our mountains. >> tom: on the las vegas boulevard we are on patrol because they are shooting the next installment of the bourn franchise. that is on the las vegas strip. you can see the traffic not moving at all in front of planet hollywood. this has a longer view and shows flashing lights there. i saw these cars going backwards a moment ago. they are still filming. a new traffic signal being installed this morning at sloan and lake mead boulevard. travel times are all up to speed in the bowl whether you are on the 215 or 515 or 15, everything
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we will check back on the strip because you remember the jimmy kimmel song we're watching matt damon. >> kim: that will be our version. that will be the wakeup version that is family friendly. thank you very much tom. coming off of tom's traffic report, i have something to talk about live from the floor of the nasdaq with jane kick that could concern the future of our morning commute. volvo is claiming by the year 2020 they are going to have a death proof car. >> amazing. this would completely revolutionize passenger travel. that is not that far away. you've heard self-driving cars are safer. volvo wants to take it further. it's pledging to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries in cars in the next four years. they will integrate current crash prevent tell knolling to achieve that.
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how well the current "star wars" is doing and saying we are going to delay the next installment to milk this for everything it's worth. >> they didn't say why they were delaying the next installment but that's a good theory. the next installment was originally going today by in may. now it will be released in december. 7 months later. the company didn't say why but they did take the opportunity to note the success of "star wars" that's been smashing records all over the place. >> kim: i am on pins and need tolls see what the markets will look like this morning, anything you can report? >> steady so far. >> kim: thank you very much. we will see you again tomorrow. >> dana: time to get you in the loop las vegas and celine expected to return to the stage
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that is where she performs in her residency. she took time off after the death of her husband and manager. he died of cancer last week at the age of 73. did you know her brother died two days later also of cancer. no doubt her fans are going to be eager to support her when she returns on february 23. she did cancel a couple of shows there. members of abba return but only for a short time. they look a little different these days. they made a rare joint appearance yesterday for the opening of a restaurant owned by one of the band members. they did not sing a note. i'm disappointed about that. the show that played near las vegas forever based on abba songs a terrific show and still america.
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an app for that and it has has to do with the severe werth. there is a way to guide your way from your short phone coming up. >> you guys have more than i do. >> luxury. >> we're in the car getting dressed. >> dana: behind the scenes of the today show from several years ago in new york. today we go behind the scenes of "the today show" broadcasting
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>> kelly: because we have fewer cloudsover overnight we have cooler temperatures. high park middle school 42 is the current temperature. you need the umbrella on the way to school. more clouds building in the afternoon. 61 this afternoon. >> dana: for people on the east coast preparing for that nasty storm, there is an app for that that helps them find out which roads are clear. pennsylvania introducing a new app to track snowplows to find out which roads are clear.
5:25 am
in real time. consequences. that is the headline. snow borders, you see their video that's gone viral. now it's getting them in trouble.
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>> kim: hollywood in las vegas. another night of closures because of what you are checking out on your screen. a big chase scene playing out on the las vegeg strip.
5:27 am
what to expect this morning headed your way. >> dana: live from las vegas. jennifer in town broadcasting live from the las vegas strip. michelle hanging out with the ladies. >> kim: a throwback thursday with "the today show" folks. officer dad, a police officer hearing a crying baby jumps in to help. hear why he says he was compelled to care for that little one. good morning. back east it's a nightmare. what a nightmare and kelly has been explaining, this is just a precursor storm. they ain't seen nothing yet. just a little dusting last night which ended up being gridlock in our nation's capitol. it's going to be big later today and throughout the weekend.
5:28 am
our morning commute far support so what you are seeing on your screen. >> dana: on the other side of the freeway it's a parking lot. two feet of snow on the way for some portions of the east coast. good morning and welcome in on this thursday. pluto is out and now planet nine in. pluto has been relegated to dwarf planet status but this guy is full fledged planet. >> it is 10 times the size of planet earth. they still have not observed this with a telescope yet. because of gravitational null that area, they think this is a possible planet still unnamed and it takes between 10,000 years and 20,000 years to make one or bit around the sun. it's way out there. >> kim: that is making me feel
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you've been doing a terrific job charting where matt damon is this week. i loved your facebook post monday where someone snapped him walking through aria. >> tom: that was on monday. yesterday i put it on facebook and twitter michelle taking a break to go into the tattoo shop. >> dana: did she get ink while she was on the job? >> tom: that's what i'm thinking. she went into vegas ink. we'll see if we can get her to show it off on the air. we have one accident on the east side of the valley. thatwatch out for that one. the bowl everything is running up to speed. travel times looking good. just a little slowing as you get into the bowl. outside view shows light traffic right now.
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let's get some weather from kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. while things are getting hectic out east. at home we have quiet conditions including clear skies. temperatures chilly this morning around the 40-degree mark but we're going to warm up in the afternoon. 55 by noon. at 3:00 a few more clouds. 60 for the expected temperature at 3:00. we'll let you know what we expect for the weekend and a chance for wet weather coming up. >> kim: i think there is bipartisan support for the forecast. we have bill clinton in town and donald trump here in town. we're not sure if sarah pail civilian going to be with him. that's a strong possibility. right now we are talking about our fabulous las vegas strip really being hollywood east this week. >> we see the strip shut down over the last several days during the overnight hours. they were shooting overnight. we know that.
5:31 am
day or are they still working out there? >> they are definitely not done. they just finished another take. what they are filming this morning is a car chase scene. you can see the vehicles parked on the strip, they are part of the movie set. so not too long ago, within the last five minutes that car scene happened this morning. you see a car going at a high rate of speed right in front of the aria hotel on the las vegas strip and then you see police vehicles as well as a block vehicle a number of stunt people out here. they told me it's going to be about another eight minutes until the next scene is filmed. it is jam packed with action. that video is coming up right now. it's a swat vehicle. one of the police cruisers spins around so that is cool. being out here live and seeing
5:32 am
it's cool once a take is finished seeing all the cars move in reverse back to their original spot and the coordinators talk with people in the vehicles and set the scene for what they want to do the next take when they are out here. going to be about another eight minutes until that next scene filmed. we will be out here all morning long. you can find us on social media. i'm going to send it back to you. i can hear some vehicles moving behind me. this strip is going to be closed down until right before the sunrises this morning. the scene they are filming is a nighttime scene. we'll keep the video rolling and keep tweeting it out. >> are those people behind you are they x-rays for this movie?
5:33 am
they are part of the movie scene here. you were saying you were out here this morning for your grandchildren, right? >> [indiscernible] . >> you had a stroke and you want to show your grandchildren that mind taxer right? >> right. >> good luck. t some acting abilities here. we'll be here all morning long. this is actually part of the movie set that is going on out here. we'll keep it going all morning long. >> kim: thank you and all of those extras have a lot of patience because when michelle was out there the other day they
5:34 am
we have one end of the strip the movie being shot. at the other end of the strip we the ladies of "the today show" in town. >> michelle is hanging out with those lovely ladies this morning. >> hi guys. so we are all up in the mix here behind the scenes. they are getting ready for their local time 7:00 broadcast which will air at 10:00 on the east coast. that is what time the fourth hour of "the today show" airs. i want to step out of the way. they are doing teases right now. if you are watching the today show on the east coast, you would be watching this live. here on the west coast they will be broadcasting from here. we are right outside. and you can see hoda and jenna filling in for kathie lee this
5:35 am
they are here for a couple of different reasons. one of the cool things she got to do was go behind the scenes at j-lo's show last night. she was with the backup dancers. they gave her tips for her dancing and i was talking to jenna. she got to do all the cool stuff we have here in vegas. one of the things i haven't done yet, jumping off of the strays to fear. they got to talk with some of the other performers here on the strip and really excited to be here this morning. we were so kind to let us come behind the scenes. this is what it looks like for a today show production. a little more than what we have going on here. i have my fabulous photographer sam and a camera and light. they've got this.
5:36 am
coming up in a little more than a half an hour i get to sit down withh oda live. i'm going to interview her. we don't have a lot of time because they have to get ready for their 7:00 broadcast. >> is that not fun. these ladies are so much fun. we're going to get them live and anybody who is watching, you have any questions for then, tweet me and let me know what you want to ask them, i know we have a lot of fans here, i would be more than happy and i know they would be gracious answering any questions. two days in a row i get the plum assignment. i feel like the star. >> you are. >> kim: it's so fun to hang out with her. you will find out how kind she is. she was so good to our
5:37 am
did a behind the scenes. i'm looking forward to hearing their favorite vegas stories when you interview them live. >> dana: she's just a regular person. she has that personality you see on the air, that is her. >> kim: in case you are just turning on your tv set we are doing a throwback thursday when we were behind the scenes still to come. >> dana: we are talking about an nfl team doing something we thought they would never do. they went there. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> kim: who ordered it? was it vladimir putin? we have information and a real life spy story headed your way. >> dana: kelly has a check of our weather forecast. there is a lot going on on the
5:38 am
we'll fill new on that >> kim: we've had the newspaper our heads all morning about matt damon. we modified the lyrics to make it more morning show friendly. >> tom: that is where hollywood is right now. it's still shut down. we'll be over there shortly to show you what is happening. starting tomorrow you're going to have a shut down of free mont street at 5:00 tomorrow morning and go until sunday. they will be importing snow into
5:39 am
that is for an event where they will have snow borders on free mont street. travel times up to speed. everything in the green right now. good news on the freeway as we go to kelly for what is happening weather-wise. >> kelly: we have mainly clear skies right now. that has led us to cooler temperature this is morning. at george harris elementary school it's 39-degrees. we are looking at mostly sunny conditions. highs today around 61. a few more clouds moving in in the afternoon. we'll have a lot more coming up. >> kim: it's frightening video. this snow border going down a mountain causen an avalanche surviving it and now he could be in big trouble for this. >> kim: a valet job going up in smoke as he messes up that very
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how much was that with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> kim: you are going to see a snow border who took video as he was causing an avalanche. >> dana: an area that is prone to avalanches. it's been shut down because of this exact reason. you can see he stayed near the surface. he's yelling like he thought it was fun. he's just fine.
5:42 am
charges because they say he put people at risk. >> kim: vladimir putin probably approved a plan to kill a former agent. in a lengthy report released by this judge he is certain he was given tea laced and this happened at a hotel in london in 2006. that former agent was russia's fsb security service took off for grain in 2,000 and he was a vocal critic of vladimir prudent. live pictures on your convene. the vatican in all of its glory this morning. the post people have given a homeless woman a place to stay. she's 35 years old. she went into labor around 2:30
5:43 am
from the vatican. police helped deliver this baby girl. they call an ambulance. it took the mom and child to a nearby hospital. the head of the charity office later visited the woman in the hospital and offered her the one year free stay at the church owned apartment. the woman has not yet decided whether she's going to accept the offer but the baby's mom and father were known around the facility. i have a feeling she'll take them up on that. >> dana: the bills have hired a woman as a full time special teams coach. her name is katherine smith hanging out with the head coach rex ryan there. she worked with the team on a part time basis for seven years. rex ryan routeing smith's knowledge and commitment in earnine promotion. the first time special teams go wrong, he's going to be yelling
5:44 am
on with our special teams. >> kim: he won't treat her any differently. maybe she can help with the cheerleaders. they say they've gotten a raw deal from the nfl. why should she help with the cheerleaders? because she's a woman. maybe she can say you guys are treating me so well and giving me all the nfl has to offer, maybe you should extend this to the cheerleading squad. >> dana: we got a big storm system headed toward the east coast. >> kelly: but not here. here is a time lapse look from yesterday where we had quite a bit of sunshine throughout the day yesterday. a lot of people going to check out the snow. we could see a little more as we head into the weekend. as far as the current temperatures are concerned here is what we are looking at.
5:45 am
henderson 44 for that current temperature. here is a look at the radar picture closer to home. we have mainly clear skies right now. there is more back to our west so we expect clouds to start building in during the afternoon and those are going to be hanging around with us as we head into the weekend. today not bad. 61 at primm and 60 in las vegas today. we're looking at increasing clouds into the afternoon. 62 tomorrow and a chance of wet weather on saturday. >> tom: we have a brand new signal going online this morning in the northeast valley over the intersection of lake mead boulevard and sloan. that is going to be activated 6:30. more traffic control out there. and we are on bourn watch this morning. we'll be checking in live as the morning continues. right now an outside view shows that the traffic is stopped and
5:46 am
these cars going backwards to reset the position. elsewhere around town in the bowl we're doing fine. travel speeds are fully in the green so we are lucky in that regard and we'll give you aerial views in just a few minutes. >> dana: the strip shut down this morning but they'll be wrapping up the shoot around 6:10 this morning. >> kim: in the water cooler this morning, our favorite fun family is back. my friend from the university of florida, she's back with her husband and family to go with
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>> dana: time for the water cooler on this thursday. police officer getting attention for caring for a baby after a nasty crash. >> you can't pay anybody enough to care. >> we do it because it's the right thing to do.
5:50 am
one of several officers in washington that responded to that crash. heard the baby cryin backseat. while other officers were caring for her mother, he actually took care of that little girl changing her diaper, giving her a bottle and holding her. they think that nasty crash was caused by her mother drinking and driving. she has since been charged. >> the family is back with a new video this time without the kids
5:51 am
dancers back in the day and that's how i feel. >> dana: they can still dance. they are making fun of themselves but the older you get, the earlier you toned go to bed. these guys are in the club at 5:30. >> dana: we get up at 3:00 in the morning.
5:52 am
late paying >> kim: hollywood is still here on our fabulous las vegas strip and we have live team coverage headed your way. >> dana: celine returns, marks a date to return to performing. we'll tell you when she's going to be back coming up. >> kim: show casing vegas today. live pictures from "the today show" broadcasting live. we'll take you there in a matter of moments. good morning. live pictures of a live broadcast taking place back east. you'll see it on tape delay if
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